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How to deal with wasps on the balcony

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Let's see how to properly deal with the wasps, if they suddenly decided to take a fancy to your balcony and made themselves a nest here.

The owner of any apartment at least once in his life may be in a situation when wasps are found on his balcony or loggia. Occasionally, the wasps flying onto the balcony in most cases do not represent problems in most cases - there’s no point in fighting them, it’s just enough to open the window and set them free.

Another thing is when these uninvited guests decide to settle here (or somewhere nearby) by building their nest. In this case, the wasps on the balcony are already beginning to pose a serious threat, because they are unlikely to indifferently endure the people who are constantly going out to the "fresh air" and disturbing them. Very soon, unpleasant neighbors will begin to sting all households indiscriminately: animals, children and yourself in the end.

Neighborhood with wasps on the balcony can not be called pleasant, because they can sting anyone at any time.

This means only one thing - the struggle with the wasps on the balcony should begin immediately. As soon as you notice that the meetings with these insects have already become permanent, you should immediately look for ways to get rid of them, not waiting for the growth of the wasp nest.

In order to remove the wasps from the balcony once and for all, you first need to try to find their nest. And not always it is located in sight and directly inside the loggia or balcony - there are a number of nuances ...

As a rule, wasps on the balcony settled in the fall. A young female finds among the rubble of old things a secluded place for wintering, and in the spring - with the onset of heat - begins to build a nest here or under the ceiling. In the event that the landlord misses this moment even a little, it will be difficult to get close to the dwelling of the insects - the os will become too much and they will be able to defend themselves.

It should be remembered that wasps can very actively protect their nest, sometimes attacking a man with a whole swarm ...

Most often, wasps on the balcony of the plant:

  • under the ceiling inside;
  • under the eaves outside;
  • outside under the window sill;
  • in pipes for discharge of rain water;
  • between the walls and cladding - both inside and outside;
  • with a large amount of trash - right among it.

The photo shows an example of a wasp nest.

Despite the variety of places suitable for building a nest, finding its location is usually not very difficult: to understandwhere to look for the dwelling of insects, it is enough just to sit motionless for half an hour on the balcony and watch exactly where the wasps fly into. If such observations did not help, then most likely the nest is located somewhere outside, and you should watch the wasps from the window.

If, after observing the wasps, you could not see their nest, it may be located outside the balcony.

An example of a wasp nest under the eaves of the balcony.

But to begin to disassemble the trash on the balcony or move the trim in search of a nest should not be categorically: the wasps can suddenly attack. For a successful outcome of the fight against insects, it is necessary to advance at least approximately the location of their nest, but you need to look for it carefully.

On a note

Wasp nest at the very beginning looks like a small cone-shaped greyish impression with honeycombs attached to the ceiling or wall. In the cracks or pipes it is not visible at all, but it is noticeable how insects constantly fly in and out.

In the photo - wasp nests at different stages of construction:

The photo shows the initial stage of construction of the wasp nest.

Insects make their nest of paper-like mass, so these wasps are called paper.


Hornet's nest on the balcony: basic methods of destruction

So, suppose that the first task was successfully completed: the nest of the wasps was either already found, or there is a clear idea where it is located. Now you need to destroy it. Moreover, it is to destroy, and not to humanely remove and carry away, because in the latter case there is a high risk of suffering from bites (with a large number of them, it can even be life-threatening).

No matter how you want to remove the wasp nest from the balcony quickly and painlessly, be prepared for the fact that the insects do not simply retreat, and they can seriously bite you.

Just to drive out the wasps from the balcony, waving, for example, a newspaper, will not work: they will defend their nest to the last. Insects can either destroy or capitulate and leave the balcony in their power.

How can you get rid of the wasp nest on the balcony? There are several effective ways to stay in detail.

The first - one of the longest ways to fight - to poison themselves themselves wasps. It will take a few days (or even weeks), but it is well suited in the event that the owners rarely visit the balcony.

To remove insects in this way, take a simple stick, a tin or a plastic bottle, in the walls of which large holes are cut. A half-glass of beer is poured into an improvised manger and honey is added (you can also do without beer, the main thing here is the sweet bait). It also adds half a teaspoon of borax or boric acid (they play the role of poison), after which all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

At night, when the wasps are inactive, the feeder with a poisoned bait is installed near their nest, and the door to the balcony closes tightly.If in a few days the whole bait is eaten and the live wasps still remain, you will need to add another portion of the mixture to the feeder.

