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Proven methods for the destruction of bedbugs, which showed high efficiency

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Consider a number of methods that really help to completely destroy the bugs in the apartment ...

Do you want to know how and by what means ordinary people, faced with the problem of the appearance of bedbugs in their home, managed to successfully get rid of these parasites? The following are specific recommendations and techniques that reliably gave a positive result. Watch and comment at the very bottom of the page!

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Specific methods of dealing with bedbugs

Klava: 11/01/2016 at 22:24

My daughter in a rented apartment also had bugs. They wiped out all the things and put them in bags for the cold, and then everything they could did was painted with paint that dries for 3 days. In general, when they returned home, the horror of how many bugs stuck and died from the smell of paint. This horror, it turns out, how many there were.I advise everyone, their bugs are gone.


Andrew: 06.26.2015 at 14:40

I got into a situation: the nurse, an Uzbek, lived at home, dragged out clothes with bedbugs. Mum lying, it is impossible to carry out processing. He came up with an original way of dealing with bedbugs - he covered the entire bed with plastic wrap with loose ends. It turns out that bugs cannot climb a vertically hanging film. The result - there are no bedbugs in the bed, and those that were, after feeding, crawled under the mattresses and fell into the pockets made in the film.

Vasya: 01.20.2017 at 18:05

Andrew! Exactly! It works! It is necessary to move the bed away from the walls and from the furniture, and wrap legs with lavsan tape. Can't bedbug up mirror lavsan. To check, I recommend throwing caught individuals in a plastic bottle. I threw it in my lavsan milk bottle. So he discovered that they could not get out. Another thing is terrible stories about the klopovye "superintelligence" - supposedly they can climb onto the ceiling and jump from there to a sleeping person But I don’t believe it.


Tatyana: 11.26.2016 at 05:19

When the bugs appeared in the sofa of the son, they threw out the sofa. Under the wallpaper passed bedbugs, without removing the wallpaper. Then I washed these places with a soap rag.And on the walls, and on the wallpaper. Fortunately, the bugs were only in a few places where the wallpaper moved, in the area of ​​the location of the sofa. Only then removed the wallpaper and thrown out. 6 years have passed, there are no bedbugs.


Oksana: 11.11.2014 at 05:24

For those who are desperate to bring these reptiles! (I had a real trouble 2 years ago). My apartment is always very clean, there is no overpopulation, and when there were red spots on the body in children (bites), I could not even imagine that it could be bedbugs. In general, a separate story, as doctors treated our family for 3 months for allergies ... In general, I found the cause of red spots in the sofas and then naively decided that I would get rid of it easily and simply. My mom, I could not even imagine that it would be a war! With all of the above means: aerosols, turpentine-based aerosols, taking the sofas to frost, washing and washing the upholstery of the sofas, treating the apartment many times (they themselves all suffocated from these funds), general cleaning every week, joint raids on bedbugs with neighbors (one apartment did not I wanted to be processed - drunks - the source of infection throughout the entrance! All the troubles are coming from them) ... It was horrible for six months, after all the treatments everything came back after 2 weeks ... In short, that helped me. FOR ALL of the above. I described my misfortune in detail, becauseI am a nervous person to dirt, and bugs have killed me at all. This is my tool, who is completely crazy and does not sleep at night. The last thing I did was, I ALL WAS SOFA WRAPPED IN POLYETHYLENE. Tightly! Leaving no holes! You buy rolled (fairly durable) polyethylene (many meters will work out, calculate it yourself) and the whole sofa or bed, the sofa in the unfolded form, if you sleep like that, with the legs, you wrap it with plastic, and fasten it (glued) tightly at the seams. In several layers (not sorry) wide tape. These creatures can not crawl on polyethylene and do not live on it! And we could! Eight months so creaked at night while these parasites died in sofas (four months didn’t help, removed and again — great! We got out, we processed and closed again), but in the end everything was OK! I really wanted to wrap polyethylene bottom apartment! Here, good people, who should give such a crazy-recipe. Good luck to everyone in an unequal battle! I will go and place on a couple of sites ... The sun shines equally to everyone!


Lydia: 01/09/2016 at 13:55

Hello! For several days I thought about writing or not writing about how I got rid of bedbugs. The method is very dangerous and requires accuracy. So,you will need: swimming goggles - necessarily (and not that you will burn all eye vessels, but this is blindness), a building respirator (the best), gloves, a dressing gown or some other old thing, a scarf or cap, aerolamp (if you have 2 -x or 3-bedroom, you will need 2 aerolamps), candles for them and acetic acid. Aerolamps should be large, with a large bowl. I think that many people know that before sifting it is necessary to pack all the products, right up to welding and animal feed. Remove plants from the house, and most importantly - children and animals. But do not touch things, let the carpet also remain in place. Acetic acid kills everything, along with bugs get rid of dust mites. We start disinfection by closing the air outlets so that the microparticles do not get to your neighbors. We close the vents, thus the concentration of acetic acid will be stronger. Put on all the equipment described above, light the candle in the aerolamp, pour in acetic acid, put it near the exit (in the hallway).

Sami at this time, go to the bathroom. After 10 minutes (somewhere around the lamp warming up it took 4 minutes), gently take the lamp by the bottom (it is hot) and transfer it to the room, hold it there for 10 minutes.I also put it on the sofa, where there is a laundry box, but the height of the box should be higher than the lamp itself. Putting the lamp in the box, the sofa while leaving in the straightened position, and also 10-15 minutes. If there are a lot of bedbugs, then it is desirable to process and wardrobe, each box is about 3 minutes. Be careful that things do not come into contact with the lamp (just move it away). And at the end of disinfection put a lamp in the middle of the room for 20-25 minutes, depending on the area of ​​the room, I have 18 sq.m. Do not forget about safety: every time after the lamp is replaced, go to the bathroom or the landing, so you take care of your lungs. In the lamp acetic acid will evaporate, it is necessary to pour.

After the whole procedure, turn off the lamp, pour out acetic acid and leave the room, preferably for a day. The next day, thoroughly ventilate the room and wipe everything everywhere, and it is better to wash, shake carpets or wet carpet cleaning (just a vacuum cleaner is not desirable). Cleaned up and only after that bring home kids, animals, plants. I have described here that we are starting off with a hallway, so you take care of your neighbors.If you start right away from the room, it is likely that some of the “favorite klopiki” will have time to go to the neighbors. It is better to poison all the neighbors together. I got rid of bedbugs, and my neighbors also poisoned, there was only one neighbor who did not agree to any, and the bugs would go again. So I think, is it not better to get rid of such neighbors at the beginning, and after bugs, it’s easier to get rid of them)).

And also to note: a new species of bugs appeared. Soft-bodied, but very tenacious, after bites there are no red spots on the body, and there are no blood spots on the bed. They are not afraid of the light, creeping upward with electric lighting. Be careful when disinfecting, take care of yourself and good luck to all.


Violetta: 06/01/2016 at 21:32

Looking for, looking for where these bedbugs are hiding. After processing the entire apartment stopped biting. Were discovered only a month later (do not believe it!) In a pot of indoor plants in the ground! Whole swarm ((Dead. And nowhere because this is not written that in such a place they can be!


Marina: 11/04/2015 at 20:34

Catherine, you will persecute yourself, just miss the time. Shop means act only on the bugs themselves, and the eggs remain. More than three years ago, bedbugs were poisoned in my mom's apartment, specialists were called in, a woman came in, spread some kind of powder with tap water and spattered everything that could be.She said that this compound kills everyone: eggs, larvae and adults. We didn’t live there for a couple of days, although the woman said that she could come in a few hours. Since then we don’t remember about bedbugs, everybody is dead. And my mother initially tried to bring out folk remedies, so they multiplied to horror. Do not suffer, call good specialists, they will help you. Neither furniture, nor things have deteriorated, the only negative is a persistent smell, which then disappears for a long time.


