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Detailed photos of bed bugs

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It looks like a bed bug

A real attack in rural areas — a bedbug renowned in literature — may not even catch sight of many citizens in their entire lifetimes. But having met such a parasite in his apartment, another resident of the megalopolis may not even recognize in him a pest that sucks blood at night and leads to the appearance of itchy and sometimes painful irritations from bites.

At least in order to identify the bloodsucker at the first meeting, even if accidental, it would be useful to have an idea how bugs look. Photos of these insects, as well as their larvae and eggs are shown below ...

Bed bug larva

Adult bugs and their larvae

Bed bug eggs


What does the bug look like?

The bed bug is quite well distinguished from all other bugs. And in general, among other household insects, it is easy to recognize. Look at the photos:

Bedbug: closeup photo

Bed bugs on the mattress

Large bedbugs

The main difference of bed bug from, say, a soldier or vodomerki bug - lack of wings.By the same sign he is well distinguished from cockroaches. Due to the absence of wings at the bug, the borders of the segments of the abdomen are clearly visible - his whole body is as if several times too tight in strips.

Adult bed bug has a dark brown color. If he is hungry, then the width of his abdomen is almost the same as the length. After feeding, the abdomen is stretched, and the insect itself becomes longer. On average, the body length of a bed bug is 5-6 mm.

It is interesting…

After a full meal, the body length of the bed bug is almost doubled. The bug itself consumes two times more blood than it weighs during one feeding. In the photo below you can see how the shape and size of the body of an insect change in the process of feeding.

Resize bed bug

In addition, after the human blood is saturated with a house bug, it becomes somewhat darker, and hungry individuals can even be light red. In the photo below you can clearly see the differences between dark and well-fed bedbugs and their lighter hungry relatives:

Hungry and well fed bedbug

Hungry bug larva

The larva of the bug that drank blood

Like all representatives of the hemiptera order, the bed bugs have a small triangular head. On its lower side there is a long proboscis, formed by fused jaws.It is firm enough and durable to pierce a person’s skin. But with the more dense skin of cats or dogs, the bug cannot cope.

The photo shows a proboscis bed bug

Bedbug: bottom view

In the proboscis of the bug there are two channels (see photo). Through one insect it absorbs blood, through the other it introduces a special analgesic substance into the wound of a bite, due to which a person does not feel pain from a bite for several hours.

Proboscis bug under the microscope

Proboscis bed bug close-up

It is interesting…

Young larvae of bugs do not know how to introduce a special secret into the wound. Therefore, their bites begin to be felt earlier, in particularly sensitive people - even in the process of feeding the insect. However, due to the small size of the larvae and the fineness of their proboscis, even without anesthetic, their bites are not very sensitive.

The piercing proboscis of bed bugs outside the time of feeding is pressed against the lower part of the cephalothorax.

The body of a hungry bug is very low, and it is difficult to crush an insect. So the parasites have adapted to the fact that their victims in a dream often turn over, and even being crushed by a human body, the bed bug does not die. However, the full body, filled with blood, becomes inseparate and can be crushed right on the bed.

Blood drink bug

Blood bugs


It is the appearance of small brown spots of incomprehensible nature on the bed - a clear sign of the presence of bugs in the apartment.

Bed bugs are quite mobile. An adult insect runs more than a meter in a minute. Thanks to their flat body, they comfortably settle in the crevices of furniture, behind baseboards, under carpets, and between books. In addition, they migrate very quickly and easily between rooms in apartment buildings.

Often the waste products of bed bugs come across a person’s eyes more often than insects themselves. Their excreta are tiny black dots, slightly similar to poppy grains.

In the photo below you can see almost black bedbug excrement:

Black balls are bedbug excrement.

Excrement bed bug

Waste products of bedbugs

Excrement bedbugs on the mattress

They can be found when cleaning the apartment under the beds, in the corners of the room, right on the bed. But more often they are found where adult parasites and their larvae accumulate for a day.


