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Bed bugs and self-control means

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Bed bug

Bed bugs (from Latin Cimex lectularius) are external parasites (ectoparasites) that feed exclusively on blood, so a person begins to feel their appearance in the house immediately. On the body there are numerous traces of bites that itch, itch, and sleep becomes restless, and if time does not take measures to destroy domestic bedbugs, the situation will only get worse every day.

Many people unsuccessfully struggle with bedbugs for several months (and sometimes for several years), without taking into account the important nuances concerning the biology of bed bugs and the way they are distributed between apartments. Next, we will examine in detail the interesting details of the life of these parasites, consider the mistakes made in practice in the fight against them, and also consider the most effective approaches to completely cleanse your home of bloodsuckers.


Than bed bugs are dangerous to humans

If to abstract from unpleasant sensations from bedbug bites, then we can talk about the epidemiological harmlessness of these insects in general: today there has not been a single case where a bedbug infected a person with a bacterial or viral infection.

Despite the fact that bed bugs - especially in natural populations - are carriers of pathogens of many diseases, not one of these viruses and microorganisms is transmitted by a bite.

The photo below shows an adult bed bug at the time of bloodsucking:

It looks like a bug at the time of bloodsucking.

And so the larva looks like:

Bed bug larva

For more information about bedbug larvae and their favorite places of shelter in an apartment, see. separate article.

It is interesting:

In the course of special studies, scientists found several dozens of pathogens of various diseases dangerous to humans in the bodies of individual bed bugs. Including typhoid, brucellosis, anthrax, leishmaniasis, plague, tularemia, fever Q and others.

However, to the surprise of the scientists themselves, these pathogens were found only in the excrement of bedbugs and in their internal organs. And none of them was transmitted with a bite.Evolutionarily, this is very beneficial for parasites: the less at risk the host is, the more chances of bedbugs retain the main source of food.

To date, not a single case of transmission of AIDS or hepatitis has been reported.

Nevertheless, the bite of a bed bug can be fraught with certain troubles, among which the most notable are:

  • Allergic reactions to the bite. According to statistics, bug bite allergy in certain manifestations observed in 80% of people. Such manifestations can be the appearance of papules, extensive redness, itching and pain, extremely rarely - even anaphylactic shock;
  • Inflammation, damage to the skin, pustules that occur when combing bite sites. Through such microscratches, pathogenic organisms more easily penetrate into the human body;
  • Iron deficiency anemia in children. This is a very rare consequence of bedbug bites. Occurs with a very large number of simultaneously biting parasites, when the amount of blood they suck is significant, and the action of their saliva leads to some changes in the composition of the blood;
  • It is also worth noting the general fatigue, as well as increased irritability due to poor sleep.

Often a severe allergic reaction develops to homebug bites, and body temperature may rise.

On a note

According to statistics, 70% of victims of bed bugs do not feel their bites. It is because of this that parasites actively seize cities: in many apartments, people do not even suspect that insects suck blood at night.

Themselves bedbug bites look quite characteristic: they are arranged in a line of four to five red dots. Of all the blood-sucking insects, domestic bugs are the only ones that suck blood sequentially from several wounds to saturate.

But not only on this basis, bugs can be calculated: their appearance is also quite specific.


What do homebugs, their larvae and eggs look like?

The bed bug has a flat, wide body. Being hungry, he becomes almost round when viewed from above. At the same time, due to the absence of wings on his body, the waist is always clearly visible at the joints of the segments of the abdomen. Each individual has two eyes on its head.

Photo of an adult individual bed bug.

Adult bed bugs have a uniform brown color. If a particular insect is hungry, it can be light, almost red. After saturation with blood, the bed bug darkens, sometimes almost to black color.

It is also useful to read the article: What bugs eat and how much they are able to live without human blood.

The photo below shows a hungry bedbug (left) and full (right):

On the left - a hungry bug, on the right - drunk with blood

In addition, the body of a full bed bug becomes larger, lengthens and increases in thickness due to the filling of the stomach with blood. Such a bug becomes like a wingless cockroach larva. The body size of a bed bug varies from 4 to 8 mm, and there is practically no difference in size between males and females.

Here are some more photos of blood drunk bugs:

In the nest of parasites can be found as well-fed, and for a long time not feeding on individuals.

Bug on human skin

The flat shape of the body of the home bug protects it well from being crushed by a person turning over on the bed. However, after drinking of blood, the bug becomes more vulnerable, it is easy to crush. It was the crushed well-fed bugs that left on the bed ugly brown spots, which are often the first sign that the parasites were bred in the room.

On a note

Regardless of age, a bedbug can consume a mass of blood that is twice the weight of its body during one feeding. It is not surprising that the larvae of bedbugs grow at an incredible rate, and adult females can lay rather large eggs almost every day.

Bed bugs larvae resemble adult insects, but have smaller sizes and lighter coloring. The small larvae of the earliest ages, being hungry, are generally transparent, and after they are saturated, they can easily see a drop of blood in the stomach:

The larvae of early age have almost transparent skin of the body, through which the contents of the internal organs are clearly visible.

Bedbug eggs look like greatly reduced rice seeds. They have the same white color, elongated shape and a length of not more than a millimeter:

Bed Eggs Eggs

Household bugs are easy to distinguish from other domestic insects by body structure:

  • Unlike cockroaches. Cockroaches on the back of the abdomen have two characteristic processes, similar to short antennae. Bedbugs do not have such outgrowths. In addition, adult cockroaches are larger than bugs, have wings and a more elongated abdomen;
  • Difference from ticks. Externally, bugs are more or less similar to ticks. Here for recognition it is enough to count the legs of the parasite. Bedbugs, like all insects, have 6, and ticks, as representatives of the arachnid order, have 8 legs;
  • Difference from ants. The shape of the body of the ants is known to all - these insects are slim and have a constriction in the "waist". In domestic bugs, even the larvae are broad, and have no such waist.

Enlarged photo of the bug:

Photo bug close-up

With fleas and lice bugs is almost impossible to confuse because of their size: if the first is very difficult to see with the naked eye, bed bugs are clearly visible insects.


Where do bedbugs come from in the apartment

The appearance of bedbugs in the apartment - always a surprise for people, especially if the apartment is clean, well-groomed, and there have never been other insects in it (for example, cockroaches). Sometimes the tenants of apartment buildings even get the impression that parasites appeared in many apartments due to the fact that the bugs were deliberately thrown into the staircase, so that the residents would pay for the disinsection services.

In fact, in most cases, bedbugs start up indoors for other reasons. Very often, they are accidentally brought here with furniture, appliances or things. In addition, the parasites themselves can climb into the room from neighboring apartments, from entrances, outbuildings, sometimes even from attics and basements. The main sources of parasites are other residential contaminated premises in which people either are not aware of the presence of bedbugs (and those at that time are actively multiply), or know about insects, but do not remove them.

