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Review of the most effective against wasps and hornets

Let's try to figure out which is the best way to choose a remedy against wasps and hornets, if these insects began to pester you in the country house or apiary ...

In everyday life, especially for urban residents, it is necessary to look for an effective remedy for wasps and hornets much less often than, for example, trying to find a drug for cockroaches. As a rule, one has to think about how one can poison the hornets, it is necessary for the dacha lovers, and especially the beekeepers (several dozen hornets in just a couple of hours can completely destroy the many thousands of bee families).

Asian hornets are thunderstorms of local beekeepers, since only a few individuals can destroy a whole bee family

Poison for wasps and hornets can be useful even when especially “impudent” insects decide to build their nest inside the premises or in close proximity to them. In this case, such close proximity of insects with humans can be simply dangerous to health, especially for young children.

If the hornets' nest is located in an economic building, then this may be a direct threat to people entering it.

Considering the fact that bites of hornets and wasps (even single ones) can sometimes lead to severe intoxication, and in rare cases even to death,It is desirable to destroy the nests of these insects as soon as possible, without waiting until one day they suddenly perceive a man as a threat and attack him. At the same time, it is possible to kill hornets and wasps directly by insecticidal agents, or by combining them with mechanical destruction of the nest.


Insecticides against stinging insects

Not every insecticidal agent sold in the nearest household or garden store can kill a hornet or a wasp. When choosing, it is advisable to focus on modern insect drugs, most of which have a wide spectrum of action.

Among the many universal remedies, it is possible to single out some that are quite suitable for use in practice:

  • Karbofos is an inexpensive and reasonably safe drug based on the organophosphorus insecticide of the same name, which is often used to fight cockroaches, Colorado beetles and bedbugs. Requires dilution in water, it can be sold in liquid form in cans, and in the form of powder in bags.As a means for the destruction of hornets, it is possible to use the time-tested Karbofos powder.
  • Chlorpyrifos-based insecticides with a contact action. On the basis of this compound, for example, Get, Agran, Xulat, Dobrokhim Micro, Dursban, Fosban, Tzipi Lux, Sinuzan, etc. are produced from insects.All of these drugs can also be used as a remedy against hornets in the concentrations indicated in the instructions.Get modern insect repellent
  • The executioner is also a fairly effective insect repellent with a wide spectrum of action. The amount of the drug that will be needed to prepare poison for hornets and wasps will be limited in most cases to literally 2-3 bottles for a total of about 200-300 rubles.The insect repeller can also be used as a hangman to kill hornets and wasps.
  • Tetriks - a professional means of disinsection of the Dutch production. It is sold in our country in bulk and mainly only to professional insect extermination services. In small quantities, purchasing it can be problematic.Means Tetriks is more suitable for use by professional pest control, as it has increased toxicity to humans.
  • Aerosol products such as Raid, Combat, Raptor, Dichlorvos Neo and the like are sold in many hardware stores, but their use involves direct contact with the nest. Killing hornets or wasps with aerosols will not work out instantly, therefore usually the agent is first released from a balloon into a plastic bag, which is then quickly put on the nest and tied. Aerosol products are best sprayed in a plastic bag, which is then put on the nest of hornets or wasps.

Any poison in the fight against hornets or wasps should be used very carefully: remember that these insects are able to very actively protect their nest, attacking the whole swarm.

It is necessary to apply means against hornets and wasps carefully, as the angry insects can attack with all swarm.

If there is no nest on the plot, then it is advisable to use special poisoned baits for hornets and wasps (more on this below).

If a nest is found, it is better to destroy it in the dark when insects are inactive: you need to come to the nest at night with the product already diluted or with an aerosol can and garbage bag of a size that accommodates the insects.

The first possible option is when the nest is hanging on a tree branch.

The photo shows the nest of hornets on a tree branch.

In this case, the poison is poured or sprayed into the bag, after which it is put on the hornet or hornet’s nest from below. Then the neck of the bag is quickly tied at the place where the nest is attached to the branch, so that its inhabitants do not fly apart.

The second option - the location of the nest on the ceiling of the outbuilding. In this case, the technology is almost the same, the main difference lies only in the fact that the garbage bag is not tied up at the same time, but is glued to the ceiling with tape.

Hornet nests on the ceiling

And this is an example of hornet nests; they can be much larger than the wasp, which requires the use of large-volume packages.

The third option (the simplest) is if the nest is in a hollow tree or hole. In these cases, the insecticidal agent is quickly poured into these openings, after which the entrances to them are immediately sealed with padding polyester, tow or rags, which are also slightly saturated with poison.

If the hornet's nest is in the hollow of a tree, the insecticide can simply be poured in there, and the entrance can be blocked with poison-soaked fabric.

An example of a hornet's nest in a tree


Regardless of whether you are going to kill hornets by special means at night or in the afternoon, you must wear gloves, a beekeeper's mask and long sleeves before this. If at least one hornet during the procedure has time to fly out of the nest and sting, the consequences can be quite difficult - depending on the tendency to allergy to insect stings.


Folk recipes for baiting wasps and hornets

Fight hornets and wasps can also, using numerous folk remedies. In the entire history of the destruction of these insects by man, similar recipes have accumulated quite a lot, but most of them still turn out to be significantly less effective than modern insecticides.

Folk remedies to combat wasps and hornets are often still inferior in efficiency to modern insecticidal preparations.

On some especially popular folk remedies, let us dwell.

