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How to destroy bed bugs in the apartment

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Consider the most effective ways to destroy bed bugs in the apartment.

Among all insects that temporarily or permanently settle in human habitation, bugs are the most resistant to insecticides of various kinds and methods of control. In those cases when cockroaches leave the apartment completely, and ants die out within a few days, the bugs may not even reduce their activity. That is why today in the market of domestic and professional insecticides there are many tools aimed specifically at the destruction of bedbugs.

This is interesting: among the bedbugs, most of the species somehow harm the person. Many species spoil the harvest, some feed on caviar and fry of commercial fish, and only one species - bed bedbug - is engaged in direct parasitism. However, due to the huge number of species, bugs play a very important role in natural ecosystems.

However, despite such a weak vulnerability, it is relatively easy to destroy the bugs in a single apartment. It is only important to use the right ways to deal with them and start it as early as possible.


How to destroy bedbugs in the apartment: all the methods

There are four main groups of ways to deal with house bugs, which give different results and are used depending on the specific circumstances.


1. Use of chemical insecticides

This is the most common, versatile and effective way. Allows you to cope with insects at any level of contamination of the apartment, in any season and with different family composition.

The use of insecticides from bed bugs is one of the most effective methods for their destruction

Effective preparations for the destruction of bedbugs are quite expensive, but their main advantage is the need for only a one-time use: if the necessary conditions are met, bugs are unlikely to reappear in it after one treatment.

Homebugs very quickly develop resistance to various chemicals. In a large colony of insects with high probability there is an individual with a congenital mutation, the body of which is able to dispose of the active ingredient of a particular drug.Ate such an individual - already fertilized female, she is able to give offspring, some of which will inherit her stability. After a few generations, a colony will appear, on which the previously applied drug will not work at all. This is a kind of natural selection, and a person who regularly weeds bedbugs "a little bit" (today - a sofa, tomorrow - a bed), strengthens their own parasites.

Synthetic insecticides such as Karbofos, Dichlofos, Hangman, Fufanon and others have low toxicity to humans, but they can still lead to trouble. Therefore, the destruction of bedbugs at home with their help requires strict adherence to instructions and compliance with safety measures.


2. Temperature treatment

This group of methods of extermination of bedbugs is based on the main weakness of these parasites: they do not tolerate significant temperature fluctuations. At least they are much more sensitive to temperature than cockroaches and ants.

Temperature treatment from bedbugs: freezing or heat treatment (or steam)

The main advantage of temperature control of bedbugs is its harmlessness to other inhabitants of the house. After processing the premises, it is possible to return to it immediately, as soon as the thermal regime that is comfortable for a person is established.

But the disadvantages of this method is the difficulty in its implementation, and sometimes - the impossibility of it in principle.


3. Mechanical methods of struggle

Mechanical destruction bed bugs in the apartment they consist in banal crushing of bugs, destruction of their nests with the help of a vacuum cleaner, washing at high temperature of things on which bugs and their eggs can be located.

Mechanical methods of dealing with bedbugs are usually ineffective.

Due to the small size of insects and the inaccessibility of their nests, such a struggle is in most cases ineffective. However, if it is combined with the conduct of general repairs and renovation of furniture, it can give very good results.

In the process of evolution, bed bugs managed to protect themselves to some extent from mechanical impact. Crush a hungry bug is very difficult - it is almost flat. The absence of wings allows these insects to penetrate almost any crevice, and the segmented abdomen can change quite strongly in size with saturation and starvation.

To achieve the destruction of domestic bugs folk remedies is very problematic. Only when the parasite gets directly into the jar, for example, with vinegar or turpentine, will the insect die.In other cases, all folk remedies serve only to scare away bedbugs.

The most effective ways to destroy bedbugs using modern insecticides can be carried out independently, and they are also used by special professional services for the disinsection of premises. As a rule, specialists in the destruction of bedbugs do all the work faster, more completely and more efficiently than an ordinary person who has encountered the problem for the first time.

Disinsection from bedbugs by professionals - the most effective method of getting rid of insects

But their services cost more than the total cost of the funds from bedbugs and carrying out a disinsection with their own hands.


Rules for choosing the best method

Before you destroy bedbugs in an apartment, you must take a responsible approach to choosing a method of struggle. There is no need to invent and guess anything - a clear instruction has already been developed:

  1. We must first understand how the bugs entered the apartment. If from neighbors - it is necessary to find out from which, and either carry out an independent disinsection with chemical preparations, or call the sanitary and epidemiological service. If at least one of the apartments is particularly badly infected, you need to use the services of professionals.
  2. Only if at the time of detection of bedbugs there is an opportunity to freeze the apartment (the temperature in the street is minus 22 ° C or lower), you can independently conduct a temperature treatment of housing. In other cases, it is better to entrust the case to specialists (this applies to heat treatment of housing). If the insect control service has the ability to carry out such processing, the manager will find out the conditions when ordering and decide for himself which pest control agents should be used.
  3. If the bugs in the apartment are found only in some piece of furniture - a sofa, a chair, a mattress - then you can only process this item. It can be taken out on a frost for several days, process on the street with any insecticide, boiling water or steam. If the treatment will be carried out indoors, it is extremely important to ensure that bugs from such furniture do not scatter to different corners of the apartment.
  4. Mechanical methods of struggle are permissible only in cases when one bug was accidentally found in the apartment, or when a carpet brought into the house was infected. When thoroughly vacuuming insects are likely to be collected and disarmed.

