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Signs of bedbugs in the apartment

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Signs of bedbugs in the apartment

Guessing that insects live in an apartment is not so difficult. All living things, including parasites, can not leave traces of their vital activity. Symptoms of appearance bed bugs in the apartment very characteristic and will help to detect the habitats of these insects. If you notice them in time, you can get rid of bed bugs much faster and return to a quiet life.


Bedbug bites: the surest sign

The only food for bedbugs is human blood. In order to get it in sufficient quantity and at the same time protect themselves, the bug prefers to hunt in the dark.

He crawls onto unprotected parts of the body, pierces the skin with his sharp mouth apparatus, getting into a blood vessel, from where he sucks out the necessary amount of blood.At the same time, a special canal in the proboscis allows the bug to isolate a special substance that makes the skin insensitive for a while by blocking nerve endings. People often do not wake up from bites and do not feel them.

Regular appearance of bite marks on the body is one of the signs of bedbugs in the apartment.

After eating the first portion of blood, the bug moves a little further and makes the next bite. The photo shows that traces from several bedbug bites remind peculiar paths:

Paths from bedbug bites


“We thought children were allergic, it’s not clear what. Too many of these red dots were. It looked like chickenpox. Began to sort out the products, look at the plants. But I was embarrassed that many points are clearly along the lines. As if someone is crawling under the skin. So we immediately pediatrician and said that these are bugs. They turned over a sofa in the nursery and pumped me off with ammonia. I had never seen such horror before. These bugs were swarming there, like in an anthill ... "

Anna, Kharkov

In addition, the bedbug usually does not touch areas of the body with hair. He prefers smooth skin that can be quickly and easily bite. A red spot appears at the site of the bite. Sign of bedbug bite - severe itching and burning, often - severe swelling.

Swelling bite swelling

As a rule, traces are found only in the morning and a person can take them for an allergic reaction. However, the corresponding drugs do not provide any relief, and the area of ​​red spots only increases every day.

Bedbugs bite everyone, but women and children are often more bitten. This is because the bug makes it easier to bite through their thin skin, and the blood vessels in women and children are located closer to the skin.

The number of bites depends only from bed bugs population in the apartment. There have been cases when, with a strong infection with parasites, there were 300-400 bites per night on the bodies of people.

It can be said with full responsibility that bites are one of the most characteristic symptoms of a bed bug in an apartment. It is only important to distinguish them from the bites of other insects and allergic manifestations.


Smell from bedbugs in the apartment

You can often hear the phrase: "The apartment smells like bedbugs." She seems funny, but it is scientifically based.

Both adult bugs and larvae have a special gland that other domestic insects do not have.The gland secretes a special secret that exudes a smell characteristic of bedbugs.

Insect feces, which resemble small black dots, have the same smell. Those who felt it described a slight stench, like the smell of spoiled cognac or sour raspberry.

Experts are well aware from experience that the smell in the apartment is a sign of a large number of bedbugs in the house.

The smell of bedbugs will be most strongly felt near their permanent habitats - in the area of ​​the bed, behind the cabinets, behind the window sills, beyond the frame of the paintings.

Smell of bedbugs


“I never believed that the bugs in a room could really change the smell. The mother-in-law said that in our apartment we smell like bedbugs, but my wife and I thought it was just the smell of old furniture. When we arrived from a two-day fishing trip, we were horrified: there really is an alien smell, this is not fiction! They began to carefully review the furniture and found these parasites behind the sofa. ”

Sasha, Kursk

Of course, the smell - it is almost one hundred percent sign of the presence of bedbugs, but people do not always feel it, because the smell is quickly accustomed to the constant aromas. The greatest chance of re-“sniffing” to your own apartment is coming from a holiday, from a dacha.

If there is no certainty that the smell really fits the description, you need to pay attention to other signs of bedbugs in the apartment.


Traces of bedbugs on the bed

Sometimes the previous symptoms of bedbugs in the apartment do not give an absolute guarantee, and I want to see the bloodsuckers, as they say, "live". To do this, there is such a way: in the evening you should spread a white sheet on the bed (on which dark insects will be clearly visible), turn off the light and wait until 2-3 o'clock in the morning.

After that, the light must be sharply turned on. If there are bedbugs in the house, then at least a few of them will definitely be on the bed.

Bed bugs

When bed bugs bite a person, they, unlike mosquitoes, do not inject an enzyme into the blood that helps it to curl faster. Therefore, immediately after the bite of the bug, a few drops of blood are released from the wound. Naturally, during sleep, the person turns in bed and small specks of blood often remain on the sheets.

Blood stains on bed

In order to detect them, you need to remove the blanket and carefully consider the sheets in daylight. Blood drops on bed linen - one of the most accurate signs of the presence of bed bugs.


Traces of bedbugs

Bedbugs mark their presence in the apartment not only with the smell or bite marks on the human body, but also with other symptoms and signs.

  • Like other living creatures, they undergo a process of digestion, which ends with the release of undigested food residues.
  • Discharge bedbug liquid, dark brown. However, in the air, they quickly solidify and become hard.
  • The bedbug usually secretes feces soon after eating. Therefore, it is possible to detect the products of the life of an insect anywhere, especially there will be a lot of them in the area of ​​the bed and, possibly, on the bed itself - this is also a sure symptom of bedbugs hiding somewhere nearby. The feces of bedbugs have a characteristic odor of poor-quality brandy.

The bug isolates undigested food.

Black balls are bedbug excrement.

To identify the population of parasites in the apartment there is another important sign. After hatching from the egg, the bug nymph grows and sheds several times. The insect drops the upper chitinous cover, which each time becomes more dense and darker.

If the apartment is inhabited by a large number of bedbugs, then you can find such “skins” almost everywhere.

