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Choosing a remedy for cockroaches in the apartment

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Choosing a remedy for cockroaches in the apartment ...
Funds from cockroaches today are so numerous that a person without proper training can easily become entangled in all this diversity. And indeed, a reasonable question arises - what will be better and more effective: for example, gels or traps, insecticidal pencils (crayons) or aerosol means in cans? ..

It often happens that already, it would seem, almost all the means from cockroaches that can be bought on the market have been used, but there is still no effect - cockroaches, as they were in the apartment, continue to rage there.

So, it is important not only to choose an effective drug, but it is also necessary to be able to correctly apply it in practice (many mistakes are often allowed here), and also to be able to combine different types of means to get the most pronounced result.

To improve the effectiveness of the fight against cockroaches, it is important to be able to properly combine the tools of different types.

On a note

The good news is that among the diversity of modern insecticidal drugs and cockroach traps You can really choose a combination of tools that can help even in the most neglected cases. Moreover, with the right approach, it is possible to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment in a very short time.

About what a remedy for cockroaches in an apartment will work best in a given situation, what important nuances should be taken into account when using appropriate drugs and, in fact, how to make annoying red pests leave you forever - let's talk about all this ...


Remedies for cockroaches in all their diversity

First of all, it must be borne in mind that every modern remedy against cockroaches can be attributed to one of two groups:

  1. High-speed products (aerosols, sprays, fumigation products). The preparations of this group allow to destroy the cockroaches in the apartment in just a few hours. If you act correctly, you can quickly "mow down" the entire population of pests, even in a highly contaminated room;One of the main advantages of aerosol insecticides is the ability to use them to quickly kill cockroaches in an apartment, even in the most neglected cases.
  2. Means that destroy cockroaches in a room slowly - as they say, slowly but surely (gels, insecticidal pencils, powders, and various kinds of traps). If you use only the tools of this group, the fight against cockroaches can take several weeks, but with the right approach, it could well end in a complete victory over the pests.Slow-acting remedies for cockroaches are best combined with fast-acting ones.

Now a few words about what nuances it is useful to take into account when using tools from cockroaches from the two groups mentioned above.

As you already understood, if it is necessary to promptly eradicate pests in an apartment, insecticidal agents that are used in finely dispersed form - in the form of an aerosol or spray:

  • Preparations in the form of an aerosol or spray can be easily sprayed over a large area, and the smallest particles of poison can penetrate even into hard-to-reach places where cockroaches can hide (various cracks, holes, cracks);Insecticidal spray easily enters even into remote places, where cockroaches often hide.
  • It is among the concentrates of insecticides for dilution and subsequent spraying in the form of a spray that today you can find the latest means of cockroaches, including the so-called microencapsulated;
  • It should be borne in mind that most universal aerosol products that can be bought in cans destroy insects quickly, but do not have a long residual effect (as a rule, such preparations have, as a rule, the same active substances - pyrethroids). In contrast, many modern microencapsulated drugs have a long-lasting protective effect that persists on treated surfaces for up to several weeks (Get, Delta Zone, Lambda Zone, Xulat Micro, etc.);
  • Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of the use of aerosol preparations and sprays is the need to somehow "breathe chemistry", even through a respirator. And although the manufacturers of most of such agents from cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and other insects claim that the drugs are relatively safe for humans, however, as you understand, inhalation of an insecticidal aerosol will not add any health to you anyway;
  • So to say, home remedies for cockroaches in cans are excellent for local processing of insect accumulation sites, but it will be financially expensive to process a large apartment (or, especially, an industrial facility) in this way.In this regard, the use of insecticidal concentrates is much more economical.

On a note

Insecticidal smoke bombs also belong to fast-acting means for killing cockroaches - they are rarely used at home, since the smell of burning can persist for some time in the room after treatment. Nevertheless, insecticidal smoke bombs on the basis of permethrin are very effective against cockroaches (for example, smoke bombs from mosquitoes Quiet Evening, City, etc.)

Photo permetraym smoke bombs Silent Evening:

Insect perimetric smoke bomb Silent Evening - although it is positioned as a mosquito repellent, it is also quite effective against cockroaches.

