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How to effectively deal with hornets and bring them to the cottage or apiary

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The fight against hornets should be carried out with all precautions, because with the wrong approach, you seriously risk your health.

Hornets towards humans - insects are generally not very aggressive. Being far from the nest, they rarely begin to attack first, moreover, usually these predators try to flee, to fly away from the person catching them. Hornets attack only when they defend their dwelling or understand that it is impossible to hide from their pursuer.

Thus, it is only necessary to fight the hornets at the dacha or apiary only in cases when they either pose a danger to people or get used to hunt honey bees.

If one or several hornets simply fly into the garden to search for food, this will be only a blessing for the landlord, because, when they get food, these predators kill many agricultural pests. But in the case of the arrangement of insects directly at the site or — what is even more dangerous — in an economic building, it is necessary to think out as soon as to remove the hornets and remove their nest quickly and without risk to health.

If the hornets have established their nest in an economic building, it should be approached with great care.

As for the beekeepers, they sometimes have to organize the destruction of hornets, even with a significant distance from the predators nest from the location of the hives. The point here is that hornets against bees they are terrible killers: these insects can fly to honey farms at a distance of 3–4 km, and if they intend to swarm, they even completely destroy bee colonies.

Beekeepers often have to fight with hornets, because these predatory insects are a direct threat to bees.

It is possible to fight hornets both independently and by special services, which have a service for eliminating hornets and their nests. Everyone chooses which option is preferable for him: to trust professionals for a fee, or, having studied the subtleties, to bring the fight against the hornets to the end.

On a note

The total destruction of hornets with and without it leads to the fact that these large wasps in our country are becoming increasingly rare, and in some regions they are already entered into the local Red Books. It is important to remember that hornets are reliable exterminators of many harmful insects, therefore they bring only good value in the gardens. The fight against hornets is reasonable only when there is an urgent need and the impossibility of establishing good neighborly relations.


Means for hornet removal

So, suppose that there are hornets in varying degrees on a plot. How to deal with them?

Before you begin to fight with hornets, you need to determine whether it is a single insect or somewhere near there is their nest.

In most cases, the struggle with the hornets in the country consists of three stages: for a start, the nest is located, then all adults are destroyed and, finally, the dwelling itself is eliminated.

Finding a nest can be a problem only when fighting with hornets in an apiary. Since predators are able to fly here from a great distance, and hide their nests in groves and forest belts, the question of finding the home of these wasps may seem at first glance a serious task.

Hornets can place their nest far from the apiary and fly to it periodically.

If the hornet's nest is in a forest belt, then it is quite difficult to find it.

However, experienced beekeepers cope with this task quite simply: they catch one hornet in the apiary (for this, the insect is usually knocked off by some kind of net or tennis racket), one person holds it in thick leather gloves to avoid being bitten, and the second one girders the winged predator red noticeable ribbon. After that, the hornet is released, and its path to the nest due to the bright beacon is easily tracked visually.

Immediately near the nest, the following means are used to completely remove the hornets from their home:

  • insecticidal preparations - it is possible to use both means for removing garden pests (Aktara, Phosban, Sail), and preparations that remove domestic insects (Tetrix, Raptor, Geth, Lyambda Zone, Troapsil, Sinuzan, Karbofos);
  • caustic technical liquids: gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, used engine oil;
  • boiling water.

In some cases, a special trap for wasps and hornets is quite effective. However, it is worth noting that its use is advisable only under certain conditions.

The photo shows an example of a trap for wasps and hornets industrial production.

So, to use the trap in the apiary will not work, because bait for predators interest and honey bees. If you need to deal with hornets in the country, then you can use this device, but there will be no quick result. Thus, the trap helps to eliminate only some members of a large family, but does not destroy them all.

Very affordable means to destroy hornets nests, allowing to receive instant result, are gasoline or the fulfilled engine oil: they are inexpensive, but effective. In addition, using gasoline, after processing the nest, you can also burn it, if the case, of course, does not happen indoors.

Insecticides are also affordable, but more expensive.They are used when there is a need, for example, to remove the hornets from the attic or, for example, from the summer kitchen - i.e. where the use of flammable substances is undesirable or even in principle impossible.

When placing hornets nests in a wooden building, in no case should one fight them with fire-hazardous means.

Poisons for insects, as a rule, are used together with the aforementioned traps and are used to trap randomly flying hornets. They will not allow to completely remove the hornets at the dacha, but, nevertheless, they will significantly reduce the number of unwanted insects in your area.


We derive hornets themselves

Self-control with hornets is carried out by several methods.

If you decide to fight the hornets yourself, be extremely careful.

