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The use of insecticidal smoke bombs for the destruction of bugs in the room

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Finding out if smoke bombs help get rid of bedbugs ...

Next you will find out:

  • Are insecticidal smoke bombs effective against bedbugs?
  • How to choose the smoke bomb for self-control of bedbugs (taking into account the fact that some products may be completely useless in the fight against these parasites);
  • What is the mechanism of action of smoke bombs on bedbugs, and what important rules for processing must be followed;
  • And also how much are insecticidal smoke bombs and where they can be bought without the risk of running into a fake.

Insecticidal smoke bombs against bedbugs are used quite rarely, since very few people know that, in terms of their effectiveness, they are not only inferior to traditional sprays and aerosols, but also significantly superior to them. At best, someone is aware that special smoke bombs can be used from mosquitoes and flies in the country, but are unaware that bedbugs can be brought out of the apartment within a day.

Many people do not even suspect that bedbugs in an apartment (as well as other insects, by the way) can be effectively destroyed with the help of smoke bombs.

At the expense of what the smoke bomb is so effective and at the same time easy to use:

  1. The smoke from the checkers is distributed in the room independently. Here, the bedbuger does not need to spray an insecticidal spray or aerosol into every crevice - the smoke with the air itself penetrates even into such hard-to-reach places that a person cannot physically reach. Remember how quickly and everywhere the smoke spreads, for example, from cigarettes, literally soaking everything indoors - from furniture and walls to clothes. Similarly, insecticidal smoke from a special checker will fill all the rooms of the apartment, penetrate under the plinth, into the cracks of the parquet, under the linoleum, into the sockets, into the furniture, including through its upholstery;The photo shows a nest of bugs under the upholstery of furniture.
  2. The smoke bomb generates, in fact, the finest insecticidal aerosol, which has a high penetrating ability even through tissue. Consequently, the insecticide in the form of smoke will get bugs almost everywhere, wherever they hide in a sofa or bed, and the rate of infestation of the parasites can be further increased by removing the mattresses from the beds.

It is also important that for the use of smoke bombs from bedbugs there is no need for a preliminary search for their shelters.In any case, the smoke will penetrate into the nests of the parasites, even those that would be very difficult to detect when visually inspecting the apartment.

Insecticidal smoke penetrates the smallest crevices and openings, where bugs can also hide.

However, if you have already decided to buy insect smoke boxit is worth keeping in mind that not all of them will be equally effective against bedbugs. To carry out a reliable disinsection, it is important to consider the type of active ingredient in the piece and buy the very option that will have the maximum effect on bugs.

On what smoke bombs from the bugs will be effective, and which - useless, let's talk more ...


“I have never heard of smoke bombs from bedbugs before. In mother-in-law cockroaches he used to battalion commanders, he used dichlorvos in himself. And then there were bugs, and no aerosols from them help. Worn out, to be honest, seven (!) Times I hunted for two months, and at least that. He even bought a special poison in a bottle, took a garden sprayer from his mother-in-law and worked on the whole bed, and only helped for a couple of days. Then just for the sake of interest I bought a smoke bomb from Samuro mosquitoes. He did everything according to the instructions and doubted that everything was so simple, he set it on fire, closed it in the apartment, came, aired, the wife did the cleaning.And that's all, there are no bugs! A couple of handfuls of them were gathered dead and for a month not a single bite, not a single parasite had been seen. This, of course, was a surprise. Especially, considering the price, it costs about 300 rubles, it is cheaper than a bottle of that odorous poison ... "

Pavel, Moscow


What smoke bombs effectively destroy bedbugs

Insect smoke bombs, available today on the market, can be based on the following active ingredients:

  1. Pyrethroids - modern high-performance insecticides, also used in the composition of some aerosols for domestic use;
  2. Hexachlorane is a fairly powerful, but outdated, insecticidal agent, used mainly in agriculture;
  3. As well as sulfur, which forms sulfur dioxide (aka sulfur dioxide) during the combustion of smoke bombs; such bones are more often used for treating basements, greenhouses and cellars from mold.

Of these funds, in the case of the destruction of bedbugs in a residential area, only pyrethroid-based checkers are suitable.

The structural formula of permethrin (effective insecticide, the active substance of Samuro smoke bombs).

Funds with hexachlorane are very toxic and have long been banned for use in civilized countries (hexachlorane has a cumulative property and can cause deformities of the embryo).

Sulfur checkers against insects are not recommended, since sulfur dioxide is significantly inferior to pyrethroids in insecticidal activity. But as a fungicide, sulfur dioxide works well - so it makes sense to use sulfur checkers when it is necessary to suppress the growth of mold in a damp room.

