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Bedbug eggs and their destruction

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Eggs and larvae of bed bugs

Despite its small size, bugs, settling next to a man, cause very big problems. Their reproduction occurs so quickly that it is difficult to have time to notice the appearance of these insects at the initial stage. Besides, eggs and bedbugs larvae usually hidden in remote places, which also complicates the process of their destruction.Yes, and the process of breeding of bloodsuckers is rather unusual and is aimed at increasing the population at a rapid pace.

Breed bed bugs using traumatic insemination. The male pierces the female's abdomen and injects sperm into it. Within five hours after mating, the female begins to lay eggs. During the day, the female can lay up to 12 eggs, and for the entire life cycle - up to 500 eggs.

The fecundity of bugs and the speed of their reproduction depend on the abundance of food and favorable temperature conditions:

  • bed bugs do not tolerate low (below minus 10 ° С) and high temperatures (above + 45 ° С)
  • optimal temperature for the development of eggs and larvae of bed bugs: from + 20 ° С to + 35 ° С, at lower temperatures the speed of their development slows down
  • the larvae of bedbugs hatch from eggs, depending on temperature, in 5-25 days. Also, depending on the temperature, the bug larva develops into an adult for 30-90 days.

To understand how to successfully destroy bedbugs and their eggs, it is necessary to know the reproduction characteristics of these insects, the appearance and habitat.


What do bed bugs eggs look like?

If you find yourself in bedbugs, rest assured that there are already eggs laying somewhere. Do not waste time, it is better to start the search immediately in order to assess the scale of the problem and begin to destroy them. To find the parasites, you firstly need to imagine how the bedbug eggs look, secondly, it’s better to arm yourself with a magnifying glass, since the size of the eggs is very small, and, thirdly, you need to know where the bugs lay eggs.

In the photo below, the bed bug eggs on the mattress are barely noticeable. As you can see, they are not so easy to find:

Bedbug eggs on the mattressPhotos of bug eggs when zoomed in

So, bed bugs eggs are shaped like rice, they are oblong, transparent white, or yellowish, slightly curved, with a “lid” at the end, no longer than 1 mm long and covered with a sticky substance, thanks to which eggs are securely attached to any surface and any position. Do not confuse the eggs of bedbugs with their droppings, which are distinguished by a dark color (in the photo below you can see white eggs and almost black excrement of bedbugs).

Eggs and bedbug excrement

In laying, there are usually from 5 to 12 eggs. The female tries to place each clutch in different places in order to ensure the survival of the offspring and reduce the risk of egg destruction by humans.


Where bedbugs lay eggs

It must be remembered that the bug is a very secretive insect that feeds at night, so it is rather difficult to meet him during the day. Most often, the presence of bugs in the house is detected in the morning by the bitten victims. Accordingly, the eggs of parasites should be sought in the maximum proximity to the bed of a person, since the larvae and the bugs themselves usually settle closer to the food source. And given that the bugs do not tolerate artificial lighting and low temperatures, then their habitats will be dark, difficult to access and comfortable to breed.

Laying bedbug eggs

If in the morning you have found bedbug bites, then you should start the search from the bed. You need to inspect the mattress, bedding, crevices in the bed, corners, baseboards, bedside tables. In addition, if the problem of the presence of small bloodsuckers is already very neglected, the area for the distribution of bedbugs is greatly expanded, and their nests can be found throughout the house: under wallpaper and carpets, in books, picture frames, behind batteries, in electrical appliances, in ventilation. If you have pets, then they must be checked. Inspect all items must be carefully, from all sides, as the eggs can be attached in any position. Often, next to the clutch are both the larvae of the bugs and the adults, so if you find somewhere a clump of these insects, be sure to take a closer look and you will find the clutch of their eggs.


How to effectively destroy the eggs of bedbugs

If you have already encountered the problem of bedbugs in the house and tried to remove them, then you know that attempts to get rid of these insects sometimes have to be repeated several times. It seems that these unpleasant parasites have finally disappeared, when suddenly after a couple of weeks everything starts again.And the reason for this vicious circle is quite simple: destroying the bugs themselves, not everyone pays enough attention to the destruction of eggs, considering that there is no threat. However, all the danger lurks in them. Eggs of bedbugs are numerous, they are hidden in hard-to-reach places, and, moreover, they are very resistant to many methods of extermination, including chemical ones.

