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How to destroy cockroaches in the apartment: consider several methods

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We destroy cockroaches in the apartment

Destroying cockroaches at home without a clear understanding of the reasons for their appearance in the room can be meaningless and ineffective. If a room or apartment is attractive for these insects, they will return to it after the use of the strongest and most effective preparations.

Therefore, the destruction of cockroaches in the apartment should be carried out comprehensively, consciously and only after analyzing the reasons for which these insects have penetrated into it.

Reasons for cockroaches in the apartment in most cases are:

  • poor sanitary condition of her, plenty of crevices, debris and dirt
  • storing food unpacked or in containers into which pests can penetrate
  • severe infection with cockroaches of neighboring apartments
  • open access of insects to water sources
  • involuntary entry of insects into the house with furniture, food, things and books.

Only with an integrated approach to solving the problem, one can expect that the extermination of cockroaches will give a reliable long-term result. If pests somehow migrate into a room, for example, from neighbors, finding abundant food, water and comfortable shelters in it, it is unwise to expect that such movements will not occur a month or two after the destruction of already settled settlers.


“I was still in my youth thinking about how to destroy cockroaches and tried everything that was possible, both crayons, and powders, and Dichlorvos. They appear all the same, if the apartment is not cleaned and roll crumbs. But when we made repairs in the kitchen, I introduced tough discipline and order, never left anything on the table, wiped the sink dry, and scrubbed the floor twice a week. Two months of such a regime, and the cockroaches in the house was gone. Without Dousta and Dichlofos. Although their neighbors were full ... "

Galina Grigoryevna, Yeisk

It is important to limit the access of cockroaches to food and water.

When the reasons are analyzed, eliminated and it remains only to destroy the red brotherhood, who already inhabited the apartment and confidently processing the contents of the trash can,it is necessary to choose the correct and effective method of such destruction.


Choosing a way to kill cockroaches

About how to destroy cockroaches in the apartment, already written several books. Anyone who remembers the 80s and 90s and just the amazing abundance of cockroaches in almost any room can talk on the same topic for hours.

There are many ways to kill cockroaches in an apartment.

But all more or less effective ways to kill cockroaches can be listed literally on the fingers of one hand:

  1. Use of insecticides. This is the most reliable and proven method, with the right choice of means and following the instructions, always giving results. Moreover, Today on the market there are tools that combine safety for humans with a strong effect on insects themselves. Using them with your own hands is quite simple and effective.
  2. Freezing the apartment. This method is based on the inability of cockroaches to survive at temperatures below minus 8 ° C.
  3. The use of poison baits. Can be used for prophylaxis breeding cockroaches or in the case when the room is very clean and there are few cockroaches.
  4. Traps of various designs.Proved quite well, but reliably work with a low degree of infection of the apartment.

In addition to these methods, purely theoretically there are biological methods of control, which, however, do not work in the conditions of Russia. For example, in tropical countries, geckos and praying mantises often inhabit the rooms, which confidently destroy most of the cockroach population.

In our country, such a domestic enemy of cockroaches is a flycatcher - a beautiful centipede with long legs, but it is rare and cannot seriously affect the number of cockroaches in a room.


Extermination of cockroaches with chemical insecticides

It is possible to destroy cockroaches with the help of special chemicals literally in one day, or even in a few hours. However, for such a fast and effective self-pest control it is necessary to prepare well enough. First, choose the right tool.

Cockroaches are quite sensitive to most modern insecticides. Therefore, many of the products sold today will be effective against them: Get, Raptor, Raid, Forsyth, Clean House, Dohloks, Combat, Microfos, Chlorophos, Boric Acid.

Cockroach Gel Raptor

Boric acid

Insecticides developed for the control of bedbugs are also very effective - Hangman, Karbofos, Tetriks, Fufanon. Since the bugs are more resistant to chemistry, drugs that destroy them, and will destroy cockroaches. Due to this, the destruction of bedbugs and cockroaches in the room can be combined.

Before you kill cockroaches in an apartment, you should remove all people and pets from it for at least the day of processing. It is advisable to move the furniture in advance so that the secluded and warm corners and spaces in the bedside tables and cabinets are accessible.

