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How to deal with bed bugs

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Bed bugs on the mattress

Compared with the fight against other domestic insects, the fight against bedbugs has several characteristic features.

First, bed bugs are somewhat more resistant to various insecticides. It often happens that a means effective against cockroaches and ants, anti bugs gives a very weak result.

Secondly, bugs are able to quickly adapt to various anti-insect poisons. As a result, many effective drugs yesterday are actively losing ground in the market.

And most importantly - bedbugs prefer to settle in places closest to those where people rest. This means that the fight against bedbugs is associated primarily with the processing of bedrooms and children's rooms, sofas and mattresses. So, the methods applicable to the fight against the typical inhabitants of the kitchens, will not work here.

Nevertheless, bedbugs can and should be fought: the means and methods for this are in abundance today. However, before you deal with bedbugs, you need to choose the correct method for their destruction.


The main methods of dealing with bed bugs

Methods of dealing with bedbugs are quite diverse, and the ultimate goal is the complete destruction of these insects in the house. If in the case of the fight against ants and cockroaches, they sometimes resort to their expulsion from the apartment, such methods do not work against bedbugs: they return very quickly, managing to infect neighboring rooms during the absence.

Fight with bed bugs

Among the main methods of dealing with bedbugs in the first place are the following:

  • The use of insecticides. They can be powdered, aerosolized, or in the form of a concentrate for dilution and subsequent use as a spray. The main task of such means - in the shortest possible time to destroy all the bugs in the radius of their action. Today, this method is the most usable and versatile, allowing you to do without complex equipment and to combat bugs on your own, regardless of the season and region of the apartment.
  • Temperature methods - freezing of bedbugs, heat treatment or boiling water, washing contaminated laundry at high temperatures. These ways of dealing with bedbugs have several disadvantages and limitations. For example, freezing of an apartment is fraught with rupture of the pipes of the heating or water supply system and can be carried out only in those regions where the air temperature outside falls below minus 22 ° С. But heat treatment of an apartment requires the use of powerful industrial hair dryers, which not every pest control service has. Nevertheless, these methods have a plus: they are harmless to humans and do not lead to any consequences for people with allergies.
  • Mechanical methods of dealing with domestic bugs - the destruction of the nests of bugs and the insects themselves by vacuuming or by hand. Very inefficient and time consuming, are used most often for a temporary reduction in the number of bedbugs in the apartment in anticipation of its full processing with insecticides.

Feedback on attempts to self-combat with bed bugs:

“Probably, the month did not dare to call the sanitary service, I thought that I had crushed the last bug today. I got to the point that they occupied the whole sofa. I tried to clean them with a vacuum cleaner, it does not help.Only guys with a superfan helped ... "

  • The use of folk remedies. These methods cannot be called a typical bed bug control. Most folk remedies only scare away bugs, but do not destroy them. Folk remedies rationally used to prevent infection of the apartment with bedbugs and, if necessary, wait a few days for the arrival of the sanitary treatment service.

It should be very responsible approach to the choice of method by which the fight against bedbugs in the apartment will be carried out.

With a strong infection of the apartment, when the bugs hide not only in the furniture, but also under the floor, behind the plinths and in household appliances, it will be much more efficient to use the services of professional exterminators.

Disinsector at work

First of all, a lot of drugs will be required for total thorough treatment of the premises, and at a price they can be comparable with the services of services. And secondly, it is very difficult to conduct a pest control with detailed processing of all insect shelters without special equipment and experience.


Video: disinsector destroys bedbugs in the apartment


Means to combat bed bugs

Choosing the most effective remedy for bedbugs, first of all, it is necessary to consider the most popular household insecticides today.

Executioner, fenthion-based, relatively safe and very effective anti-bed bug.

Remedy for bed bugs Executioner

Instructions for its use is simple: the liquid from one bottle must be dissolved in half a liter of water, pour into any container with a spray bottle and carefully treat all surfaces of the apartment and possible places of bugs. One bottle is enough to handle a large mattress or sofa.