Larvae and eggs of bedbugs: one in the photo, in the apartment - quite another

The larvae of bed bugs in science are called nymphs. Like other insects with incomplete transformation, miniature replicas of adults emerge from the eggs of bedbugs. They also have legs, antennae and pointed proboscis.

Bed bug nymph

Adult bugs and their larvae (nymphs)

Bug larvae on the skin

The main differences between nymphs and adult bugs are smaller sizes and their inability to reproduce. In addition, the bug larvae have a lighter color: being hungry, they are light yellow, almost transparent, and after saturation inside their abdomen a droplet of blood becomes well visible.

The photo clearly shows the blood in the stomach of the larva and the bright rim of the abdomen:

The photo shows blood in the body of the bug larva

Full bedbug larva

Hungry bed bug larva

Unknown in entomology, apartment owners may confuse younger larvae with ants. Indeed, after hatching, the bed bug bug larva has a body length of about 1 mm and an elongated body. Only later, after the first feeding, it will darken and become similar to an adult insect.

Larvae of domestic bugs grow rapidly and often molt. Every 6-7 days, the larva discharges chitinous cover, and the remains of these covers easily give shelter to parasites in the apartment.

The photo shows the chitinous integuments of insects after molting:

Chitinous cover of bugs

The chitin covers of insects in their nest

Bed Eggs Eggs small - up to 1 mm in length - slightly elongated and have a white color. In the upper part of each egg has a kind of lid, opening which, the newborn bug starts its active life.

The photo clearly shows these egg caps:

Eggs bed bugs close up

Bedbugs and their eggs

Adult bedbugs, larvae and eggs

Bedbug eggs rarely catch the eye separately from the main nest of insects, and therefore it is unlikely to meet them before meeting with an adult bug.


Differences of bed bugs from other domestic insects

The characteristic features of the structure of the body make the bed bug quite recognizable. However, in some cases, instructions on how to distinguish it from other domestic insects may be useful:

  1. If the insect does not see the division of the body into segments and there are wings - this is not a bug. Most likely, it is a cockroach. Maybe some kind of street insect.
  2. If the insect is very small and jumps far, it is a flea. The bug can only run.
  3. Insects, which, when closely examined, are clearly visible constriction in the abdomen area, similar to the waist - ants or stray wasps. In bedbugs, the body is broad, in the hungry, almost round.
  4. If the parasite is round, flat, wingless, dark in color and with a small head, you need to count the number of paws. If there are 6 of them, this is most likely a bug. If 8 is a tick. The latter is a dangerous parasite of a person, but it does not settle in apartments and does not form nests.

Finally, the bug can be confused with the cockroach nymph.But all cockroaches and their larvae have a distinctive feature - two small processes on the back of the abdomen, a kind of tails (see the photo). Bedbugs do not have them.

Scions on the belly of a cockroach


Bed bugs nest: is it it?

Bed bugs do not create a nest in the truest sense of the word. In general, there is no organization in their clusters. However, due to the fact that they prefer to hide in the same places, the places of their concentration very quickly begin to look like fairly well-lived and equipped. They are called nests.

A typical example of a bloodsucker's nest is shown in the photo:

Bed bugs nest

As a rule, in such a nest is a large number of bugs of different ages. Here, eggs are scattered in disarray, developing and already empty, the excrement of insects and the remains of the chitinous cover of their bodies fallen after molting. Such a cluster itself gives the impression of a very untidy, dirty place.

Typical bed bugs nest

Characteristic of bed bugs is their accumulation in large quantities in order to preserve heat. The typical nest of bedbugs is similar to the continuous moving mass of their bodies. In cockroaches, this behavior is not observed.

The location of the nest is also important.Bedbugs are most often concentrated in sofas, beds, behind carpets, in closets, where they easily find narrow cracks and from where they can quickly get to a sleeping person. At the same time, ants and cockroaches prefer dirty ventilation ducts and kitchens.