The use of sulfur checkers against bugs is in most cases impractical because of their reduced insecticidal activity.

On the basis of pyrethroids in Russia three checkers are most common: City (permethrin concentration 13%), Quiet Evening (permethrin concentration 10%) and Samuro (5% permethrin). The Silent Evening saber is popular with summer residents and fishermen, who use it to scare and kill mosquitoes, and Samuro is specifically designed to destroy bedbugs, cockroaches and other insects in the premises. Next, we will talk primarily about insect checkers Silent Evening and Samuro, implying that the other checkers with pyrethroids are quite similar to them.

Insect Smoke Bomb Silent Evening

Samuro smoke bomb for the treatment of premises from insects

It is interesting

Pyrethroids, which include insecticide permethrin, got their name because of the similarity in chemical structure and action with natural pyrethrins. In turn, pyrethrins (that is, natural pyrethroids) are contained in the flowers of some species of daisies, called for lat. Pyrethrum

therefore pyrethrum powderMade from dry chamomile flowers, effective against a variety of insects, including bedbugs.

A good alternative to permethrin smoke bombs is Raptor aqua fumigator, which works on the basis of cyphenothrinum. However, in the case of the use of such an aqua-fumigator, the active substance is distributed with water vapor, and the penetrating power of the resulting aerosol will be slightly lower than that of smoke. Therefore, keep in mind that the Raptor is not a smoke bomb, and it is not as effective from bedbugs as Samuro itself.

The higher the penetrating power of an insecticidal aerosol (for example, smoke), the more effective such treatment will be to destroy the bugs in their shelters.

Judging by the reviews, popular Japanese and Chinese drafts from cockroaches do not always meet expectations. In addition, since they are purchased and imported into our country uncontrollably, one can never guess which active substance will be contained in the particular piece bought. It is possible that some of them contain substances hazardous to humans. In addition, the Japanese smoke bombs from insects can be difficult to buy even in Moscow.


The mechanism of action of insecticidal smoke bombs on bedbugs

The smoke bomb against bedbugs works according to the principle similar to that of aerosols and sprays:

  1. Insecticide with smoke penetrates into the shelters of parasites, settles on the chitinous covers of their bodies and penetrates into spiracles;
  2. When it gets on the integuments of the body, the substance penetrates through the cuticle into soft tissues (pyrethroids in general and permethrin in particular have a contact action), is absorbed into the hemolymph and reaches the nervous ganglia. In addition, when smoke penetrates the spiracles, the insecticide penetrates the hemolymph immediately through the respiratory tubule system;
  3. Once in the nervous system, permethrin causes incessant excitation of nerve cells, which is manifested in the paralysis of an insect and its rather rapid death.

Permethrin acts primarily on the nervous system of bugs, causing paralysis and the subsequent death of the insect.

When the smallest permethrin particles come from smoke on various surfaces of the interior, the insecticide remains here for some time. In the future, if the bugs run over such a surface, then inevitably particles of a substance cling to the paws and abdomen, which then penetrates into their bodies, just as it does with simple subsidence on the integuments. This provides a prolonged effect after a single treatment - the tool is stored for a long time in small crevices (for example, behind baseboards), where the hostess’s hand with a rag does not reach,and continues to protect the room from single surviving individuals of bugs, as well as from young larvae hatching from eggs.

On a note

Permethrin also has a well-marked deterring effect on insects. For example, smoke bombs used in open spaces destroy only a small part of mosquitoes (which stay in a zone of high concentration of smoke for a long time), but literally entire hordes of these insects are able to scare away - flying blood suckers quickly retreat from the places where insecticidal smoke spread.

So keep in mind that when treating an apartment with a permethrin smoke bomb, partial migration of bedbugs from your apartment to its neighbors is possible, if you do not create obstacles in advance by blocking such paths of a possible “retreat”.

Getting rid of bedbugs in the apartment with the help of smoke bombs, it should be borne in mind that parasites can run across to their neighbors.

The penetrating power of insecticidal smoke from checkers is generally comparable to that of a fine aerosol produced by a cold mist generator - such installations are used by professional disinfestation services. The particle size in the aerosol cloud is only a few tens of microns (in the case of using the Rapa aqua-fumigator, as noted above, the penetrating power of the aerosol is somewhat lower).

When using insecticidal smoke bombs smoke disperses throughout the room and penetrates almost all the cracks and holes.

