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The destruction of insects: useful tips and important nuances

Before the beginning of the destruction of insects in the room is useful to get acquainted with the features of this procedure, so that it was really effective and safe for the residents of the apartment.

Only at first glance, it may seem to an uninitiated person that the destruction of insects in an apartment is just a sprinkling of walls and furniture with special products from cans or sprays. “Popshikal” them in the air, on the floor - and ready, the corpses of dead parasites cover the floor and the apartment is forever protected from their repeated invasion ...

However, in practice, everything turns out to be much more complicated, since a number of questions immediately arise:

  • What drug to use? For example, will cockroach medication be effective against bedbugs, ants or fleas, and vice versa?
  • And how specifically the selected drug is safe for human health and pets? And are there any safe among them?
  • And where, in fact, need to be treated? .. If we fight with fleas, does it mean animals? But after all, fleas have eggs, which are full in the apartment, there are worm-like larvae, which are not at all on the animal.And other insects also have their own biological features that must be considered for their effective destruction.

If the processing of the apartment did not initially take into account the features of the biology of insects, then the fight against them may be ineffective.

Therefore, the approach to the destruction of insects should always be comprehensive and taking into account a number of important nuances, which we will discuss later.

On a note

The complex of measures for the destruction of insects is called disinsection. This word comes from the French des - extermination and the Latin insect - insect.

The procedure for the destruction of insects at home is usually composed of the following steps:

  • Definition insect species in the apartmentthat you plan to destroy. The fact is that many preparations for the destruction of insects are specific and focused only on certain pests. For example, insecticidal gels can effectively remove cockroaches without much time, but they will be absolutely useless against bed bugs. Therefore, the enemy, as they say, you need to know in person.
  • Identification of places of insects in the apartment, as well as the main ways of their movement.
  • The choice of insecticidal drug.
  • Preparation of the room for processing.
  • Conducting a pest control.
  • Room cleaning.
  • Implementation of preventive measures.

Today there is a huge number of insecticides, but not all of them are suitable for the destruction of insects in the domestic environment.

Approximately according to the same plan, the simultaneous extermination of insects and rodents occurs in private houses, basements, in attics and in industrial premises, including with the involvement of professional disinsection services (only anti-rodents are used against rodents).

Most often in the apartments have to deal with the following insects:

  1. Cockroaches - large black and small red (Prusak). In rare cases, both of these species can “live” in the house, although usually red-headed cockroaches sooner or later displace black ones. All of them usually keep in kitchens, in closets, on loggias behind furniture and in it, behind plinths, near garbage cans.Red cockroach
  2. Domestic ants (they are Pharaohs) are red and very small, only 2-3 mm in length. Can settle anywhere, even outside the premises. Sometimes ant colonies form a kind of interconnected network of anthills located in different apartments - a super grass nest. Accordingly, the destruction of one such anthill in a single apartment will not be enough to permanently get rid of these insects.Pharaoh ants
  3. A moth, in which some species harm clothes and are kept in cabinets and nightstands (wardrobe), while others eat groceries and are found in the kitchen and in places where cereals and pasta (food) are stored.And it looks like a clothes mole The larvae of clothes moth in a short time to spoil a lot of clothes in the apartment
  4. Bed bugs that live more often in bedrooms - in furniture, under mattresses, in bedside tables next to the beds. With a significant contamination of the premises, bugs can be anywhere, even in household appliances. These blood-sucking parasites are especially unpleasant and even dangerous with their bites.Bed bugs - perhaps one of the most unpleasant insects in the apartment.
  5. Fleas, most often keeping near places of rest for pets. Their larvae can be found in the corners of the apartment, in dust and trash cans. Adult fleas are potential carriers of dangerous diseases and are able to bite not only animals, but also humans.

Fleas bite not only cats and dogs, but also humans.

Effective destruction of each of these insects requires the use of different means and methods.


Methods of struggle

Perhaps one of the most universal and simple ways to kill insects in a room is the use of insecticides, sprayed either from an aerosol can ready for use, or with preliminary dilution of the concentrate and spraying it from a household spray bottle.Many of these drugs have a very wide spectrum of activity against various insect species, and, when properly used, are reasonably safe for humans and domestic animals.

Aerosol insecticides are sold in ready-to-use form.

The use of insecticidal concentrates, which must first be diluted with water and then sprayed with a spray bottle, is also very effective.

Such means sometimes allow to completely destroy insects in an apartment in just a few hours.