Often, these bloodsuckers are brought into the house by the owners themselves, along with the old furniture ...

Bedbugs quickly and easily move between apartments in apartment buildings. The nymphs of recent ages and adults run slower than cockroaches, but they still move fast enough to be able to overcome 30–40 meters along ventilation ducts, walls and cracks in a few night hours. And due to the flattened body, the larvae can make their way where, it seems, even a needle can be stuck problematically. It is not surprising that they easily pass through the gaps between the walls, between the mosquito net and the window frame, in the gaps between the entrance door and the box.

Below are photos showing how small the larvae of bedbugs are:

Bug larva

The larvae of domestic bugs are so small that they can penetrate into an apartment even through the slightest crevices in the walls.

Simply put, if one apartment in the house is infected with bedbugs, then the parasites are likely to penetrate into the next room. Only a high-quality repair and complete sealing of all the cracks can protect the apartment from the penetration of these insects from the outside. If the repair is made so-so, then wait for the "guests".

On a note

In summer, bed bugs can move from apartment to apartment along the outer walls of the house. Moreover, they can migrate even between detached private houses, if the distance between them is small.

Another very common option is the parasite drift with things and furniture. Most often this happens when returning from business trips, when there were long things in a contaminated hotel, a bag, a suitcase — several individuals could climb into them, then they safely moved into the apartment, settled here and began to multiply.

The picture below shows the bugs in clothes:

Parasites can be brought to the house on clothes from the contaminated room.

With furniture, bugs in the house is even easier. It is enough to buy a used sofa or chair without examining them before a skid into the house - in fact, in such a situation, the people themselves bring the nest of parasites home and start feeding them on the very first night.

The above reasons for the appearance of bedbugs in the room may seem too simple - so simple that not always people are ready to believe it. Many people do not believe so much that bedbugs could be so easy to get in their clean and well-kept housing that they tend to blame neighbors for everything. In some cases, when people begin to suspect the presence of bedbugs in the house and look for them, they immediately find nests, accumulations of excrement and eggs. It seems that the parasites appeared here immediately in large quantities (they say,This is the invasion of bedbugs from the neighbors) - they never existed, and then suddenly they began to bite.

In reality, such a massive infection is in most cases nothing more than an illusion. Even when the bugs in the room becomes quite a lot, the bites of them for a long time do not pay attention to themselves. Some people almost do not feel them due to the individual characteristics of the skin, someone first sins on mosquitoes, allergies or dermatitis, and the bugs themselves behave “neatly” - they don't bite often (each individual eats every 3-4 day), carefully hiding, and from the shelters are rarely selected and only at night.

That is, before the mass reproduction of parasites, people often do not even know about their proximity to them. And when this neighborhood becomes apparent, so many invisible household bugs accumulate that it seems as if they had occupied an apartment at once and a whole horde.

In an infected apartment, over time, the number of parasite eggs can amount to thousands.

On a note

Because of this, by the way, in practice, it is usually difficult to understand where the bugs come from in a particular room. As a rule, a lot of time passes from the initial infection of an apartment to the discovery of bloodsuckers by tenants (2-3 weeks, sometimes even months), and it’s already problematic to determine the exact date of infection.

Be that as it may, the absolutely untenable theory that bedbugs infect only dirty and dysfunctional apartments, appearing here as a companion to unsanitary conditions. In fact, they can appear in any apartment - and in the elite new building, and in the hut. Unlike cockroaches, bedbugs do not care about the presence of food waste, but what is important is the availability of sources of blood - that is, the residents themselves.

The sooner bloodsuckers are detected, the easier it will be with them. fight.

The main sign of the presence of bedbugs in the house is bite marks that regularly appear in people who sleep in the room. Externally, the bites are similar to mosquitoes, but sometimes they can be larger in size (they look like hard itchy bumps). Their main distinguishing feature is building in lines of 3-4 pieces. This is due to the fact that each adult bug bites during feeding several times, moving about 2-3 centimeters through the body after each bite, resulting in a “path”.

Examples of “tracks” from bedbug bites are shown in the photos below:

An example of the original tracks from bedbugs bites.

Each parasite bites several times, as a result of which such paths appear.

Also, bites are found mainly in the morning (bugs bite more actively towards the end of the night).

Blood specks, which can be found in the morning on the bed, also help to find out about the presence of domestic bugs. They remain when a person, turning over in a dream, presses down a fed bug. Here you can sometimes find the bugs themselves, but this happens very rarely.

This is how the spots after bedbugs feast look on bedclothes:

Blood stains on bedding

Such footprints are one of the signs of the presence of bed bugs in the apartment.

Other signs of the presence of bedbugs less unambiguous. For example, it is known that domestic bugs have a characteristic smell - in the room that is heavily contaminated by them they smell like brandy. However, at the initial stage, when there are a few parasites, this scent may not be guessed. The excreta and remnants of the chitinous cover of insects also often do not pay attention to themselves, being habitual components of household dust.

If red spots, like bites, appear on the body regularly (especially in winter, when there are definitely no mosquitoes) - do not blame it on allergies, it immediately makes sense to look for bedbugs. To do this:

  1. Carefully inspect the sleeping places in the room - mattresses on the beds, wooden frames, internal cavities of sofas, seams and joints of upholstered furniture (black dots here will indicate the presence of parasites);
  2. Inspect the baseboards. Those baseboards, which are located near the beds, you can even remove and inspect their inner sides adjacent to the wall and floor;
  3. Raise the carpets on the floor and the edges of linoleum (bugs also often live under them).

Here you need to look for the bugs themselves, their nymphs (reduced copies of adult insects), eggs, the remains of skins, excrement in the form of black dots. When parasites are detected, they should be started as soon as possible to prevent them from multiplying in even greater numbers.

It looks like a typical nest of bed bugs in furniture.

On a note

Bedbugs masterfully hide in places where it is difficult to even suspect their shelter. They can climb into the cracks between the bed frame boards, they can hide under the parquet floor, under the stretch ceiling, in the system blocks of computers, in sockets, in children's toys, in flower pots. Therefore, the detection of even a single parasite is usually evidence that there are many in the house.

The following technique is also useful for detecting bedbugs: you need to get up before the wee hours of the day - at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning - turn on the lights and look at the bed. Insects are especially visible on white bedding, and often here you can see several individuals of different ages.

In any case, it is important to remember that in the daytime the bugs in the apartment are extremely rare. And if no one saw them in a dwelling, this does not mean that they are not here - the parasites lead a secretive lifestyle and rarely catch the eye of their victims.