It is also worth considering that the price of processing a one-room apartment cold fog from bedbugs makes today 3000-4000 rubles. Similarly, the efficiency of self-treatment of the apartment with the help of smoke bollards will cost almost 10 times cheaper.


Important rules for the use of checkers

Before using smoke bombs, remove all people and pets from the premises, in the presence of an aquarium, cover it with a cover glass and turn off the compressor.

Bed linen for beds and sofas is recommended to be removed and hung in the room or on the balcony (if it is glazed), leaving it free to access for smoke. The idea here is that the furniture itself and the bed linen should be treated with insecticidal smoke.

Mattresses are removed from the bed - they should be placed vertically, slightly tilting and leaning against the wall. In this case, they will be processed from all sides by smoke.

The accumulation of bedbugs on the underside of the mattress.

It is important to remove the mattress from the bed before processing in order to ensure good access of smoke to all its surfaces.

A mattress that is infected with bedbugs can be installed, for example, vertically, or tilted slightly against a wall.

Food, dishes, electronics, clothing, shoes and children's toys should be packed in plastic bags. Such hermetically closing bags can be left in the room itself.

The furniture is moved away from the walls in order to facilitate the access of smoke to its back surfaces.The windows are tightly closed so that the smoke does not pull out onto the street. If there are fire detectors in the room, then they need to be turned off, or sealed with tape. Ventilation grilles are also sealed with tape.

The smoke block from bugs is installed in the middle of the bedroom in a metal basin or pan on the floor. This will help avoid spilling of products of corruption and accidental fire. Then the wick is ignited, and as soon as thick smoke begins to emit, the handler leaves the room, closing the door to it.

Checker smolders about 5-10 minutes. For another two hours, smoke spreads evenly throughout the room and settles on the surfaces. For example, one smoke bomb Samuro is effective for removing bugs in rooms with a total area of ​​up to 30 square meters. m. (if the apartment has a significantly smaller area - do not worry, the more effective the treatment will be, and without any harm to the walls and furniture).

One smoke bomb Samuro is enough to destroy the bugs in a room of up to 300 square meters. m

Two hours after the ignition of the checkers, you can return to the apartment, open the windows wide and air the room thoroughly for at least an hour. Then all the surfaces that people and pets can contact,wipe with a damp cloth (use a mild solution of soap or laundry detergent).

The furniture is arranged in places, and washing of smoke-treated bed linen is carried out.

It should be borne in mind that even after the use of smoke bombs in eggs, eggs that were laid by females of bugs are preserved. The vast majority of insecticides in general have a minimal effect on the eggs of bedbugs or do not affect them at all (no matter how you are tried to convince the opposite of the managers of the disinsection services).

Thus, in about 1-2 weeks young larvae of bedbugs will begin to hatch from the eggs. Therefore, do not panic, if after a couple of weeks (or even a few days), bites on the body were again found - this situation is typical of professional pest control. The main thing here - in time to re-process, not allowing the larvae to grow and lay new eggs.

It is very important to re-treat the apartment (or house) in time to prevent the larvae that have hatched from eggs to grow.

The photo shows a cluster of bed bugs' larvae that have just hatched from eggs.

One additional checker should be bought in advance, and no later than three weeks after the first disinsection (but not earlier than after 2 weeks), one more treatment should be carried out. It will finally finish off the young shoots of parasites.


“How many years I live, and for the first time I encountered bugs.Ran to our apartment from the neighbors, they have moved out and are now renting to some migrant workers. This is just a real horror, we have been bitten by the whole family for three months! And SES called, and a private company, they were poisoned three times. And all to no avail, bedbugs and crawled on us. I read a lot of things on the Internet, and about smoke bombs too. I confess I did not believe that they would help. Well, nothing, bought, used. This is processing, processing, this is not dichlorvos for you! Smoke stood rocker in the apartment. But in the evening, what a joy it was to see the corpses of bedbugs, who were still writhing on the floor. Rake them with a trowel from under the couch ... "

Olga, SPb


Safety when working with insecticidal smoke bombs

Permethrin, as the active substance of smoke bombs, is highly toxic to insects and is relatively safe for humans and domestic animals. However, if insecticidal smoke enters the respiratory tract, especially in large quantities, it can cause intoxication, accompanied by dizziness, nausea and cough. With prolonged contact with the skin in people prone to allergies, the substance may cause appropriate allergic reactions.