All signs of the presence of bedbugs in the apartment with a high degree of accuracy will determine the presence of insects.However, the most shocking and surest confirmation of the fact that an insect infects an apartment with insects will be to see the parasites with their own eyes.

At the origin of even the slightest doubt, be sure to check all possible habitats for bedbugs. It also needs to be done in the event that the bugs are wound up at the neighbors. It is likely that they will soon begin to settle in the neighboring apartments.


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To write "Signs of the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment" 21 comments
  1. Dima:

    How to get rid of them?

  2. Tanya:

    I live with my husband in a rented apartment, the furniture is all my own, a couple of months ago spots like mosquito bites began to appear and itch. I went to visit, everything went away. A couple of days ago, I returned home, there were more bites: along the paths of 5 spots. It may be that these bugs came from the neighbors, since the furniture has long been and this has never happened?

  3. Katya:

    People help! How to get bedbugs? As the evening begins, the whole body itches and itches, the bedbugs are not visible, but only some black dots. What is it?

  4. Anonymous:

    Somehow we got these bugs, got some water in the middle of the night to drink and found. My panic knew no bounds)) On the same night my husband and I carried the sofa into the dustbin. Then in 3 calls the entire apartment was spattered with dichlorvos - and there were no bugs.

  5. Natalia:

    Two years ago, before the move, we had divorced bedbugs: a lot. Than we just do not squirting ... But all in vain. Then they called the SES, they arrived, everything was processed (for money, of course), and there are still no bugs in this apartment (four years have passed). But now in a new apartment, I noticed a bug on the sofa a week ago, and without a second thought, I immediately called SES. Today they have processed it, and I am sure that I will not see these creatures any more.

  6. Victoria, Moscow:

    I was also bitten by these creatures, I woke up in the morning and found on my knee a trail of 5 bites. God, mom said it was mosquitoes, but at night went to the Internet, read and found out that these are bed bugs!

  7. Alexandra:

    We have already caused two times ... The result is zero, we don’t know what to do! Advise!

    • Marina:

      Raptor from all living things in the apartment. It helped us ...

  8. Alina:

    Dichlorvos, odorless! You need 2 times, the interval is a week. It was not 6 months and reappeared from the neighbors - they poured, and again crawled. Just BUD. Many in the house, all quietly doused! ..

  9. Stranger:

    Bought a sofa with hands for a very low price. Something was doubts about him, and even taken from the hostel. There were suspicions, but nothing was found at that moment.A month has passed, I saw one on the wall in the afternoon, at first I was taken aback - from where? I reviewed everything visually, without looking. It seems like, calmed down with time. Another month passed: as usual, I tucked the sofa after sleep, where the eldest son and her husband slept, and saw in the place where the pillow was (that is, under the pillow), bedbug ...

    The panic began. I started to look at everything and found the whole focus of our misfortune - it was that fucking couch. My brother and I quickly disassembled the sofa and carried it out. I bought dichlorvos, sprayed another sofa, got a few pieces. When my husband came home, he was stunned by the news. Immediately called the service of baiting insects. The next day, the whole apartment was sprayed. The next day, she killed five more bugs, and today two more. I called the company, whose services were used, and asked what it was, to which I was told that it was normal, they would die within three weeks and that they could not be killed. I was just amazed - I can not kill them? After all, they will bite my children until they die. Now I really hope that this treatment will help us. Tip: never buy furniture for a dubious price and with a hostel.

  10. Mifodiy:

    We also have one bed bug living by the name of Robinson (I call him that). Well, in short, I tried everything, but I just can’t catch it, smart, can hide. On the day of 3 bites, sometimes 1 bite - it probably depends on his mood. Well, God forbid, I will catch him and I will scoff for a long time, torture him and in the end I will feed him and feed him to the bird.

    • Nata:

      Ahaha ... Resilient fighter. The bug, after drinking blood, rests from a week to two. So you don't have Robinson there already, judging by the frequency of bites, but the children of Captain Grant with the rest of the travelers)

  11. Irina:

    Bedbug can not be alone. They multiply a day in a hundred. We brought with us from friends, and when we rushed, they had already multiplied in all the rooms. Only the executioner helped. Only it more than once is necessary. After a week of persecution repeat. Eggs do not incur poison.

  12. Light:

    I never knew this in my life! My husband brought bedbugs to the apartment from his parents. First, one bite a day was, then two or more, they are still so swollen on the skin, then they even look like bruises! Kick! We will call the SES - I'm afraid that if we ourselves persecute them, there will be no sense, but only multiply ... Although I don’t know, I also need to buy something for harassment too.

    • Maria:

      Karbofos packs of 20 by 50 square meters. And say goodbye forever with them. Karbofos diluted in the spray, then just pour over the entire hut.

  13. Olga:

    When bedbugs appeared in the apartment, I called SES, but little helped. Then I threw away the wooden sofas and replaced them with metal-framed sofas, where everything can be removed and washed. The bugs tried to adapt there, but after washing the covers, they disappeared ... I bought sofas in Ikea.

  14. Ivan:

    My wife is crazy. He thinks that bedbugs are everywhere. Tell me, if I don’t see them and nobody bites me, how do I know if there are bugs in the apartment? How to find live what they look like? If they are in the apartment, then in any way they can be caught for their business? And then I'll give it to the mental hospital. Tipo, you know, grandmothers gossip on the bench, and pest control is fed for free. In short, how to identify them at 100% and see at least? And not the way you write - marks on the bed, scales, feces ...

    • Darmidont:

      By experience - it is very difficult to see. In bed at night (approximately from 3 to 5 in the morning), sharply turning on the light and examining the bed. The size is different: from 1 mm to about 5 mm, depending on age. In short, problematic. They run away pretty fast.Use white underwear while hunting - it's easier to notice.

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