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Chalk Masha from bedbugs

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Chalk Masha

Bedbugs - the scourge of many modern houses and apartments. These parasites have extremely high adaptive abilities, so when fighting them, various means are used: home-made poison, liquid solutions, traps. And also well proven in the fight against cockroaches crayon Masha in the destruction of bedbugs also finds its use.

Crayons from insects gained great popularity during the USSR. With their help, residents of apartment buildings were taken out in the premises of cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, moths and other undesirable living creatures. Melk was convenient to use - just like regular school chalk, and unlike most other household insecticides, it did not have a peculiar smell.

In addition, the chalk itself was perceived as something positive and with a small amount of humor.

Maybe it was in the qualitative composition or convenient form of the tool, but Masha’s crayon from bugs turned out to be no less effective than cockroaches, and saved more than one family from these harmful and annoying insects. Now it can also be found on store shelves and market layouts alongside other, more modern means.

It must be said that Masha’s crayon is still enjoying steady popularity. This is not surprising, because it is very easy to use, non-toxic to people and animals. You can use it not only to kill insects, but also to prevent their appearance: for example, if bugs are wound up at neighbors and can move from them.


The composition of the tool

Chalk Masha consists of only four components, two of which are auxiliary (chalk and gypsum). The active substances of the agent are:

  • Zeta-cypermethrin - 0.1%. This is an insecticide that is used to get rid of parasites of agricultural crops, as well as from domestic pests. It affects the nervous system of insects, blocking the transmission of impulses. As a result, when it enters the body of an insect, the substance stops all muscles working, which is why the parasite dies.At the same time, the substance in small quantities is safe for humans and warm-blooded animals.
  • Deltamethrin - 0.05%. This is an insecticide that complements the action of the first and has a similar mechanism of work. It has a similar paralyzing effect on insects.


Of all the substances of the pyrethroid group, it is Tsipermetrin and Deltamethrin that are the most effective blockers of nervous transmission in the body of insects. Thanks to them, Masha has such high efficiency.

Due to the consistency of the chalk, the applied substances are clearly fixed on the surface and are not erased from it. Upon contact of the bug with the treated surface, the poison enters its legs, and then through the proboscis - into the digestive system. Already sucked into the body in the blood, he begins to work.

Bed bug

If an infected bug touches another individual before it dies, it will also recover. Thanks to this, Masha works according to the “viral” principle.

Feedback on the use of chalk Masha:

When they noticed bedbugs at the dacha, they decided to act in the old fashioned way and smeared all the rooms with Masha’s pencil a week before the holidays. Crayon helped again: in two weeks not a single bug had bitten us. Only mosquitoes tormented ...

Alexandra, Samara

Poisonous substances of Masha Malka have an active effect within 4-6 weeks after application.

On a note:

Unlike most other insecticides, Masha's components are sufficiently resistant to weathering and moisture. Therefore, the chalk, being spread on the surface, retains its activity for a long time. But these same properties require the protection of small children in the house.

The composition of Masha and the form of the drug determine the specifics of his work: the pencil does not act quickly and immediately, but prevents the movement of bedbugs in the apartment and within a few days destroys most of them. With a systematic fight against parasites, he will completely rid the apartment of them.


Terms of use of chalk Masha

Store unused or started product must be in a dark place, because its active substances tend to disintegrate under the influence of sunlight.

After opening the package, the chalk should be stored in a dark place.

Depending on your preferences and room type, you can use one of three methods. bed bug treatment:

  • directly “drawing” with chalk;
  • dusting with crushed chalk (this method is most toxic due to the risk of inhaling dust);
  • Wet processing - greasing the room with shallow water dissolved in water.

Fundamental differences in efficiency, depending on the method of application of chalk there. The easiest and fastest, of course, is to process the room with a chalk stick. In the fight against bed bugs a pencil is enough for a room of 30 square meters.

It is advisable to work in protective gloves, especially if you plan to use several crayons at a time. After the treatment, the hands and face should be washed with soap and water. If the dust from the product gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water.

When fighting bedbugs, it is advisable to move furniture away from the walls in advance, check the baseboards for cracks and spalls. This is where bugs can dwell. It is necessary to shoot pictures from the walls, since they will also be processed. If it is possible to disassemble a sofa or bed to the base (solid basis), this should also be done.

