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The use of Phenaxine from bedbugs: reviews and instructions

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 Phenaxin powder can be used not only for the destruction of bedbugs, but also for fleas and cockroaches

Powder Phenaxin production company Agrovit is a universal remedy for bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas and other insects. Its composition includes pyrethroid fenvalerate, which has a contact-intestinal effect on insects, as well as a means known in the fight against insects boric acid.

Often, universal remedies do not always have sufficient effect against individual parasites, in particular, bugs, which are generally quite difficult to destroy. Therefore, let's see how effective, according to customer reviews, Fenaxine shows itself precisely in getting rid of bed bugs.


Phenaxine, of course, is well applied to flat surfaces such as the floor under the carpet, but as it turned out, bugs are found not only there. Another inconvenient that the slightest draft will spread this powder throughout the house.Crumbled means under the mattress and under the carpet, then the bugs died, but after a while again appeared from somewhere.

Julia, Astrakhan


Phenaxin and Fenaxin Plus: what means to choose to deal with bedbugs?

In addition to Phenaxin powder, you can find another product with almost the same name - Phenaxin Plus. Since it is being released by the same firm Agrovit, one would think that this drug should have an even stronger effect on bugs, cockroaches, fleas and other insect parasites.

Means Fenaksin Plus from the bear is very similar in appearance to Phenaxine

In fact, a distinctive feature of the drug Fenaxine Plus is its release in the form of granules, which are used in agriculture to fight with Medvedka. Although it contains a powerful insecticide of an organophosphate group called malathion, it will have little effect on domestic parasites, for example, on the same bugs. After all, bugs are blood-sucking insects and will not eat this tool.

Bedbugs simply will not eat the agent in pellets.

In addition, if the powder is able to stick to the extremities and integuments of insects, then the agent in solid granules will not be able to consolidate on the chitinous cover of the parasite. Buying means Fenaksin, this moment must be taken into account.


Phenaxine immediately attracted me to its cheapness. We didn’t have so many bugs (I don’t even know where they came from!), And I decided to start with inexpensive means. I didn’t like it too much, that it was necessary to scatter the powder through punctures in the bag: while it was scattered, it was probably inhaled, then sneezing began. But, in general, until after treatment the bugs did not appear.

Alena, Novosibirsk


Safety of Phenaxin Powder

As noted above, the Fenaxin powder contains a pyrethroid insecticide, fenvalerate.

In the composition of the powder Fenaxin - pyrethroid fenvalerate

Like all pyrethroids, this insecticide is weakly toxic to humans, but its activity against bed bugs eggs is also not sufficiently pronounced. Actually, the structure of pyrethroids resembles the structure of natural insecticides called pyrethrins, which are contained in the colors of some species of chamomile and from which, by the way, Pyrethrum powder is prepared, which is also quite effective from bugs.

Some types of chamomile contain natural insecticides - pyrethrins

The mechanism of the impact of these poisons on bedbugs is based on the disruption of their nervous system, followed by paralysis and the death of insects. Modern synthetic pyrethroids are fairly stable in the light,therefore, they have a long-term effect on parasites (about a month), belong to the 3rd class of danger to humans and domestic animals. However, in accordance with the instructions, at the time of processing the room is to transport your beloved pet to another place or, at least, try not to allow the animals to lick the treated surfaces.


Pyrethroids have a pronounced toxic effect on fish and bees, therefore, if you are going to use Fenaxin, it is best to remove the aquarium from the room for a while, if you have one.


Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of Fenaxin, it should be noted that it is effective only with a small number of bedbugs in the apartment, and the testimonies of people show this well. Moreover, the already-laid and well-hidden in the folds of the mattress or in the crevices on the wall of the bed bugs eggs will have little or no effect.

On those eggs of bed bugs that are hidden in the folds of the mattress, Fenaxin may not work

Bedbugs can hide well inside the mattress

You also need to understand that the boric acid powder in the composition of Fenaxin, which is widely used to control cockroaches, will not have any effect on bed bugs, because these parasites feed exclusively on human blood.The action of boric acid on cockroaches is based on the ingress of this substance into the insect and the subsequent dehydration of its body.

Boric acid can still act on a cockroach, but not on bugs.

Also, due to the fact that bed bugs, unlike cockroaches, relatively little move around the dwelling and practically will not carry the tool on their paws, the insecticide in powder form will not have a massive damaging effect on the entire colony (nest) of parasites, therefore its It is better to use in combination with any additional insecticide.

Nevertheless, Fenaxin, as a remedy for bedbugs, has several advantages when compared with some other drugs. First of all, we note the following positive points:

  • low price (about 40 rubles per pack);
  • sufficient security for humans and pets;
  • not too pronounced smell.

But the main drawback of the tool is, perhaps, the fact that bed bugs' eggs in places inaccessible for powder treatment can safely continue to develop, which means that after a while after treatment the bugs will surely appear in the house again.