Victor: 03/29/2016 at 09:42

I want to share my story, how I won them. I have already left my comment about the fact that the hands just drop, and the result is zero. So, what I have is: the apartment is old, the neighbors are “very nice people,” first floor. The advice is very simple: weekly general cleaning. My floor with the addition of bleach, also wipe with this water everything that you can wipe. All sofas and wardrobes also move to wipe the floor, especially around the bed. Then I process the baseboards, trim and sofas in the folds. Where I used to notice their nests - The raptor for bedbugs, sold in any store. I process not much, so, I walked once. In general, one bottle for a two-room apartment is enough for two cleaning.It takes almost a day to do everything, but it's worth it. Now the result - I find every cleaning under the sofas of dead or half-dead bugs. I don’t know where they come from, but the main thing is that they cannot reach us. For two months my wife has been sleeping peacefully, and so have I. Good luck to everyone, do not give up.


Vyacheslav: 02/12/2016 at 00:54

Perhaps I will tell my balalaika. We have a room in a communal in the center of St. Petersburg. They passed it alone, you moved out after 3 months, said that they were eaten by bugs. They poisoned them, dismantled all the furniture and destroyed the eggs, moved into the hostel to live for the period of persecution. But nothing helped. The room was without repair, the wallpaper had long since moved away from the walls (there they lived behind them). Parquet is also old.

As a result, EVERYTHING that was in the room, I threw away, ordered a gazelle to take away furniture, books, tables, etc. After that, the wallpaper was torn off and a pest control was performed. Then they made a face lift and a YEAR (!) Nobody lived there. As you know, bugs do not live where there is nothing to eat, that is, where there are no people, but they can fall into anabiosis and stay in it for a very long time. So, new tenants drove in, and a month later they moved out without saying anything and without warning (they didn’t know that there were bugs in the room before).They slept on the floor, bedding a thick mattress. When I came into the room after them, I saw an oilcloth on the floor and a bug was crawling along it. Everything immediately became clear to me.

During the repair, the parquet was not replaced, but only varnished. After another half a year, I removed the parquet and threw it away and conducted a pest control. After that, ordered to lay a laminate. To do this, first put the chipboard and all the joints are filled with foam, bugs love to live in the joints (this was told to me by an exterminator).

And now I occasionally spend the night in this room, there is not much furniture there yet. If anything, bedbugs love wood, and my cot is metal. While I did not see them and bites, too, pah-pah-pah. Thus, in order to defeat them, we need a global operation.


Yuliya: 08/25/2015 at 1:04 pm

Bedbugs are a horror! Whoever did not have them, he will never understand the torment of people. I never knew what it was. Relatives made repairs in their apartment, bought cheap building materials, after a while they got bugs. After their arrival to us on a visit in four months and we have them. Bite horror as blisters, a terrible allergy, scratching like a leper, a nightmare. They only bite me, but they did not touch her husband or child.Relatives bought the “Executioner” product, treated it on their own, and they disappeared from them. We fought with folk remedies, sofas doused the ferry, put it out on the balcony, into the frost, we all vacuumed and cleaned what we didn’t do. They are gone! Five months later, the nightmare began again. They started biting again. Relatives did not appear. They called a specialist, he processed the whole apartment for 1500 rubles. Do not bite yet. Although in our house he already came to the call, on the tenth floor, and we live on the sixth floor. If we consider that they crawl on ventilation, slots, sockets, then who knows, maybe this horror will begin again ...


Anonymous: 01.11.2016 at 08:13

Yeah. About two years ago I encountered the same problem. And the ghouls ate only me. Poisoned, steamed, and after a while they appeared again. As a result, he threw out the sofa, made a serious repair. I changed all the sockets, furniture, laminate flooring laid out, covered with polyethylene and filled with silicone at the edges. No longer appear in two years.


Tanya: 12/11/2015 at 12:43

There were nowhere, hounded, than possible. Divorced her husband, and soon the bugs disappeared, just like her husband, without a trace! Swore at him very much. Now the husband lives on the other.No blows, peace at home and no one bites.


Bugs in apartment 1: 01/07/2015 at 18:37

In our apartment there were bugs, appeared after a trip and a stop in a suspicious hotel for a couple of days. And there I did not notice anything like that, I just smelled the smell of some chemicals on one of the floors. I also thought: can they be poisoned by something?

In general, they brought it themselves and did not understand what and how much. Not immediately found bites. It was just that itching, it was impossible to understand even for some incomprehensible points. Only after a couple of months at night I woke up with horror at the fact that something was crawling around my wrist. It was a bug. Having folded the wooden plank away from the bed, I found simply clusters of bedbug excrement. It is strange how they could so quickly multiply and still be unnoticed.

Of course, bought the money, with the most expensive. They poured everything possible, including the mattress. For nearly ten days we went to sleep in the living room, with all the precautions. All the clothes were cleaned and dried in an electric dryer under high temperature.

Returning back to the bedroom I found under the mattress under the wall a lot of dead. But life in the mattress itself continued. Packed in spec.plastic bag with an internal sprinkler ordered from America. No, they even continued to live after a month. The mattress and bed frame (very expensive, France, had to be thrown away). Since the material already had black characteristic points. The nightmare lasted 2 months. They simply did not retreat. We went to the rosettes for us in the living room. Special powder, sprayers of the most modern companies did not help us. We summoned professionals.

All sprayed and processed carried to the balcony. I had to wash the linen, in black bags tied with scotch tape and also separated from other things.

Curtains, curtain rods, furniture. Everything has been processed. In the apartment could return only after 8 hours. A sense of disgust, fatigue. Two weeks later, the treatment was repeated, just in case. After that they disappeared. The problem is that modern bugs are seen to have very high immunity and survival. We even tried the stinky nasty Karbofos, which is forbidden to use in homes in the EU, for example. Only those on which the product specifically fell died. My advice: believe me, I do not work in this company and do not receive any benefits from this comment.If you only feel that there is a problem and has gone far - use the professionals. We lost a sofa, a bed and a mattress, because we tightened it, but we could not cope.


Anonymous: 09/07/2016 at 00:53

I also spent money until the fig, all the money I had, I tried, everything exactly after some time crawled out. Finally, he conducted an experiment: he started cockroaches. After them, a month later, I did not see a single bug, cockroaches are their main enemies, and a year later bought traps for cockroaches, destroyed them all. Cockroaches easier to withdraw much more than bedbugs. Now kicks from happiness!

Nerd: 09/10/2016 at 11:37

True, cockroaches devour everything, and eggs of bedbugs, too. But only eggs. So you need 2 tools: cockroaches and time.


Olga: 07/10/2016 at 06:09

Hello, comrades in misfortune! Another, so to speak, folk remedy - I have a sheet glued around the perimeter with an insect tape. Not the one that in the form of a film, but in the form of cardboard plates with glue. For three days, they stick at her perfectly. Another week they just can not crawl on the sheet. Then you need to pereobkleivat. But there should be no gaps, and the sheet, the wider, the better - so that neither the pillow, nor the blanket, nor the hand, nor the leg beyond the perimeter would stick out. At the very least, you can protect children and yourself from bites.

At this stage, I gained composure, peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night. Perhaps starve them. They hibernate with no food. But here is a live bait in stock.


Thermal ways to fight

Kotyara: 11.28.2015 at 11:59

He also panicked when he learned that these parasites were bred in my apartment. Tried a lot of different tools, but brought only a steam generator. What is surprising, they were only in one room, for some reason they did not come to mine, although there was more than enough time for this))


Inna: 12.12.2015 at 22:02

Caused the disinsection service, processed 2 times. How the bugs were, so it is. We bought a steam generator, unwrapped the sofa, walked the ferry through all the skirting boards. Completely destroyed!