Slow acting means to kill cockroaches are well suited as a supplement to fast-acting:

  • Insecticidal gels, powders, pencils and traps are highly recommended to be combined with aerosols or sprays even when you think that the entire population of cockroaches in an apartment has been completely destroyed. (there may be single surviving individuals and, moreover, cockroaches can periodically enter the apartment from the outside - for example, from neighbors);
  • Modern insecticidal gels are generally one of the most effective, although not very fast-acting means of fighting cockroaches;
  • It should be understood that if the fight against cockroaches is delayed, then the gel on the treated surfaces must be periodically updated, as the drug dries out over time. The effectiveness of cockroaches in a dried gel drops sharply (almost zero);If the insecticidal gel dries up, it will become unattractive for cockroaches and its effectiveness in combating these pests will drop dramatically.
  • Insecticidal pencils are much more convenient to use compared to powders - in particular, they can be used on vertical surfaces;
  • If you were unable to block all the paths for cockroaches to enter the apartment from the outside (cracks in the walls, ceiling and floor, sockets, ventilation grilles, etc.), then cockroaches in the apartment must be present constantly - their presence will be a guarantee that pests will not have chances to multiply here massively;
  • Boric acid or borax mixed with egg yolk, and other poisonous baits based on these substances really help to destroy insects. However, such home remedies for cockroaches are effective only if there is no easy access of pests to the water (otherwise, they “get drunk”, and the effectiveness of the poisoning action of the boronic acid sharply decreases).

On a note

Today, a gullible consumer is lured by advertising to buy the so-called ultrasonic cockroach scarers (sometimes also called magnetic resonance) - they say these modern tools from cockroaches and other insects will help solve pest problems in a house in just a couple of days. So, practice shows that scarers of this kind do not help in the fight against cockroaches and, moreover, do not give absolutely no effect at all - cockroaches not only do not hurry to leave the premises, but also crawl freely at their own devices.

As practice shows, various ultrasonic and magnetic resonance scarers on cockroaches have almost no effect.

Well, the main groups of modern tools that can be used for fight cockroaches in the apartment. Now let's look at examples of specific drugs, and at the same time we will get acquainted with some of their important features.


Aerosol insecticides and their use

First, let's look at a few examples of classic aerosol preparations, that is, those that are sold in cans:

  • Raptor for crawling insects is a fairly effective universal preparation suitable for the destruction of cockroaches, domestic ants, bedbugs, fleas and other pests and parasites.Although the manufacturer claims that one Raptor aerosol can is enough to handle an apartment of 50-60 square meters. However, when a room is very contaminated with the Prusaks, a single spray can be clearly not enough. The tool is recommended to spray mainly on the habitat, shelter and movement of insects. After the treatment, the apartment must be ventilated and wet-cleaned;Aerosol Raptor from crawling insects


“Advise a cure for cockroaches. Recently, parents hunted Raptor, they really helped. In one day, the three-room apartment was cleaned with three cylinders. But here I do not find it on sale. I'm afraid to order through the online store. Maybe there are some more affordable counterparts? "

Anna, Vorkuta

  • Combat Multispray is a well-proven and widely known crawling and flying insect repellent. The drug is quite effective against cockroaches, easy to use and, in addition, contains in its composition a flavoring with the smell of lemon;Aerosol means Combat Multispray - suitable not only for the destruction of cockroaches, but also for the fight against flying insects.
  • Dichlorvos Neo - by its effectiveness against cockroaches this aerosol means is quite comparable with the previous two. It is important to keep in mind that Dichlorvos Neo, as well as other modern variations of Dichlorvos - Varan, Eco and others, except for the name, have nothing in common with the old Soviet Dichlorvos.The fact is that the active substances of modern Dichlorvos are insecticides from the pyrethroid group, while in the outdated Soviet version the organophosphorus insecticide dimethyldichlorovinyl phosphate, which is more dangerous for humans, was used.Dichlorvos Neo

On sale there are many other aerosol products designed to kill cockroaches and other harmful insects. In particular, it is possible to find aerosols that almost do not create an unpleasant odor in the room.


Insecticidal concentrates for dilution and subsequent spraying

As already noted above, among the concentrates of insecticidal preparations one can find the most modern means for fighting cockroaches - these are the drugs that the professional disinsection services prefer to use in their work (primarily because of their high efficiency and cost effectiveness).

