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Flea bites in children: how dangerous they are and how to treat them

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What to do if a child is bitten by fleas

As a rule, flea bites in children lead to significantly more pronounced effects than the same bites, but in adults. In most cases, it is children who need home medical care after massive insect attacks, and sometimes the cases are so serious that they require a doctor’s response and outpatient treatment.

The reasons for a more pronounced reaction of children to flea bites lot. Among them:

  • more tender skin and prolonged irritation after an attack of parasites
  • severity of an allergic reaction due to incomplete formation of the immune system
  • the possibility of some changes in the composition of the blood with heavy flea bites
  • Nervous shocks are especially likely when fleas bite a child.

Due to the different susceptibility of children and adults to various medicines, a set of tools for treating flea bites in children will be quite specific.

But even before giving medicines to children, it is necessary to find out exactly whether these are really fleas that bit the child.


Flea bites in children: how they look

In general, flea bites in children look the same as in adults, although in most cases the skin lesions are more pronounced. In the photo below are clearly visible multiple skin lesions on the legs of a five year old child:

Flea bites on baby leg

First of all, noticeable tracks of three to four wounds are striking. On this basis, flea shots are easily confused with bed bug attacks. However, the flea bite chains themselves are more rare and short than those of bedbugs.

Photos of flea bites:

Photo: Flea bites on the body of a child

And here is a photograph of a typical picture after bedbug bites - a characteristic bite path is visible:

And this is the characteristic path from bedbug bites

In place of each flea bite even when an insect is found on the skin, a slight boil-like inflammation is formed. A few minutes after the insect is detached, the hole itself, through which blood sucking occurred, is no longer visible, but right next to it a small under- or intradermal hemorrhage is formed.

On an enlarged photo such pinpoint hemorrhage is seen especially well:

Small hemorrhages from flea bites

On a note

Such hemorrhages are caused by the enzyme flea saliva, which prevents blood from clotting when bitten. With multiple skin lesions from fleas, the amount of the enzyme entering the blood is so great that it can lead to a generalized reaction of the body, even anaphylactic shock.

It is for pinpoint hemorrhages that the traces of flea attacks are most easily distinguished from the bites of other insects. But these injuries have other distinctive features:

  1. Severe pricking pain at the moment of injection - other parasites mask their activities with special painkillers. Fleas do not.
  2. Characteristic red spots at the puncture site after two or three days, when the inflammation itself and the skin reaction disappear.
  3. Severe itching after bite.
  4. The compaction of the skin is usually very strong.

In children, even single flea bites often lead to skin rashes. These are the first harbingers of an allergic reaction. This rash is very similar to the reaction of the skin after a nettle burn. Because of this, traces of flea attacks are often confused with plant allergies. The photo shows a sprinkling on the leg after the bites of a human flea:

Multiple flea bites in children are often accompanied by a rash.


“We had no fleas at the dacha this summer at the dacha.The first flea bit the child immediately after the arrival, we have not even unpacked things yet. We paid no special attention to this, but in vain. It was already itching all night, but Tanechka was bitten from head to toe. I didn’t sleep, in the middle of the night I started to cry. The next morning she had all the legs, butt and back were in red spots, and between them began a red rash. They anointed her all with Fenistil, they gave me pills for allergies, and the country itself was poisoned with Raptor. After that, fleas bit, but rarely and mostly on the street. "

Irina, St. Petersburg

One of the worst consequences of flea attacks is purpura - profuse hemorrhages under the skin. However, it appears rarely and only if the child is stung by fleas in very large numbers.

On a note

The aggravated reaction of the child to flea bites is called pulikozy and is considered as a separate dermatological disease.

Already, depending on the severity of the child's reaction to flea bites, it is necessary to decide what to do. Sometimes it requires the use of the most affordable means, sometimes - to see a doctor.


The first actions, if the child is bitten by fleas

The first thing to do if a child is bitten by fleas is to calm down.It is clear: the child is crying, he is all bitten, he is in pain, you are in shock and confusion. But do not panic.

If a child is bitten by fleas - no need to panic

You need to understand that there is nothing terrible in solitary and even several one-time bites. By themselves, they are dangerous only with regular attacks of parasites.

Nevertheless, even the occasional flea bite has to be carried out, though simple, but cured. For this you need:

  1. Wash the skin puncture site with water and antiseptic soap.
  2. If measures are taken in the first minutes - apply ice or a cooled compress.
  3. Anoint the flea bite with anti-itch remedy. Callamine solution or any hydrocortisone cream is excellent for this. If there is no medicine on hand, you can simply treat the bites with any alcohol solution, even vodka or brandy.

As a rule, in most cases, such a set of measures is enough to relieve the main symptoms of bites - itching and swelling.

However, if pronounced manifestations of allergy have begun, it is necessary to begin a special treatment.


Regardless of whether some treatment of pulyoza is being carried out, in no case should the child be allowed to comb the injuries.This can lead to the opening of the wound, the introduction of infection, infection and inflammation. Optimally bind the place of bites for half a day-day, until itching. Before this, it is good to treat the bite sites with sulfuric ointment.