You can also kill insects in an apartment using the following methods:

  • Laying out poisoned baits, effective, for example, against cockroaches, ants and wood lice - insects that feed on various food residues. But against moth, bedbugs and fleas they do not work.
  • Setting traps for insects. There are different types of traps, which differ in the principle of action (glue, electrical discharge, insecticide, etc.) and by the type of insects for which they are designed to catch. It is important to take into account that usually traps do not allow to destroy the entire population, and their action is stretched in time.
  • Freezing or, conversely, destroying pests with heat (it will be necessary to open all windows in winter, or to create high temperature, turn on several special heat generators). However, the freezing of the entire apartment is fraught with the destruction of the heating pipes, and the removal of individual furniture in the cold often does not allow to destroy all insect room.To raise the temperature in the room, special expensive equipment for the destruction of insects by heat (which, by the way, is not always affordable even to some professional disinsection services) will be required.
  • You can finally try to exterminate insects by folk remedies - alcohol or kerosene, steam or decoction of various herbs (wormwood, tansy). Usually these are ineffective and rather labor-intensive methods, which almost never give a reliable result.

And finally, the most effective and simple method of getting rid of insects is to call special teams of disinsection. Due to the constant spread of parasites and pests in cities, the business of destroying insects is flourishing not only in regional centers, but even in large metropolitan areas and small villages. And if you find really conscientious disinsectors, they are guaranteed to destroy insects, and the owners of the premises will only have to clean the apartment after their work.

Pest control services will help you save time and effort, but it is advisable to apply to proven large organizations.

On a note:

Most insect control services offer not only pest control, but also room disinfestation services, that is, extermination of rodents.


Means for removing insects from the apartment

For self-destruction of insects in an apartment, the best tools are, perhaps, modern, odorless insecticidal preparations. Many of them have already been adapted for domestic use, packaged in small containers and produced in the form of concentrates. It is enough to dilute such a concentrate with water, pour into any household sprayer - and the tool is ready for use.

Among the fairly effective drugs are, for example, the following: Get, Lambda Zone, Delta Zone, Dobrokhim FOS, Hangman, etc. Often, they are even more effective than aerosol preparations, and if necessary, a complete treatment of an entire apartment or house is more economical .

Get a modern, highly effective insect killer

Insect preparation Delta Zone (microencapsulated suspension)

When using any insecticides, no matter how safe they are, it is important to use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, respirator, goggles.

On a note

Pest control workers often use insecticide concentrates for professional use: Tetrix, Sinuzan, Diazinon, etc. They are really quite effective, but they have a strong and unpleasant smell, and are quite toxic even for humans.

Aerosol insect extermination products are the well-known Raptor, Reid, Combat, Dichlorvos and their various clones. Usually they contain additional fragrances that mask the smell of active ingredients. These tools are easy to use, but if necessary, the total treatment of the apartment are very expensive.

Aerosol remedy for bedbugs Raptor

And aerosols, and concentrates for dilution and subsequent spraying should be used in cases where the insects must be destroyed quickly and all at once.

Of the poisoned baits against insects, the best-known gels are Globol, Raptor, Absolute, Brownie, Dohloks, Fas. They are very attractive to ants and cockroaches, almost do not leave marks on the surfaces after drying and destroy insects, even just soiled in the preparation.

Insecticidal gel from cockroaches Globol

Insecticidal gels are especially advisable to apply in cases where there are not very many insects in the house and there is no urgent need to carry out a massive harassment. With the help of gels, cockroaches and ants, for example, are displayed not immediately, but within a few weeks, but the whole process goes unnoticed by the residents of the house; there is no unpleasant smell in the room, there is no risk of poisoning with the agent.

It is interesting

In one drop of German gel from the Cockroach Globol contains a quantity of insecticide, sufficient to destroy about 500 adult individuals. Although in practice, of course, dies much less, since most of the money goes to idle (it simply dries out).

Now a few words about insect traps. There are different types of traps:

  1. Sticky pendants used against adult food moths and flies. They are very effective - with their help you can catch all the flying insects in the house in a few days. But such devices, especially with insects stuck to them, can hardly be called aesthetic ...
  2. Foldable sticky traps - they are placed on the floor in places where insects move or with strong-smelling bait. With the right location, it can be very effective against any crawling insects.
  3. Carbon dioxide traps used against bedbugs. In our country, they are not sold, and abroad only tested "in the field" conditions.
  4. Lamp traps that destroy moths and mosquitoes. They are usually used in the courtyards of private houses, occasionally in apartments.
  5. Electric "houses" from cockroaches.In terms of efficiency, they are comparable with sticky folding traps, but can be used repeatedly.