Boric acid is toxic not only for cockroaches, but also for wasps, so poison poison baits can be prepared on its basis.

Practice shows that sooner or later (as a rule, it takes a week or two), all wasps, without exception, die. Incidentally, they also feed their larvae and uterus with poison bait.

This method of breeding can be applied even if the wasps are infested in the attic.

Especially often wasps build their nests in the attics of wooden houses.

The second method of dealing with wasps on the balcony is burning a nest. This method is understandably extremely fire hazardous (the nest will burn with a large flame), so it is reasonable to use it only in cases when the dwelling is suspended, for example, on the outer concrete wall of the balcony or under the ceiling away from plastic wall paneling and wallpaper.


Wasp nest burning - although the most effective way to destroy, but at the same time, the most dangerous. You can not use it if there is paper nearby (including wallpaper), wood and furniture, plastic, textiles, carpets.

In order to implement this method of disposing of wasps within the balcony, in the evening you can pour gasoline or kerosene into the bottle of household chemicals, and close the container with a spray lid.The wasp nest is almost paper-based, and therefore it flares up quickly enough - it is only necessary to sprinkle it with a combustible composition at night and immediately set it on fire.

The third method is fairly fast and fireproof, but requiring some dexterity is drowning the nest in the water.

The method of drowning a wasp nest in a bucket is quite difficult to perform, but quite effective.

It is worth noting that this method of dealing with wasps has one feature: the house of insects must be attached in the middle of a flat ceiling, otherwise it will be problematic to implement the method.

To bring the wasps out of the balcony by this method, a bucket is taken, filled to the brim with water and at night rises so that its edges rest against the ceiling and the nest is completely submerged in water. Within a few hours, the container with water should fit snugly to the ceiling, therefore, as a rule, it is supported from below by some suitable height object - for example, an ordinary stepladder.


Before you remove the bucket, you should still hedge and knock on it with a hard object. If the buzz of the wasps is not heard after that, it means they died. Otherwise, lowering the bucket is very dangerous!

Make sure the wasps are already dead before cleaning the bucket with water.

By the way, this method can also be successfully used in a country cottage, if, for example, a nest of hornets appears there - the closest relatives of the wasps.In addition, along with the first method of destruction, the third can also be used to remove wasps from the attic.

Hornets or wasps who settled in the attic can also be destroyed with a bucket of water.

And finally, the last of the most effective ways of exterminating wasps is the use of insecticidal agents against them. This method is very effective, but somewhat time consuming.

A tight and necessarily sealed (without holes) plastic bag is taken into which a little bit of any powerful agent from wasps is poured (you can read about them a little lower). At night, the bag is put on the nest, and the neck of the polyethylene trap is attached with scotch tape to the surface around it so that the wasps cannot get out. Insects will die in a few hours, so hurry to check the effectiveness of this method is not worth it.

There are quite a few insecticidal drugs that are suitable for the destruction of wasps.

After the destruction of the wasps in any way, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is always necessary to check whether there are any living insects left in the nest. To do this, just knock on it with a long stick or metal bar.


Means to bait wasps

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when wasps are brought up on the balcony is their extermination by insecticidal chemicals.

To date, quite a lot of these drugs are being produced, and some can be used as a poison. insect repellents. Here, for example, some of them:

  • Karbofos - the drug is relatively inexpensive, but effective (although it has a strong unpleasant odor);A little outdated means for the destruction of insects - well-known Karbofos.
  • Geth - a powerful modern insecticide, odorless and relatively safe for humans;The modern insecticidal drug Get is also well suited for the destruction of wasps.
  • Tetrix or Cucaracha is one of the most powerful tools, but finding them on sale is not easy, they are expensive and smell very strong;Means of professional disinsection Tetriks
  • Sinusan;The drug from insects Sinuzan
  • Microcin;Means Microcin Plus
  • Minap 22;Insect repellent Minap 22
  • Delta Zone;Microencapsulated Suspension Delta Zone
  • Cucaracha;Insecticidal Cucaracha
  • Executioner.Drug executioner

And etc.

An important point, which is worth paying special attention to, is that for the control of wasps on the balcony, it is better to use liquid concentrates that are diluted in water for subsequent spraying in the form of a spray, or aerosols ready for use.

To combat wasps on the balcony, it is best to use an insecticidal solution, or an aerosol product already ready for use in a can.