Helena: 11/14/2016 at 19:31

A year ago I found itchy spots on my body, a dermatologist claimed that these were flea bites. The houses are two cats - clean, without parasites. After a couple of days, there were blood points on a white sheet ... A scribe, 100% of the bugs on the couch. The lining is multi-layered, a bunch of grooves and folds. She pulled out a sofa in the middle of the room, as far as possible disassembled into parts, tore the back cover and threw it away. She started a steam generator and slowly, in millimeters, steamed the entire sofa, at the same time went through all the plinths and cork trim of cabinets and walls.I left it for a day, the next day I repeated everything - at home it was, as in a Turkish steam room, hot and damp - but I have been calm for a year now, and the sofa did not have to be changed))


Yuliya: 07/25/2016 at 00:20

I read a huge number of articles on the Internet. They and the curtains, and on the plinth. I bought a professional drug, 1 liter (must be diluted, sprayed with a garden spray). I bought Reid and others like him and squirted directly on the bugs. Guard them, did not sleep until 4-6 am. And then I bought (of course, I spent 52 thousand rubles) an Italian steam generator. Here is this thing! There steam output 120 DEGREES! And these creatures in the couch soared! In every slot is necessary. And when the trifle of eggs hatched (red), she climbed out from the hot steam, crushed it. In general, not fast, but I won them! 2 sofas. From the children's sofa (modular furniture), the film has already come off, this temperature was high. And now I have a generator only for cleaning. It was the winter of 2015.


Vasya: 09/13/2016 at 05:14

I tried a lot of things, each tool helps a little, but the most effective tool that will destroy bedbugs 100 percent is the steam generator. Just bring a stream of hot steam into the habitats of bedbugs and they are immediately cooked (like eggs, hard boiled).


Anonymous: 01/19/2016 at 09:33

As I recall, so goosebumps ... Mom lived in a dormitory, when she returned home, transported along with the bed of these creatures. They ate only me, could not sleep. Immediately did not understand, thought allergies. Than not poisoned, nothing helped, it only got worse, there were a lot of them ((Only the processing with a steamer helped, everyone otparyli, and only then these creatures died completely. Indeed, even the enemy would not want this ((


Use of folk remedies

Lily: 05/10/2014 at 15:09

I want to tell my story. How we fought with these parasites. I will say right away that this is a very long process that requires patience. But from my own experience I can say that you can enter them. We also fought with bedbugs. Initially, we moved to an apartment that we inherited from our grandfather. All hung with carpets, furniture is not clear what's. Repair was planned gradually. One room was ennobled, it is very bright, constantly the sun. The large room at the expense of the carpets, walls, and the balcony is very dark. The bugs only bit me. I am allergic and asthmatic, the skin is very sensitive, swelling with any irritants.

So, they only bit me, but my husband did not believe me, threw everything on mosquitoes.I did not stop at this, I removed all the carpets from the walls. And since the floors are old, the carpet that was on the wall was laid on the floor (I like to sit on the floor). But there were always bites. Then one day I saw a bug on the wall. She called her husband, he said that it was just a bug.

In general, for the time being we still understood who and what worries us, it has been a decent time. They decently multiplied. We live in the 9th floor; there was no repair in the house for 40 years. Gastriks settled in the basement, who were periodically evicted. Began to look for help on the Internet. I shoveled a lot, because at night I just could not sleep. I have a panic fear of insects, and when you still know who and what bites you - it can’t be described at all.

I slept only in the afternoon. At the same time I have cats, and not one. I also have asthma. With all this, we could not leave for a week to process the apartment. I found a recipe that more or less suited us, but changed it a bit.

Green soap - 4 parts; turpentine - 1 part; kerosene - 2 parts; water - 12 parts;

Green soap is dissolved in warm water, turpentine and kerosene are added with careful agitation.

Turpentine - 12 parts; kerosene - 6 parts; denatured alcohol - 3 parts; naphthalene - 1 part.

Method of application: wash with warm water the places in which there are bugs and their larvae, and apply with a brush one of these compositions. This operation is repeated for several days until the bugs disappear.

I decided to fight folk remedies. I bought a wormwood herb, laid out in bags in the cabinets with clothes. I made an infusion of grass (not in packets) and with this infusion I washed the floors without squeezing a rag, so I left it for the night. Once.

Then she bought turpentine and tar soap. The husband gathered turpentine into a syringe, and poured it into all the cracks. By the time we threw out of the room everything except the wall. The room did not sleep. The nursery was in a chair and carpet that lay on the floor. We were lucky, the bugs we had only in one room, which is the darkest in the daytime. Bedbugs do not tolerate daylight. Husband, when he raised the chair and the bedbugs crawled from him, only then he believed me.

After that we went with turpentine. The room was closed for several hours.

And at night they rubbed the walls and floors with soap. Soap softened in hot water. To get a liquid, like pancakes: not thick and not liquid. The activity of these creatures begins after 2 nights and before dawn. So, at the beginning of the third, my husband and I entered the room, turned on the lights and started killing them.And so every day for two weeks, constantly went through soapy water. Each time they made fresh and in hot water. After that, twice a week. Inexpressible aroma, but it is better to suffer it! The floors are not washed, only vacuums.

I also want to say that adult bedbugs can be seen. But the small is very difficult to see. We stood for half an hour at the walls and peered. If you catch a glimpse of it, nothing is visible, and as soon as it starts moving you can notice a barely visible point (the smallest ones are the most nasty, they bite very painfully, as they are hungry and they need to grow).

Now I can say that we got rid of. As it turned out that our house is completely infected. And they came to us from the neighbors, who also quietly poisoned them and they sprawled on their neighbors. I believe that you should not be shy and hush up the problem, as the bugs will run across. It is necessary to bring them together by the whole entrance.

Good luck to all who are faced with such parasites! I would be glad if our way will help someone else.


Anastasia: 12/05/2015 at 03:48

I live in a dorm. About 2 years ago I ran into this problem. Bedbugs appeared in the friend’s room. It was a nightmare! Fought as best they could. Aerosols did not help. Both cheap and expensive.Caused pest control. It seems to be gone. But these insects crawled into my room. I fought on my own. Taught grandmother. I used 70 percent vinegar, copiously smeared baseboards, floor, wardrobes - everything that was in the room. For a day closed the room. I came, aired. After three days I repeated everything again. So I did three times, so for sure. It helped me. For a year and a half I have not remembered this problem.


Natalia: 06/05/2016 at 09:43

In childhood, we brought out the wormwood bugs. The perennial torment ended once and for all after I once laid out the fresh wormwood under the bed mattress. I did this after they told me that she helped get rid of a large number of bedbugs.


Use of chemicals

Yana: 11/08/2016 11:34

Good day to all who continue to struggle with this scourge! I want to share my experience in the fight. Suddenly out of nowhere appeared bugs. Either came from where, or after the basement harassment rose (we rent an apartment on the 2nd floor). I saw my father on the bed - for the first time I encountered this filth, at first I didn’t even understand that it was a bug, the Internet helped to sort out the kinds of insects.Horror knew no bounds! But it is necessary to do something, again, helped by people who leave feedback. Zifox was advised in the store - she bought it, and after the persecution, she read that sometimes bugs develop immunity to drugs. We were lucky - they did not have immunity to Zifox. Triple lucky that they were only in the couch, and in the nearby furniture were not found. But in spite of everything, she sprayed the whole apartment, every little corner, all the furniture, wallpaper from top to bottom, since the drug leaves no residue, only the smell. He disappeared for 3-4 days. The sofa was first etched, and the next day they were thrown out, etched, so as not to scatter the larvae and insects in the apartment. For two days after pickling, a few pieces crawled out and sat on the wallpaper. Immediately, just in case, they were finished with Anti-bug bug. I read that the eggs of bedbugs do not work, but all my wallpapers were soaked with the preparation, so they had no chance. According to the instructions, if necessary, you need to repeat the procedure, today, just two weeks, I repeated everything again in the whole apartment, although I did not observe any movements (just in case). So far no living creature has appeared.I think we won! But we still change the apartment, psychologically I can’t be in that terrible room where it all began. And thanks to Cixox, everything worked out! I advise. I hope that your problem does not have immunity to this wonderful drug. Good luck to all!