And the last thing: to find out that there are bugs in the house by the nature of the bites they leave. The bedbug leaves on the body several red dots located along one line at a distance of 2-3 centimeters from one another. Such bites are not typical of most domestic human parasites. Therefore, if in the mornings itchy points line up on the body along clearly visible lines, you can begin to look in the apartment for bed bugs.

The photo below shows the characteristic bites of bedbugs:

Bedbug bites

Bed bug bites

Bites to the head

The bugs bit the baby’s feet

If you still have bugs in your apartment, you need to start fighting with them immediately. It is foolish to hope that the parasites themselves will disappear: their ability to reproduce rapidly will result in the apartment simply turning into a real trash, infecting the adjacent premises of a multi-storey building.

When destroying bedbugs, it is better to immediately apply modern insecticidal preparations, without wasting time on outdated and ineffective folk control methods like kerosene and vinegar (see "Review of the most effective means of bedbugs"). Choosing the same tool is useful to focus not only on its effectiveness, but also pay attention to the lack of smell, cost and safety for the person.


What is especially important to know about bed bugs


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  1. Amalie:

    How ugly, terrible.

  2. Nargiza:

    We moved to the apartment with bedbugs, we can not get rid of the misfortune! If I knew that the black dots under the mattress are traces of the klopovnik!

  3. Nasima:

    In our old apartment we also had bugs, we moved to a new one. 6 years have passed, and they again appeared, their larvae.

  4. Danil:

    I bought a new sofa. But before that I had an old one, I was in the hope that if I threw out the old one and bought a new sofa, then they would disappear. A few days passed and my bugs again plow the house. I do not know how to cope with them, and even more so it is a pity for the new sofa.

  5. Helena:

    My husband and my child arrived for a while in a rented apartment, laid out a sofa, and woke up the next morning with a terrible rash. We went to the doctor, they told us that they were bedbug bites. Discharged awesome ointment "Akriderm." I advise everyone who has this problem. For 2 days there is no rash at all.

    • Victoria:

      For 2 days, the rash itself can pass, without any ointment.But I would advise you all the same to slay the bugs, and not to smear ointment ...

  6. Dasha:

    I do not know where they are at my house. Most likely, because of my aunt, who came to us a long time, but yes, they are still at my house.

  7. Yuliya:

    To cause a disinfector, otherwise pipets ...

  8. Yuri:

    The article is interesting, but with regard to the resettlement of bedbugs mainly in rural areas - the question. While he lived in the village, he could not even imagine what kind of "beast" that was. And just arrived in the city met with this creature. It was then that I had to transfer all the delights of the fight against bedbugs and cockroaches, with whom, by the way, he also met in the city.

  9. Tatyana:

    Tell me how to get rid of this scourge?

    • Anonymous:


    • Vladimir:

      Call disinsectors. All truly effective means require the skills to handle poisons and are far from harmless when used; they are not commercially available. In addition, you need to process the apartment FULLY and connect the neighbors, otherwise there is little confusion.

      And it is necessary to do everything quickly, bedbug, unlike most other insects, lays eggs every day, every day of delay increases their number.

  10. Helena:

    I also saw yesterday afternoon. Very scary. I called for a disinfector, and I will pray all night that the creatures are dead. Suffering son.

  11. Olga:

    Awful, but in the apartment I caught 2 bedbugs at night (lying on the sofa). In the morning the back was covered with a rash, 1 cm from the other difference. Brought from the village, was on vacation. Today, I have vacuumed everything, washed the floors with vinegar, washed all the linen and things. Itself washed with soap, the rash passes and itching subsided.

  12. Lyuba:

    This, of course, a disaster! Tell me how to deal with them?

    • Anonymous:

      The surest way - dichlorvos! Only from the room it is necessary to remove all, close the windows, all good to burst and leave so for the night. The next morning, everything is well washed, vacuumed and again sprayed. Again, remove all good things, wash blankets and blankets, air out - and you can live in peace!

  13. Dmitriy:

    We have been living in an apartment for 25 years, nothing like this has ever happened. And then on you - about a month ago I found bedbugs in my home. Disgusting to horror.You go to bed and understand that they will crawl out now and start biting you, I cannot even fall asleep from it. We must do something with them.