Useful advice - choosing a tool, you should not strive only for the highest possible efficiency. There are very powerful pesticides, however, at the same time, very toxic to humans, having an unpleasant smell (can persist in the apartment for months) and being sold only in large industrial containers, for example, in cans of 5-10 liters.

It is much more correct when choosing a good means of cockroaches in the form of concentrate to choose the optimal ratio of consumer characteristics, the most important of which are:

  • High efficacy against cockroaches;
  • Relative safety for humans and pets;
  • No unpleasant odor in the room after treatment;
  • Profitability in use;
  • Long residual effect;
  • An opportunity to buy means in small packing.

The following concentrates of insecticidal agents suitable for the quick extermination of cockroaches in an apartment satisfy all of these properties today:

  • Get is a microencapsulated drug based on chlorpyrifos. The drug is today one of the most popular means not only against cockroaches, but also against bed bugs (which are often more difficult to remove than it is to even get rid of seemingly ineradicable Prusaks in the house);Get modern microencapsulated insect repellent
  • Lambda Zone is a microencapsulated drug based on lambda cyhalothrin. It is also quite a popular means of universal action, it allows you to quickly kill cockroaches in an apartment, without creating practically any foreign smell in the room;Lambda Zone - microencapsulated drug with virtually no odor.
  • Xsulat Micro - microencapsulated drug based on a combination of three insecticides at once (tetramethrin, cypermethrin and piperonyl butoxide). This is a Spanish remedy for cockroaches, odorless, in the Russian Federation distributed through a network of dealers.For the destruction of cockroaches, the insecticide Xulat Micro will also work well.

And some others.

On a note

Quite popular today is also a German remedy for cockroaches and bedbugs. The Executioner is an effective, adapted for household use, but, unlike the above preparations, it has a certain not very pleasant smell (which, however, quite quickly disappears from the apartment).

Executioner - an effective remedy for cockroaches and bedbugs

But no matter how highly effective the anti-cockroaches are from the group of fast-acting ones, let us recall once more that in order to securely defeat the pests in 9 cases out of 10 it is necessary to combine such drugs with the means working, one may say, in the prevention mode. Let's talk about them further ...


Cockroach Gels

To date, it is insecticidal gels that are considered the best way to control cockroaches in an apartment in those cases when a high rate of pest control is not required. Gels can be used without disturbing the order of life (in particular, without leaving the apartment for the period of fighting cockroaches), they are odorless, easy to use, and inexpensive.

But the main thing - high-quality gels from cockroaches are very effective, and sometimes one tube of gel is enough to destroy the entire population of cockroaches in a multi-room apartment or a large private house.

Despite the fact that insecticidal gels kill cockroaches slowly, nevertheless, they are one of the most effective means of combating these pests.

On a note

Cockroaches in their development are extremely dependent on water sources, so the water-rich gel substance is an excellent bait - the Prussians greedily eat it, while they get dirty in it and dragged to their shelters. As a result, insects are often poisoned en masse by a kind of chain reaction: a poisoned cockroach brings poison in its body and on its paws to places of shelter, dies here, and its relatives devour the victim, also poisoning themselves.

Of the gels against cockroaches today, the following are quite popular:

  • Gel Globol - German remedy for cockroachesPerhaps one of the most famous gels. Available in tubes of 100 grams, this amount is enough to process a two-room apartment. The gel is applied in separate drops on the surface near the baseboards, heating pipes, trash cans - in general, where pests occur most often.In its composition, the gel contains powerful insecticides, aromatic bait for cockroaches and bitterness, which make it disgusting taste for pets and children. One tube of Globol costs about 200 rubles, and it is easiest to buy it online. Only it is worth being vigilant: like all successful products, Globol gel is actively being forged, and the market today is filled with Global and Global drugs. The original gel is available in tubes labeled in German only. The photo shows the packaging of this gel:

Very effective gel from cockroaches Globol (Globol)

On a note

By the way, according to the results of tests, one drop of Globol gel is enough to kill about 500 insects. Of course, in practice such efficiency is not achieved in most cases, but the results reduced several times will also be quite sufficient.

By mistake, many believe that Globol is a French remedy for cockroaches. This is wrong - the brand is purely German.