If the tool involves spraying, then the effective destruction of cockroaches will consist in processing the maximum possible number of surfaces, crevices and cavities in the apartment. Very carefully it is necessary to put means under the lagged behind wall-paper, behind carpets and plinths, in air vents.

At the time of treatment, it is desirable to close all the windows in the room and give the drug, so to speak, to insist. It is useful during the treatment to have a vacuum cleaner on hand and to collect insects crawling out of shelters.


An example of an apartment teeming with cockroaches

Preparations for the destruction of cockroaches, requiring spraying from cylinders,most easily disintegrate in the air, and therefore, only a few hours after use, they will not harm a person or a pet.

A few hours after the application of the drug should be ventilated flat and hold it thorough wet cleaning. All places where cockroaches may be present need to be checked, and if dead insects are found, collect them with a vacuum cleaner or with your hands.

Dead cockroaches


“A neighbor told me how to kill cockroaches in a house on my own and without any SES. I bought a normal Raid (another Kombat is a good remedy) and I didn’t just try it under the nightstand, but methodically sprayed all the cabinets, baseboards and back streets in the kitchen all day. Prusaks began to climb out in fifteen minutes, and from there, where I least thought of them to see them - from under the breadbasket, because of the radiators, from the stove. Of course, I had to scrub everything for a long time and tediously, but I didn’t see the Prusaks in the house anymore. ”

Maria, Saransk

It is desirable to carry out a similar procedure in rubber gloves, a gauze bandage and as much as possible closed clothes. Despite the fact that most insecticides are produced almost harmless to humans, there are cases of allergic reactions when the substance gets on the skin.

Preparations produced in the form of powders and crayons should be applied to the places of intended habitat or movement of cockroaches. The advantage of these drugs is the ability to use them for a long time without removing tenants from the premises. It is only important to be sure that pets and small children will not get to the places where the preparations were scattered or applied.


Using traps to kill cockroaches

Cockroaches trap are most effective in cases when there are few insects in the room, or isolated individuals from neighbors get into the apartment.

Cockroach Trap Example

Traps are set up in places where insects are likely to move, and some of them are charged with bait — bread, cheese, or an apple.

The principle of operation of traps is different:

  • traps in which cockroaches gather as a shelter and cannot escape;
  • traps falling into which cockroaches die from the discharge of high voltage current;An example of an electric cockroach trap
  • Velcro, to which insects stick and lose mobility;
  • psevdokormushki in which there is a poisoned bait.

Most of these traps can be mounted on walls or sloping surfaces and attract insects more than other secluded places in the apartment.

Traps of the first and second types, in which insects congregate as a shelter, require regular inspection. Cockroaches are shaken out of them in a bucket of water.

The remaining traps work automatically and almost do not require human involvement to destroy pests.


Extermination of cockroaches by poison baits

This method is perhaps the most popular in the countryside. For the preparation of bait used boric acid, which is very toxic to cockroaches, but invisible to them in appearance and smell.

On a note

Instead of boric acid for the destruction of cockroaches can be used drills - a chemical compound containing boron, is also quite effective. However, in pharmacies it is difficult to buy.


“... Go to the pharmacy, buy boric acid and stick balls. The recipe is 100 grams of acid, 50 grams of flour, 50 grams of sugar, egg yolk and water to make a dry, but dense dough. These parasites will be gone forever, believe me ... "

Lily, Odessa

Boric acid

Boric acid mixed with egg yolk

Poison bait

With the addition of borax prepare bait of different composition. Egg yolks, sugar, starch, flour, biscuits are used - almost any food that has a smell and can attract insects.These components are mixed in equal proportions with boric acid, moistened with water for the manufacture of balls, and laid out in places accessible to pests.

Cockroach eating poison bait with boric acid

It is important to bear in mind that due to the prevalence of this method, news of its inefficiency is increasingly appearing: populations of cockroaches appear in different cities and regions of the country, for which boron-containing drugs cease to be a poison. Therefore, for the preparation of special baits today everywhere are looking for new components.


How to freeze cockroaches

Freezing cockroaches - the way originally Russian. Most of the countries inhabited by cockroaches are in the tropics, and it is unrealistic to wait for frost there.

You can get rid of cockroaches by freezing the apartment

In Russia, in winter, cockroaches can be removed without the use of chemicals and long-running traps: you should only open windows for a few hours and train all the rooms.