A significant disadvantage of the use of insecticidal smoke bombs in apartment conditions is the long-term preservation of a specific odor in the room: furniture, clothes and carpets can keep the smell for more than a week. This should be taken into account in advance if you decide on a similar treatment. The residual smell is more characteristic for the checkers Quiet Evening and less pronounced for Samuro.

As with any insecticidal agents, the use of insect smoke grenades requires compliance with certain safety rules.

On a note

Especially sensitive to permethrin cats. For this reason, if such a pet lives in the room being treated, then before processing it is desirable to send the pet to relatives or friends for 3-4 days after it.

For maximum security, a smoke bomb when destroying bedbugs in an apartment should be applied with the following measures:

  • The handler must, after starting the checkers, quickly leave the premises without inhaling smoke;
  • Entering the room after processing for ventilation should be in long-sleeved clothing and a respirator. If possible, the windows should be opened, not breathing the air at all, but opening them, again to leave the apartment for 5-10 minutes;
  • After processing in the apartment should be carried out wet cleaning.


Where can I buy a smoke bomb to destroy bedbugs and how much it costs

It is possible to buy a smoke bomb from bugs in St. Petersburg and Moscow in some specialized stores for fishermen and hunters (most likely, you will be offered a sword Quiet Evening). However, it is much easier and with less risk of running into a fake to purchase an insecticidal smoke bomb at major online stores that sell insect repellents. Moreover, the main warehouses of most of these stores are located in Moscow, and after the purchase, the checker will be delivered to the customer fairly quickly.

It is advisable to buy several pieces at once, so that it is enough to re-process the room.

The price of Samuro’s checkers in online stores today is about 300 rubles (and even less than 280 rubles, if you take a lot). For comparison: the processing of a one-room apartment from bedbugs with the help of a cold mist generator with about the same efficiency costs about 3000-4000 rubles.

Some online stores send purchases by mail and transport companies to any city in Russia (the price of smoke bombs increases with the price of delivery). Remember also that it can be more profitable to buy smoke bins in bulk than one thing at a time, and therefore, if bugs are a problem not only for you, but for all your neighbors in the floor, it may be worthwhile to carry out the processing in an organized way, saving a considerable amount .

If you have your own experience of using smokeballs against bedbugs, do not forget to leave your feedback in the comments field at the bottom of this page.


Interesting video: an example of the use of smoke bombs Silent Evening of mosquitoes


How to choose the pest control service for the destruction of bedbugs

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To the entry "The use of insecticidal smoke bombs for the destruction of bugs in the room" 32 comments
  1. Vyacheslav:

    Tried mosquito spray - does not help. The day before yesterday, I ran a checker like this. The whole apartment smelled of this fumes, on all surfaces a layer of this dust is a millimeter thick. Tonight again three bites on the elbow. I don't know anymore ...

    • Igor:

      You also wrote that the bites will continue, you need to re-pickle after 3 weeks!

  2. Anonymous:

    So you do not recommend. So what to do? Trouble

  3. Askar:

    I'm tired, I can not get rid of. I tried everything, just left to make repairs and throw away all the furniture.

  4. Tamara:

    For the third year we are fighting with bedbugs, I don’t know what to poison. There are no forces. How to get rid of them? Help me please! The child is small, I also find bites on it.

    • Olesya:

      Hello, we also suffered 8 months, two children suffered from bites. Called service - without result. They took a smoke bomb on a Silent Evening, set it on fire and kept the house closed for four days without airing (the house is 55 square meters). The children were taken away from home. And the result from one time. We waited for the bug to come out at night, but no, for half a year, and no bugs.Try it, it is inexpensive.

  5. Andrew:

    Call the service, they themselves only develop the immunity, the further, the harder it is to choose the drug for complete destruction. I, as a pro, recommend to start with ovicidal drugs, then rotate according to the scheme.

  6. Helena:

    I have a question ... And what about the plants that are in the room during the use of smoke bombs?

    • Igor:

      I used one piece. A quiet evening in a room with agave - except for the spread of decay products on the leaves, I did not find any side effects. True, I didn’t find any vampire corpses either, in the evening I went to bed with confidence in the victory over the enemy, and fell asleep as a winner! BUT at 5 o'clock in the morning, without a declaration of war, he was treacherously attacked and bitten by a gang of five different-age bedbugs ... Looks like we were never again ... Before that, tried Geth, the effect is zero. The last hope is Tetrix. What if it helps?

  7. Hope:

    Tell me, they say that a very effective tool Executioner, have not tried? We found in these parasites.

    • Andrew:

      Seems to be OK.Handle twice. Here, I search for prevention something. Maybe, too, shuffle bang))

    • Anonymous:

      The executioner does not help, 3 times poisoned - the result is zero.

