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Insecticidal smoke bombs to kill cockroaches in the apartment

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We find out the features of the use of insecticidal smoke bombs in the fight against cockroaches in an apartment or other closed room ...

Next you will find out:

  1. How effective are smoke bombs from cockroaches in general and what is the mechanism of their work;
  2. How to use insecticidal smoke bombs in an apartment or other closed room to get the maximum effect;
  3. Which smoke bombs are best suited for killing cockroaches, and which ones are dangerous to health and simply useless;
  4. What safety measures must be observed when working;
  5. Where today can you buy insecticidal smoke bombs and how much they cost ...

It should be recognized that insecticidal smoke bombs are a somewhat non-standard remedy for cockroaches. Historically, it turned out that these annoying insects on the premises are usually tried to be destroyed by aerosols in cans, crayons, gels, various traps, or even boric acid.But about the effectiveness of smoke bombs from cockroaches, most people either do not know at all, or have very superficial ideas about it (for example, insect smoke bombs to hunters are known as means of fighting mosquitoes and flies in nature).

In fact, as practice shows, confirmed by relevant reviews, insecticidal smoke bombs have very high effectiveness against cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and other insects in apartments and other enclosed spaces. Moreover, with the right approach, one or two such checkers will be enough to completely destroy the entire population of cockroaches in a large apartment, and literally within a day.

Even one special insect smoke bomb can completely kill cockroaches in an apartment in just a few hours.

There are several reasons for such high efficiency:

  1. The smoke bomb generates a very significant amount of finely dispersed insecticidal aerosol (smoke) - much more than, for example, even five cartridges of some Dichlorvos or Raptor will give;
  2. Insecticidal smoke independently and evenly distributed throughout the volume of the room. In fact, the entire volume of an apartment, house, gazebo or other structure is subjected to processing, and there is no need to look for places where cockroaches accumulate, since in any case they will be in the affected area;
  3. Together with the smoke, the insecticide penetrates into all the cracks and hard-to-reach places of the room, where it would be problematic to treat with other methods. The size of the particles of such smoke is only a few tens of microns - it is able to penetrate into the thinnest slots, openings of sockets, under the plinth and even through furniture upholstery.

Insecticidal smoke penetrates the most inaccessible places where cockroaches can hide.

Even in such a secluded place the cockroaches will not survive ...

On a note

Efficiency processing apartments from cockroaches using smoke bombs is comparable to the disinsection efficiency of so-called cold or hot mist generators, which are often used by professional insect control services. The particle size of the insecticidal aerosol cloud in all these cases is so small that the active substance hangs in the air for a long time before it settles under the action of gravity on the floor, along with the air flow and due to Brownian motion, managing to fill the most difficult places where cockroaches can hide.

As a result, instead of calling the disinsection service, it is sometimes easier and cheaper to buy a smoke bomb from cockroaches - it will cost almost 10 times cheaper.

The photo below shows an example of processing a room with a hot mist generator:

When processing the premises with hot mist, a very fine insecticidal aerosol is also created.

One such procedure of processing an apartment with the help of a hot fog generator will cost several thousand rubles.


“My wife and I were already tired of fighting with these cockroaches, for two years we could not get rid of it. Why not just tried, nothing these creeps does not take! One day he was pissed off, he lit a mosquito box in the apartment, from which I go fishing. This, of course, is the theme. We spent half a day at the neighbors, but the total defeat of the cockroaches, the dead lay all over the apartment, just know that you shovel with a scoop. Although I did not think that this thing would help so well ... A month has passed, there is no way for cockroaches ... ”

Ilya, Moscow


How do insecticidal smoke bombs work?

An important feature of insecticidal checkers is that they provide a quick and one-time destruction of the entire insect population in the apartment. This favorably distinguishes them from gels, glue traps and poisoned baits: you do not need to wait for weeks for cockroaches to find poison and eat it, or randomly run over the sticky surface. Smoke acts on insects regardless of where they hide during processing.

The smoke produced by a smoke bomb destroys cockroaches quickly and even in the most secluded places.

The active substance of smoke bombs can penetrate into the body of cockroaches in various ways:

  1. The thinnest aerosol penetrates into the spiracles of cockroaches, then into the hemolymph, with the current of which reaches the nerve ganglia, ensuring insect paralysis and subsequent rapid death;
  2. In addition, the applied insecticides have a contact action, and can penetrate directly through the chitin integuments of the body of the insect when it settles on them;
  3. It is also important the intestinal action of the insecticide - after settling of the aerosol on the surfaces of the furniture, the floor and the walls, even the surviving cockroaches (or again coming from the neighbors) will inevitably seize particles of the substance on the legs and antennae. Then, for example, when you try to clean the antennae, the cockroach will swallow the poison and die. This achieves a prolonged effect from the use of smoke bombs in the room. In particular, for permetra checkers, the duration of such residual protection lasts about a month.