Vyacheslav: 06/09/2016 at 06:58

Year suffered with bedbugs, bought the latest all sorts of means, expensive, sprayed almost a month once or twice, but the bugs did not disappear for good. I stumbled across this site and read the articles on how to fight more effectively, I realized that it was necessary to combine means. In addition, I called the local parasite disinfection center, they told me that if you have bugs in your apartment for a whole year, then it is unlikely that something else will help you except Tetrix. And that they use it in rare cases, just in such, as mine. They said that it was only necessary to thoroughly treat the entire apartment with this poison, to spray all-all objects, from below, above the walls, ceilings, floors — everything. And close all the doors and windows tightly and leave for one day at least from the apartment. What I did. Only I added a double rate to one liter of water, not as it was written in the instructions.And plus Karbofos, also a double standard, added to the same box with Tetrix. Processed once a week for a month. And I'll tell you, for three months now there are no bedbugs. Yes, at the same time, in the apartment in advance, all the cracks in the plinths and holes in the walls where the pipes pass are cracked.


Bitten Anonymous: 08/04/2014 at 00:26

We have bedbugs for 2 years, tried a lot of things, but did not help. Life during these 2 years was just HELL! I stumbled upon a review, where the guy told how effectively he killed the bugs by means of Medilis Tsiper. I bought 2 bottles of 50 ml each and, with anger, banged all 100 ml into a 3 liter canister, drove the family out of the house, pushed aside everything that was possible, equipped myself in full for protection and began to poison! I took a brush of 10 cm and, as a priest, ran around the house happily in anticipation of a miracle, worked on all the walls, crevices, furniture, clothes, floor, push! I DECLARED ALL THAT NOT HAS BEEN HELPED AND HAPPENED WITH A TSIPER! I am sitting in a respirator on a couch soaked in the “favorite” bedbugs now, and these villains are running around me dancing very strangely and falling! ) I'm happy! I now have a desire to buy 1 liter of tsiper and make a cyper-bath out of it in order to pour out this holy solution from the hose throughout the house so that these bugs suffer even more!

ps: I joked about the bath, and the tool is super, the effect is visible with the naked eye 🙂

pps: I kiss all those who came up with this wonderful poison! )


Sergei: 04/02/2014 at 18:34

There was this infection a year ago, as they appeared crazy I do not commit it. I re-read the entire Internet far and wide, did not call for the sanstantion, because the apartment is rented. I got rid of all the aerosols that are on the market, spent a lot of money and nerves and not one did not help. Then he bought Karbofos on gardening trays, also bought a respirator, as the poison is harmful to humans. He diluted the preparation with water, 4 ampoules per 2 liters of water, and sprayed everything that the arms got with the help of a usual Mr. Muscle sprinkler. If there are many bugs, then PALAC can be mixed with CARBOPUS (it can also be bought there). He closed all the windows and doors and went for a walk at 12 o'clock. He came to ventilate, the smell, of course, dissipated sufficiently during the week, well, better let it stink than gnaw. People were advised to re-process after 2 weeks, I did not, as I had few of them. And pah pah to this day they are not. The whole procedure cost me $ 10 with the respirator. Try it, it will not be worse.

And by the way, after processing, even flies didn’t fly into my apartment for two months, but I forgot about Prusaks and neighboring partisans. Everything that creeps and flies has died.


Maria: 05/02/2014 at 20:46

I got rid of bedbugs with the help of “Clean Home” dust. For a long time I couldn’t understand who was biting me, there were 8-12 bites and that surprisingly I was bitten by the day, which is why I couldn’t understand who ??? Everyone said that bugs only bite at night (people, you know, it is not so!) And one evening the spreading bed saw a “bug”, the husband ran up and immediately said that it was a bug (I didn’t even know what these parasites were).

In the morning I went and bought the Clean House spray. Grass 3 times: the result is zero, it felt like they were even more voracious. I didn’t sleep at night, as they simply ate me (they didn’t touch my husband and daughter), I even slept with the lights on and it didn’t stop them, I still woke up all the bitten and they crawled insolently over the pillow and blanket.

Then I bought a dust, the saleswoman advised me, I took a simple paint brush and missed all the joints and seams in the couch, the back wall and the bottom, then sprinkled the plinth and “drew” the wallpaper behind the sofa. I took 2 packs to the room. I did everything when the window was closed, then I closed the room and only went there on the second day, cleaned it up, only left the dust on the baseboards.I slept quietly for a week, then there were three bites — I waited for this, as I read that I take nothing eggs and new bugs may appear. I did the processing again, only with one pack, I just washed the baseboard and sprinkled it with new dust and walked around the seams of the sofa. This time they didn’t even go to sleep in another room, there were no more bites. Dust lay on the plinth month! Hurray, almost two months have passed, everything is calm!


Boha: 07.28.2014 at 06:48

I first treated the apartment with the Hangman tool, the bugs began to breathe. Every 4 days was processed for 2 weeks. They began to climb into the ceiling and curtains from poison and the search for clean air, and I drenched them with a spray gun there.

After 2 weeks, Karbofos began to be used, on the very first day of use, bugs emerged from all the cracks and began to die on the floor. I only poisoned them at night, and it is imperative to turn off the lights, because they go out in the dark. After Karbofos I closed the room until the morning, and then aired the second room and the kitchen. Applied Karbofos 3 times with a period of a week.

Everything is clean, not one creature. But sorry for the spiders, they also died, they are enemies of bedbugs, bugs fall into their nets and die.


Helena: 07/17/2015 at 21:56

We had bedbugs, 2 years ago, nightmares are still dreaming! In general, they bit our children, came to us from neighbors. We got up right at night, gathered the children and went to my mom. Almost the next day began to fight with them. In general, everything was treated with Karbofos, all linens were wiped off, but this did not help. After 2 weeks, everything was processed again, plus I smeared all the beds and approaches to the beds with soapy water to wash their paths, plus spread out everywhere, wherever possible, wormwood, and the result finally appeared. We erased them, but I still remember them with great horror.


Anna: 04/20/2016 at 4:49 PM

I was helped by shampoo for cats and dogs from ticks and other creatures. It smells normal. Bedbugs were everywhere, most of all in the beds, in the crevices of the ceiling tile and behind the baseboards. Diluted a large amount of shampoo in the water to a thick foam and soaked the bed, paying attention to the places of accumulation of bedbugs. It is possible to prostrate directly from the broom. Foam went through the crevices of the tile, zashshikiva in the plinth. They were dying from this shampoo. Try it!


Alina: 10/23/2016 at 00:21

Good day, thanks for the shampoo idea. I bought a shampoo - the first thing that caught my eye in the “All for Animals” department.About shampoo it is written that from fleas and bedbugs ... Not to say that it smells pleasantly, somehow even poisonous. But I want to note 100% of the action! Thanks, who wrote here about him. And then at least cry. Once I cleaned the sofas with the cloth and gloves, the corners ... There were so many dead bugs in half an hour. But here still from somewhere fleas appeared. Directly some invasion. Flea shampoo does not work. I will buy a spray raptor from ticks, fleas and bedbugs ... Universal, from all at once. Thanks to everyone who wrote and advised here. You are my saviors! And then the mood was not. Even bite at night bedbugs. The sofas, by the way, still ironed on the highest temperature, and all the sheets and linens. I advise now also shampoo, this is a real salvation! Now, for prevention, I still rush through the baseboard sprayer and all the corners.


Anonymous: 11/19/2016 at 09:41

Denis, 5 liters of water 50 grams of Forsythe. Everywhere promazh, on a three-room apartment 500 grams left. And then he closed all the windows and doors, he added a good stove - in an apartment somewhere from 50 degrees, maybe more. Hours 8 then aired and did not wash the floor for more than a month. Result from once. Over 10 months ago, got rid of.