Lifestyles of parasites, their reproduction and food in the apartment

Bed bugs are especially nocturnal insects. To force them to move during the day can only the destruction of the place of their accumulation (nest) or the action of a strong drug.

The most active bugs are in the early morning hours, from 3 to 6 am. It is at this time accounts for the largest number of their bites. Due to its mobility and rather high speed of running, the bugs can get to the bed from every corner of the apartment in a matter of minutes, spend 20-25 minutes on self-feeding and quickly get into the shelter.

In those places where the bugs wait for the day, the females lay eggs:

Eggs of bedbugs in the folds of a leather sofa.

On a note

Bed bugs do not have a uterus - all adult females are alike and are able to lay eggs.

Over time, large clusters of parasites form in the most convenient places for insects, which are also called nests, although there is no structure or system in such settlements.The photo below shows how bed bugs nests can look like:

In the nest you can find dozens and even hundreds of individuals of parasites, as well as many eggs.

Favorite places where house bugs make their nests are the beds and sofas on which people sleep regularly.

On a note

Bed bugs eat once in 5-10 days. In the days when a well-fed insect digests food, it is in the shelter and does not catch the eye. That is why in places of clusters you can find significantly more individuals than on a bed or even in a room at night.

The bedbug is very prolific. Each female lays more than 300 eggs in her life, about 4-5 each day.

Homebug Eggs

Bedbug larvae hatch from eggs for 5-6 days and in 4-5 weeks turn into adult parasites.

The incubation period for breeding of larvae of bedbugs from eggs with a favorable indoor temperature may be less than a week.

During this time, they shed several times, and the chitinous shells remaining after the molt can serve as a good sign of the presence of bed bugs in the house.


Why it seems that bedbugs do not bite all the people in the apartment

Interestingly, in many apartments people may have the impression of a high selectivity of bedbugs when choosing a victim. The reason for this is simple: one family member has multiple bite marks and severe itching in the morning, and another has no blister on the body. It seems that bugs only bit one person, and did not touch the other.

Because of this, theories are multiplying that home bugs do not bite all people. It is widely believed that these parasites only bite people with a specific blood group (or Rh factor), preferring women and children (supposedly their skin is thinner and bloodsuckers smell blood better). Accordingly, the idea is widespread that some lucky ones can safely sleep in the contaminated housing, and no one will bite them.

In fact, bedbugs have no preferences for blood type or sex - they can bite everyone who lives in an apartment.

In fact, this is a fallacy. Differences in the apparent degree of bites are due to the fact that people have very different sensitivity to bedbug bites. As noted above, according to statistics, only about 30% of people have bedbug bites accompanied by strong manifestations on the skin. The rest of the blisters and itching on the ground bites pass literally within 2-3 hours, even before the person wakes up. In the morning, such a person may not have well visible marks on his body, and it may seem that no one has bitten him at night.

Such sensitivity depends on several factors, the main of which is the individual characteristics of the body's reaction to the components of the bug saliva. In general, among adult men there are more such “insensitive” people.Conversely, in women and children, on average, the skin is more tender and more often responds to the bites of domestic bugs with severe irritation.

Bed bugs bit the baby’s foot

On a note

However, it happens that both women and even children do not notice that bugs bite in their homes at night. Because of this, by the way, klopovnik flats can arise: people live in them, do not notice parasites, and bugs here breed and start spreading around the neighboring rooms.

But there are more nuances. It is known that when searching for a victim, the bugs focus primarily on the release of carbon dioxide exhaled by man. An adult man in this regard will be much more noticeable to them and will attract more parasites to himself - a large man exhales more carbon dioxide than a fragile woman and child.

On a note

The opinion that bed bugs do not bite people who have an increased alcohol concentration in their blood is not confirmed in practice. Parasites equally actively bite and sober people, and those who are in a state of severe intoxication.

Also, some of the apparent selectivity of bedbugs may be due to quite prosaic reasons. For example, parasites can occupy one sofa indoors (see the article: How to get rid of bedbugs in the couch), it is safe to multiply in it and bite a person who sleeps here - they just get closer to him. Other tenants either will not suffer at all, or they may have much less bites.


Methods of struggle

Since the bedbug accompanied man throughout the entire history of the development of civilization, many methods of struggle were developed against these parasites, from useless conspiracies to powerful chemical insecticides.

Today, there are many methods of dealing with bedbugs, but not all of them are equally effective ...

Bed bugs have several features of biology that determine the specifics of dealing with them:

  • Bedbugs are temperature sensitive air in the room. Normally, they feel in the temperature range from +10 to + 30 ° C. At a temperature of more than 60 ° C, the bugs and their eggs die instantly, and at a temperature below + 5 ° C, insects fall into a state resembling anabiosis.

On a note

When the temperature in the room decreases to 10-15 ° С, the period of development of bed bug bugs to adult individuals stretches to three months. But at the same time, the total life span of each individual also increases. But the eggs of bedbugs at this temperature practically cease to develop.

  • Bed bugs quickly develop resistance to various chemical insecticides. That is why the manufacturers of chemical agents for the control of bedbugs are forced to constantly improve their products: bugs populations regularly appear resistant to the next preparation.

On a note

Fortunately, there are also drugs to which resistance does not develop in bedbugs. An example of such a drug is "GEKTOR against bed bugs", And he generally does not contain in its composition the traditionally used pesticides.

Remedy for bed bugs GEKTOR

The basis of the product is a thin powder of hydrophilic silicon dioxide, effectively destroying insects due to their dehydration. It is also important that the remedy for bedbugs Hector is not toxic - it is safe for humans and animals, does not cause allergies and is convenient for home use even by untrained people.

  • Bed bugs quickly migrate and spread between rooms. Therefore, the disposal of one apartment in an infected house does not guarantee that in a month or two the parasites will not get into it from their neighbors.

Considering these features of domestic bugs, today the following methods of dealing with them are most often used:

  • Extermination of bedbugs by chemical insecticides. This method is considered the most effective when using modern proven drugs. Most of these drugs are relatively harmless to humans and domestic animals, and their correct use in some cases allows you to get rid of bed bugs literally in one day;
  • The fight against bedbugs by temperature methods is very effective, but technically quite complex. For reliable disposal of the room from bedbugs, powerful industrial hair dryers or heat generators (heat guns) are used, or the room is frozen out at low air temperature outside;
  • Physical methods of struggle, consisting in the use of a vacuum cleaner or sneaker. With severe contamination of the premises do not give a special effect.

Today, the possibilities of biological control of bed bugs are also being studied. Superparasites are known that lay their eggs in the bodies of bedbug larvae. In the future, the larvae of such an insect or destroy the bug nymph, or an adult insect.

