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The destruction of ants in the apartment

Let's see how and what can effectively destroy the home ants in the apartment

Those who have encountered the petty red misfortune know that the destruction of ants and their removal from an apartment are different things. You can press and trap tiny pests for as long as you wish, but their number in the room will not diminish from this.

And you can effectively scare them away, but after the cessation of the use of repellents, you will find that the home ants return as soon as possible, and their destruction will seem less and less promising.

However, the destruction of ants in the apartment is possible. Here it’s important not even the quality and quantity of special means, but the good organization of the whole process and the coordination of the actions of the fighters themselves.

When destroying ants, consistency is important for residents

So what should this process look like?


General view on ant extermination

Before you destroy household ants, you must:

  • try to figure out where the nest might be with their colony.If you destroy it, the working ants are likely to die quickly enough. Such an anthill will not necessarily be in the apartment itself: it can be located in the neighboring room, in the front door, even on the street - in the southern regions, and the ants themselves enter the apartment in search of food.

The anthill can be located both in the apartment and outside it.


There may be several nests and colonies of ants in a house. Sometimes in one ceremonial pest control up to 12-13 anthills are destroyed!

  • Coordinate their actions with their neighbors, especially with those in whose apartments there may be colonies. Ideally, you need to destroy the ants together.
  • If you do not resort to the services of professional pest control, then at least find out at the local SES, what they do to poison the parasites. Each city and even district has its own ant populations, some of which are resistant to different insecticides. Even before the ants are destroyed in the house, it is necessary to decide on the destructive agent itself.

In one apartment there can be several ant nests at the same time.

And, of course, the destruction red ants should be carried out with the utmost diligence and scale: laziness and hope on the “chance” here will be the main causes of failure.


“My ants started about a year ago. Frankly, I hounded them with everything that was on sale. They get poisoned, disappear for a month, then reappear. It is clear that they live with their neighbors drunks, and they feed at home. Then I learned that the whole site suffers from this evil. I went, I made an agreement with everyone, we threw off money, stained our apartments, and Alkashovskaya, and did not meet the ants again. ”

Alla, Moscow


Means and methods of ant extermination

If the locations of the ants are calculated, and all the tenants of the house are ready to destroy the ants in their apartment, basement, and even on the dryers, then it’s time to take the right practical steps. There are several methods for killing red ants:

  • when an anthill is available, pour boiling water, denatured alcohol or turpentine on it, vacuum it, or process it with a powerful modern insecticide. It is simple, inexpensive, but rarely possible: ants prefer to settle in very secluded places.
  • It is possible to carry out a total treatment of the apartment and the adjoining premises with an insecticidal spray, dust, or gel. It is always effective enoughbut in the case of ants, the result may have a probabilistic character: even if one anthill dies out, a new alien from the other end of the house will soon grow in its place.

The easiest way to deal with ants is when the location of their anthill is known.


The more neighbors living in adjacent apartments at the same time pickle their homes with reliable insecticides, the less chance ants will survive.

  • Or you can call the team disinsectors - from the SES or a private company. In terms of effectiveness, this method is far superior to the independent destruction of red domestic ants using aerosols, gels and crayons, and, moreover, less troublesome. But its cost is not affordable for everyone ...

It is almost impossible to exterminate domestic ants by freezing or warming up the room (as, for example, they do this when breeding bedbugs): if an anthill is inaccessible, then frost and heat will not destroy all of its inhabitants. If the colony is achievable, it is wiser to destroy it mechanically using the same vacuum cleaner.

But if it is not possible to mechanically destroy an anthill, and the price of disinsector bites, you should take into the hands of alternative reliable means to combat ants.


Means for self-destruction of ants

In order to lime household ants, today you can use a large amount of funds. But not all of them are effective enough. The best results in the hands of home-grown fighters show the following:

  • Insecticidal aerosols - their beauty lies in the fact that with the air they penetrate into any cracks, and they will surely reach the insects that live in the treated room. But if insects live outside the sprayed area and visit the apartment only in search of food, it will not be possible to kill all the domestic ants with such means.Insecticidal aerosols: act quickly, but often their action does not reach the nest
  • Dusts are good because they penetrate the anthill on the legs and calves of insects, which manage to run through them. Here, hitting the target is even more reliable, but the use of dusts requires patience: it is necessary to wait until the ants get dirty in the tool and themselves poison their neighbors. It may take several weeks.Insecticidal dusts: act slowly but surely

On a note

Everyone knows the pencils from ants work on the same principle (for example, the popular chalk from the cockroaches Masha). In fact - it is the same dust, only a slightly different consistency.

  • Poisoned baits, which include recipes based on boric acid and borax, yeast, as well as powerful modern insecticidal gels. Their workers, the ants themselves, diligently carry them to the colony in order to regale the uterus and the heirs. In terms of efficiency and speed of action, these agents are comparable with dusts.Poison bait with a harrow acid is also quite effective

The remaining funds will not help remove ants from the house. Traps designed to destroy the ants caught in them do not affect the viability of the colony, and psevdolushki, of which insects soiled in insecticide carry poison in the anthill, are typical bait dusts.

Ultrasound and magnetic resonance scarers do not work against ants.

Various electric scarers are ineffective against ants

And folk remedies based on strongly smelling herbs can at best scare away ants from the place where they are. Expelling ants from home for a while with their help will turn out, but to destroy - is unlikely.


Ant gels

Poisons for ants in the form of gels appeared on the market relatively recently, but they had already become more popular than most other means. Gels are very effective - the working ants themselves eat them, but they do not get poisoned right away, but they manage to carry a drop of sweet poison to the anthill, where they will be pleased with the rest of the inhabitants.