It is important for the Executioner to remove all tenants and pets from it while closing the room. After all the operations, let the apartment stand for a few hours, or even better, for a couple of days. After that, the room should be thoroughly ventilated, wiped all surfaces with a damp cloth and washed bed linen and clothes.

Karbofos, quite an old and well-known tool. In recent years, in many cities began to appear populations of bugs, resistant to it, which, however, does not interfere Karbofos confidently lead the anti-bugs market.


50% solution of malathion

Karbofos is good because it is produced in large cans, each of which is enough for processing a large area of ​​the room. The principle of operation of Malathion Nerve Paralytic, and is in the impact on the insect's nervous system.

The treatment of the premises with Carbofos is carried out in the same way as the Executioner, but in its use it is imperative to use as much as possible closed clothes, gloves and a cotton-gauze bandage.

Feedback on the use of karbofos: “Whatever they let out now, and karbofos is the most effective remedy. Already in the apartment, and in the country, and the parents of the bugs they deduced from once. And all the other means for fun ... "

Combat (Combat) - this is another powerful anti-pop spray. It is produced in Russia under the Korean license and is good because it is already produced in the form of cylinders with sprinklers similar to deodorants.

Spray Bedbug Combat

Combat is very effective, but to handle a large apartment you will need to purchase a lot of cylinders (at the rate of 1 cylinder per 5 square meters of space).

Microscope differs from bedbugs in that it has a long residual effect. After its application to various surfaces in the apartment, the effect persists for 1 month.

Remedy for bedbugs Mikrofos

Thanks to Mikrofos, not only bugs disappear in the room, but also cockroaches with ants.

Feedback on the use of Micros: "Microbial poisoned bugs in the country. Good thing, better than Raid ... "

Pyrethrum - available in powder form and is an extract of chamomile flowers. In fact, of all the currently popular insecticides, this is the only natural one.

Feverfest insect repellent

To combat bedbugs, pyrethrum should be poured in places where insects are accumulated and where they most often move.

Similar in form of release and properties are Raptor, Chlorofos, Tetrix, Fufanon and some other drugs, with the complete treatment of the apartment, allowing completely to destroy bugs in it.

All of these drugs for dealing with bedbugs are available to buyers on the Russian market, and which one to use is the individual choice of each user.


A few words about the popular methods of dealing with bedbugs

To the folk means of dealing with bedbugs include the following:

  • denatured alcohol odor scaring bedbugs, and when casting their nests - killing them;
  • turpentine, used alone or in a mixture with other means;
  • dust, often mixed with vinegar or denatured alcohol;
  • vinegar, not destructive, but scaring away for bed bugs;
  • herbs - tansy, bitter wormwood, birch leaves, fresh emitting an unpleasant aroma for bedbugs.

Despite its not very high efficiency, folk remedies are used in the fight against bedbugs from time immemorial, and sometimes they can still contribute to ridding the apartment of these insects. Well they manifest themselves in the prevention of infection of the apartment bedbugs.


Important rules and instructions for dealing with bedbugs

All measures to combat bedbugs at home are effective only with a complete and fairly rapid processing of the room. You can not get rid of insects first in one room, then in another. Everything must be done at the same time, as the bugs move very quickly and settle around the room.

For the same reason, the processing of upholstered furniture is ineffective in most cases: individual bugs and their eggs will necessarily hide behind baseboards or in various crevices in the floor or walls. And in the future they will also give rise to new populations.

Bed Eggs Eggs

If the bugs still live in at least one neighbor’s apartment, they must be poisoned at the same time in all contaminated areas.Otherwise, even the most effective fight against bedbugs in one apartment will provide only a small respite: after some time, the bugs will move from their neighbors, and the whole procedure will have to be repeated anew.

It should be remembered that many insecticides can cause allergic reactions and sometimes even poisoning. Before using them, the apartment should be freed from all inhabitants, and after that - well ventilated. Therefore, it is desirable to initially focus on the most harmless to humans and at the same time highly effective anti-bed bug drugs (for example, a fairly powerful modern remedy for bed bugs Gett, which has no smell).