Of all the smoke bombs from cockroaches in an apartment, those most active in which are pyrethroids are most suitable. Today, four such checkers are best known on the market - Samuro, Silent Evening, City and Digum, all based on permethrin.

The photo below shows examples of perimetric smoke bombs:

Samuro's smoke bomb from bugs, cockroaches and mosquitoes

Insecticide - mosquito smoke bomb Silent Evening

Insecticidal agent - City checker

It is interesting

Initially, permethrin smoke bombs were used as a means of repelling mosquitoes in the open air. Permethrin in the composition of the smoke has a well-defined repellent (deterrent) effect on insects, forcing mosquitoes to quickly leave the territory,where a checker is applied (with a long exposure the insects die).

Thus, it should be borne in mind that when killing cockroaches with the help of smoke bombs in an apartment, a partial migration of insects to neighboring apartments can be observed, if there are appropriate “ways of retreat”. Therefore, they should be blocked in advance, at the time of sealing the ventilation holes, for example, with masking tape - besides, this measure will not allow the smoke to escape too quickly through ventilation.


Why are insect smoke goggles so unpopular if they are so effective?

First, the safety issue: smoke-generating agents are considered potentially flammable. Below we will understand how this is relevant.

Secondly, pest control (and there are dozens and even hundreds of such companies within one large city) is simply unprofitable to use checkers. Still, they need to give the impression of hard work with powerful equipment, but just to come and light a sword in the house is somehow not impressive. And it is all the more unprofitable if an ordinary consumer buys a piece for 300 rubles, instead of calling a disinsection team for 5,000 rubles.

Calling a pest control service is about 10 times more expensive than killing cockroaches with a smoke bomb.

However, in fairness it is worth noting that the use of smoke bombs does not allow controlling the degree of processing of some of the most infected areas of an apartment and furniture, which is sometimes very important (especially when destroying bed bugs indoors). For a responsible specialist who wants to be completely confident in the result of his work, this is very important.

Further. In shaping the popularity of any insect repellents advertising manufacturers is also important. For example, in the case of various aerosols, fumigators and sprays, this is already a fairly developed business with large investments in marketing. But insect smoke bombs are still being produced mainly by small companies that do not have such significant advertising budgets, and therefore information about them is poorly reached by a wide audience. In other words, these funds are simply not “on hearing”.

In addition, a significant drawback of the use of insecticidal smoke bombs in the apartment is quite a long time keeping the smell in the room: clothes, carpets and upholstered furniture can retain a specific smell for more than a week. So this point must be taken into account in advance if you decide to do this after all.


Rules for the use of smoke bombs from cockroaches

As already noted above, the use of smoke bombs from cockroaches in an apartment requires significantly less effort to conduct pest control than in the case of many other means. The main work will be to prepare the premises for the destruction of cockroaches and cleaning it after the procedure.

The main labor costs in the destruction of cockroaches with a smoke bomb will be connected with the preparation of the apartment for this procedure ...

It should be borne in mind that the official instructions for the majority of insecticidal smoke bombs does not provide for their use in residential premises (with the exception of Samuro’s checkers, specially designed for the treatment of premises). However, the following sequence of actions was tested by the owners of apartments, and showed its high efficiency in practice, not only in relation to cockroaches, but also in the destruction of bedbugs and fleas.

In particular, before using checkers, you must:

  1. Remove from the premises of people and animals;
  2. Pack food, dishes, clothes, children's toys and bed linen in plastic bags.In such a hermetically packed form, it is not necessary to take them out of the apartment. However, if you do not pack clothes, it will not spoil, however, some types of fabrics are able to maintain a specific odor for a long time by adsorbing volatile substances on their fibers;Clothing, food and children's toys should preferably be sealed in plastic bags to protect them from exposure to smoke.The photo shows an example of clothes packed in plastic bags so that the fabrics do not absorb foreign smells.
  3. Open bedside tables and wardrobes, move the furniture and the refrigerator away from the walls;
  4. In the presence of fire sensors - turn them off or glue them with cling film or tape;
  5. Seal the ventilation holes in the kitchen and in the bathroom;
  6. Close the windows, open the doors to all rooms, to the bathroom and toilet.