Generalized allergic reaction in a child

In children, significantly more often than in adults, flea bites cause allergic reactions. The manifestations of allergies in a child can be many, but the main ones are:

  • rash in bite area
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • increase in body temperature to 38-39 ° C
  • diarrhea
  • excitement and constant anxiety.

All these symptoms are signals for a mandatory consultation with a doctor.

Swollen lymph nodes may be a sign of a generalized allergic reaction.

Usually, if the attacks of the parasites do not recur, these symptoms themselves go away in two to three days, but sometimes treatment is necessary. At the same time prescribe antihistamines, Diclofenac-type painkillers, drugs to reduce the temperature.


"Our constantly sprinkled after his fleas bite. Especially scary when the swelling begins. And he is very sensitive - one bite is enough for him to start bleeding his eyes and nose.You have to always carry with them Diazolin and Suprastin, so that if something immediately act. "

Anna, Moscow

It is very important not to start self-treatment in these cases. Only an immunologist can determine exactly what to do if a child has a strong allergy to flea bites, and which drugs can be given without the risk of worsening allergies.


What infections are able to carry fleas

It should always be remembered that fleas are potential carriers of very dangerous diseases. Therefore, every flea bite on a child is a kind of lottery, whether the pathogen is transmitted to the baby:

  • the plague
  • brucellosis
  • salmonellosis
  • hepatitis A
  • encephalitis
  • anthrax
  • trypanosomiasis.

... as well as eggs of a large number of helminth species.

Fleas are potential carriers of dangerous diseases.

With a single attack, the probability of infecting any of these diseases is extremely low: the flea may not be the carrier, and the immune system can overcome the pathogen. But with frequent and constant bites, the likelihood of infection increases dramatically. Therefore, when detecting bites on the body of the child, it is first necessary to take out the removal of fleas from the room.


Folk remedies for the treatment of flea bites in children

Against pulikoza (reactions of the body to flea bites), there are traditional folk remedies. Most of them have a moderate effect, they are generally safe and very accessible. Among them are the following:

  • diluted apple cider vinegar that is rubbed on bite spots
  • a solution of 1 tablespoon of soda in a glass of water, relieving itching
  • A solution of a spoon of honey in two glasses of lemon juice is used to process a large number of bites.

But in general, to treat flea bites as long as the insects themselves remain in the room - this is the same as drinking analgin for severe caries in the tooth. When signs of attacks appear on the child’s body, they should be treated in parallel with actions to rid the room of fleas. Otherwise, such treatment threatens to develop into an endless epic.


Fleas from the basement attacked the high-rise building and bite the residents


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  1. Yuliya:

    Only dust is saved, nothing helps more from fleas.

  2. Helena:

    Good day! Tell me, something bites me, I do not even know what it is. The bites are very itchy and slightly swollen, but after a while passes and a trace does not even remain. What could it be? In the house except for me no one else bite.

    • Kristina:

      And in my house they just bite me. Mom and dad are afraid that this is some kind of disease. I'll catch them in my room.

    • Samira:

      I have the same story. I understand you.

  3. Kristina:

    I have 4 cats at home, so I got fleas from them. They bite very badly. Well, I combed the places, I have so many scars on my leg, and on my arm, of course.I can not get rid of, already half a month has passed. Help me please.

  4. Denis:

    I have no cats at home, and fleas are dark. What cats can be, do not tell nonsense.

  5. Sveta:

    We also have such nasty things, they already got me and my little ones, they bite me and the little ones, but they don’t touch my husband. What can they drive out of the house? Besides dust and dichlorvos? Just children in the house and do not want poison in the house pshikat.

    • Anonymous:

      Try crayon Masha. Fleas helped me out.

    • Anonymous:

      Wash all boric alcohol, sold in a pharmacy. Vinegar (70%): half a cup half a cup and wash the floor. These are most likely earthen fleas. This is all that you can handle the room for children, nothing else can be processed. We have the same problem.

  6. Anna:

    I have a cat. I stroked her, and after a few minutes I noticed that I was beginning to itch often. I looked at the stomach - he was all bitten by a flea.

  7. Samira:

    These fleas bite me every spring and summer. I have two cats and a dog, but I do not touch them. A lot of bites on my legs, all bites are red (when I scratch them, they bleed). Help, how to cure them, preferably forever? Some say my blood is sweet.Help, please, cure bites.

  8. Victoria:

    Need a wormwood. We have a private house, a lot of damp. Fleas appeared and bit the son. Grandmothers advised me to wormwood.

  9. Anastasia:

    Last summer, fleas attacked. Chemistry is not used, since the child in the house. She began to look for advice in the Internet, and found it. It was necessary for the week and a half each day to wash the floors with the addition of vinegar. It helped me, the fleas have evaporated)) Now the fleas are attacking again, so the second day my floors)) Wormwood, by the way, did not help!

  10. MamaLyubimaya:

    My child was "brutally" bitten by fleas. I'll try to wash the floors with vinegar!

  11. Nika:

    Well helps salt and soda. Proportion 1 to 1. Sprinkle carpets, soft toys, you can and the floor. After 8-10 hours vacuuming, and another two days later. From fleas and no trace.

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