Moreover, a mold fungus has recently been discovered, affecting the settlements of bedbugs and leading to their death.However, the practical application of such biological methods of control is only being developed.

The fight against bed bugs can be done independently, and you can call for this special sanitary services.

An example of the treatment of the apartment is the so-called hot fog.

Independent struggle will be cheaper, but it will require serious work and, possibly, more time.

Challenge the same Pest Control Services it is most justified when a large number of neighboring apartments in the house are infected with bugs, and the treatment must be carried out quickly and simultaneously in all rooms.

In any case, we must remember that success in the destruction of bedbugs and the duration of this process depend on several factors, the main of which are:

  1. The effectiveness of the chosen agent against this particular population of parasites (a drug that is effective in one house may be useless in another);
  2. The quality of the processing room (if many places remain untreated, the parasites will survive);
  3. The condition of the room and the degree of infection of neighboring apartments (You can ideally treat an apartment with an effective tool, but the bugs will again get into it from their neighbors, if there are through gaps and holes in the walls, floor or ceiling).


The most effective means of independently getting rid of bedbugs

The practice of professional pests and those who hunted bedbugs on their own shows that in the ordinary case, even the most common insecticidal products that can be bought in the nearest market or in a supermarket can be effective.

To make sure of this is simple: you can buy the most inexpensive remedy, catch the bug at home, put it in a jar and splash it with the preparation. If the parasite dies, then it does not have resistance to the agent. It most likely also means that the entire population inhabiting the house is sensitive to this remedy and, if used correctly, will die from it.

Often, cheap insecticidal products sold in hardware stores are quite effective against bedbugs.

On a note

Situations when part of the bugs in the house is sensitive to the tool, and the other part is stable, are extremely rare.

So, in most cases, such available drugs are quite effective:

  1. Garden Malathion, Fufanon, Doublet, Medilis-Malathion - all this means on the basis of malathion;
  2. Raid Aerosol Products;
  3. Dichlorphosis different brands;
  4. Aerosols Raptor.

Other. However, because of their availability of bugs, they are poisoned most often, and sometimes they do it wrong.As a result, individual individuals form resistance to these agents, which is transmitted to the offspring and consolidated - a population appears that is resistant to a particular active substance.

But where bugs did not come across such drugs, they remain sensitive to them and can be successfully bred.

There are also insecticides, which are not currently resistant to domestic bugs. At least, it is not known cases when these substances would not destroy the parasites. These substances include:

  1. Lambda-cyhalothrin - part of the drugs Lambda-Zone, Get Express, Paragraph;
  2. Fenthion - is the active substance of the funds Executioner, Dobrokhim FOS, Medilis Super.

To date, these tools are effective against any populations of bedbugs.

Many drugs for the fight against bedbugs are available in the form of concentrates for dilution and subsequent spraying (economical option), or in the form of aerosol cans ready for use. All these tools allow you to independently carry out processing and remove bedbugs in just a day.

However, there are other forms on the market:

  1. Insecticidal smoke bombs (Samuro, Silent Evening, City, etc.), during the combustion of which the insecticide is emitted with smoke and penetrates even into the most difficult cavities and cracks. They are good because they allow to destroy bedbugs even in the most inaccessible places;Insecticidal smoke bomb Samuro
  2. Dry powders (Clean house, Phenaxine, Pyrethrum), scattered in the room and realizing their action, when the insect runs through the layer of the drug and the particles of the agent stick to the legs and body of the parasite. Good relative ease of use, but the fight against bedbugs when using only powdered funds can stretch for several weeks. This also includes silica-based powders - Hector and Ecokiller;A series of powdered insect repellents Hector
  3. Insecticidal crayons (Mashenka, Tornado, Chinese pencils), the principle of action of which is quite similar to that of dry powders. They are effective against bedbugs, but they act slowly;Insecticidal crayon Masha, when used properly, also helps to fight bed bugs in the house.
  4. Adhesive tapes are safe for people and animals. Easy to use, but with only one sticky traps bedbugs will have to display long enough. Well suited for bedding around the perimeter. You can also put sticky traps under the legs of the sofa or bed.Adhesive tape from flies can be used to make bed bug traps.

In most cases, it is possible to get rid of bugs as quickly as possible by spraying diluted concentrates or ready-to-use products from aerosol cans. Other types of tools are useful for improving the reliability of processing and as part of preventive measures.

The following are one of the most effective means of bed bugs, and of different types - by combining them, you can independently erase the parasites from the room in a fairly short time:

  1. Lambda-Zone (South Korea) and Get Express (Yekaterinburg, Russia) - preparations based on lambda-cyhalothrin. Highly effective against almost any insects, low toxicity to humans and domestic animals, do not have a strong odor;
  2. Executioner with fenthion as an active ingredient. Adapted for domestic use, even destroys those populations of parasites that are resistant to pyrethroids;Highly effective remedy for bedbugs Hangman
  3. Hector Powder (via the link at the bottom of the article you will also find a video where we tested Hector on bedbugs) - a preparation based on fine silica. Grass bugs slowly but effectively - they die after running on the powder. Maximum safe for people and pets;
  4. Get total - the flagship product of the brand Get, quite effective from bedbugs and safe for warm-blooded animals (the solution formed when the concentrate is diluted contains microencapsulated chlorpyrifos - a highly effective organophosphate insecticide);Get total
  5. Dobrokhim Micro - also on the basis of chlorpyrifos;
  6. Raid against crawling and flying insects with the smell of lavender is a very fast-acting aerosol preparation (here You can find a video where we tested this tool on cockroaches);
  7. Ksulat Micro, notable for the fact that it contains three active ingredients at once - cypermethrin, tetramethrin and piperonyl butoxide. Due to this, the probability of insect resistance to it is minimal;Insect repellent xsulat micro
  8. Tetrix - Dutch drug, the active substances in which are metaphos and cypermethrin. It smells strong and quite toxic to humans and domestic animals;
  9. Avalon on the basis of temfos is a professional tool used in apartments by disinsectors. It is highly efficient, smells bad and is sold only in large packages, which is why it is not very suitable for home use;
  10. And, finally, the usual sticky tape from flies - with proper use with its help you can catch all the bugs in the room, including the smallest larvae.

There are also many positive reviews about the successful use of steam generators and steam cleaners for bed bug control. Especially hot steam treatment helps in the destruction of parasites in the folds of mattresses.

The photo shows an example of processing the mattress with hot steam in order to destroy bedbugs and their eggs.

On a note

Various folk remedies for the fight against bedbugs and scaring them mostly ineffective. You can pour the baseboards with kerosene, denatured alcohol, vinegar for a long time, try to scare off parasites with wormwood or tansy, but this very rarely gives the desired result.