For processing rooms up to 30 square meters, it is enough to use one piece of Samuro. Although it is better to buy at least two checkers at a time when processing apartments of even a much smaller area for reliable disinsection, so that, if necessary (if single individuals survive), after about 2 weeks, they should be re-processed.

It should be borne in mind that in some cases it may be necessary to re-disinsect the room, so it is better to immediately buy several smoke bombs.

But back to the issue of the use of smoke bombs in practice with a view to the destruction of cockroaches. In the middle of the kitchen, a metal basin or saucepan is placed on the floor, a checker is installed in it and ignited. When using permetra checkers (Samuro, Silent Evening, City,Digital) there is no open flame, but the product is noticeably warming up, which is accompanied by abundant smoke.

As soon as the generation of smoke begins, the room must be immediately left, closing the front door of the apartment. It is not worth waiting for long, observing the process: although permethrin is relatively safe for warm-blooded animals, it is not necessary to breathe such insecticidal aerosol without much need.

The checker will smoke for about 5 minutes, and for about 2 hours more, the formed smoke will evenly spread throughout the apartment, settling on various surfaces, including the cockroaches themselves.

Within about 1-2 hours, the smoke will have time to completely fill the entire volume of the room - in this way, cockroaches will be destroyed in any corner of it.

After 2 hours, you can return to the apartment: the doors, windows and vents open, a draft is created. At least 1 hour the room is ventilated, then wet cleaning is carried out in it, after which tenants can return to it.

On a note

Cats and cats are particularly sensitive to permethrin, so in no case should they be left indoors during processing. And after processing, ideally, they should be returned to the apartment at least in a day - during this time the smoke will completely disappear, and you will have time to collect poisoned cockroaches from the floor and from furniture.

It is necessary to ensure that the cat (cat) does not eat dead or disoriented cockroaches, since with a large number of insects eaten, this can cause intoxication in the animal (one of the first signs is excessive salivation).

Before letting pets into the apartment, it is important to sweep away all dead cockroaches and do wet cleaning.

As a rule, in case of severe contamination of the premises or in the presence of cockroaches in neighboring apartments, it may be necessary to re-process after 1-2 weeks. This is normal - even when calling a pest control service, such control treatment is often required in advanced cases. It is carried out similarly to the first procedure.

Immediately after the destruction of cockroaches at first, it is very important to take measures to prevent new individuals from entering the apartment from neighbors. Often it is enough to use traps (with a poisoned bait or glue), and also to treat the ventilation ducts around the perimeter with an insecticidal agent with a barrier effect.

The photo shows an example of a glue trap with stuck cockroaches.


“... And we had some kind of Japanese smoke bomb lying around, seemingly from cockroaches, another pope brought when he was taking courses in Japan. Instead of Reid, we tried to poison cockroaches with it. And what do you think? It worked.True, it was necessary to ventilate the apartment almost all night (in the winter it was unpleasant), but then even in a cistern in the toilet a few pieces floated, smoke and got there. ”

Kristina, Vladivostok


Safety measures at work

Despite the fact that modern insecticides are relatively safe for humans, moreover, when working with insecticidal smoke bombs (as, indeed, when using any chemicals from insects), it is important to follow certain safety rules.

When using smoke bombs from cockroaches in an apartment, it is important to comply with the relevant safety rules when working ...

In particular, first of all, it should be borne in mind that with prolonged inhalation of smoke, a person may develop poisoning. In addition, rare, but described the development of allergic reactions in contact with insecticidal aerosols on the skin and respiratory tract.

Therefore, when working with a checker, you must observe the following safety rules:

  1. Leave the premises immediately after the smoke is steadily out of the checkers, do not inhale it;
  2. When airing an apartment to enter it, hold your breath, open the windows, and for the time of airing retire again from the room;
  3. All work carried out in clothing with long sleeves, and at the end of all procedures take a bath.

Despite the lack of open fire when smoldering checkers, in order to avoid damage to the floor or furniture from heating, it is imperative to put a checker in a large metal dish, from which the product will not fall out. It is desirable to place the vessel on a heat-resistant surface - a brick or a metal stand.

The smoke bomb can be installed, for example, in an old enamel basin.