To understand how to most effectively destroy the eggs of bedbugs, you first need to determine the habitat of bloodsuckers in the house. To do this, you must carefully examine all possible places of their settlement, which was mentioned above. Particular attention should be paid to bed linen, folds and seams of the mattress and upholstered furniture, slits in the bed, on the walls and the floor next to the bed.

Bedbug and egg laying

If the inspection results did not give, and eggs were not found, it is worthwhile to proceed as follows. Laundry should be boiled for at least 20 minutes. The mattress, furniture, as well as all kinds of cracks must be treated with hot steam, or with a solution of 150 ml of boiling water, 20 ml of kerosene and 15 ml of turpentine. If there are places where the wallpaper moves away from the wall, or there are cracks in the wallpaper, it is better to also process these places, and then glue the wallpaper.

If processing occurs in the cold season, furniture, blankets, pillows and other contaminated things should be taken out and left in the cold (not higher than minus 20 ° C) for a day. After that, rinse everything with a solution of hot water with soda or peroxide. The room is also worth a good air.

You can also use a variety of modern aerosol (like Dichlorvos), or powder preparations against bedbugs, but it should be borne in mind that they are not always effective when extermination of bedbug eggs. In addition, due to the presence of harmful substances in the composition of these drugs, be sure to follow the instructions and comply with safety measures when processing the room.

If all these procedures did not help, it is worth talking about this problem with the neighbors, perhaps insects come to you from them. In this case, get rid of bedbugs should be together.

Self-control of bedbugs is a very painstaking and lengthy procedure, and if you strongly want to achieve a result, you will have to spend your time and energy to process the entire room from these insects and their eggs. Otherwise, bedbugs will come back again and again.

If you do not want to deal with this problem on your own, the best solution would be to contact special organizations involved in pest control from bedbugs. Specialists will carry out the necessary processing of the premises in accordance with safety requirements.

How to deal with the problem of bedbugs in the house, you decide, the main thing is not to postpone its decision indefinitely, otherwise the fight with a small insect can turn into a real battle with the whole hordes of these bloodsuckers.


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  1. Anonymous:

    Good day! Bed bugs live for about 15 months. In order from an egg to develop into an adult larva, it takes 30-40 days. If conditions are not particularly favorable - it will take 80-100 days. And I also like the way you made the site!

  2. Vera:

    All the corners of the furniture, baseboards, soap, all the wooden coverings with a laundry soap, all covers and clothes to wipe, boil or throw away. And scour Medilis: splash 2 in the water and splash the day, because if the larvae hatch and survive, Medilis will no longer help. But while it is effective in the fight against bedbugs.

  3. Anonymous:

    Can bed mites cause an allergic cough?

  4. Didenko:

    Goodnight. We have bugs curled, and we do not know where, we practically do not go anywhere and do not go. And we have a baby, and I'm afraid for the child. My husband constantly postpones this topic - to talk with the neighbors, maybe it was from them.And she says that I should not tell anyone (relatives and neighbors) ... Tell me, what should we do?

    • Anonymous:

      Could bring from the store without noticing. They can go up to 1.5 years without food. It is better to talk with the neighbors, having correctly built a conversation.

    • Anonymous:

      Until you and your child have a bite, you need to poison them. Men rarely bite men, but children and women often drink blood. If you live in an apartment and can not withdraw, then talk to your husband and call the service, they will pickle you. Bedbugs walk at night and hide during the day.

  5. Anonymous:

    Good evening everyone. Recently, they gave me a sofa and after a couple of weeks I noticed some inflammation on myself, and I also began to itch. I was, to put it mildly, surprised. I sleep with a toy and noticed a cockroach on a toy. It was sleepy and thought it seemed. Then the rash began to appear again and again. I began to wonder where it came from. Then I saw another cockroach and killed him. He has a very peculiar smell, I began to bomb everyone and ask him, they say that these are bedbugs. Yesterday I began to check the bed, I found another small one, I killed it, and I was scared of a big one and collected it in clerical glue stick. And I thought that all the torment passed.I started general cleaning today, I still found it behind the sofa, I killed it with a slipper. Now I sit, have a rest - and one more, it is huge PPC, I was frightened. Damn, what to do? How can I kill? I live in an apartment, at home plus 20C, already left a room open with a window, which I did not do. Pliz, people, help me. SOS, 1 more minus - I'm afraid of insects ... ((

  6. Sophie:

    Hello! I got rid of the bedroom set. And a couple of times passed a special solution. It seemed to be quiet. But they started biting again. Where, then, did they have time to settle? Do not tell me?