Note: unfortunately, since the end of 2015, the gel under the brand name Globol in the Russian Federation is no longer available. Nevertheless, Exil Schaben Paste gel, also made in Germany, is its almost complete analog.

  • Gel Fas is also a very effective and relatively new remedy for cockroaches. As part of the Fas gel, two insecticides of different nature are present at once, which ensures reliable destruction of cockroaches even where they are poisoned often and unsuccessfully, as a result of which the population develops resistance to individual insecticides;Gel from cockroaches and ants Fas
  • Storm-gel-paste Kapkan, with its composition almost completely repeating Fas. It is inexpensive, effective and, when properly applied, safe enough for humans and animals.Storm-gel-paste from cockroaches

There are many other gels from cockroaches, no less effective and affordable: Dohloks, Combat, Forsyth, Raptor, Brownie, etc. Many of them can be safely recommended for use in the apartment.

Most of the gel-form cockroaches are relatively inexpensive. The price of 100 grams of an effective remedy is about 200-400 rubles, and this amount will be enough if used correctly for the whole apartment.


“And we bought Assault. Also all very quickly plastered and forgotten. And then every week when cleaning from behind the cabinets began to sweep the cockroaches. Good tool, only in stores with us is not for sale. You need to order online ... "

Tatiana, Vinnitsa


Cockroaches Powders and Pencils

Prusak powders are often also called dusts. This is not entirely correct, since Dust was originally adapted for home use of DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloromethylmethane). However, in the people it is this name stuck on all powdered insect drugs.

For the control of cockroaches, various insecticidal powders (dusts) may well be used.

Insecticide powders have no pronounced advantages over gels. Moreover, it can be said that the powder is a generally less safe alternative to the gel (for example, powders are dusting). In most cases, the gel is more effective, and the powder is cheaper.

The most famous of insecticidal powders:

  • Insect Dust Clean House - Russian development, inexpensive and effective. A good remedy for red cockroaches, but requires compliance with certain security measures - the powder should be scattered only where it can not get pets;Dust Cockroach Clean House
  • Insecticidal powder Fenaksin - is positioned as a remedy for cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and flies. Its application in residential conditions usually shows a fairly high efficiency against Prusacks.It is enough to sprinkle the powder in bedside tables and places where it is rarely cleaned, so that within several weeks it effectively destroys the cockroaches;Powdered insecticidal means from cockroaches, bugs, flies and fleas Fenaksin
  • Boric acid and borax are, one might say, folk remedies for cockroaches, time-tested and actually working. True, unlike contact-effect insecticides, boric acid and borax have only an intestinal poisoning effect, that is, cockroaches must also be made to somehow eat these substances, making various baits on their basis.The photo shows an example of mixing boric acid with egg yolk ...

It is interesting

Pyrethrum (also known as Persian powder or chamomile) is a powdery insecticidal preparation that differs from its analogs by its completely natural composition. Actually, the poisonous component in it is the powder from dried flowers of Dalmatian chamomile, which is a powerful insecticide. Therefore, if you decide which remedy helps against cockroaches and at the same time represents a minimal danger to children and animals, then you can take a closer look at Feverfew.

The photo below shows one of the packaging options for Pyrethrum:

Powder Pyrethrum from chamomile flowers Dalmatian.

Separately it is necessary to say about pencils (crayons) from cockroaches. The most famous of them is Masha, famous since Soviet times. Insecticidal pencils under this brand continue to be produced today - they are inexpensive and have a more modern (and more advanced) composition, so this tool can be considered quite suitable for the destruction of cockroaches in an apartment.

Chalk Masha

Moreover, an important advantage of insecticidal pencils compared to powdered means is the ability to apply lines on vertical surfaces, thereby increasing the damaging ability of the drug.

In addition to the well-known pencil from cockroaches, Masha today can also buy similar crayons: Titanic, Pure House, Deltacid, etc.

As for the price - insecticidal pencils are very inexpensive means: in particular, the same Masha costs about 40-50 rubles per pack. With a low number of insects in the apartment of one small piece, it is sometimes enough to successfully fight them.

On a note

Today, there is even a cheaper Chinese remedy for cockroaches in the form of crayfish in red-yellow or green packaging with hieroglyphs, characterized by increased efficiency.However, with regard to its safety for humans and warm-blooded animals, it is difficult to say something definite, since the composition of these crayons can only be guessed.