In the photo the bedbugs nest at the base of the bed

Bed bugs nest: enlarged photo

Another review:

“When we moved into a new apartment, we were horrified! Bedbugs were everywhere - in the wallpaper and in the sofa. Bite us and a small child (3 years old). Thought to run out of there soon, but parents advised Masha pencil from bedbugs. It is cheap and sold everywhere. My husband sent us to my mother, and he himself pushed aside all the furniture and missed them everywhere.Do not believe it, but after 2-3 days the whole attack is over. Although, just in case, I keep crayon and periodically wear it for prevention. ”

Marina, Moscow

Before use, you must release the chalk from the package, leaving its bottom. It should be taken precisely for this half protected by polyethylene. Then the surface is coated with chalk. The bands are held in bold, in width they should be 2-4 cm. First of all, the following areas are processed from domestic bugs:

  • The entire room around the perimeter, the surface of the floor and baseboards, the lower part of the walls. If the plinth is damaged, then all the cracks are processed additionally. By the way, it is for such hard-to-reach or narrow areas that you can use an aqueous solution of chalk, typing it with a paint brush. Dissolve the chalk in a small amount of water to obtain a slurry, it must be sufficiently concentrated.
  • The back surface of the carpet or carpet.
  • The back surface of the furniture, special attention is paid to its bottom.
  • Bed frame, if possible the lower part of the mattress or cushions.
  • The back surface of the paintings.
  • If there are lagging old wallpapers on the walls, there are “bare” places of the walls where the wallpaper is behind them (bugs and their larvae like to hide there).

The main part of the insects should disappear literally 2-3 days after treatment. Even if all the individuals do not disappear immediately, it will happen within a week or two.


“When I lived in Khrushchev with my parents, everyone that was bitten woke up in the morning. Although the house is clean, the neighbors are all normal. We guessed somehow to look under the mattress - this is horror, everything is teeming with bugs. I sat down at the computer and read that they do not like the smell of wormwood. And my parents remembered that Masha used to be cured from bedbugs earlier. Bought this pencil, smeared everywhere, hung out the wormwood just in case. Not to say that right away, but after a couple of weeks the parasites disappeared. We found many dead and dying, and then they disappeared. ”

Igor Alekseevich, Tver

Example of bedbugs in the mattress

After 4-6 weeks, traces of the drug on the visible and large surfaces are washed off with a soap-soda solution.


Pencil Masha and protection of the apartment from the appearance of bedbugs

It is convenient to work with chalk and for the prevention of the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment.

Prevention is carried out in cases where bed bugs have already appeared in the room before, or if it became known that someone from their neighbors. Remedy for bedbugs Masha is perfect for such cases, because you can use the room immediately after its processing.

The algorithm of prophylactic treatment is almost the same as in the destruction of insects. The only difference is that it is not necessary to coat the treated areas so thickly, a strip of 1 cm width is sufficient.

In order to prevent the penetration of bedbugs into the apartment from neighbors, it is necessary to treat the areas under the windows and around them, as well as the box and the threshold of the entrance door. If there is a vestibule near the apartment, it is advisable to carry out a preventive treatment there.

After the expiration of the insecticide (4-6 weeks), it will also need to be washed off with a soap-soda solution.

Chalk Masha allows fight bedbugs small forces and without serious financial costs. The price of one pencil today is 6-10 rubles, and about 3-4 pencils will be required for processing an apartment. Therefore, if it is very expensive to call the disinsection team, but you really need a working method - you can use Masha's chalk.


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To the entry "Crayon Masha from bedbugs" 39 comments
  1. Bakhtiyar:

    Anointed, effect zero.

    • I need to sleep ):

      Once, about 15 years ago, chalk Masha helped a lot. Already forgot what bedbugs are, and here you are. Anointed one, caught and planted with chalk, waiting for the effect))

  2. Olga:

    Caught a bug in a jar, cut off a small piece of Masha (crayon) - the effect is zero.

    • Paul:

      Bought in Auchan. During the night, the bedbug rolled over, dying.

    • Anonymous:

      It was necessary to wait a day. And I also did this experience - I died. Poison does not work immediately, as I understand it, and this is good, it has time to return to the nest, and there, due to the effect, everyone begins to become infected and die. Smeared all the walls, floor, beds, wardrobes. True, it became a bit bad, I overdid it, probably) Well, while I haven’t seen one yet, I will wait for 2 weeks at least, the eggs will hatch.

  3. Peter:

    Did not help.

  4. Bolat:

    After smeared with a pencil, everything in the apartment became bad. Do not buy, dangerous to health.