Also, no effect is given. electronic bug bugs (ultrasound and magnetic resonance), actively advertised today on the Internet.

And another important point: not a single tool, even the most powerful, without additional preventive measures, guarantees that home bugs will be destroyed forever and will not appear again. If one day the parasites hit the shelter, with some degree of probability they will be able to penetrate here again - in a week, a month, a year.

Therefore, let's consider the basic principles of preventing the re-emergence of bedbugs in the room ...


Preventing the reappearance of parasites in the apartment

Preventive protection of the room from bugs is to eliminate any possibility for these parasites to penetrate here.

It must be borne in mind that if the neighbors have bugs, the parasites can re-enter the room ...

For this you need to take obvious, but not always easy measures:

  1. Eliminate any slots, holes and other direct passages to the apartment from the neighboring rooms. They can be sealed with foam, putty, sealed with silicone sealant - it is important to eliminate all routes of communication with other apartments. It is useless to lay out in such "entrance gates" for parasites. sagebrush, pour dust here or pour kerosene - sooner or later, even individuals will break through such obstacles. If there are no holes at all, then the parasites will have no chance to get through them. Holes and slots can be behind the wallpaper, behind baseboards, under stretch ceilings, in boxes covering sewer and water pipes, in the ventilation ducts;
  2. Strengthen the protection of ventilation grilles. Sometimes they need to be replaced with new ones, with a very fine mesh;
  3. Glue rubber seals on the entrance doors, get rid of the cracks in the window frames;
  4. When buying used furniture, you need to carefully examine it, if possible disassemble, to make sure that there are no bed bugs inside;
  5. After resting or staying in hotels or hotels, you must carefully inspect things, bags and shoes;
  6. After visiting the apartments and houses, which allegedly can be bedbugs, wash clothes and shoes;
  7. Do not bring items, bags, suitcases, clothes from the rooms infected with bedbugs. In extreme cases, all this is carefully processed and washed before export.

See a separate detailed article on this topic: Preventing bed bugs in the apartment.

These measures may seem redundant. However, it is they who will save from the next long neighborhood with bloodsuckers, even if the entire apartment building is infected with them. Most victims of parasites do not even suspect that bugs can crawl to them on the outer wall of the house (in the warm season) and sneak into the gap between the mosquito net and frame, can squeeze through the socket or into the narrow gap between the wall of the riser pipe and the concrete slab. Or just “come” in a bag from the hotel where the head of the family spent the night on a business trip.

Bedbugs can enter the apartment from their neighbors through electrical outlets.

On a note

It is useless to try to protect the apartment, laying out in it odorous herbs or splashing essential oils. It is believed that bugs are afraid of themhowever, if the parasites are hungry, smells will not stop them, even if they do not like this or that scent.

Also it is worth saying a few words about the eggs of bedbugs. They are the reason why even after effective disinsection it is often necessary to do fixing treatment. The fact is that today there are no insecticidal preparations on the market that would reliably destroy the eggs of bedbugs - the shell of such eggs is an effective protection of the embryo against an insecticide.

As a result, after processing the eggs, young larvae hatch from eggs, and within a few hours after their birth, they begin to look for a source of food - a human being. If there are few larvae, and after processing the tool has survived on a large number of surfaces, then all such “young growth” is etched in the first hours of life and no longer bothers anyone. If the infection was strong, there were a lot of eggs and larvae, and the surfaces in the apartment were processed poorly, then some of the larvae survive, molt into the nymphs and begin to actively grow and bite people.

It is important not to let the surviving bug larvae grow to reproductive age.

That is why, as a preventive measure, it is recommended to re-process 2-3 weeks after the first disinsection. The incubation period for the development of bedbug eggs in normal conditions is 5-15 days (depending on the room temperature). Consequently, during the first two weeks after processing, all the eggs that were laid before the baiting, the larvae hatch, but they still do not have time to turn into adult insects (the average period of development of a nymph to a mature adult is 25-30 days). If you poison them in this range - from the second to the fourth week after the first treatment - then there will be no more bugs in the room.

Whether they will appear again in the future will depend only on the reliability of the preventive protection organized in the room. With a good insulation of the apartment, you can protect yourself from the penetration of bedbugs, even when all the neighbors have them.


Where do bed bugs come from in the apartment and how to deal with them


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  1. Nikolai:

    Briefly, but very succinctly told about insects.

  2. Irina:

    Here from the neighbors to me, it seems, these parasites ran. As long as they do not breed, we must take action as soon as possible. And with a neighbor together to declare war on them. Otherwise they will eat us ... Thanks for the information in the article! Very informative!

  3. Alexander:

    Thanks for the clear comments.

  4. Sergei:

    Thank you so much! Very informative article.He rented a flat, red spots began to appear on the body with signs of itching. Thought allergic to new powder. It turns out that he sinned in vain. Everything is much more serious. Today I saw these parasites with my own eyes in bed. Immediately useful to learn about them in the world wide web. On your site I learned everything in great detail about this infection. Tomorrow I will give battle to these creatures ...

  5. Vasiliy:

    And where can I buy this drug?

    • Tatyana:

      Help get rid of bed bugs, what is an effective drug?

      • Anonymous:

        We had, every weekend we were hounded by them ourselves, in the end we waited for all the sofas and chairs to be thrown out. They stripped the wallpaper, removed the cabinets and broke the wooden partitions, then called the service to combat bedbugs. At night, every hour we got up and also mechanically killed them. After the specialists processed the apartment 2 times for us, we still bought GETs and we spent money on ourselves. Fought for 8 months and finally won them.

      • Goha:


    • Anonymous:

      Where is Get for sale, please tell me?

  6. Anonymous:

    And what about pets? I tolerate the stench of pesticide, but the cat and the dog?

  7. Lyudmila:

    In her 44 years, she faced for the first time when she moved into a small family. I live in the north, they brought me from Moscow, it was Masha's pencil. Few hoped that surprisingly - it helps. But the little family is the same hostel, before they did not exist at all, after a small earthquake they appeared. Maybe just a coincidence.

  8. Hope:

    I rid the whole house of bedbugs and cockroaches with white powder, odorless, REOPAN. It was in the 80s, but since then there have been no insects in the whole house. And she sprinkled once in her apartment, but disappeared all over the house. And then this package was used by many of my friends, and all insects disappeared in the whole house. On pets did not act.

  9. Fedya:

    I also encountered this misfortune. Only I have everything harder. My parents are recumbent, and I cannot afford to call a special company for the destruction of bedbugs, since they are poisoned by gas. Therefore, I fight with them on my own, but I cannot bring it to the end.