Alexander, 26 years old: 09/07/2015 at 08:02

I brought a bedbug from a friend, for two or three weeks I was bitten. I have a treshka, I decided to call the brigade of masters, they processed one of my rooms, where, in principle, they were just that. After processing a maximum a week later I saw a fatty bug - I killed him! After that, as soon as three weeks no one is visible, there are no new bites ... The remedy was Fufanon, so while I praise and am pleased with the result. On the same day, I was already sitting all night in the room where I was sprayed with this agent. And so a month has passed, alive, healthy, nothing picked up. The tool is super, I recommend! And call the brigade for safety net, in this case you can not spare money.


Well: 02.22.2015 at 18:05

Good day. In our apartment, too, these parasites appeared! Than I just did not poison: with small Masha, and with the vaunted Goeth, and the Executioner, and the Raptor. All to no avail. A friend gave advice on how to get rid of this infection. For the past 3 months, we have been sleeping quietly and we are not disturbed by more bugs. What we did: we bought smoke bombs from bugs. Based on 1 piece per 14 square meters. meters In our apartment, we put 5 pieces. Checkers are not put in the kitchen and toilet with a bathroom. They closed all the windows, doors, so that there was no draft and did everything according to the instructions. Did in the morning before leaving for work, at 8.00.At 17.15 I came home from work, almost the smell was no longer in the apartment. The next day at the sanitary epidemiological station we bought des. Extermin-F solution. This is a professional remedy for bedbugs. A day after the smoke bombs treatment, we all processed des. means (where usually live bugs). 3 months we sleep peacefully. There are no bugs!


Catherine: 08.10.2016 at 16:58

We, too, got bugs, called the service twice, no sense - there they pshiknuli, then pshiknuli, a divorce for money. I did general cleaning at home, threw the bag out of the vacuum cleaner, because there they were comfortable. I ironed all my clothes with an iron with steam at high temperature, folded them in airtight bags, packed them, bought a protective disposable suit, a respirator, gloves, and packed everything. She spread “karbofos” according to the instructions and sprayed everything that could be, every gap. And all this cost me 1,500 rubles. They left the house for a day, left all the windows open to air. The stench, of course, was, but better this way than with bedbugs. Two weeks later, the procedure was repeated (necessarily during the period of gestation). Now it's like a bad dream.


Victoria: 12/08/2016 at 02:32

We struggled with them for 4 months, changed 2 beds, made repairs, but it was all useless. Dichlorvos, Executioner, experts - zero sense.But then my husband poisoned himself, karbofos, already a year of peace and silence from these parasites. After the poison of the day 4-7, they will appear, it will seem that there are even more of them, but they are crazy about the poison. A week later, repeated, and finally, the bugs were gone.


Anonymous: 03/31/2015 at 18:19

Somehow we got these bugs, got some water in the middle of the night to drink and found. My panic knew no bounds)) On the same night my husband and I carried the sofa into the dustbin. Then in 3 calls the entire apartment was spattered with dichlorvos - and there were no bugs.


Ruslan: 06.24.2015 at 02:29

In my case (a two-story house, bedrooms - on the second floor), chemical processing helped. means (red dichlorv, karbofos, powder FAS and even ordinary chalk from cockroaches) and grass of wormwood and tansy. They filled the empty spaces behind the closets and under the beds, laid them on the shelves in the closets, in the pillows and under the mattresses. The aerosol chemistry treated the gaps in the floor, in the baseboards, sockets, joints in the bed (had to be unscrewed for processing, and then re-assembled), the cracks under the cabinets, the junction and the joints of the steps of the stairs, etc. Dry chemistry spilled for baseboards, under cabinets, bedside tables. The back walls and the bottom surfaces of the cabinets, nightstands, the undersides of the steps of the stairs, the bowstring of the stairs, the thresholds, the door and window frames, etc. were smeared with fine chalk.After the aerosol treatment, they did not enter the bedrooms for a day, the doors were glued with masking tape around the perimeter. I had to sleep two nights in the dining room and the hall, on the couch and folding beds, on freshly steamed linen. A day later, they aired the bedrooms, held a wet cleaning where necessary. But left dry chemistry, as well as the grass in places difficult to reach for people.

Troublesome, but helped. The main thing is to process all adjoining rooms at the same time. Necessarily, and the neighbors, too, if they are, at the same time.


Susanna: 12/18/2015 at 03:06

Buy means "Cucaracha". Anyone who has encountered such a problem has helped! Fill the whole apartment with it, the effect will definitely not wait long. The tool, of course, specifically smells, but everything, as in the instructions, and after 6-8 hours there will be no smell. After 2 weeks, repeat. In three different apartments faced and never failed exactly this way.


Anonymous: 11.26.2016 at 03:20

Fell on bedbugs in a rented apartment. Already tried all sorts of means, but the impression is that they have resistance to all pyrethroids and even cypermethrin-containing drugs. Crayon "Masha" kills them, but not all. The same with other drugs.Examine active substance tables and insecticide formulations before purchasing.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to process them in order to reduce their number and localize. If you have warm-blooded animals or birds, give them to someone until you can deal with bedbugs. Do not torture them or yourself. Leave - you risk either poison, or the bugs will eat up on them and breed.

Be patient, get ready to overcome depression - any bugs that swell from their bites can be driven into depression from weakness in a few days.

The ferry will not process everything, but it will just ruin something. The option of moving and “waiting for them to die of hunger” is better not to try - the risk of transporting them with them is too great. The bugs are extremely tenacious, they have many different patterns of behavior (some bite almost in the open during sleep, others in the closed, some jump from the ceiling, the fourth bite even during the day, and so on). Adults without food can live their entire life - about 18 months. Fertilized females can delay the pregnancy and reproduce when food appears.

Next - free up enough space in the room. In this place on the floor you will sleep on an inflatable rubber mattress.We buy a special non-drying glue, for example, NoRat, such as from mice. Absolutely non-toxic, but so sticky that it is best not to wipe it off with fine salt. From wool - only solvent, or gasoline. Tapes from flies in general in the span - I tested, bugs are able to overcome them. You glue the floor along the contour with paper tape, apply a layer of this glue with a thickness of 2-3 mm on the tape. All the cracks and damage to the floor inside this circuit are taped with masking tape. If the floor is dark - think how to make it light, ideally almost white (yes even with a film). Inflate mattresses and sleep on them inside such contours. In the mornings, if there are bites, you look through the mattresses and bedding, and what is impossible to see is at least until evening in the freezer from -18 to -20. As an option - the oven, but it is extremely fire hazard. Make sure that everything has a good time to freeze. The idea is that the blood inside the drunken bug freezes and breaks it. They checked for themselves - in the same room it is “clean” for 4 months already.

That is, they themselves are a bait. There are no other baits for bedbugs! The behavior patterns of bedbugs are very different,so thoughtfully read the words "helps control the number of bedbugs." That is, some individuals and really climb into the bait, but others do not even pay attention to it.

Here they advise light clothes and light sheets. Sheets - practice has shown that in the morning we collected the maximum number of bedbugs from a dark burgundy sheet. Terry towels are also effective instead of pillows. If the floor is light and around the irresistible contour, then at least small and medium bugs hide in clothes and bedding. It is difficult to lure large ones - you need to wait about 1.5 months for them to get so hungry that they decide to cross the contour. Some stick, but not enough.

Chemistry, in my opinion, is ineffective and has a lot of side effects: allergies, drowsiness, increased hair loss, can be deadly for pets.

Make it so that they can freely get to you inside the contour, jumping from sofas, tables, other furniture, but back - only through glue. Even hungry bugs do not jump horizontally, and these 2-3 mm of glue are irresistible for them.