  7. Valera:

    Found 6 bugs, all in different places. They turned the whole apartment over and found no one else. Were found in the bed and one on the baby, as well as one skin of the bug. What to do? No eggs, they did not find anything, they have nowhere to hide more especially - everyone was watching, the apartment is small.

  8. Elizabeth:

    Hello. For almost half a year we have been tormented with these parasites and do not know what to do. And we have a small child. Help me please.

    • Eugene:

      Buy "Averfos", "Antiklop blockade", "Confidant" or other professional means, and poison."Pshikalki" type "Get", "Medilis" and the like garbage do not recommend. Year tormented with bedbugs. Than just not poisoned. Bought prof. funds - and Khan's bedbugs ...

    • Anonymous:

      Call the experts!

  9. Mikhail, St. Petersburg:

    Today, my good neighbors in the stairwell gave me a chest of drawers - beautiful, clean! But as I had previously met with bedbugs and knowing our house, I decided to examine it and found an adult 2-2.5 mm bug on it! Immediately threw him out the window. I looked more carefully, did not see any characteristic black dots or eggs, but I still distorted. I decided to wash a dresser, first walked on it with soda. But now everything was exactly the same thought: what little did he manage to get down or fall where, when the chest was brought in? In general, I’m all exhausted) I think we’ll have to do preventive measures.

    As I said earlier, I have already come across bed bugs and would like to share with those who need my help. It means that you don’t have to spend much money on calling the exterminator for 3000-5000 thousand rubles (if your budget does not allow). Go to the gardening shop, or “Everything for the Home” and buy the “Foresight” product, preferably 2 jars (for 2 stages). The cost of one is 250-300 rubles.Before processing, you just have to take out all your clothes in bags for subsequent washing at 50-70 °, preferably dipping in boiling water, you can still iron them to be more confident! Well, you carried out all the clothes, move all the furniture to the center of the room, exposing all the skirting, open all the drawers, disassemble the sofa. Take a bottle of "Forsyth", a two-liter bottle, a spray bottle with a screw cap, gloves, and a respirator. Pour a full bottle of "Forsyth" into the bottle, fill it with water to the neck.

    It is better to carry out processing from a plinth, and if there is a wallpaper somewhere, then fill those places. Next, pour the sofa, right in all hard-to-reach places, crevices, fill all the upholstered furniture more carefully, then wooden places. If it is winter and there is an opportunity to carry something outside - feel free to endure! The advantages of this tool is that it is powerful. Cons: smell, you will have to leave for a day! After processing, in any case do not stay there. From 1 bottle I processed 2 rooms of 17 meters. Do not open the windows after processing, close the doors and close the gaps under the doors with a wet rag. The next day the operation is repeated, after which we are still waiting for the day.Then simple cleaning begins: it is advisable to wipe everything that you spilled with soap and hot water. Sweep and clean the floors. There will be a slight smell, air, in a week it will not. This is not easy, but the result is much more efficient than the challenge of the exterminator! Since it is not a fact that he will do his job well, and the money you will give is not small and you will be left without money and with bedbugs. I hope I helped someone with this comment.

  10. Zhanna, SPb:

    You can't imagine it on purpose. My colleague a week ago called the experts to poison bugs. I was surprised! Is now this thing lives in apartments, especially in new areas of St. Petersburg. So this muck has come to me. Literally a month ago, I noticed that one crawls along the wall above, and sometimes two insects. I have a room in Ligovsky, without a good repair, a communal apartment. I thought that some bugs get out of the cracks. I have them in the napkin and in the wild, in the window. And so about three weeks. Yesterday it was combed. I woke up tonight, turned on the light - two healthy people are sitting on the wall above me. I slipper them, and under them pools of blood. Then I was stupefied, I realized what it was. I lift the sheet, and there two sit. I bought a new sofa in December, I looked through it all - clean.I understand that the hotbed is not there. I see that crawling on top, sucked already. In the ceiling to the neighbors on top of a hole with a pipe from the battery passes. Maybe crawling from them. But this is not easier, because today I saw the kids in my house - I crawled off the sofa in front of my eyes and killed two on the wall. Have to call SES. I do not sleep, I write, the mood is vile.

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