However, in most cases, apartment owners find bedbugs and begin to sound the alarm only when there are already too many of these insects in the apartment and full treatment of the room is required.


Professional destruction of bedbugs: sanitary services

Professional destruction of bedbugs is a rather expensive service, but quite affordable. The processing of a one-room apartment usually costs from 1600 rubles, depending on the region and the service itself, and a two-room apartment - from 2000 rubles.

A huge advantage of the sanitary services is the range of their services: the destruction of bedbugs in change houses, administrative and industrial premises, complete disinsection of any object, providing extermination of bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, ants and other insects. Experts in most cases produce the destruction of bugs by gas, which is an aerosol that is poisonous to insects.

The room must be prepared for the work of disinsectors. Before you destroy bedbugs, you must:

  • remove carpets from walls
  • spread out the furniture - sofas, beds, chairs
  • remove items from the cabinets and pack them in vacuum bags for further washing
  • ensure the absence of people and pets at work.

There can be quite a lot of such nuances, but in services with good service, managers necessarily introduce clients to them and give clear instructions on how to prepare a room for processing.

All services for the destruction of bedbugs should be provided under a special contract.

Moreover, in the professional health services the composition of the apartment residents is necessarily taken into account, and when newborns live in it, pregnant women or allergies, the composition of the means used is adjusted accordingly.

Most of the drugs used by professionals are weakly toxic to humans. In addition, these same tools are rather unstable in air and quickly decompose, losing all their properties. Therefore, in general, room disinsection is a relatively safe event.

However, due to the large quantities of means used, they can still affect the human condition. Specialists of the service should advise the customer about the time of return to the apartment and further actions - washing things, wiping glasses and others.


Extermination of bedbugs by cold, steam and heat

Fighting bedbugs with the help of temperatures implies almost complete safety for humans, but it is technologically more complex than the use of insecticides.

If the bugs are found in the sofa, then it can be frozen outside or treated with hot steam.

  • Destruction of bedbugs by steam is usually done independently by the owners of the apartment. To do this, use the kettle with boiling water, which is treated with a sofa or mattress. Sometimes it makes sense to pour boiling water under the baseboards in small quantities. Also effective is the steaming of clothes that cannot be boiled in water. This is done in a large saucepan in which clothing is placed above boiling water in a special colander. In general, the question of whether it is possible to destroy bedbugs with steam is ambiguous: insects die in a couple, but it is very problematic to steam the whole apartment and not damage the furniture and wallpaper.
  • The destruction of bedbugs with the help of low temperatures is carried out either by carrying the furniture out into the cold, or by freezing the entire apartment in winter. Here it is necessary to understand that guaranteed both adult bugs and larvae with eggs will die only at temperatures below minus 22 ° C. If in a particular area such temperatures are not observed, it does not make sense to freeze bedbugs.

Important to remember! When freezing an apartment, heating and water supply systems may be damaged, wallpaper may come unstuck. Therefore, this method is not suitable for city apartments.

  • The destruction of bedbugs with heat is the most effective, safe and reliable way. When it is sold in an apartment with the help of industrial fan heaters, the temperature rises to + 50 ° С and is maintained for several hours. With this, adult bugs and their larvae and eggs are dying.

Within a few hours after the restoration of the initial temperature in the room, tenants may return to it.

The destruction of bedbugs with a temperature can be carried out with the help of a washing machine into which infected items are loaded and washed at temperatures above + 50 ° C. And it can also be done with the help of an ordinary car, which is left in the sun on a hot day with the windows and things on the seats closed. However, things bugs are found in the smallest quantities, and these methods can not be used to completely destroy the parasites in the apartment.

The main advantage of all temperature control methods is the possibility of eliminating odorless bugs in an apartment. Indeed, many chemical preparations for fighting insects have a smell, sometimes - very unpleasant, and freezing or warming up the apartment ensures the absence of such unpleasant consequences.


Five effective ways to destroy bed bugs in the apartment


Special anti-bugs, their effectiveness and nuances of use

A variety of household and industrial insecticides today - the main means of destruction of bedbugs. Different drugs act in different ways: some disrupt the nervous system of the parasites, others block their breathing, and others inhibit the development of eggs.

The most frequently used means are those that lead to the death of an insect as soon as possible. Below are some of the most popular and effective drugs.

Karbofos, one of the most well-known drugs, is losing its popularity today due to the addiction of bedbugs to it and the disadvantages associated with odor and toxicity. Nevertheless, he continues to be the leader in sales of bedbugs.

Karbofos, 50% solution

Executioner, a very effective novelty based on Cypermethrin. The executioner has significantly less toxicity than many other means.It is produced in Germany, produced in Russia under a license and is quite expensive: in order to handle one apartment, you need to buy a drug for 1200-1500 rubles.