In general, the most effective way to deal with bedbugs today is, perhaps, the challenge of special health services. When ordering their services, you can count on quick results and complete extermination of bedbugs in your home.


Five effective ways to destroy bed bugs


A good example of an apartment heavily infected with bedbugs


To the record "How to deal with bed bugs" 12 comments
  1. Natalia:

    We rented an apartment for several months to the workers and they turned it into a house for bedbugs. We have already tried everything - nothing helps. The specialists were called three times different and we were starving, and still they climbed. From where - I do not know. Child sorry, already tired of fighting.

  2. Sergei:

    Good day! It is necessary to add a small letter, but somehow it is not impressive for such a site - A few words about the popular method of dealing with bedbugs.

  3. Andrew:

    Good afternoon, thanks for such a detailed topic. Tell me, what is a temporary measure - to make a canopy of mosquito nets? Does she have 1 mm2 cells - or will small bugs crawl through?

  4. Olga:

    Good day. I want to tell you how we coped with bedbugs. At first, that we not only did not try - a bunch of digicas, karbofos, and aerosols. We began to fight all over the entrance, bought - KUKARACHU (wonderful tool). Neighbor bought in the store. But in order to have an effect, a very concentrated solution was made (a whole bottle of 1.5 liters of warm water). Good luck.

  5. Tamara:

    Swarms of bedbugs poisoned Butox for dogs in a stronger concentration than for direct use. And the eggs of bedbugs were dissolved by a raptor spray for crawling insects.

  6. Natalia:

    The husband went to work on a rotational basis. Now he called and said that they had bugs there. He has home linen, blankets, pillows, inflatable mattresses, and, accordingly, things, outerwear. Tell me, what should I do with these things right away to avoid infecting the apartment? With things, I know about what to do (wash at 90 degrees).And what to do with a pillow, blanket, air mattress, outerwear? I must say that there are no cars and a garage so that things can rest there. But! After all, they can multiply there. And in the future I would not like him to ride with the bugs on the watch. In general, we need a way to prevent infection of the apartment, but without prejudice to some things. Thank you in advance.

  7. Paul:

    They tried everything they could, until they called the SES and they did not process the apartment with Cyfox. Day waited after treatment, then came home, my wife washed everything, aired - and pah-pah, thank God!

  8. Yuliya:

    Help me please! SOS)) I rent an apartment in a high-rise building. The apartment is clean, renovated. I lived here for 3 years, and that's it, here the hell began! Bought a tool, poisoned ... They disappeared. But a month later, I again watch them on the wall (but they don’t bite yet). I understand that they will climb from someone. I just can not stand such horror! Please, who faced and achieved the result, tell me!

  9. Katyusha:

    Steep boiling water is a 100% remedy, and insects and larvae die. She tried everything she could. I did the last time like this: I disassembled the sofa according to the details, bed linen in the machine at 95 degrees, poured boiling water over everything I could (even from the shoals fell down).Plus she spread the digital in strong concentration, she was sprinkled on the stretched ceiling (it’s good that they didn’t hang the chandelier - there’s a hole under it, she put a spray bottle and sprayed around the perimeter) and walls.

  10. Fighter:

    Use incense.

    Good morning! Guys and girls, I suffered from these parasites about 4 years. Than just did not try to poison them, but they appeared again. The remedy was found, it is Indian incense. Cheap ones will do. The room is fumigated, pests are collected. After each fumigation them less and less. Repeat fumigation until the complete disappearance of bedbugs. And they must disappear.

  11. Googa:

    I also occasionally had bugs. Poisons gave only a breather. But then I showed diabetes, and I began to take metformin ... And I see - the bugs disappeared without any etching.

    The bugs die from my blood. Periodically I find those already dead. I have been taking metformin for half a year and for six months there are no live bugs in my room. Sometimes he crawls, bites, crawls to half a meter and dies. Then during the cleaning I find a dead corpse somewhere on the wall. Small no, do not breed, do not survive. This is how disgusting they are feeding the sick ...

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