  14. Vasek:

    We live in a hostel, we constantly poison, and they, bastards, still resort from neighbors ей

    • Helena:

      Process bile of the animal plinth, sockets, the pharmacy is sold.

    • Alexey:

      There is a tool Sinuzan, 100 percent beats!

    • Dima:

      I know some way, I have a chemical, I tried with this chemical, they die immediately. I also had bugs, so I also bought a lot of chemistry. But it did not help. Well, today I have treated my apartment for chemicals, killing cockroaches too.

  15. Kotyara:

    He also panicked when he learned that these parasites were bred in my apartment. Tried a lot of different tools, but brought only a steam generator. What is surprising, they were only in one room, for some reason they did not come to mine, although there was more than enough time for this))

  16. Anonymous:

    Guys, please tell me where the emergence of bedbugs begins, otherwise they got me with this rash.

  17. Artem:

    They appear when the bed is dirty.

    • Olga:

      Stupidity. It's not a dirty bed. This is such an infection, no one is immune from it.

  18. Anonymous:

    Thanks I'll know.

  19. Elena Orlova:

    Forces are no longer fighting these creatures! Bought this ultrasonic machine, zero sense! It would be better if two thousand disinsectors paid.

  20. Ivan:

    He worked at the elevator, there all insects and rats, mice, etc., all living and warm-blooded are killed by a tool called phosphine. It is in tablets, you close doors tightly, windows, you paste over all cracks and apertures tightly! You put it on the hut pills, in a gas mask, poisonous! Wearing glasses and gloves, do not inhale dust from clothes! You leave, you seal the door. And in a day, two or three you come in, aerate; you carefully collect the dust from the tablets, pressurize them, and into the ground. One meter deep. Ten days to air. Do not live. Live in 10-12 days of airing! One bottle of these pills is enough for a long time; when they interact with the moisture in the air, they turn into a poisonous gas called phosphine.So much in the elevators and granaries can be found, insecticides will not sell!

    • Exterminator:

      Respected! You can do a lot of things with such advice. Did you know that phosphine at a certain concentration is also explosive? Take the trouble to ask about the same elevators about the state of emergency with an explosion. And do not give people the death tips!

  21. Vlad:

    The best remedy for bedbugs - Hangman, good kills. 2 treatments - and everything is clean at home.

  22. Larisa:

    My husband's sister gave the carpet. After this began. The child almost ate. I tried everything, including dichlorvos and various poison. Nothing helped. Called SES. All covered with some white powder. Left home. The smell is terrible. But most of us have no bugs ... 11 years have passed, and I remember that time with horror.

  23. Catherine:

    They called the service for processing, enough for 2 years. We already have all the new furniture and the child has appeared, and these creatures again crawled. The steam generator and vinegar does not help, I will not call specialists anymore. The husband himself must buy some kind of chemistry and process it, and us to the village.

  24. Anonymous:

    We also had, caught a couple of pieces. I went to the SES to buy an instant remedy, sprinkled it once, I came in - I did not find one dead at all! I haven’t seen them again, 5 years have passed.

  25. Tanya:

    What they just didn’t buy: Tetrix, dichlorvos, 2 times SES was called, washed clothes, boiled, threw out 2 sofas, we slept on rubber mattresses. Modify the apartment though. We open the closet, and they sit on linen. What do people say ?!

    • Anonymous:

      What a horror ((Probably, they crawl from their neighbors. And the chemistry should be more serious. They are everywhere, even reptiles, they hide in their frames. We also hunted, but caught two ((

    • Anonymous:

      Steam Cleaner Körner

  26. Anonymous:

    I have such a huge bite ...

    • Anonymous:

      Damn, I saw this monster, bought 4 dichlorvos, irrigated everything nafig, and diluted with karbofos in a terrible concentration. He left for three months: the elderly neighbor died, and the bugs did not ...

  27. Zhenya:

    Bedbugs are a horror!