Firstly, it is an amanita, considered by the people to be quite an effective poison from hornets, but requiring special preparation. How to kill the hornet using this method? To this end, 100 grams of honey and a glass of water are taken into three caps of the mushroom, the mushroom itself is cut into small pieces, mixed with the rest of the ingredients and cooked for 3-5 minutes.

After cooling, the agent is poured into cans and placed where the hornets are most often found (in fact, a typical poison bait for hornets and wasps is obtained). Destroy all insects in this way will not work, but some of them still die.

As an option - a fly agaric in this recipe can be replaced with boric acid.

Boric acid is no less poisonous for hornets and wasps than the fly agaric.


“We always spring the hornets with a mushroom. Excellent tool, reliably poison them and also affordable. It is necessary to apply it in the spring, when the hornets just appear. So you can even destroy the uterus sitting in the nest - working hornets bring her poison and feed her. But if you try to poison the hornets this way in August, then nothing will work out - by this moment there are already a lot of them. It's easier to find and burn the nest itself. ”

Vladislav, Tashkent

The second folk remedy for wasps and hornets is red pepper, bunches of which are hung right next to the nest. It is believed that the smell of pepper scares hornets and wasps, and because of it, they can leave the already inhabited nest.

Another folk remedy against wasps and hornets is red pepper, which has the property of scaring off these insects (and sometimes they simply attack it).

The third way is to use a piece of meat. It is located near hornets nests and let them hang a day or two so that insects are accustomed to fly to it for feeding.Then the meat is treated with chlorophos or DDT (now, of course, for this purpose it is better to use any modern insecticide, for example, Get drugs, Lambda Zone, Hangman, etc.)

To attract the attention of hornets, you can use meat soaked in an insecticide.

Modern microencapsulated insect repellent Delta Zone (based on chlorpyrifos)

Practice shows that the option with poisoned meat allows in just a few days to kill almost all working hornets. It is only worth noting that under the bait itself it is desirable to place a bucket into which poisoned insects will fall, and periodically remove them from there. Otherwise, the birds living on the site that will actively eat poisonous insects from the ground may be poisoned.

It is important to understand that all these folk methods will give results at best within a few days (or even weeks), so if you need to destroy wasps or hornets quickly, they unfortunately will not work.


Pitfalls and rules of their use

Similarly, poisoned baits can also use special traps for hornets and wasps. The simplest such trap is made of a plastic bottle, in which the upper half is cut off with a knife or scissors, the lid is unscrewed, the top is turned over and inserted with the neck down into the lower part.

The photo shows an example of a trap for wasps and hornets made from an ordinary plastic bottle.

In the lower half of the bottle is poured sugar syrup or honey with beer, to which insects will actively fly. Hornets, attracted by the bait, crawl through the resulting funnel inside the bottle-trap, feed there, but they cannot find the exit hole anymore.

By the same principle, import specialized traps for wasps and hornets also work. With a great desire or doubt in the effectiveness of a homemade device, it is quite possible to apply them. There are also sticky options for traps.

And this is an example of a sticky insect trap.Trap for wasps, flies and hornet Argus

However, again, all the hornet quickly such a trap is unlikely to turn over.


High-speed means for the destruction of wasps and hornets

Nevertheless, powerful and fast-acting tools from the hornets still exist. Oddly enough, one of the most effective methods of getting rid of wasps and hornets is the simple water available in the bucket.

One of the most affordable means for the destruction of hornets is water, in a bucket with which you can simply drown the nest.

Depending on the size of the nest, so much water is poured into the bucket so that when a horny house is placed in it, the liquid comes to the very edge. The bucket rises to the nest so that it is completely submerged. It is necessary to think in advance about the method of fixing the container: for example, prepare a suitable wooden beam or stepladder with a height that can be used to support the bucket pressed to the ceiling from below.

Another option is to pour petrol or kerosene over the nest of wasps or hornets and then set fire to it. The dwelling of these insects is made of cardboard-like substance, so it burns very quickly, and the whole procedure takes very little time.

Use kerosene to destroy the hornet's nest must be very careful not to suffer and not to set fire to the surrounding buildings and trees.

However, this method should be used with extreme caution and only if the nest is located outdoors. So you can kill the hornets, whose home, for example, hangs on a lonely branch of a tree.

During the operation, care must be taken to ensure that the fire engulfs only the nest itself and does not spread to a tree or surrounding plants. Ideally, when choosing this method of disposal, you need to have a fire extinguisher on hand and, therefore, be able to use it.

The nest in the ground can be destroyed, for example, pouring a pot into the hole or a whole bucket of boiling water. It is not recommended to take a smaller capacity, because the hole can be deep, and boiling water is simply not enough. After the procedure, the exit to the surface should be closed with something so that the insects that survived by chance could not get out.

If the nest of hornets or wasps is in the ground, you can kill insects with boiling water.

Kill hornets and wasps can also be used with used engine oil: as a rule, they nest a nest that hangs, again, on a tree. However, it should be understood that this method is extremely environmentally unfriendly.

And finally, it should be remembered that hornets and wasps - no matter what - are useful human partners in the fight against agricultural pests. These predatory insects actively exterminate the caterpillars, larvae of beetles and aphids.

Before you kill the hornet mindlessly, watch him - perhaps he flies only over the garden or in the garden, and does not even appear near the house in the summer cottage. Stop for a moment and think - because this insect helps you in the fight for the harvest, is it worth fighting with it?

When you are in close proximity to the hornets, you certainly need to protect yourself. But to destroy them without a reason, too, does not follow: recently, due to the aimless extermination of gardeners with gardeners, alas, they have become quite rare insects.

Show consciousness, save for future generations this interesting and important - if only for nature - insect.


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