  10. Mars:

    At first, I was also thinking about allergies due to coffee)) And then there were tramps on the wallpaper in the mattress. I hope to exterminate all, causing the "gas" guys. Good luck to everyone and no bugs!

  11. Yuri:

    1. Bed bugs - a world problem! The Internet is buzzing with the most diverse information on this topic. The abundance of this topic is outrageous, in fact it is a global conspiracy. The task is to create a permanent consumer of stupid expensive chemical and technical means of combating these insects and live by themselves.
    2. On Earth, everyone is sick and no one is protected from disease. Strange, but only bed bugs are perfect.
    3. So what can these bugs hurt and how can they infect? The Internet is not something to answer, does not even understand these questions.
    4. Where are the specialists of this profile, their voice and suggestions? This is deliberately not.

  12. Sergei:

    An excellent remedy against all insects is fenthion. When the code was being repaired, it was moistened with gauze with a solution of fenthion and placed under the baseboard: 10 years before the next repair nothing crawled into the apartment. The same tool got rid of at work.

  13. Inna:

    Hello. I have a question: if anyone dealt with bed bugs, do they have a strange smell?

  14. Alina:

    Oh, God forbid anyone like that. How a guy and I rented an apartment. Living there for a month, we found red spots on our hands. Then we saw an insect. I never knew about these creatures. And in the end, I started such a panic that I just slept at night with the lights on. In the end, we bought the tool and decided to pity themselves. After that we rented another apartment. I carried some of my things to my parents. And what do you think - these creatures turned out to be where we rented a new apartment and even from my parents. As a result, called special people. They all sprinkled. It was a horror of some kind.

  15. Natalia:

    And we appealed to the service for the destruction of bugs, they helped us, we advise.

  16. Evgenia:

    And where can I buy at least one of the funds, tell me?

  17. Hermann:

    I ordered the service, a guy came, he had an IP. I processed the apartment, in the end nothing helped. The phone is not responding. The apartment is almost empty. As a result, you will have to order another service. Pay attention to the contract and the company!

  18. Natasha:

    And I processed dichlorvos. Will help, no?

    • Anonymous:

      Dichlorvos does not help. All kinds of chemicals help, but as they said, the adaptation is very fast + eggs have biological protection. If you poison on your own, then once a week. Incubation approximately 3-4 weeks. But not the fact that will help. The best remedy is treatment with cold -25, then with heat +50, then smearing all lye and seams with a special solution, including furniture. But, unfortunately, such specialists have not yet been seen in Russia.

  19. Vasya:

    Intavir, pills, 15 rubles. One, but big, was enough.

    • Akniet:

      It helped you, please tell me. I have a newborn baby, very afraid.

  20. Anonymous:

    Iron ironed bed with steam.

  21. Eliza:

    Horror, we also have. What to do - I do not know, help!

  22. Julia:

    How to get rid of them? We smeared this pencil, Masha, and did not help, although we were advised that it was an excellent tool.

  23. Julia:

    Also rented an apartment, and there is one klopovnik, horror.

  24. Catherine:

    Guys, I remember as a child when my mother and I gathered beetles in the grass in the summer, the so-called "soldiers" (they have such a red and black pattern on the backs). And scattered them in the apartment! A few days later the bugs were gone, and the "soldiers", by the way, also - a mystery, but it helped!

    • Giza:

      Did you know that these so-called "soldiers" are also bloodsucking?

      • Alex:

        She, they are not bloodsucking. But, by the way, also bugs, these soldiers, oddly enough.

  25. Anonymous:

    I also thought for 2 weeks that I had a hives, and then I noticed black spots on the sheets and the mattress. Then it dawned on me, I found six parasites, looking for a means.

  26. Anonymous:

    Awful all! For several months, do not give sleep normally.Tell me, please, how can I get rid of them quickly and effectively? Wallpaper rip necessarily? I just recently made repairs.

  27. Anonymous:

    Vinegar helps.

  28. Helena:

    Corroding bedbugs is difficult, but possible. All funds that are sold in aerosol packaging to deal with bedbugs and cockroaches are not effective. True, I can not say anything about the delta zone, not used. It is possible to corrode bedbugs with preparations intended to combat garden and garden pests, such as INTA-VIR, ISKRA, etc. Thoroughly treat all the cracks, baseboards, places of the supposed accumulation of bugs. In addition, iron ironing on all bedding, blankets, pillow seams, iron the seams and corners of upholstered furniture through gauze, iron wallpaper if they move away from the wall. The result depends on the thoroughness of the treatment.

  29. Dmitriy:

    Appeared recently, a month ago. My wife had numerous bites on her body, painful ones, bites on me were not so expressed, but they were. I read everything in the internet, I decided to fight with the help of DELTA-ZONE, a very powerful advertisement. The result is zero.Just discarded money. Now only sprays, the effect is good. Fight against bedbugs to come. These are the parasites. Viable, their mother!

  30. Ardak:

    Also recently found guests in a mattress on a double bed. The picture is disgusting, I have never been bitten, but the feeling of itch all the time. They called a specialist, and I think this is not the end. I am also worried about the fate of my neighbors, and I simply can’t imagine what to do with the mattress. From dichlorvos they only scrambled.

  31. Lena:

    In our apartment there were bugs, we want to move. As for bed linen and clothes, I’m worried: can bedbugs stay in clothes and in bed, as if in a new place do not appear, please advise ...

    • Stasya:

      Yes, they can. Be sure to wash all things, ironed with a hot iron with steam and immediately pack it so that they do not climb.

  32. Lenusya:

    Bed bugs are just awful! How to deal with them? Caused 5 times, all sprayed. Useless, no strength!

  33. the Rose:

    Tell me, please, what means relieves itching?

    • Cimex l:

      Any antihistamine drug, it is better to start with simple (diazolin 0.1, or tavegil, suprastin).

      • Anonymous:

        Soda solution in water.

        • Alex:

          The most common naphthyzine, oddly enough. It is worth a penny, but it helps. Recently woke up - all the calves and lower in bites. I was completely stunned (I have been living for 40 years and got caught by those). I went to the pharmacy, so they say so. They offered naphthyzine ... and really helped. Itching and swelling noticeably passed through 2 hours. Of course, traces remained, but not so terrible.

  34. Natalia:

    The safest and most effective drug is “Ksulat C25”. It is better if the specialist treats, but you can buy through the Internet and spray yourself. We did not manage to withdraw themselves. They called, a woman came, and in half an hour without destruction everything did.

  35. Ivan:

    Damn, horror!

  36. Olya:

    In order to get them out, we tried everything, in the end we called a specialist, and the wallpaper was re-glued, and we added poison to the wallpaper glue.