The photo shows an example of an electric cockroach trap - insects in it are destroyed by electric discharge.

Insecticide powders and crayons (pencils) by type of action are contact poisons, or contact-intestinal action - insects are poisoned by simply running over them and then cleaning their legs and whiskers, sometimes eating at the same time particles of the product. Compared with aerosols and sprays, powders and crayons are generally less effective.

Folk insect repellents are used either when the industrial preparations are unavailable or when the landlord is afraid of being poisoned by “chemistry”. Really effective among them are borax and boric acidwhich add to bait for cockroaches and ants. Also, you can separately note the powder of dried chamomile, with which they destroy the nests of bugs and anthills.


Instructions for the self-destruction of insects

Before the destruction of insects by sprays and aerosols, you must first worry about the safety of the occupants of the room. All people and pets at the time of the work should be removed from the apartment. The whole procedure will take approximately 5-6 hours, so a picnic or a visit to relatives should be planned for this day.

All utensils in the room and guaranteed non-insect-infested clothing are packaged in plastic bags. The furniture is moved away from the walls, bed linen is removed from the beds, and carpets are removed from the walls.

If a concentrate is used, it must be diluted in accordance with the instructions in the water and poured into a household spray bottle. For this purpose, are well suited, for example, containers from household cleaners.

A simple household sprayer is suitable for spraying diluted insecticide concentrate.

Then all the surfaces in the apartment (and against the moth including the ceiling) are sprayed with the preparation. Especially carefully it is necessary to handle the places of insects shelters, corners, crevices, plinths, heaps of rubbish, linoleum edges, parquet, kitchen furniture. After spraying carpets, they should be rolled up and the surface beneath them should be treated.

After that, the apartment is worth a few hours, then ventilated, all surfaces in it are washed out with a damp cloth, clothes and clothes are washed.


Sprays and aerosols can be used only in personal protective equipment - respirator, gloves, long-sleeved clothing. If a symptom of poisoning appears, stop working, go out to fresh air, and if necessary, consult a doctor.

When self-treating the apartment from insects, it is important to use personal protective equipment.

When using poison baits, it is necessary to lay them near the places of insects shelters and on the ways of moving around the apartment. Gels from cockroaches and ants are applied with dotted lines, the bait with boric acid are simply laid out at the corners. Similarly, traps are set. From time to time baits need to be updated, and traps should be cleaned from dead insects or replaced with new ones.


Calling professionals: what to do?

Professional disinsectors save the customer from the most difficult work - actually, from the processing of the room. But before their arrival it is necessary to prepare:

  • remove items and dishes in the packages;
  • move furniture away from walls;
  • remove bedding from the beds, sometimes curtains from the windows;
  • provide access to walls in storerooms and closets.

Before the arrival of professional pest control, it is necessary to prepare an apartment to facilitate the processing process, making it faster and more efficient.

Many companies offer to carry out these works for an additional fee. They can put things in order after the destruction of insects.


If the treatment is carried out by a pest control service, there should be no one in the room, except for the handler and the owner. The latter are given a respirator and gloves.


Protection of the apartment from insects - an integral part of the fight

After the destruction of insects in the apartment should take care that they do not penetrate here again:

  1. Close the vents with thick nets.
  2. Regularly lubricate the broth of wormwood or tansy boxes of doors and windows.
  3. To hang in the cabinets section of the moth.
  4. Check purchased products for the presence of moth larvae or ants.

If the neighbors in the apartment are inhabited by cockroaches or bed bugs, you should regularly update the protection around the windows, ventilation ducts and entrance doors with special crayons or barrier sprays, and place traps in the bathroom and toilet, which will be used to catch occasional “defectors”.

Chalk insect Masha

In conclusion, we note that although the methods of dealing with domestic insects are fairly well developed, the number of parasites and pests in apartments, even in large cities, is constantly increasing. And this problem is global - insects are equally intensively fighting in Europe, the USA, Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia. Accordingly, the insect eradication business is actively developing, and with the right approach and the purchase of insecticides in bulk, it turns out to be quite profitable.

In addition, to master the process of breeding insects, with the appropriate equipment is easy, and the initial investment in such a business is about 4-5 thousand dollars. It is not surprising that the number of companies offering insect extermination is constantly growing, and, unfortunately, sometimes this leads to the appearance of small and not very professional firms. Therefore, it is important for consumers to be able to choose from them those services that, for reasonable money, reliably, quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee will help get rid of insects.


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