But the powders here, alas, will not work (you will not sprinkle the nest with them, but the powders may be suitable for the preparation of poisoned baits).

In order to drive out wasps from a balcony or loggia, you can also use some standard garden preparations to protect plants from pests.

If you like the option of cooking poisoned baits, then for this you can add all the same insecticides to the sweet syrup: Geth, Delta-Zone, Cucaracha. Gels from cockroaches are also good, with which you can simply anoint in several places near the nest. Adult wasps will eat the poison themselves, as well as bring it into their home for feeding the larvae and the uterus.


Safety rules for the destruction of wasps on the balcony

Fighting wasps on the balcony, no matter what method was used for this purpose, the event is not safe. Insects are ready to protect the nest even at the cost of their own lives, and for a person multiple bites can be fraught with serious consequences.

Starting a fight with wasps on the balcony, do not forget to protect yourself from their bites in advance.

That is why, in order to avoid attack, all work on the removal of wasps should be carried out:

  • in maximally closed clothes, gloves and, preferably, a beekeeper's mask;
  • at night, when the wasps are inactive and poorly seen;
  • quickly so that insects do not have time to react;
  • when the door to the apartment is open, so that in the event of an attack, the os was always ready to retreat.

If something went wrong according to the plan, and the wasps began to attack, you need to immediately run into the room and close the door behind you. After half an hour-an-hour the insects will calm down, and the attempt can be repeated.


How to get rid of a wasp accidentally flown on the balcony?

If a wasp flew on your closed balcony by accident, it should not be killed: it will not cause any harm, but on the street there will be a lot of benefit from it.

A wasp that accidentally flew onto a balcony is best to simply release it back onto the street.

A single wasp is very easy to catch and release. To do this, it is enough to take an empty matchbox, cover it with a wasp on a glass or wall and, without moving the box away from the surface, close it. To open it, respectively, you need already outside the window so that the insect can fly away.

Similarly, the wasp can be caught with an empty glass jar. Sometimes you do not even need to use the lid, but rather just quickly expose the jar with the wasp to the window.


What to do to prevent wasps on the balcony from now on

As you can see, the removal of wasps is quite a laborious process. Therefore, as in many other areas, it is much easier to prevent a probable problem than to fix it in fact.

For the prevention of the appearance of wasps on the balcony, you should just follow some simple rules:

  • prevent the accumulation of old unwanted things on the loggia or balcony,among which the wasps successfully hide or find comfortable places for the nest;
  • cover all the gaps between the walls and cladding;
  • install a thin grate outside the pipe to drain the water;
  • if the balcony is open, regularly visit it and inspect the ceilings and walls.

In general, the wasps on the well-groomed, clean and glazed balconies just physically can not settle. So make certain conclusions and always keep clean not only your apartment, but also the balcony!


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  1. Vyacheslav:

    Catch wasps and hornets should be very simple. We take a 1.5-liter bottle, cut off the conical part of the bottle, grabbing, for example, 1 cm of the cylindrical part. Turn the cut conical part of the bottle upside down with the neck (remove the lid) and insert it into the rest of the bottle, naturally, with the neck in the direction of the bottom. The edges of the connected parts must match. Secure the connection if it does not hold. Although with a thoughtful cut, the docking will be tight. Pierce a hole or two at the point of contact between the parts, skip a wire or string, tighten and tie up the wasps, hornets near the location of the flight. This may be a balcony, a vine bush. Before the suspension, pour the compote into the trap, it can be sour. All wasps, flies, hornets will be there. Not a single one has come out of there, the mind was not enough to fly to the center of the neck.Many drown (half a bottle pour compote), flies climb on the edge of the bottle up, run into the conical part and shout (buzz): "I'm here, save!" They do not "drink" narrow-minded beer, only according to the USSR recipes.

  2. Anonymous:

    On the balcony under the floor of the nest, how to get rid of? Paul disassemble or what? Fly, even attention to me zero! As to my home, somewhere 4-5 saw how much more - I do not know.

  3. Mike:

    Vacuum cleaner to help.

  4. Irina:

    You can "stir" nests in the winter? When they hibernate.

  5. Alexander:

    I do not have a balcony, but there is an attic where unwanted neighbors settled this year. I heard that burning the wasp nest is the fastest and most efficient way, but did not risk it, the house was erected from a log house. Applied the chemical "Executioner". I had to process it twice, but I won the wasps.

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