  37. Sahro:

    We have moved from the neighbors. While found in bed. This is generally, the mind is not understandable. Mom bite me too, I can not sleep at night. Itching is the best remedy - diazolin, pills, helps. I don’t know what to do yet, I think I can change the bed in the bed.

    • Anonymous:

      It is useless to change, we put all the new furniture, so they came running out of bed. They don't bite me, but it's scary to look at children!

  38. Cimex l:

    There were also bugs) about 2 years ago, and they ate for a long time. I thought that an allergy, the end of immunity, even stopped drinking beer, then I saw bugs, and I understood right away. Brought himself: processing once a week, 4 times, by almost all domestic insecticides from all chemical groups that were in the supermarket, in excessive doses. Handled and starred for the day, the good I live.

    I wanted to fill the sofa with veterinary pyrethroids, in the summer there were about 25-30 + poisons in the apartment, but they were, in short, dead. He even placed friends on a sofa with bedbugs - he conducted experiments, in two weeks there were more! The main thing is to interrupt the development cycle so that the female does not have time to postpone it (multiple processing), and only stimulates them once.

    P.S. Dragged them from work, there is a shop for sewing clothes in the neighborhood ... Actually, the guys are cunning, for months on hunger, sometimes diving from the ceiling, if they can't climb like that. They are found in second-hand gear; they easily travel with you in clothes and bags. And most importantly, if you like bugs, not everything is so bad with health, the blood is not bad.Yes, and cats can be sensitive to insecticides, especially to pyrethroids. Antidote - atropine sulfate.

  39. Anonymous:

    I sit, I read your comments, but for me c * ka bug crawls!

  40. Olga:

    Hello, comrades in misfortune! Another, so to speak, folk remedy - I have a sheet glued around the perimeter with an insect tape. Not the one that in the form of a film, but in the form of cardboard plates with glue. For three days, they stick at her perfectly. Another week they just can not crawl on the sheet. Then you need to pereobkleivat. But there should be no gaps, and the sheet, the wider, the better - so that neither the pillow, nor the blanket, nor the hand, nor the leg beyond the perimeter would stick out. At the very least, you can protect children and yourself from bites.

    At this stage, I gained composure, peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night. Perhaps starve them. They hibernate with no food. But here is a live bait in stock.

    • Anonymous:

      The bugs dive from the ceiling to the upward warm air streams with exhaled carbon dioxide. They have a very good nose.

  41. Andrew:

    The idea is super, you need to try.

  42. Sanya:

    Horror, people, here you have a headache. I have not touched yet, but you need to know.

    • Alex:

      I also did not touch more than 40 years. And the other day, s * ki, all legs stung. Look disgusting ... That's it. Where did they come from ...

  43. Camila:

    I am tired of these parasites. And the move does not help, they are everywhere. I think to contact the service for the destruction of bedbugs.

  44. Daria:

    This is a nightmare, recently moved to the parent's apartment, they have not lived there for a long time. Two days on mosquitoes thought! True, she suspected that the bites were strange. The husband, apparently, came across - everything was examined, not found. And when the armrests were torn off the sofa - I was horrified! There were about 20 of them! All already filled with blood. From 1 mm to 5. What just was not. I can not imagine what to deduce, judging by the comments above - there will be a long war of people and insects ...

  45. Catherine:

    I have not seen a particular insect yet, but there is a suspicion about their existence. Children in acne, and it is very annoying. I'm afraid very much.

  46. Nadia:

    We, too, it's terrible! I do not know how to get rid of them. And the smell is, I can not ...

  47. Olga:

    I struggle with these creatures for the fourth month. Twice specialists have blinded.Then she processed it twice. Crawling anyway. Less, of course. There are no forces. What to do?

  48. Sultan:

    I got these bugs kapets how got it! Splashed sofas, cabinets with different preparations, there is no result. Recently, I started using only DUST. The powder is cheap, but the bugs have become much smaller. And another tip: do not rely only on different drugs, it is better to carefully inspect everything. If you find this creature, then immediately kill!

  49. Ivan:

    Bedbugs are gunk ...

  50. Olga:

    CARBOPHOS! Powder diluted as follows: 1 pack (30 grams) per five-meal. The solution in the trigger out of the liquid for glass. And everything, everything, everything is processed. All mattresses, folds, rags, pillows, cracks, gaps - pry, pry. Bedspreads, blankets soaked from all sides and in large packages for a week, then stretch (if there is a mode, then more than 60 degrees). Each fold when dry - under the iron with steam, carefully. Good luck!

  51. Klava:

    My daughter in a rented apartment also had bugs. They wiped out all the things and put them in bags for the cold, and then everything they could did was painted with paint that dries for 3 days.In general, when they returned home, the horror of how many bugs stuck and died from the smell of paint. This horror, it turns out, how many there were. I advise everyone, their bugs are gone.

  52. Natalia:

    We have got bugs in our apartment. After examining the site and all about bedbugs, we immediately ordered the drug "Delta Zone" and were very disappointed. Firstly, after spending time and money, secondly, that after the use of the drug, nothing has changed. Everything was done according to the instructions! I personally caught the bugs in the jar and put the cotton wool dipped in the Delta Zone concentrate. The bugs ran through it and did not die. After three or four hours they were still alive. They died only after I splashed Clean House on them (aerosol).

  53. Damir:

    Yes, these creatures are very tenacious! Appeared a year after moving to a new apartment. He made a complete repair from floor to ceiling, but he was too lazy to change the wooden floors, and put plywood and linoleum. All furniture is new. It began with the daughter's sofa - they found one, and realized that the war should not be postponed. I bought a raptor, a bottle from bedbugs, dismantled a sofa and found an army there. All processed, all gathered in the package and on the street.We lived for a short time happily, about two weeks. I took some domestic one, left the whole balloon on the sofa, closed the room for 5-6 hours, then aired the room for about 2 hours. We lived another month, wiping away tears of happiness, but these people moved to my sofa and me, It is huge and very complex in construction. Yesterday I somehow made out and began to extinguish them manually, including the larvae. Now I think, what to wet them again. Understand one thing that moving will not help, they love to travel with you!

  54. Nina:

    Helicopter fluid, everyone will die.

    • Victor:

      Nina, please answer where to find this helicopter fluid and how to use it against parasitic bedbugs? Thank.

  55. Anya:

    This pipets is full, I have been fighting with them for six months already! The sofa took apart - oddly enough, but I did not find a single nest. Splashed out a bit. Where are they, bastards, hide and multiply, I can not understand. “Clean House” - garbage, although it is praised, did not help me. Powders too crap. I sprinkle vinegar and some other chemistry, sit, wait, povylazyat, and crush them. More relatives advised Medilis anticlope (they helped), the price is about 500 rubles, waiting for a salary.Impossible to sleep, wake up at 3 and catch them in bed. Good luck in the fight against these creatures!

