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Preventing bed bugs in the apartment

It is important to understand that even if you safely destroyed the entire population of bed bugs in your apartment, this does not mean that the parasites do not re-enter the apartment - for example, from neighbors. In general, the prevention of the appearance of bed bugs in the room should be given paramount attention in cases where the struggle with bloodsuckers has only recently ended, and also when you know that, for example, your relatives or friends have bugs (parasites and their eggs very successfully “migrate "On clothes - sometimes it is enough just to visit the infected room once). On how to prevent the infection of the apartment by bedbugs and what methods of prevention are the most effective, we'll talk further ...

What should be the death of bedbugs in the apartment: a review of reliable means and useful tips

Perhaps you have already tried to kill the bugs on your own and managed to make sure that not all means are effective against these parasites. It also happens that, it would seem, in the first few days after the apartment has been treated, the bugs stop biting, but literally a week later everything repeats again - in the morning there are fresh bites on the body, and in bed there are traces of bloodsuckers at night.So how do you still need to properly kill bedbugs and, most importantly, what exactly does it make sense to process the apartment in order to get rid of parasites forever? Let's understand ...

What bugs eat and how much they are able to live without human blood

At first glance it may seem that bed bugs are quite vulnerable insects, because being strongly tied to a person as a source of food, they, in theory, would have to die with the long absence of people in the room. But in practice it turns out that the lack of people in the house, even for 6 months, often does not lead to the death of the entire population of bedbugs. So what do the bugs eat and how long they can live without blood - let's understand ...

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Powders: A Review of Effective Means

Often, experienced cockroach fighters purposefully look for insecticides in the form of powders, while ignoring aerosol preparations, gels, and sticky traps. And this has its own logic: first, the people of the old school remember the poisonous Soviet dust, from which not only cockroaches, but even mold on the ceilings died out. Secondly, many cockroach powders can be bought relatively inexpensively, and the effect, when properly used, is really high. And, finally, most of the powdered drugs used for baiting cockroaches are practically odorless and do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere (which is not true, for example, of many eerily smelling aerosol products). Let's see how, in general, insecticidal powders are good at fighting cockroaches in practice and see what are the most effective among such drugs ...

Insecticidal smoke bombs to kill cockroaches in the apartment

Among the many means of cockroaches insecticidal smoke bombs are today, perhaps, the least known to the consumer. And this is completely understandable.because most people are used to poisoning annoying insects with aerosols, with small gels, or, in the end, just waging a long war with cockroaches with the help of a sneaker and a vacuum cleaner. However, it should be borne in mind that with the right approach, the use of special smoke bombs allows you to completely destroy cockroaches in a room in just a day, and the effectiveness of such bombs is not inferior to the means of professional pest control ...

Use of boric acid against cockroaches

Boric acid was used in the fight against cockroaches even when the population did not even hear about the now familiar aerosols. And even though today it is considered a somewhat outdated means, it does not prevent it from remaining the most used remedy for Prusaks in the whole country, which continues to successfully clean the apartments from these annoying insects.

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Linen ticks and ways to get rid of them

As a rule, linen mites in everyday life are called dust mites - small arthropods dwelling in dust and feeding on particles of exfoliating human skin. In some cases, this everyday name is also used in relation to underwear (wardrobe) lice and bed bugs. About what these creatures differ in, where to look for them in an apartment and how to deal with them - we will go on about all this and talk in more detail ...

Tick ​​bites: photos

In some cases, the mere appearance of a tick bite can be used to judge that a person has been infected with a dangerous tick-borne infection. The following are photos with many examples of how Ixodus tick bites look in practice, including even before the parasite is detached ...

What to do when a tick bite

The probability of severe consequences due to a tick infection, if the parasite is still infected, often depends on how correctly and timely a person acts when a tick bites. Let's see what the algorithm of actions should be when it detects a sucked tick on the body - how to properly and quickly remove it, what to do with the bloodsucker after removal and, most importantly, how to protect against adverse events, if the parasite is infected with tick-borne encephalitis or borreliosis pathogens ...


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Welcome to the site, which is entirely devoted to methods of combating insects, and above all with bed bugs! The materials presented here help people to find comprehensive information on ridding their home of bedbugs and approach the issue, as they say,fully armed.

But why is this topic still relevant? After all, the 21st century is already in the courtyard, and domestic bugs still alarm people. Although it would seem that raising the standard of living and hygiene as a whole should have long led to the complete destruction of these insects, at least in the cities.

But statistics show that this is not the case: hundreds and thousands of apartments in large cities are still teeming with domestic bugs, and people are actively trying to get rid of them. And no one is immune from the appearance of these parasites in the apartment: they can get into the house along with imported furniture (including a new one from the store), on the folds of clothes when returning from work or after visiting a warehouse, and they can even just run across neighbors.

We actively cooperate with the best Moscow disinsection services, therefore we present in the articles a lot of useful nuances concerning the destruction of insects (including cockroaches, fleas, domestic ants, etc.). Reviews of proven insecticidal agents, interviews with disinsectors, our videotapes of experimental testing of insect repellents - this and much more, see the relevant sections of the site.

Enjoy the materials!


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