In the simplest case, when the nest is under the ceiling of an outbuilding, a regular bucket is used in which water is pre-poured, and then the house of hornets is immersed in it. Further, this capacity is pressed to the ceiling and propped up at the bottom with a bar or stepladder. As a result of such actions, all the hornets in the nest die within half an hour.

As already mentioned, to destroy the hornets in the country can also be using gasoline or kerosene. To do this, you need to pour a liquid over the nest or set it on fire, which will guarantee the destruction of the whole family at once.

If the hornet's nest is under the ceiling, you can kill the insects with a regular bucket of water.

Used engine oil can also be used: in this case, the nest is also watered from above, but a sheet of polyethylene is pre-laid under it to avoid contamination of the ground.

Another way of hornet removal is to spray the nest with an insecticide. Contact action drugs are especially good for this method — Geth, Chlorpyrifos, Karbofos. To eliminate the predators, the insecticide is poured into the bag and the nest is wrapped around it so that the wasps cannot get out. After it remains only to wait until all the hornets die.

Highly effective insecticides, such as Get insect repellent, are suitable for fighting hornets.

Finally, to combat the hornets on the site, you can place traps with a special bait or poisoned pieces of meat. As poison used boric acid, chlorophos or mushroom decoction. The essence of these methods is that hornets simply can't get out of the trap, and from the poisoned bait die a few hours after the "meal".

You can fight with hornets yourself in different ways: they are all fairly simple to implement, but, nevertheless, dangerous, because There is always the chance of being stung.

Entering into the fight with hornets, remember that angry insects can seriously bite you.

Therefore, if a large nest is found on the site,it is wiser to call a special service that provides services for the destruction of hornets.


Hornet eradication services: how they work

Specialized services for hornet breeding are provided by many companies involved in the fight against synanthropic insects, i.e. with those whose evolution proceeded in a close relationship with man.

As a rule, specialists of every other organization specializing in breeding bedbugs or cockroaches can successfully bring out the hornets and destroy their nest.

As a rule, pest control services also provide services for removing hornets from the site.

This service will cost about 1000-1500 rubles, while leaving the city will be subject to additional payment (in the case of Moscow, a visit to a cottage in the Moscow region can sometimes cost more than the work itself).


“Hornets flew from our neighbors for half a summer. We have nothing, they even eat the Colorado potato beetle, and at the neighbors they constantly bite the dog or the dog. And they cannot be removed - they settled in the attic, and to burn them is to burn the whole house. The Ministry of Emergency Situations called, the guys arrived at the fire truck, dressed in their costumes, just climbed into the attic, wrapped the nest in a bag and tore it off. And that's all. The package tied up and took with them. In the evening, the hornets flew in sections, and then disappeared. ”

Pavel, Beshenkovichi

Specialists of companies that have a service to eliminate hornets, treat their nest powerful high-speed insecticides. When most of the hornets die from poison, the nest is simply cut from the place where it hangs.

When adult insects have died, the hornet's nest is simply cut off and destroys the larvae.

As a rule, the suit of an employee of a specialized organization provides him with sufficient security, since takes into account all the possible nuances of performing such a task. As for the owners of the site, all of its residents at the time of the operation should be in a closed room to avoid the attack of angry hornets.

In towns and villages where it is problematic to call a special service, firefighters destroy their nests with hornets. At the same time, the price for the service of hornet removal is deliberately set so that potential customers prudently monitor their plot and outbuildings all year round, notice the appearance of the nest in time and destroy it themselves before the hornets become too much.


How to bring out the hornets and not to suffer

Independently carry out all work to combat the hornets should be only at night, when insects move a little and see poorly.However, you shouldn’t completely rely on darkness: you should always wear thick clothes with long sleeves, a beekeeper’s mask and thick gloves to remove hornets.

Starting the destruction of hornets, do not forget to wear a beekeeper's mask and clothing with long sleeves.

But even with such equipment, in no case should one be vigilant: if the hornets began to fly out of the nest and try to sting, they should be left alone and without a sudden movement to go a considerable distance.

Conducting a conversation about the fight against hornets, do not forget the main thing: as a result of thoughtless destruction in many regions of our country, these large insects today are protected by law. To destroy them is strictly prohibited. In some European countries they even issue serious fines for this.

In general, if hornets just visit your site for catching small insects, you should not touch them - you just need to follow simple safety rules. And it’s better to leave the nest found in the forest alone: ​​so the nature will not be damaged, and no one will suffer from the hornets themselves.


An example of a simple self-made hornet trap.


What are dangerous bites hornets and how to provide first aid in their attack on a person


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