  56. Kolya:

    Bugs eat what to do? The body is buzzing, impossible to sleep. Three times baited the company - and nothing. After a day or two, they run again, without fear. Help WHAT TO DO!

  57. Galina:

    Bedbugs are a horror! I am 40 years old and I first encountered them. I live in a communal apartment, someone brought them to us. They called a special service, but a week later, bites appeared on the body again. Read on the Internet about the "executioner" - I liked the reviews. Bought, processed, 8 days have passed: silence, no bites. I hope I won, but just in case I would still call the service, they promised that the second time was free, but not earlier than after 21 days.

  58. Lana:

    Pure Creolin: I advise you to process the seams, they do not appear after it. That's just the smell is strong from him.

  59. Valentine:

    Hello. The same crap in the apartment was found. For three weeks the child itched, and I thought it was an allergy, until I combed it myself. I went to the hospital. They diagnosed there - bedbugs. We arrived home, found. Fought physically. Tomorrow I'll run around the neighbors.We will decide what to do next.

  60. Alicia:

    My boyfriend rented an apartment, and not one. So I got bugs. I found red spots on my body, I was allergic, I thought I was allergic. Went to the skin - if only hinted that it was a bite! Then at night for fun (and suddenly someone bites me) I saw flat insects with the smell of cognac, when you crush. Then she looked at the sheet and saw red spots - I crushed them in my sleep with my body. I can not etch them - it is clear that they have been living in the sofa for more than a year. Herb itself karbofosom, and then called the service twice. Disinsectors did not like the fact that I used karbofos, and the second time they were baiting in the service of the same thing - paid, do not expect 50% of the amount. She washed and ironed things, washed the floors with vinegar, the sofa peeled up the boards. And so, today mom has red spots on her legs. What to think? The smell of pest control has still not gone in 2 months. I do not want to think that it is necessary to tear down the baseboards, partitions and floors, as they write here.

    Who successfully defeated bugs that have already bred? And what?

  61. Svetlana:

    I also want to share my methods of struggle.To begin with, I’ll tell you that this attack appeared in our city two years ago, and refugees from the southern countries brought them to us, like scabies and any other nasty things used to be. Not that they cannot be derived, but the fact that the first and subsequent treatments require the right approach. Otherwise, they get used to and develop drug resistance, and they feel great.

    I’ve been struggling with ghouls for 4 months now. I started with Cifox, but I was too lazy to process everything - both the books and the cabinet slots, in the end they appeared again, and they did not take them any more. She threw the sofa, carpet, mattress, pillows and blankets. All new. And then for four months, every centimeter processed with different liquid poison. I took out the curtains, things are all in packages, I sort everything out every week, pour poison from the skirting board and walls from the spray gun. Then I treated it with AGRAN - how it stinks! But the ghouls died. And also, since I threw out the sofa, until I became convinced that they were not there, I would not buy it.

    I sleep on the floor on a new mattress, and like a little lad from the movie “Viy” outlined herself with Fas-Double powder. So these creatures were not suitable for a kilometer, and if you think that they will dive from the ceiling, then it will not matter how they get drunk, they will crawl away, and then there is a powder. At the same time every morning I rolled up my bed and into the cold on the balcony.I don’t know if my work has been crowned with success, but I’m not sure yet. Ugh, ugh!

  62. Anonymous:

    The article is interesting, written correctly. The article has probably already been written a long time ago and the Delta-Zone (the active substance is deltamethrin), it is possible that it is no longer working in many regions. As stated in the article, insects very quickly become addicted to bedbugs. In this case, to pyrethroid deltamethrin. At least in our region, it definitely does not work.

  63. Maksim:

    We got rid of the day with the help of "Executioner", lived with them for almost a year. They have not been 3 years and here again, it seems, they are. But maybe paranoia. We think once again, just in case.

  64. Anonymous:

    Dust will not help?

  65. Irina Iva:

    We had a month ago, today called, the specialist processed everything. Refer to the master who works for yourself.

  66. Cat:

    Chlorine splash, and then wash everything with soap and all problems. The main thing is that there are no children and animals.

  67. Alyona:

    How to find their habitat? I have drywall, because they can sit behind him. How long does the remedy affect them? I saw one, jumped on him, half an hour still alive. Sprinkled again. I looked again - alive again.Maybe the tool does not work, maybe it dies so slowly? How to deal with them in a wooden house?

  68. Oksana:

    They drove into a new house, alerted a large number of spiders. In principle, we are not afraid, but decided to get rid of. On the Internet, Temko found a good one, in which the solution of the problems is described, but it is advised to take a closer look - spiders live in houses if they have food, namely, flies, cockroaches, and BLINDS. Today I found a live flat bug on the curtains !!! I had to encounter earlier, in rented apartments, so I found out right away. Now I think to leave the spiders, let them fight naturally. Or poison everyone? Tell me ...

  69. Sveta:

    And if you heat the room with a heat gun, will it help?

  70. Garik:

    Guys, tell me, please, how to get rid of them in the closet, in the seams of clothes? I'm scared, I'm surrounded by them.

    • Igor:

      They are just like an invasion. Do not have time to appear the first bug, after a week they already crawling colony. Garik, you need to handle everything, especially in the bedroom. Buy an eco-killer and handle it with a wardrobe inside and necessarily wooden bed structures,and another room around the perimeter, along the baseboards. And look, do not miss their black maggots, otherwise it will be a continuation ...

      And all the clothes under the boiling water ...

  71. Maria:

    I run into them the 2nd time. The first was in Belarus - rented a room and the hostess secured some kind of carpet from the basement (she decided to decorate the room). Red spots appeared swollen. I went to the sanstantion, they said there were bugs. They advised to buy ampoules from Colorado beetles (10 pieces per liter of water). I processed everything and they died from the 1st time! Now she moved to her friend in Moscow and it began here ... And I can’t find it anywhere, I only eat it in powder. I do not know ... 3 days ago she was hounding with an executioner, zero sense. Tomorrow I'll go buy some powder, I'll try. Good luck to everyone in this difficult struggle ((

  72. Sergei:

    Friends, if you write how you handle the room (house, apartment), then indicate where you bought and the cost. And then I read all the comments, and no one said, WHERE you can buy it ...

  73. Yuliya:

    Hector from bedbugs - savior! Only he helped. Before that, they both called and handled themselves; nothing helped. Somehow I bought a steamer with a thin nose, processed all the steam in my room,and the next day, Hektor poured into bed and along the perimeter of the room along the walls. The number of bedbugs has decreased, it became normal to sleep at last. I hope that over time they will not remain at all.

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