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The use of boric acid from ants in the apartment

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Is boric acid effective from ants and how to use it correctly?

Of all the folk remedies for harmful insects in the house, boric acid is considered the most famous. It was used even when not even simple analogues of modern insecticides were known. And applied successfully and efficiently. The use of boric acid from ants has not lost its relevance today: it is still successfully coping with the orders of pests in various apartments, houses and industrial premises.

How does this tool work and how to use it correctly to really get the desired effect? Let's figure it out.


Properties of boric acid

Boric acid is a well-known antiseptic. Before the war, it was used not only for the treatment of open wounds, but also for oral administration.

Boric acid: chemical formula (H3BO3)

However, later special studies confirmed that with regular use, boric acid is excreted by the kidneys from the human body.slower than coming. And when accumulating up to a certain amount, it becomes toxic. The acid was replaced with other, more modern antiseptic agents, but it continued to be actively used in production.

By itself, boric acid is a white, crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless, poorly soluble in water. It is widely used in industry and science, for the preparation of fertilizers, in photography, in nuclear power, and in many more.

Boric acid is a white crystalline powder

We are also interested in its use against domestic ants.

By the way ...

At one time, boric acid was even used in the food industry as an additive to E284, but later it was banned from being added to food products.

When reacting with sodium compounds, boric acid forms borax, a salt no less dangerous for ants than the acid itself. Due to the similarity of the properties of these substances in different recipes, they can easily be changed from one to another.

You can buy borax and boric acid from ants in almost any pharmacy: they are sold either in powder form or in solutions and are quite inexpensive. However, to make enough baits, you will need to buy a few bags or bottles.substances, the benefit of the remedy is available without a prescription.


How effective is boric acid against ants?

Boric acid against ants effective due to the fact that it affects the functioning of its nervous system. After absorption in the intestine, it spreads along the peripheral nerves of the ant and causes serious disturbances in the work of the nervous system, which in a few hours turn into paralysis and death of an insect.

In ants, boric acid causes disturbances in the nervous system

It is interesting that even if the brethren eat the remains of an ant that fell from boric acid, the same fate will await them: a tiny amount of poison is enough for the death of one ant. If you find an ant's nest and sprinkle it with a complete circle with the contents of one sachet of acid for 50 rubles, then almost the entire colony will die.

However, if the location of the colony is known, it is easier to destroy it with a vacuum cleaner or boiling water. Only if the anthill is not found, should "play" with boric acid.

Bura from ant works in the same way.


“Everybody around the world is buying all kinds of spray cans from ants for hundreds of rubles, and then they are still tormented while they process an apartment with them. I bought five packets of boric acid on my mother's advice, scattered along the baseboards in the kitchen and near the bin and forgot about ants in general. ”

Ksenia, Teplodar


Boric acid for humans: dangerous or not

For humans, boric acid and borax are practically not dangerous. Moreover, they are also quite harmless for all domestic animals: this substance has toxic properties primarily on insects. That is why, regardless of whether cockroaches, fleas or domestic ants are present in the apartment, boric acid will be effective against all of them. Only the fleas are poisonous at the larval stage (adults feed only on blood and will not be able to poison).

Boric acid can only be toxic to humans if it is consumed too much. However, even a whole packet of powder (10 grams), accidentally consumed by a child, is unlikely to cause even a very weak allergic reaction. For a serious poisoning, you need such an amount of this drug, which is never used for the preparation of poison from insects.

Boric acid bags can be purchased at the pharmacy

By the way, the very poison with boric acid from ants can be prepared according to numerous popular recipes, and can be used in the form in which it is sold in a pharmacy.


“I thought for a long time and learned how to poison ants with boric acid. Finally decided.I was told that it is not even toxic to children. She made baits with glycerin, laid them out behind the fridge and in the closets, for two weeks they got into it. Ants did not completely disappear, but they definitely became smaller. And then I was advised to sprinkle it in the ventilation box in the kitchen at the pharmacy where I bought the acid. Here it is the result! Apparently, the ants came from there, because after that they did not see any of them at home. ”

Alena, Kiev

Boric acid and borax against ants are also good because when a insect is jogging through a scattering of powder, some particles cling to its paws and travel on them until the pest removes them with its jaws and recovers. In the same way, these nuggets penetrate into the nest itself, where even those ants that never leave the colony begin to be poisoned.