  28. Sergei:

    I have never seen these bloodsuckers, but recently rented an apartment, lived for a few days and bitten everything. The hostess brought dichlorvos, but he did not help. Ran away like a zebra, galloping.I hope in the new apartment did not bring in things. It seems that he was all shocked. And in the technique they can hide?

  29. Lyudmila:

    Kick! I'm in a panic. “I don't know who” appeared in the apartment. Saw in the afternoon, when they crawled out of the couch. Found tenants. Caught two pieces in a jar. Looks like bedbugs or linen lice, I do not understand. Just thinking about the presence of these creatures, I itch. What to do? Who faced such a problem? Waiting for advice.

    • Anonymous:

      Lyudmila, I have the same problem. 3 months ago was in Stockholm, in Europe the same problem - a lot of bedbugs. I took an interest in their service, they poison it with diatomite - this is mountain flour. I bought it when I arrived in Russia, I entered into an agreement with the company, now I am selling this tool. The bottom line is that you scatter, they crawl and scratch on the powder, and then they dry. But for this you need patience, the result is not fast, but the effect is. Environmentally friendly way, without chemicals. Try it.

  30. Semyon:

    The best remedy for bedbugs is sulfur checker. It costs a penny, is sold in the household stores. Activate and leave for the day. Dies all living things, even bacteria.

  31. Nastya:

    I had a nervous breakdown with these bugs, it’s impossible to sleep at night. They called my uncle out of the service, he poisoned everything, said not to go in for a couple of hours, not to wash the floors for a couple of days and everything would pass. Since we live in a hostel, not to wash the floors a couple of days of torment, went to the parents. Those guys did not help, so much effort in vain. She returned home after 4 days, everything was washed absolutely: all the curtains, clothes, bed linen, all the washing at 70 degrees, then ironing with steam. We went to bed with the hope that the nightmare was over. But no, the insects are back with us. Found at 3 o'clock in the morning - that's all, a nightmare from the beginning. Nerves could not stand it, went to their parents for a couple of days before the weekend. I thought that we would smash ourselves, read the comment and hopelessly swept over this. Naive fool, I thought that we would get rid of at once, and people are fighting for half a year.

  32. Anonymous:

    Try eco-killer, 2 put on - and from the bugs and there will be no trace.

  33. Bug:

    I just wanted to be friends, and a little bit of your warmth 🙁

  34. Anonymous:


  35. Tlek:

    Hello! My friends defeated the bedbugs, but it cost them a repair ... They stripped off all the wallpaper, baseboards and the rest, where there are gaps. And several times whitewashed lime.A month later they settled in and have been living without bugs for a couple of years.

    It is unlikely that any of you will do this, but then they simply became tortured with them to fight and almost put up with the “co-workers”. One of their grandmothers from the village suggested. And in the village, for many, all repairs are whitewashing with lime. Perhaps that is why in the village they are not in the dwellings of people.

  36. Anonymous:

    I love bedbugs! )) I live with them ...

  37. Helena:

    Does anyone know crayon Masha helps to deal with bedbugs?

  38. Ala:

    Two months ago, they found bedbugs in the couch. Treated with vinegar and a special remedy for bugs, similar to dichlorvos. Of course, this did not help ((After that, they were treated twice by the Executioner, we were told that it was a very effective tool. Now there are no bugs in beds and baseboards, but they got into things and bite during the day. The fight for square meters continues ((

  39. Dasha:

    We have been fighting for 2 months, we started with the executioner, then the raptor and other aerosols ... It did not help. Nerves passed, the body itched. A night without sleep ... Last hope was - ecokiller, it is the only drug that slowly but surely helps.For a month now we have been living in powder and dust, but these parasites have practically disappeared. But as people who have been confronted with these reptiles have said, sometimes up to a year goes baiting. Those who advised us lived in powder for a year, and by such an overview it turned out to destroy the colony. At the same time, neither repair nor furniture change helped, these survivable creatures still appeared from nowhere. So if you have this infection in the house, then gain patience and strength to fight.

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