“With gray bombs, I work the cellar and the greenhouse for mold every year, but from my own experience I can say that they are useless from cockroaches in the apartment. Burning gray stink terribly, it is impossible to breathe, but already in the evening the cockroaches came across live and unharmed. They, apparently, need something more coarse ... "

Alexey, SPb


What kind of smoke bomb to choose to kill cockroaches

Of all the insecticidal smoke bombs used in industry, agriculture and everyday life, only bombs with permethrin should be used as an active substance to kill cockroaches.

For residential use only checkers with permethrin should be selected as the active ingredient.

Other options are either significantly inferior to these agents, or generally cannot be used in residential areas due to their toxicity. For example:

  1. The smoke bomb G-17 and its hexachlorane-based analogues are very toxic.Hexachlorane itself (hexachlorocyclohexane) has not been used as a pesticide in developed countries for a long time, and its use in residential areas is all the more unacceptable;
  2. Sulfur drafts from cockroaches (Fas, Volcano, Climate) are ineffective. Basically, these tools are used to combat mold in the basement, but insect sulfur dioxide at low concentrations has little effect. The photo below shows the sulfur smoke bomb Fas as an example:Sulfur checker Fas
  3. Japanese and Chinese smoke bombs from cockroaches can be difficult to buy even in Moscow. In addition, it is not always clear what kind of active substance will be stuffed with one or another piece (they are different) and how safe this substance is for humans.

Photo of Japanese insect smoke bombs:

Japanese insect smoke bomb

As practice shows, today smoke bombs of Samuro and Silent Evening are optimal for breeding cockroaches in closed spaces. Of these, Samuro is specifically designed for indoor processing, and Silent Evening is popular with fishermen and hunters to fight mosquitoes in nature.


“We ordered a smoke bomb from cockroaches on eBay, from China, with free shipping, and something so decorated with Chinese characters, like a Christmas tree decoration, came. No instructions, inscriptions in Chinese.Smelled terribly, while burning, but it worked on cockroaches. There are few of them left, I think that after the second checkers, everyone will die. But we have not been able to erode the room for a week already, although the sword was burning in the kitchen, so I don’t want to use it a second time.

Olga, Novosibirsk

It is also worth noting that the fairly well-known aqua-fumigator Raptor from cockroaches is not a smoke bomb, but a kind of fog generator with insecticide. The principle of its operation is to a certain extent similar to that of the smoke bollard, but the penetrating ability of the aerosol formed is somewhat lower due to the larger size of the particles and, as a result, their more rapid sedimentation. As a result, such a tool is noticeably inferior in its effectiveness to permethrin smoke bombs, although it is adapted for domestic use.


Where can I buy smoke bombs from cockroaches and how much they cost

Buy smoke bombs from cockroaches can be either in the shops for fishermen and gardeners, or online in specialized online stores.

Generally speaking, the Silent Evening checkers are positioned as a remedy for mosquitoes, which, however, does not prevent them from being very effective against other insects.

Such a checker is worth about 400-500 rubles apiece.

For example, the price of perimetric checkers Samuro is about 270-300 rubles per piece - depending on the quantity purchased.In any case, it will be much cheaper than professional processing with the same level of efficiency. For comparison: today the processing of a one-room apartment from insects with a cold fog costs about 2000-4000 rubles.

If you have experience of using insecticidal smoke bombs against cockroaches, be sure to leave your review at the bottom of this page (in the comments box). Perhaps someone such a review will help determine the choice.


An interesting video: an example of the use of smoke bombs is shown. Quiet Evening


5 rules for choosing the service for the destruction of cockroaches

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  1. Galina:

    Today used the smoke bomb "Silent Evening" in the apartment from cockroaches! The apartment is running, so I used two checkers at once, to achieve the best result. The apartment was prepared (they taped up the ventilation, closed the windows, removed the furniture from the walls, opened the doors of the cabinets). The first time we went into the apartment after 5 hours ... Insects were actively moving around the living space! Left for another 2 hours. The result has not improved. There are dead, but more alive. The miracle did not happen. Once again I was convinced that it is impossible to believe advertising ... Apparently, it is necessary to call SES!

  2. Albert:

    I want to buy smoke bombs from cockroaches. Where?

  3. Dmitriy:

    A lot of cockroaches died! But there are still alive.

  4. Novel:

    Used the sword Silent evening. All according to the instructions. The checker is not overdue, up to 19 years. The result is zero. When there was smoke, the cockroaches were disoriented. The next day, all the lively run. NO ONE is dead! Full divorce it all!

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    It helps.

  6. Afat:

    The most terrible deception. No cockroach was hurt. Do not believe or waste your money.

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