Ant gel Brownie

Anteater gel from garden and domestic ants

Insecticidal gels are also easy to use - they are simply applied in dotted lines at the sites of the most frequent movements of ants. In addition, insect repellents in the form of gels are relatively safe - they use insecticides that are easily neutralized by the human body and warm-blooded animals without consequences.

Finally, gels are available: one pack of gel, which is enough to kill ants in one apartment, and depending on the prestige of the brand costs from 100 to 200 rubles.

The most popular gels today are Brownie, Anteater, Globol, Raptor, Sturm, Fas, Dohloks.


Ant Sprays

It is among the aerosols that today it is customary to look for the most effective ant exterminator. Aerosol products are good because they can get rid of ants literally in half a day if used correctly. And along the way - the rest of evil spirits are brought out, right up to bedbugs and fleas.

Aerosol Raptor from crawling insects is also effective against ants

However, aerosols are quite difficult to apply. When processing the apartment with them in it should not be anyone, including pets. The aerosol itself needs to process the maximum number of surfaces, including baseboards and the internal surfaces of the bedside tables.

Aerosol Combat Multispray

After treatment, the apartment should stand for several hours, and after they expire, it is necessary to carry out a thorough wet cleaning. It is important not to wash out those surfaces with which the owners rarely touch in everyday life: if they stand for several days with the applied agent, the probability of the final reliable result will be higher.

The real stars among these tools are Raptor, Raid, Geth and Combat. The cost of one balloon is 200-400 rubles, and it lasts an average of one room in an apartment.


Dusts and pencils

It is easy to use these means: the powder simply crumbles in secluded places where insects love to visit. Then they themselves will be smeared in it, they will try to take off their jaws and get poisoned. Perhaps - they will do it already in an anthill. A pencil can even smear vertical surfaces.

Insecticide Dust Clean House

Buy insecticidal dusts and pencils are also quite simple. Chalk Masha costs about 15 rubles today, and the most famous dust - boric acid - is even cheaper.

Shallow Masha effective not only against cockroaches, but also from ants

It is possible to prepare original traps on the basis of dust: a poison is poured into a plastic lid from a can, and honey or jam is dripped right into the powder in the center.All the ants that passed on the insecticidal field and tasted of honey, as well as their fellows who are ready to share a delicacy, are not residents.


“When I saw ants in the house, I didn’t even think about it. I bought boric acid, poured around the bucket, under the sink, near the toilet bowl, and forgot about them. Probably, it was the scouts who immediately travaned and did not even tell their people that they had found a new apartment. ”

Irina, Moscow

However, one should not count on the rapid destruction of household ants in the apartment using these tools: at best, the ants will die out in a few weeks. But the process of their destruction will be very simple.

There are a lot of famous dusts. This Pyrethrum, and Clean House, and Brownie - they are all quite effective and inexpensive.


Call Special Brigades

Appeal to special services is considered to be the most effective way to destroy ants. Specialists use reliable and high-quality insecticides, they are well aware of where the ants themselves are found and where they most often arrange a nest.

The cost of processing the premises depends on the region and the promotion of the company itself.For example, the destruction of ants in St. Petersburg will cost about 2,500 rubles for a one-room apartment, and in Volgograd - about 1,600 rubles.

Appeal to professional pest control is the most effective way to destroy ants in the apartment


“No matter how much we took the ants, how many funds we did not try, they disappeared only after the call of the SES. The guys arrived, sprayed the whole apartment from special cylinders, turned all the furniture upside down. Know where the anthill was? Under the laminate in the bedroom! I had to simply tear out a piece, destroy the entire nest and cover it up anew. But one day, 2,200 rubles - and there have been no ants for two years. ”

Alevtina, Kazan

By the arrival of the brigade itself it is usually necessary to prepare the apartment well. To do this, furniture is removed from the walls, carpets are removed, cabinets are opened - specialists need to be given access to the places of the most likely presence of ants. And after the treatment of the apartment, it must be carefully removed and ventilated in order to get rid of insecticides on the walls and the odor - in the air.


Each service for the destruction of ants uses modern professional poison. The specialists themselves must instruct the tenant in detail about the safety precautions after the room has been treated, and the tenant must strictly follow these rules.


Mechanical destruction of an anthill

Physically you can destroy an anthill only by knowing where it is located and having access to it. Usually these conditions are not met, but if luck smiled at the owner of the room, the ants can be destroyed as follows:

  • vacuuming - it is important only then shake the filter into the toilet, so that it does not become another home for pests
  • boiling water - if it does not threaten damage to furniture
  • hands - even though it is disgusting, but reliable.

You can destroy an anthill found in an apartment with a vacuum cleaner

It must be understood that the destruction of the uterus pharaoh ants will not ensure the guaranteed disappearance of insects from the life of the owner of the premises: one of the fertilized females who is just waiting for this moment can become a new queen of the colony. Therefore, if you destroy the ants, then all at once.

But after the successful extermination of pests, it is necessary to consider reliable preventive protection of the premises against them. For this:

  • around the entrance doors, windows outside and inside the ventilation ducts, it is necessary to draw solid barrier strips with insecticidal pencils.
  • In places of possible occurrence of ants to keep dry leaves of wormwood or tansy.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the room, regularly do the cleaning, wipe the furniture in the kitchen and throw out the garbage.It is precisely garbage and unsanitary conditions that most attract small red pests.

In general, in the fight against ants, you can count on the full success of the event, but it is only important to approach this process with full seriousness and responsibility. Ants are significantly tenacious than it may seem at first glance!


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