Another of the effective methods - to lure the bugs on the sofas, and then wrap the sofas with polyethylene, but without cracks.We cut off the rooms where they are, from the rest: glue strips are on the floor near the exits, and the usual plastic tape is on the walls, ceiling and furniture legs. The bugs slide over it.

If there are no obstacles, and you have not been bitten for at least a month already - then you can assume that you managed to deal with bedbugs. Periods of feeding for bedbugs - from daily for small to 5-7 days for adults, 30-day individuals. Remember that 20% of people do not even feel the bites. And the bugs bite them and reproduce successfully. Separate such people when you check, bugs are left, or have already died.

This summer we already got rid of this rubbish, but in October, it seems, from the neighbors, new ones came. Already asked, but it is natural that the neighbors will be silent and are unlikely to agree on weed bedbugs - they are more likely to be afraid of squabbles and lawsuits. The most stupid will blame you all and even will be threatened.

Here it is both good and bad that in fact no one can prove anything. The case when you just moved in, and hundreds of bedbugs lived there for several years, you can not even consider - it's hard not to notice them and not smell them when looking at an apartment.

I wish you strength and successful struggle with bedbugs!


Irina: 05/13/2016 at 13:02

I do not know about you, but the Executioner saved me from bedbugs. She couldn’t get them out for a very long time, it was a kind of nightmare ... The executioner etched her with two treatments. At first I processed everything, including things, and after a week I re-processed it, but already only the cracks and the sofa with the bed. After the first treatment I found 10 large bugs under the sofa, I didn’t even think that there were so many of them there, I think they were hiding somewhere inside the sofa. Within a week, two more saw the dead. A week later, she noticed a trifle, apparently, it was klopiki, which hatched from the clutches. Immediately made another treatment. I did not spare money, I diluted 3 bottles for a liter of water instead of two. The smell was not strong, the furniture did not spoil ... For two months now I have been sleeping without bites and have not seen a single bug.


Anonymous: 06/25/2016 at 05:23

The most effective means - phenaxine, and safe, but in large quantities and with proper use. It is necessary under the insulation when laying laminate, not being greedy, pour phenaxine. When laying the panels on the ceiling, not being greedy, pour phenaxine on each panel in a teaspoon or coffee. When sticking wallpaper, not greedy, pour phenaxine into the glue. Or when painting walls pour Phenaxine into the paint.Without being greedy, pour phenaxine into all chimneys and ventilation, add phenaxine to the paint for windows from the inside and the outside. Make all the procedures in the shortest possible time. Upon completion of all work, not being greedy, pour phenaxine under the mattress and from time to time turn it over. Pillows better change. Pour phenaxin in the cabinets on all the shelves and cover the powder on top with clean paper on which to stack things. In the washing machine when washing add a tablespoon of fenaxin. In about a month, you’ll forget about bedbugs as a nightmare. In a month - because by that time you are overwriting all things. Do not forget to paint the windows from the outside every spring, adding phenaxin to the paint without being greedy. That from neighbors to you did not crawl through a grid of the window opened in the summer. Good luck. Have to tinker. But the effect is amazing.


Eugene: 07.14.2014 at 10:52

I tried karbofos. At first it helped, the bugs almost disappeared, but after 3 months they appeared again. Then an acquaintance advised Get. Although the price is not cheap, but after 7 days they have disappeared. Fully.

Six months have passed since the treatment of the gett. There are no bugs. Recommend.


Vyacheslav: 06/09/2016 at 04:51

People, do not spend money on all sorts of expensive new funds, during the year I tried almost all new, so to speak, safe preparations for humans, spent about 30 thousand per year. Yes, I admit, the population is decreasing, but it still remains. In the end, he bought such filth as Karbofos and Tetrix, they are toxic and harmful. He took a gas mask from a friend of the fireman and splashed everything practically in the apartment, not a single untreated surface remained, and in all the rooms at once. Sprayed rich, so that everything was wet. And alternated during the month: one week Karbofos, the next week Tetriksom. I spent four treatments, I thought that we ourselves would die of these poisons, but no, we squeezed, but there are no bugs yet for two months already. And so I suffered for almost a year with all sorts of drugs. I am writing sincerely, because bugs are real war, and it is really difficult to win in it and survive, but it is possible. During the year I stopped sleeping, eating, I thought, already have an apartment to sell nafig and buy another one. Now I sleep well, but sometimes I have terrible dreams and bugs in them.


Yuliya: 01/07/2017 at 03:08

People, I am terrified how I have suffered enough with these bugs. Kusali kids, just handfuls killed them in the kids, did not sleep until the morning.I burned all the nasopharynxes with acetic acid so that only the children would not bite (the smell is very pungent)! That only we did not try to destroy these reptiles! Even ordered the advertised Pest Reject - all for nothing. But then I stumbled upon the stories of people about Karbofos, that everything disappears from him, and everything like that. But she did not dare to order, she decided to consult with her mother. And she told me that with Karbofos she also poisoned in the garden, only he was like a powder and it was necessary to plant it. I took this Malathion, which costs 30 rubles, and parted a whole pack of 250 or 300 grams of water. In general, it turned out such a disgusting thing that I myself almost got poisoned. Remember that the treatment should be carried out indoors: the windows should be slightly opened, the body parts should be completely closed (even the hair), glasses should be put on the eyes and the mask on the nose and mouth (I took it at the pharmacy). Need to handle everywhere. I processed pshikalka for flowers behind baseboards, and directly poured in, the whole bed was upshipped, behind wallpaper, the ceiling, behind the cabinets — and several times. The number of bedbugs decreased, but I decided not to give up on this - I processed it after 3 days. And after that, she sprayed heavily with Varan aerosol. And now, pah-pah-pah, we sleep quietly for 5 months.


Elsa: 04/09/2015 at 03:00

I also encountered bedbugs for the first time back in 2006, when I rented a room in a communal apartment, I was terrified, because I had never seen them. I didn’t sleep all night, in the morning I asked my neighbor, she said that she didn’t have them in her room. I bought the spray Combat, Dichlorvos, ointment from the blood-sucking. I sprinkled everything I could, anointed myself with ointment, put on my pajamas and even socks. It was summer, I opened the window and slept that way. Bedbugs do not protrude, and even disappeared for a week. It turns out they ran over to the neighbor: she began to persecute them, they again ran over to me. I again repeated the whole procedure, and they had already run away forever, since there were plenty of rooms in which they could move. By the way, the Kombat aerosol must be taken exactly the one that destroys the bugs, they are different.


Anonymous: 08/25/2014 12:31

It helps, how! A week ago, there was an invasion of bloodsuckers (apparently, the neighbors were chasing), I outlined several “Masha” around the rookery and pretended to be sleeping. An hour later, he turned on the light and observed the following picture: insects that went on a night hunt, who stood in a stupor, instead of quickly making their feet, who in a mad dying rant crept barely barely bumping into each other.I caught some of the last ones and put them on the table for further observation, but even there they did not show anything intelligible, gradually fading away, lay down on their backs, one at a time and, pulling more and more slowly with their paws, shamefully died through the arrangement. In the end, having lost any interest for me, they were sent to an ashtray. And those who drove an Estonian skating rink did not stay in a stupor for a long time, but simply stupidly turned off, fell off and made a mass grave, first at the junction of the side of the sofa and, actually, the rookery, and finally, in the last point of registry, in the belly of the vacuum cleaner . It should be noted that this struggle is not the first. Two years ago, these “guests” came to me, but then I was in a panic, frantically flipping through sites, horrified by the lack of prospects for the struggle (apparently, the authors are employees of the company who walk and poison these and similar animals). And, finally, he stopped at “Masha”, but he started this business and therefore had to fight longer, but in 2-3 weeks they completely disappeared. What a pity that I didn’t guess to cut a piece of chalk, throw it into a jar and launch a couple of insects into the same kunstkamera! Well, I was not born for such research, what can you do here!