Remedy for domestic bugs Executioner

Pyrethrum, one of the few widely used drugs with a natural composition. It is made on the basis of chamomile flowers and is a white powder, which is scattered in places where insects can appear. Can also be supplied as a solution. Its particles, penetrating into the body of the bug, cause muscle paralysis and death. For humans and animals, pyrethrum is harmless.

Pyrethrum from bedbugs and other insect parasites

Combat, among all competitors, a low cost. It is produced in Korea and is widely used by sanitary services due to its low toxicity for humans.

Remedy for bedbugs Combat

Insecticide is also an inexpensive tool, but already Russian-made. Effective, but toxic and requires strict adherence to safety measures.

Means for the destruction of bed bugs Insecticide

The list of all drugs that can be used in the fight against bedbugs is extremely wide. However, it should be understood that in each specific case a tool that has proven itself in one apartment may not work in another. And therefore, you should target those drugs that prefer to use professional health services in your area.


Interesting video: the destruction of bedbugs in the apartment


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  1. Alexey:

    These bugs are already all over the apartment, help them to destroy.

    • As:

      Figs get rid of them ((Such an infection.

    • Oksana:

      To process as much as possible an apartment with chemistry, and to process the beds and wrap with polyethylene along with legs, since they live mainly on the bed of a person. Secure polyethylene with adhesive tape so that not a single hole remains and that it does not crawl. Get a cocoon out of bed. And to sleep in this way on this bed, wrapped with polyethylene, for 6-8 months, until all living creatures, along with the clutches, take a break. Bedbugs can neither crawl nor live on polyethylene, and cannot get out of bed, and you will be guaranteed good nights without bites. And the neighbors should be involved in the fight.

  2. Anonymous:

    I was bitten yesterday, on the back a couple of bites and on the leg! I never had bed bugs in the apartment, I hope that I did not have time to breed. Tomorrow I'm going to buy everything to destroy them. There will be war!

  3. Ruslan:

    The second year in the country trying to bring: frost, poison. All to no avail.

  4. Daminov Kamol:

    Good evening! In our apartment, we need bugs to poison, we are looking for where to go. Thank you in advance.

  5. Christie:

    Recently I found these creatures in my couch, I was very upset and scared for the children! I summoned the experts, did not help ... I decided to try it myself, also without success.She called in specialists from another company - after the treatment they became like mad people, and instead of dying, they ran all over the bed. I had to sit at night and catch them. Here you have the experts, money can only be pumped out.

  6. rozslia:

    Upholstered furniture to disassemble, iron the mattress with an iron through gauze soaked in vinegar.

  7. Zinaida:

    I was saved from this infection only by carbosol. True, this tool is very smelly.

  8. Rustam:

    I can help with the etching of bedbugs. They also tormented me for a long time, called SES, but all without results, until I myself found a way. And on the SES spent 20 thousand rubles. And as everyone knows, there is a guarantee, but it didn’t cause much worse under the guarantee - after treatment it was even worse, they attacked more at night, until my friend from Nalchik sent the drug. I worked the apartment, and for 2 years I have not seen a single one.

  9. Marina:

    What means did you use? No one can help.

  10. Olga:

    Help, bite me only, what to do?

  11. Helena:

    It is possible to remove bedbugs only with gas, but not all services do it.

  12. Violetta:

    Looking for, looking for where these bedbugs are hiding. After processing the entire apartment stopped biting. Thank you for that! Were discovered only a month later (do not believe it!) In a pot of indoor plants in the ground! Whole swarm ((Dead. And nowhere because this is not written that in such a place they can be!

    • Oksana:

      And what service did you call? Or by what means they were starving?

  13. Ala:

    These creeping creatures only bite me. The summoned experts did not help. I do not know what to do. The whole body is bitten ((

  14. Anonymous:

    Do not withdraw, only if strongly poison, and then quickly make repairs and throw out all the old clothes and furniture. Although it is not a fact. They can settle around the house. And then it's easier to look for a new home, and better away.

  15. Anonymous:

    Has anyone tried the ultrasonic method? Should I believe advertising?

    • Anonymous:

      Ultrasound method is not enough for a long time, a maximum of 1-2 months, and everything is new. It only gets worse, bite even more.

  16. Sultan:

    How and to whom to contact? Already once the pest control was done, the bugs only became bigger.

  17. Alyona:

    Three days as a friend with things brought us these creatures, for horror I do not sleep, urgently need help. I just don’t know why Rustam is silent, why I needed your story about such a serious problem if you didn’t say it and if you were teasing us. You just had nothing to do and wrote and laughed at the problem of others ...

  18. Marina:

    Prompt, invited 3 firms, used fufanon, super sipaz, cypermethrin. Threw out the furniture, but already half a year of struggle. Last time 3 days ago. And here again, the child was bitten for 3 days. I ask for advice.

  19. Cuba:

    Bedbugs already got help, what means better?

  20. Oleg:

    I live in a dorm, bugs appear from time to time. They wander from one to another, someone poisons - go to the neighbors, and so on in a circle. This is terrible and disgusting, constantly tormented with the family. I am very squeamish.

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    Renting an apartment, there were bugs! Where to call?

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