  5. Anonymous:

    It helps, how! A week ago, there was an invasion of bloodsuckers (apparently, the neighbors were chasing), I outlined several “Masha” around the rookery and pretended to be sleeping. An hour later, he turned on the light and observed the following picture: insects that went on a night hunt, who stood in a stupor, instead of quickly making their feet, who in a mad dying rant crept barely barely bumping into each other.I caught some of the last ones and put them on the table for further observation, but even there they did not show anything intelligible, gradually fading away, lay down on their backs, one at a time and, pulling more and more slowly with their paws, shamefully died through the arrangement. In the end, having lost any interest for me, they were sent to an ashtray. And those who drove an Estonian skating rink did not stay in a stupor for a long time, but simply stupidly turned off, fell off and made a mass grave, first at the junction of the side of the sofa and, actually, the rookery, and finally, in the last point of registry, in the belly of the vacuum cleaner . It should be noted that this struggle is not the first. Two years ago, these “guests” came to me, but then I was in a panic, frantically flipping through sites, horrified by the lack of prospects for the struggle (apparently, the authors are employees of the company who walk and poison these and similar animals). And, finally, he stopped at “Masha”, but he started this business and therefore had to fight longer, but in 2-3 weeks they completely disappeared. What a pity that I didn’t guess to cut a piece of chalk, throw it into a jar and launch a couple of insects into the same kunstkamera! Well, I was not born for such research, what can you do here!

  6. Sveta:

    It seems to me that Masha is not in vain on the market for so many years. As far as I can remember, who you will not come to visit, it was smeared with chalk everywhere. This is now forgotten about this chalk! At the moment, bugs and a small child have appeared in my house for 2 months, the other poison will not work, so parents have been told to buy crayon Masha!

  7. Anonymous:

    Yes it helps, but you should buy fresh chalk and repeat after 2 weeks. That's only if there are mice or neighbors in the house, after some time (about a month) they will appear again. Allergic reactions cause, but this is probably the most effective of the available. Dichlorvos has almost zero effect.

  8. Eve:

    Tell me, I have a feeling that the cat ate this chalk, licked from the walls, although it eats. Help!

  9. Oksana:

    They used the raptor for bedbugs, and then missed everything with Masha, as it is written in the article. It helped! Now once a month we apply this crayon for the prevention of the plinth behind the sofas.

  10. Alex:

    Chalk helped me, I have been living without bugs for 4 weeks now! In the primary processing used chalk and raptor.Since the Raptor immediately acts (once processed everything), but instantly, and shallow gradually, but longer on bloodsuckers. While I do not wash the chalk))

  11. Lyuba:

    Masha well helps. Now use for prevention.

  12. Kristia:

    I’ve smeared Masha everywhere with small pieces, waiting for the effect)) I really hope that it will help.

  13. Oleg:


  14. Anonymous:

    Does not help! The bugs, on the contrary, were delighted with him; they ran out of the shelters directly to my side while I was sleeping.

  15. BB:

    I do not know how it will help or not help, but for the first time I ran into them. I will call, clearly, disinfection, so that at once, and then I will smear it with small pieces, I will smear everything, clean it up. These creatures got it.

  16. Alex:

    Do not listen to whiners - chalk helps. It should simply be understood that in the prolonged period. Not here to you "at once", hop and all died. Be patient.

  17. Denis:

    I walked a couple of lines behind the refrigerator and a table, after two weeks there were so many corpses of cockroaches. Helps well. For prevention, he applied more packaging.

  18. Nina Lesina:

    About 20 years ago she worked in kindergarten. We had one boy with lice, the parents did not remove them. I smeared him Masha's hair and tied a kerchief to sleep for an hour. Lice is gone. Masha - the power!

  19. Sasha:

    I go look for Masha. Hope will help. In a week I will unsubscribe.

  20. Marina:

    Sasha, a week has passed) It helped?

  21. kamola:

    Here I smeared today, let's see what will happen.

  22. Plain:

    Maybe I'll buy Masha too.

  23. Catherine:

    Someone was eating me today! I know that the neighbors have bugs, but for 30 years they have not visited us ... Perhaps we should buy a pencil miracle ... I only have a question for those who used it: what about pets? I have a cat, I'm worried, so as not to get poisoned.

  24. Helena:

    Zero effect of chalk, the whole room is already smeared with him, and bugs do not pay attention to him. Either the producers of crayfish began to make a poor-quality product, or the bugs have already developed immunity to these crayons. Although it seems to me that the first option is more plausible.

    • Ilya:

      Do any of people have immunity to the poison of a tree frog? That's right: no.The chalk causes paralysis of the nervous tissues, which leads to a violation of the motor system and subsequently to its failure. He does not act immediately - the effect must wait a week or two, as the bugs of the creature are durable. And you should not smear it right “everywhere” (the plinth, under the bed, the frame of the doors, around the furniture, the line of 2 cm is enough). Imagine that you traced the corpse into a small one, much more interesting is coming out 🙂 Today I’m going to draw a pentagram 🙂 Here. Naturally, they crawl from the poison, like cockroaches. By the way, dichlorvos is ineffective and activates the gag reflex - be careful!