Oksana: 06/01/2015 at 01:07

They used the raptor for bedbugs, and then missed everything with Masha, as it is written in the article. It helped! Now once a month we apply this crayon for the prevention of the plinth behind the sofas.


Pablo4es: 12/08/2016 at 20:55

Who to attack with bedbugs, please be patient. I bought an apartment in an old house. I drove there already at night, began to wash everything, found bedbugs. A whole bunch, until 4 am ran around with a bag and drenched these creatures with my hands. I woke up the next morning — bitten by demons; there were a lot of blood on the couch and around. Well, I killed them too, naturally. Immediately went bought whiteness, karbofos powder (40 rubles) and spray. In general, he took off the plinth, there are huge gaps between the wall and the floor, washed all their cocoa bleach and filled the whole room with karbofos, two packs of powder were enough. All clothes and things packed in garbage bags. In general, it didn’t help much, the number of bedbugs was much smaller, they were not visible at all, but they did bite at night. He began to remove the wallpaper, and there is a whole bunch of these freaks. I also bought karbofos, took off the wallpaper - threw it out of the window and worked the wall and slots with karbofos. Later I bought a mashka (10 rubles), rubbed it on a grater and mixed it with water, filled in all the cracks. I bought foam and immediately filled all the cracks in the apartment that could lead from my neighbors.I bought a raptor for bedbugs (250 rubles) and took the trim off the couch, worked it all out well (there were almost no surprises in the couch, but just in case). All the gaps are covered with cement (250 rubles). I smeared everything in a mashinka (I slept in the bathroom during all the procedures, and treated myself abundantly with cheap cologne (bugs do not tolerate harsh smells.) The main thing is not to be lazy, if you do everything quickly, you can remove it from the neighbors I saw a bug in the stairwell - I was not lazy and washed my floor with bleach. I live and rejoice for a week, no bugs, no one bites (wild bliss) The apartment was saved, everything was gone, even though the stench was creepy.


Leon antelope: 09/25/2016 at 00:34

Good day to all! The bug is small, but smelly, the ancients used to say. They bite terribly. They bite really selectively, I have the first blood type, the tenants in the same apartment have a different one. I came to visit my acquaintances, I suffer and are covered in bites, and the neighbors are almost in no way. I fight insects (cockroaches and bedbugs) equally effectively in different residential areas and different regions of the country according to the same scheme. 1. I buy Masha's chalk (a cheap purchase). 2. I put it in parts (break open) between sheets of paper (newspaper and so on), roll small chalk on top with a rolling pin or glass bottle, turning small chalk into dust. 3The resulting dust is poured into a container (empty) from under the baby powder (a penny purchase at the pharmacy) and pollinates the likely places of parasite accumulation with clouds of the specified chemical. Cockroaches are poisoned instantly, get out of all their shelters, climb up the walls and paralyzed fall to the floor. Whoever has received a small dose, will run to infect other cockroaches, as they communicate, touching the mustache to each other and regularly licking their antennae in their mouth. Bedbugs are more sluggish, but even when they get poisoned, they crawl out of their shelters against the walls - a sign of their poisoning. As a rule, bugs are afraid of lighting, but in the dope they already understand little and crawl out onto the walls. You do not collect them at this time, many of the infected bedbugs must reach their nests and families and infect everyone who is there. They talk in transit with other bedbugs and infect them along the way. After 3-4 days, pollinate the premises again, this is for the eggs previously laid by the parasites. The larvae will hatch from them after the death of their parents, they will poison themselves and their chain of reproduction will be interrupted. I am glad if you wake up in the morning after applying my method of dealing with bad parasites and you will not have bites from bedbugs and crawling cockroaches.I do not recommend smearing the walls with the baseboard with small Masha, the stripes are not very aesthetic, while the parasite gets to them. And all living things must constantly breathe and move around the pollinated surface for these small creatures - an inevitable thing. All good and good luck in the fight against the enemies of man who do not choose the country of residence, gender, nationality and age of his victim.


Yasha: 11/16/2016 at 10:39 pm

I bought this product in my village (Fufanon) in a regular store selling seeds and fertilizers. Packing in 20 rubles. cost. Insects have come to us through friends, we have bred them from the first treatment.


Olga: 12/09/2015 at 11:00

Good day. I want to tell you how we coped with bedbugs. At first, that we not only did not try - a bunch of digicas, karbofos, and aerosols. We began to fight all over the entrance, bought - KUKARACHU (wonderful tool). Neighbor bought in the store. But in order to have an effect, a very concentrated solution was made (a whole bottle of 1.5 liters of warm water). Good luck.


Irina: 07.14.2014 at 16:18

I do not believe! I thought she would be divorced, but the Xulat micro remedy really works. It is simply magical, I recommend, I myself still do not believe that they are not, that this nightmare has ended! Thank you so much.Kamchatka.


Svetlana: 09/22/2014 at 06:39

Himself from bedbugs can not get rid of, using folk remedies - it is checked on yourself. Fought a few months, there was no life. It helped: 1) bought crayon from Masha cockroaches and missed all the joints between the panels, the corners of the walls, all the joints at the sofa (where the bugs lived), 2) bought 3 cans of Raptor from insects, cleaned all the food and sprinkled all the furniture in the apartment, all the hard-to-reach places, clothes (after that, I rubbed everything!). Two days later, repeated. Voila! I got rid of them. I advise.


Dim sum: 10/12/2015 at 10:11

During his studies he lived in a hostel. And such a misfortune happened to me. It is really difficult to deal with them, it takes a lot of time, effort and nerves ... In general, I bought bags for garbage and other plastic containers, sorted out and packed all things (and you need to sort out very carefully, because they are not so easy to notice). Everything was in the packages: books, clothes, everything that could be. Thus, localized "area".

Then it began ... Every evening, before going to bed, I examined the bed and did everything I could with vinegar, smoked, sprayed chemistry like “combat super spray” (as here in the middle of the photo), and nothing helped.

But I could get rid of.They bought a “commander” with a friend (he also had such a problem). In my opinion, this is a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, sold in a small tube with a yellow lid and vegetables on the label. Lit it up with water, treated the room. Everything else was winter (I do not know how many degrees, but I left the window open and went to study, then spent the night with a friend - just in case to protect myself from this poison, but the neighbor stayed overnight in the room - alive). REALLY helped, no advertising.

In general, I never saw them again. But all the same, the nerves did not immediately recover, now and then trembled, suspecting that someone was crawling ... In short, it was a horror) And it can touch everyone. I remembered all my life how I fought them.


Love: 05/28/2015 at 01:40

Hello. I want to share how we got rid of this evil. We brought bugs familiar. We tried, it seemed to us, everything that is possible. After the weed, 2-3 days passed and they crawled out again. For 3 months, my husband and I got up at night and just crushed them (so that the children would not be bitten). Climbed all that you can - masonry did not find them. They tore off the wallpaper, tore off the plinth, trim on the doors. Processed Kombat, Raid, Raptor (spray and steam fumigator) - the result is zero. They threw out the mattresses, two sofas - it seemed to me that they were everywhere.Of course, they became much smaller, but ... When I saw the bite on a baby, I almost lost my mind. I went to the hardware store, bought karbofos (costs about 50 rubles) and Varan. We moved with the children to a large room (there is nowhere else to go) and hounded them. The stench is utter. We sealed the door outside with ordinary plastic and tape so that it did not stink. 3 days did not go into the room. Then they washed everything and did the same with the big room. We sleep well for a month and a half! You can get rid of them if you really want to. I wish you all good luck.


Maria: 30.11.2016 at 02:09

We have been living with them for 4 years, we cannot kill them. Tell me, please, where is karbofos sold? In pharmacies it happens?