This method is good because it does not give the Prussians the opportunity to escape to neighboring rooms, which often happens when insecticides are used. Insects simply lose mobility when the temperature drops, and when it falls below a physiologically acceptable level, they die.

On a note

Freezing cockroaches much more effective than freezing bedbugs - the latter die only at temperatures below minus 22 ° C. Therefore, in many cases, if cockroaches are wound up in a house, they can be destroyed without the use of chemical insecticides.

But it is important to remember about the ability of cockroaches to move quickly - an adult insect can run up to 13 meters in a minute, and therefore if in one apartment of a large house there is an active destruction of pests, they will most likely move to neighboring ones.

That is why the most effective destruction of cockroaches by joint forces in several apartments, and even in the whole house at once. This will ensure complete destruction of them and the impossibility of restoring their population.


Why cockroaches can not be removed from the apartment


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    Divorced cockroaches, it is necessary to do something with them.

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    I have cockroaches in my apartment, what should I do with them?

  3. Larisa:

    Instead of observing sanitation, in Russia the best way is to freeze an apartment so that cockroaches flee to their neighbors.

  4. Irina:

    In our basement san. the station has strained mice and cockroaches. Now cockroaches settled in the apartments. She put different types of traps from cockroaches and bought various aerosols. After that, the cockroaches became even more. How else to deal with them do not know.

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    Do not buy e-scarers - a waste of money.

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    And what you need?

  7. Alex:

    Lived in the apartment for 7 years, and now a month ago, the invasion of cockroaches. These creatures do not take anything, tried everything: boric acid with boiled potatoes and eggs for 3 hours, the complete processing of the whole apartment with ammonia, gel Raptor, small Masha, traps, various essential oils. I read about their dislike for lemon, left a crust on the table - I look, and they are happy with it! I did not try only a dead frog (I heard such a popular recipe here), but I suspect that they will be favorable to her as well. Just watch!

  8. Claudia:

    Keep clean

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      My home is clean, and you are not putting to be smart. And they climb from the basement.

      • Novel:

        In the basement red cockroaches do not live. Mass congestion where there is food. These are apartments, garbage chambers, garbage disposal. In the basements live only black cockroaches, and then only where it is damp and dark, that is, there are no ventilation windows. I am from housing and communal services, on service more than 100 houses, I know every corner of each basement.Believe me ... Many tenants mistakenly think that cockroaches live in the basements. What should they do there? There is no food, there are also many predators, such as rats and centipedes.

  9. Dmitriy:

    A month ago, I moved to the top three. It's just creepy. Wash the entire apartment bleach. Two rooms are generally empty, in the one where I live, from furniture, a sofa, a TV, a wardrobe and a desk. In the kitchen, the same picture - a pan, a frying pan and a couple of plates. Meals golyak- dumplings on NZ and those in the freezer. This is me about cleanliness. But cockroaches simply Nemer. Rod day and night, a few hundred days to the next world send. I sprinkle with poison, I smear with gel, I finish off with sneakers. And these crap all do not care. And now I am writing a post, and these c * ki are surrounded from all sides. I am afraid to sleep at night, otherwise it’s like in that film “Joe’s Apartment”. They will bring nafig to the site and do not ask for registrations 🙂 I will try boric acid with vinegar, and if it does not help, then I will have to move out. Well, good luck to you all in the fight against the invaders of another's property!

  10. Ilya:

    He moved into a communal flat, there were no cockroaches, a gypsy settled - and away we went. Dirty dishes in the communal kitchen for days, dirty things in a heap ... Yes, plus the neighbors off the bottom. PPC, I sleep, and they drop troops from the ceiling! Spray cans, don't care.They run around the room, on the ceiling, die a little, mostly from my hand (finishing off with a sneaker). I don’t know what to do. Neighbors are now also not a gift, out of six rooms in three Uzbeks. Damn those still. Toilet to clean the Koran does not allow. But after the Christian slap helps, they began to move. Floor four, last, above us the attic ... Ventilation has not been cleaned since the year of construction (1982). Water for cockroaches is always freely available. Tin, I write and wonder myself. I will try boric acid, sugar, yolk, flour ... God forbid, it will work out. Good luck to everyone in the war with an abomination!

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