An example of a Chinese insecticidal crayon from cockroaches.

Another Chinese remedy for cockroaches.

It is important to keep in mind that in neglected cases (with a large number of cockroaches in an apartment, as well as the possibility of their getting into the room from the outside) insecticidal powders and sticks are highly likely to be unable to kill all pests - it is important to combine different types of tools. The most preferred option is to use one of the modern microencapsulated preparations (the names are listed above), and in addition to this, use a gel and an insecticidal pencil.

It is this combined approach that will give the highest possible result in the independent fight against cockroaches.


Cockroach traps

Traps for cockroaches are advisable to use only as an aid to the fight - they work well with a slight infection of the apartment, as well as a preventive measure when insects enter the room, for example, from unscrupulous neighbors.

Designs for cockroach traps can be very different, but in general, there are four main types:

  • Electrical, in which cockroaches are destroyed by high-voltage electrical discharge;Electric cockroach trap
  • Sticky (perhaps the most popular), in which insects, stepping on a sticky surface, can no longer tear away from it. Sticky traps are one of the safest remedies for cockroaches;An example of a sticky trap for cockroaches
  • Traps with a poisoned bait inside - generally speaking, it is wrong to call such agents from cockroaches traps, because they don’t catch insects, but poison them. But it so happened;But strictly speaking, such means are not traps, since they do not catch cockroaches, but destroy them with the help of a poison bait.
  • And, finally, traps that lure cockroaches into a tank from which the victims can no longer escape (this includes, first of all, various variations of self-made traps for cockroaches).There are also many variations of homemade traps for catching cockroaches.

If we talk about true traps (excluding the consideration of "traps" with a poisoned bait inside), then sticky traps for cockroaches are most often used today.

At one time, the Japanese cockroach remedy turned out to be very effective in the form of a house, in the middle of which was a sticky plate. Insects ran to the smell of special bait and stuck to it without the possibility of peeling off.Today in the markets you can buy a large number of analogues of such a trap, even simple cardboard tapes with a sticky coating.


“I was advised at the forum Raid houses. It helped. True, first we corroded cockroaches Karbofos, but they still have a lot left. They laid out five such traps and forgot about the cockroaches in general. "

Maxim, Nefteyugansk

A simple and at the same time effective cockroach trap can be made with your own hands: a sliced ​​onion is placed at the bottom of a glass jar as bait, and the walls of the jar are greased from inside with vegetable oil. Insects that climb into such a trap cannot get out of it, since the layer of oil on the glass prevents the cockroach from climbing onto the vertical surface of the can wall.

The photo shows an example of a cockroach trap made by hand using a glass container, onions and oil ...

An example of making such a self-made trap is shown in the video at the end of this article.

Of course, it will be difficult to destroy a large number of cockroaches in the house using this method, but it is quite possible to reduce the population of pests thoroughly.


So, for the most effective control of cockroaches in an apartment, you should combine different types of tools: combine high-speed modern insecticidal preparations (sprays,aerosols) with means of prolonged action (gels, insecticidal pencils, powders, traps). Using this approach, as well as blocking the way for the possible penetration of insects into the room (and, therefore, the way of possible "retreat"), you will not leave the cockroaches almost no chance of survival.

We wish you success in the fight against cockroaches!

If you have personal experience of using this or that remedy against cockroaches, be sure to share the information by leaving your review at the bottom of this page (in the comments box).


Cockroach trap do it yourself


Interesting video: a review of effective means to combat cockroaches at home

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    As a result, they spat out and bought: Combat (1 yellow), Combat (2 red), Clean House (1 pc.), Raptor (1 pc.), Neodihlofos (1 pc.), Combat traps (1 pack - 6 traps). Poisoned 5 days ago.You know, they are still crawling, very nimble and seemingly dangerous, they start to rush and hide. Absolutely reasonable! That is, in two months they were poisoned 4 times (4!), And they, in general, do not care. Crawling so far and a lot. An hour ago, having entered the room and turned on the light, we killed 11 cockroaches, large and small, with eggs too there were 2 pieces, and the little ones also rushed from us.

    What do you guys do ?! Frankly, we are already desperate ...

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