If the eggs were not destroyed during processing, the bugs will soon appear again.


In his student years in the hostel had to fight bedbugs mercilessly, Fenaxine powder was poured on them (since it was the cheapest of other means), and sprinkled with aerosol, and the girls' bedclothes were boiled. Only until the mattress on one of the beds in the unit was changed, nothing did not help!

Andrey, Moscow


How to use the tool according to the instructions

The drug is sold in bags of 100 or 200 grams. One package is usually enough to handle an area of ​​about 30 square meters. m. (at the rate of 5 grams per 1 sq. m.). According to the instructions, to get rid of bedbugs, a bag of Phenaxin needs to be punctured at certain points and spill the powder through the resulting holes at the places where the bugs are supposed to accumulate and move: these are furniture surfaces, the floor under the carpet, the bed under the mattress, etc.

Phenaxin should be spread evenly in all places of bedbugs

The powder can retain its activity for about a month, therefore, in places inaccessible to children and animals, it can be left there for a long time. However, we all know that in a house where there is a child or a curious pet, such places sometimes cannot exist. Therefore, after a few hours after the treatment, it is best to wipe the surface with a damp sponge dipped in a soap-soda solution, and ventilate the room itself.

If the effect of the drug Fenaxin was low, it may indicate that the number of bed bugs in the house is clearly more than expected. In this case, you can repeat the treatment after some time, combining Fenaxin powder with another insecticide in the form of an aerosol.

In addition, we must understand that in itself no miracle cure for bedbugs will help if we neglect the complex treatment of the dwelling, including washing the bedding in hot water.


Interesting video: we test the effect on bedbugs of Hector's powder and fix the speed of the death of parasites


How can I get rid of bedbugs on my own and what nuances should be taken into account


To the entry "The use of Phenaxine from bedbugs: reviews and instructions" 12 comments
  1. Anonymous:

    The first time I ran into these bugs, and believe me, it hurts to tears for not being able to get them out. Help, please.

  2. Victor:

    Help get rid of bedbugs, so tired already to live with them.

    • Anonymous:

      A good means of executioner, dilute one bottle of 1.5 liters of warm water and sprinkle. If you have a 2-3-room apartment, then 10-15 bottles will be enough for you. Really good tool. And there is still the simplest option - it is dichlorvos.

  3. Alina:

    Already year 3 I use phenaxine against cockroaches. I recommend a very good remedy, it acts 100%, already within 5 minutes after spilling, cockroaches go crazy and die in the night. A very small amount survives, but the sneaker does its job) The downside is that it affects little tarakashek a little.

    • Camille:

      Applied phenaxin against black cockroaches, the result is! They began to die, only on the 3rd day the effect was asleep. These Chernobyl cockroaches, already on the 3rd day freely ran. The trouble is, in my city, phenaxine is all overdue. The drug is good, even with the expired term kills cockroaches. I hound these creatures in the yard, it works very well! Recommend. The most effective drug against cockroaches.

  4. Irina:

    How many people, so many opinions. Bedbugs are almost impossible to bring out. Only on their own. And about the call disinfection - this is an empty room, a waste of money and time.

  5. Novel:

    Hello everybody! I apologize! I'm having another problem. Needed a pair of these "wonderful" insects - bedbugs. Please share! I will buy for money, for rubles.

    • Ruslan:

      Hello. Roman, I can help. As the summer, with a temperature of 25-30 degrees, they appear. If you still need these parasites, write.

    • Evgenia:

      I can give right now, at least everyone, come and take it.

    • Alexey:

      How many boxes will you buy?

  6. Alexander:

    Tortured cockroaches.The old 5-storey "Khrushchev", 1 floor, the kitchen is adjacent to the garbage collection - the ideal way for parasites to penetrate through all sorts of leaks. What just did not try. The smoke bomb from mosquitoes paralyzes cockroaches only for a while. I tried Fenaxine. The instructions say - sprinkle the powder, but you need to pour where they are! Where are they?

    Somehow dissolved powder in water and bought a mosquito smoke bomb. Kitchen. Evening ... I closed the window, the doors to the room. I sprayed all the supposed cockroaches with a conventional spray gun, lit the sword and went to sleep. In the morning left to sweep away 2 kg of dead cockroaches.

  7. Elizabeth:

    I spent the night with my brother for a couple of nights, woke up the next morning - all bites. I suspected that these were bedbugs, as the bites were the path. Then I spent the night at home, began to fear that I had transferred the bugs to me, as I woke up the next morning with bites. I bought poison fenaxin. She turned the whole house upside down - it seems there are no traces of the existence of bedbugs, but she did find one. Can bedbugs be anywhere else? All worn out already, the third day I do not eat anything, I'm afraid very much.

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