Elenka: 12/01/2016 at 19:44

Karbofos is sold mainly in stores like “Everything for the garden”. It is advisable to take in glass bottles! And dilute it more than what is written in the instructions. Do not forget the respirator and rubber gloves. My advice to you, Maria: before carrying out treatment with karbofos, keep in mind that it has a very pungent odor, and all things, products need to be folded in airtight bags. Then wash at 90 degrees, preferably all. And before that, all the gaps and joints are covered with a putty or sealant!

I lived with these creatures for 4 months, it's terrible. I sympathize with you so much ... 4 years is too much.I can imagine how many eggs they laid, which is even worse. Oh, Mary, I forgot! After two weeks, it is important to re-process! And in the first, that in the second persecution, it is necessary to go for at least 4-7 days, in another way, unfortunately ... It's karbofos. Good luck to you in this difficult matter. If you have any questions - write, maybe, than I will help)) By the way, I do not advise you to call the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station - they poison it with the same karbofos (or its analogue - fufanon).


gamma: September 12, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Question: About 30 years ago, after moving to a new apartment, they received from neighbors who were dragging contaminated furniture, bedbugs and cockroaches with them. Processed plinth, cracks, etc. The result was positive.

Six months later, the "attack" was repeated, increased concentration. There are no bugs and cockroaches, but if high humidity is summer, it rains the persistent smell of karbofos. Could it be 30 years after application? Thank.

Anonymous: 06/24/2015 at 12:27

Same. The smell of karbofos is eternal.


Eugene: 11/20/2016 at 11:52 pm

Buy "Averfos", "Antiklop blockade", "Confidant" or other professional means, and poison. "Pshikalki" type "Get", "Medilis" and the like garbage do not recommend. Year tormented with bedbugs. Than just not poisoned.Bought prof. funds - and Khan's bedbugs ...


Edward: 07/11/2015 at 01:16

He studied in St. Petersburg in SPSUHU, lived in the first hostel in the stud. town, between the Park Aviators and Victory Park. Bred bugs. A lot of bedbugs! By relief, I looked like an orange, and speckled. Disinsection was carried out twice - it did not help! As a result, the roommate — my namesake — bought two cylinders of dichlorvos and sprayed them all the way down to the bottom — I freaked out, so to speak. Entering the room was death-like) After that, the following happened: small creatures crawled out of their burrows and sat on the walls. We manually caught them (in no case do not put pressure - their colleagues ran off to the smell of blood), and burned them. The most interesting thing was in the other: as far as I know, the bug is not a royal beast, and there are no bugs for the commander in chief (like the queen bees). But after the event with dichlorvos along with small change two fat creatures crawled out onto the walls, very similar to the same bugs, but every 8-10 times more! After dichlorvian procedures and catching all the tvarines that were visible - not a single bug bitten before the end of the study!


Dmitriy: 02/07/2016 at 18:11

And I ran into this problem ... Many Uzbeks live above us on the 4th floor. They have there a complete Kildym in the apartment ... I am 150% sure that they came to us from them. We called disinsector 2 times - the result is zero.As a result, they threw out the sofa and chairs, I found them behind the wallpaper and the picture. Once a week he sprayed the remedy with one, then another (“Combat”) - eventually disappeared.


You can leave your comments and feedback at the bottom of this page (in the comments box).



To the entry "Proven methods for the destruction of bedbugs, which showed high efficiency" 4 comments
  1. Lyudmila:

    From the news that in the apartment that I rent, there were bugs (!), I fell into a real panic. At first they tried to get rid of them with the help of funds from the store, but the result was negative.After 5-6 months, the nightmare repeated. Yesterday called the pros. Expensive (paid 3500), but I hope to get rid of bedbugs. Handled some fog.

  2. Lucy:

    We live with bedbugs for half a year already. Eat only me! Insomnia, psychosis, irritability. I’m losing my mind 🙁 A husband sleeps next to him, and only they eat me. Called a special service already 3 times! Each time, 10 thousand rubles. Processed by different means: and gas checkers did, and the barrier. Nothing helps. Already 4 times came, made free of charge, because it is unreal, I do not understand where they crawl from! They have already thrown out two beds - the bugs were sitting deep in the holes, where the bolts are tightened. Now I sleep on the mattress on the floor, like a bum. And this is not funny. We have a decent family, we constantly clean the apartment. Every week I process the vinegar of the plinth and the children's beds, and the reptiles climb out from nowhere and eat me. Nothing helps! 🙁

  3. Irina:

    Good day. We lived with bedbugs (it is not known where they came from) for 3 months, and it was HORROR. True, they bit only her husband, me - occasionally, when he was not there. But I have a terrible disgust for them, barely tolerated it. Called SES 2 times, poisoned Kukarachey, the result is zero! Then read a review about shampoo from ticks in dogs (175 rubles for 250 ml). And bought it.Plus, when I told the seller for what purpose I was buying it, she advised the ampoules (20 rubles apiece, divorced 1.6 liters). Bought and them. These vials are used (from customer stories), sprinkling onto the carpet (when there are no animals, and fleas continue to bite). They are called "Deltsid".

    Husband yesterday threw all this potion and sprinkled everything that can and cannot be (almost does not stink). By the way, when this solution splashes onto a bug, it sighs for a couple of seconds and its body becomes empty - the solution dries it out. Today we slept quietly, have not yet seen a single bug, but even if I see, I have a bottle and 3 ampoules in stock. It cost me all this 300 rubles.

    Update as of August 28, 18 From the joy that these creatures no longer bite us, wrote a positive review. But everything is a bit wrong. The truth is that they do not get to us, stupidly 2-3 pieces crawling on the wall during the day! But I have always erected "Deltsid", once sprinkled on the bug, and it dried up. Earlier in the comments I read how a woman completely destroyed them with the help of a single shampoo (in the ceiling tile, plinth, sofa). Apparently, there were clutches, she saw them and destroyed them with a direct hit.We, like, no laying, 2 destroyed themselves. We splashed everything! Up to the wallpaper. But we still have bugs, most likely in the ceiling tile, although we have processed it too. But I definitely advise you to try shampoo and ampoules (economically and efficiently), all of a sudden someone will help to completely destroy them. Good luck everyone.

  4. Dmitriy:

    Here is my story about getting rid of bedbugs. Fishing for live bait!

    In early July, noticed a couple of cones on his back. Well, the mosquito has bitten, you will think ... The next day, another, then another, and another, a week later, the whole back was in red spots. The patterns and the paths of the bites were not, as if mosquito bites, with the only difference being that the terribly “itchy” did not pass 2 weeks. I didn’t want to poison, I’m quite sensitive to chemistry. All exhausted, even bought a steam generator, walked through all the "cereal" places of the apartment. Moved into another room. So these creatures are terribly smart - after a while they got me even there. And bite only me, the wife and the son did not touch.

    I did not see any clusters and lone bugs in the apartment, I never saw these reptiles in my life. I rummaged through all the clothes, furniture, and mattresses. There was no trace anywhere.I have long sinned in the direction of other parasites, because the bites were not like the bites of bedbugs, as they say on the Internet - without tracks, disconnected and even in the form of inflamed lines (as from scratches). Then all the same, these same paths of bites appeared. Then there was no doubt. Just like bedbugs!

    I applied my NOHAHAU: on a narrow strip of cardboard (1 meter) I pasted a strip of ordinary scotch tape and missed the glue track taken from the Rodentoff glue trap along it. Put a trap near the bed. The bed itself moved 5 cm away from the wall. The legs of the bed also put square glue traps from cockroaches. The mattress itself was wrapped in stretch film and on top of it also double-sided tape. He returned back to his former bed-trap, and, apparently, these bastards ran back behind me.

    Bottom line: in the very first days, I caught four beasts on my trap. All bugs of different sizes and colors, as well as a couple of cockroaches, ants, some kind of small flies and a flea to the heap. No one else came across. I have been sleeping for two months - not a single bite! I think there are no more bedbugs, but now I’m afraid to sleep without traps 🙂

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