  25. Helena:

    Here, too, attack, never had bedbugs, I did not even know how they look. And here on you, bite. I thought that mosquitoes, but winter is in the yard. When they caught the first person in clothes, they immediately got into the Internet - it turned out to be him. Then they found me in bed, in a crib, I have a panic. I wanted to call SES, but I can't afford it at the moment. I climbed into the Internet and read about mashka, bought, smeared. Two days passed: one was found dead. I will continue to wait, but still bite. In a week I will unsubscribe, helped or not. But I think it will help, because one was found dead.

  26. Alim:

    And where can I buy crayon Masha?

  27. Pablo4es:

    Who to attack with bedbugs, please be patient. I bought an apartment in an old house. I drove there already at night, began to wash everything, found bedbugs. A whole bunch, until 4 am ran around with a bag and drenched these creatures with my hands. I woke up the next morning — bitten by demons; there were a lot of blood on the couch and around. Well, I killed them too, naturally. Immediately went bought whiteness, karbofos powder (40 rubles) and spray. In general, he took off the plinth, there are huge gaps between the wall and the floor, washed all their cocoa bleach and filled the whole room with karbofos, two packs of powder were enough. All clothes and things packed in garbage bags. In general, it didn’t help much, the number of bedbugs was much smaller, they were not visible at all, but they did bite at night. He began to remove the wallpaper, and there is a whole bunch of these freaks. I also bought karbofos, took off the wallpaper - threw it out of the window and worked the wall and slots with karbofos. Later I bought a mashka (10 rubles), rubbed it on a grater and mixed it with water, filled in all the cracks. I bought foam and immediately filled all the cracks in the apartment that could lead from my neighbors. I bought a raptor for bedbugs (250 rubles) and took the trim off the couch, worked it all out well (there were almost no surprises in the couch, but just in case). All the gaps are covered with cement (250 rubles).I smeared everything in a mashinka (I slept in the bathroom during all the procedures, and treated myself abundantly with cheap cologne (bugs do not tolerate harsh smells.) The main thing is not to be lazy, if you do everything quickly, you can remove it from the neighbors I saw a bug in the stairwell - I was not lazy and washed my floor with bleach. I live and rejoice for a week, no bugs, no one bites (wild bliss) The apartment was saved, everything was gone, even though the stench was creepy.

  28. Dahl:

    Tell me, please, does Masha, too, act on the fleas?

  29. Eugene:

    Dichlorvos helps, but if in the next room drunk, then you need to outline your room with a pencil.

  30. Olga:

    If the owners of the apartments did not give them to illegal immigrants from Central Asia, who are breeding insanitary conditions and arranging transshipment bases for their compatriots out of apartments, then there would not be any bugs in Moscow. And now in the city a real epidemic of these creatures. I am among those who suffered precisely because of the “good” neighbor, in whose apartment the “clean” arriving family had made a real klopovnik. But then we did not even know what was waiting for us.A neighbor, seeing what turned her inexhaustible source of additional income, secretly evicted illegal immigrants from her neighbors and processed her apartment without telling anyone. And the bugs rushed to us! The month of useless struggle did not lead to any positive result, since none of the neighbors who have not yet suffered have done the same treatment. The people now greedy went ... "My hut on the edge."

    I started having a terrible bite allergy. I hardly sleep at night. The processing of my apartment by a SES employee did not help. In the neighbor's klopovnik, repairs began, and new creatures appeared in my apartment, as throwing away contaminated furniture, tearing off the wallpaper and the ceiling tile from the foam, the workers disturbed the rest of the living insects. And they rushed again to me. If Masha’s chalk doesn’t help, I don’t even know what I’ll do. In court for a neighbor, I will file unequivocally. At its expense, I will reimburse all conceivable and inconceivable costs, including for medications and for moral damage. Of course, I will fight with bedbugs with all available means at her expense. And if nothing helps? After reading the "horror stories" about bedbugs, I no longer believe that this attack will be victorious at all!

    • Ulyana:

      Olga, so these bugs are not from guest workers, but simply in Russia. I am also coming, but in our country there are no such animals. I saw them for the first time in Russia. So do not invent fairy tales about the fact that visitors brought you these little animals. In our country, I did not even hear about these misfortunes. I live now in Novosibirsk, initially there were none, then from somewhere they began to appear. It turns out that on the top floor of a neighbor is in the apartment. Why blame people when they themselves started up to such a state? It was necessary to carry out processing in time - and nothing would happen to you, and these little animals would have died long ago. You are probably one of those people who are looking for the guilty. Sorry if rude.

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