    • Svetlana:

      We have one room. We bought this Executioner, they themselves more poisoned, and these parasites and creep. It is necessary, probably, to use 20 bottles at a time, but this is then with full ammunition - a suit, a respirator, otherwise you can die yourself. Now we want to try a sword, the smoke certainly will climb into all the cracks. We buy with a margin of several times.

    • Anna:

      Executioner is nonsense, does not help at all ...

  8. Maksim:

    Today I set fire to 2 checkers for a three-room apartment. I taped out the hood - and it raced, I could barely manage to get my feet out of the smoke, it's just some kind of horror. Let's look at the effectiveness ...

    • Maksim:

      Hello to all) Veterans and newcomers to combat bedbugs. They are not there, well, in the sense that they are not at all) And it made me write a comment that a colleague at work "suffers" and bought an ultrasound - how can I doubt this idea ...

      • Maksim:

        UPD: as of 24 \ 07 \ 2018, there is no one - STEERING CHEESE !!!

        By the way, they continue to bite the colleague, he is a poor fellow, sitting and looking at x * nude for 1500 rubles with flashing LEDs) Still every week he pours a bucket of "hangman" and another slag. In the checker is power!

  9. Nikolai:

    I set fire to a checker in a room of 16 sq. M. before sunrise. And by nightfall the whole uneven-age company, as if nothing had happened, once again crept out of the cracks.

  10. Sergey, Nizhnekamsk:

    Today I bought Kombat aerosol, 700 rubles for the wind. That night the bugs came to avenge ... Ha-ha!

    I read reviews about the smoke bomb and I already doubted that it would help.

  11. Sergei:

    Checkers A quiet evening allowed in high-rise buildings?

  12. Anonymous:

    Executioner - an excellent tool, but you need to poison 2 times. Tested on yourself. Just need to carefully read the instructions - we even flooded sockets around. And when they left for a day, the bug got out of my cell phone ... Kick. After the executioner, we have been living peacefully for a year. Expensive, but effective. Before that they called the services - it did not help.

  13. Svetlana:

    Has spent a lot of money on GET - the result is zero. Caused SES - the same thing, they said not to disturb for 15 days. Where does this attack come from? 35 years old at home, in the life of cockroaches was not, not to mention the bugs.

  14. Boris Stepanovich:

    Two weeks of fighting with these reptiles - bedbugs. At first, due to inexperience with dichlorvos and similar “pshikalkas”. Naturally, in vain ... I read here about checkers and other means. Tomorrow I will go to Chelyabinsk to look for this “Silent Evening”. Later, write about the results.

  15. Var:

    1. Dustami strewed - the effect is zero.

    2. Cypermethrin (aka Zifox) in a horse dose, half a bottle per liter. Rooms 15 m2. If only hell.

    3. They called a specialist with a cold fog, the effect lasted 3 days, then the victory of bedbugs.

    4. A quiet evening, a floor of checkers on 15 m2, the effect lasted 5 days, then again the bugs.

    5. Malathion - the effect of 5 days and again the bugs.

    I caught several individuals and put them in jars with Tsifoks and karbofos, they die only if they are splashed right in their faces, otherwise they run around as if nothing had happened! I think to apply warming the room to 50-70 degrees. If they appear again, it means that somewhere there is a move towards good neighbors who share their bugs with us.

  16. Dmitry S.:

    Thanks for the article, I ordered the SAMURO checker for your recommendation, I will try. Hope will help.

  17. Elena Okuneva:

    We live in an apartment for more than 20 years.They did not know parasites-bugs, and suddenly one son was bitten, then another woke up in spots. Than they didn’t poison them ... The solution came by itself - a pencil (chalk) like Masha. 6 years have passed and here is a new invasion. And nothing helps anymore. Children parted, and we just eat. How to get rid I do not know ...

  18. Alexander:

    We have bugs for 4 months, nothing helps! Tried 3 times a professional gas treatment, and Kombat, and the Raptor, and Samuro's smoke bomb, and Masha's chalk ... The bugs are all on the drum, crawling and biting ...

  19. Vladimir:

    Try dichlorvos.

  20. Nataliya:

    I do not know how to deal with these reptiles, just everything is enough. Maybe someone will tell? Has anyone himself brought these bloodsuckers?

  21. Irina:

    Fighting already do not know how many years. It helps a little bit - and again. How many things have been tried ... How many times have SES been called. Again they called, tried the sword. We are waiting, but at night crawled, cattle.

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