Thus, boric acid allows destroy the nest of ants even when the location of the anthill is unknown.


Recipes and rules for the use of boric acid against ants

In the simplest case, boric acid powder in the fight against ants crumbles in places of the most frequent encounters with insects.And just under the plinths, under the bedside tables in the kitchen, under the trash can, you can sprinkle it with the tool in any case: the ants will definitely find themselves here in search of edibles.

However, it is even more reliable and effective to attract ants to boric acid and make them either eat it or take it to an anthill so that its relatives feed with poison. To do this, use several recipes for the preparation of poison with boric acid from ants:

  • 5 grams of borax or boric acid is poured into half a glass of water, then 10 grams of honey or jam and 40 grams of sugar are placed, mixed and poured into flat dishes. It should be placed near the bin: such a bait for domestic ants is very effective, because insects can smell the sweet good.
  • 2 tablespoons or two egg yolks are mixed with half a teaspoon of borax or boric acid, and small balls are made from the resulting mixture, which are laid out where ants are most often.

Egg yolks mixed with boric acid are a good poison for ants.


In the last recipe, you can not increase the dose of borax or boric acid: the given concentration is calculated on the fact that even if the ant feeds near such bait, it will have time to carry another piece to the anthill before death.One has only to increase the dose, and the working ants will die right near the feeder, and the colony will produce new ones at this time.

  • In one tablespoon of water, add 2 teaspoons of glycerin, a teaspoon of honey, a third of a teaspoon of borax and 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, carefully move everything and roll the bait out of the resulting mass. The resulting non-drying balls can be laid out wherever ants can run.

Of course, it is undesirable for domestic animals to find bait and eat. There is nothing dangerous in this, but no pet will benefit.

It should be understood that take out ants boric acid quickly fail. At best, this process will be delayed for two or three weeks. But this method is effective even in the case when the nest of ants is outside the apartment. In such a situation, even the most powerful aerosols will be useless, but simple boric acid or borax will cope. So, arm yourself with patience and boric acid, and the ants will very soon be walking around your house ... if someone from their colony can still walk ...


Preparation of poisoned bait from boric acid and egg yolk


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  1. Nikolai:

    That was a long time ago. In the apartment there lived a pensioner deaf and with poor eyesight. Cockroaches ran throughout the day on the floor and walls. I bought boric acid, mixed it with flour (only for smell) and put it on the floor in saucers in two places. A week later, the cockroaches were gone and we never saw them again.

  2. Ramil:

    I confirm the effectiveness of balls of yolks with boric acid. So my mother brought cockroaches in her apartment. Previously, it was something terrible, so many were. Surprisingly, it really did. Sometimes only individual individuals crawl from their neighbors and that's it.

  3. Olga:

    I also had a lot of cockroaches at home for many years. And what methods did not try. But they were saved only by boric acid with yolks in the form of balls, and then they were gone within a month. Although the first 2 weeks after that it seemed that there were much more of them, at first they panicked, and then it turned out that they were crawling out of the most secluded places and carrying off their legs.

  4. meshanja:

    There were red ants in the apartment, could not bring anything out, even terribly expensive and terribly toxic means especially for ants. I bought a bottle of oleic acid, 1 liter, put in the closet. And there are no more ants anywhere in the apartment. It turned out that oleic acid is a signal of danger in ants, and they leave from where there is such a smell. The bottle never even opened, it is still sealed, though not tight. And I do not hear from her any smell, even from under the lid of the bottle itself.

    Wikipedia writes that oleic acid is odorless, non-toxic for people, and even found in many edible nuts in an amount up to 50%.

    Although it is flat. At the site, apparently, it will be necessary to open a bottle of acid.

  5. Katya:

    Ants, of course, were bred for a long time, but half a year they were not remembered about them later.

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