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The use of hellebore water for removing lice: instructions and reviews

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Chemerichnaya water is still quite a popular means of dealing with lice: on how to apply it properly, we will continue and talk ...

Of the many folk remedies for lice, Chemeric water is perhaps one of the most famous and effective. However, few people think about what this drug is, whether helical water acts on nits and how safe it is in general use (for example, for children, for pregnant women). In these and some other interesting questions, we continue and try to figure out.

Many people seriously expect to completely get rid of nits with the help of only one tameric water.

So, chemerichnaya water, widely available today in pharmacies, is a mixture in equal proportions of alcohol tincture of hellebore Lobel (a famous medicinal plant) and water. The main active components of the tincture of hellebore used to remove lice are natural alkaloids, extracted in tincture from vegetable raw materials.

Hellebore's tincture is toxic to lice due to the natural alkaloids it contains.

The alkaloids that make up the cemericn water are highly toxic to various insects, fungi, bacteria ... and humans.That is why chemical water turns out to be quite effective in controlling lice, but at the same time it is quite dangerous if used incorrectly.

On a note

Chemerits Lobel is popularly called a puppeteer or a sneeze and is known as a very poisonous plant. Alkaloids in the juice of its root and stems when ingested in large quantities can lead to death. Even inhalation of air from the dust of crushed root leads to severe respiratory irritation, coughing and sneezing.


Effect of hellebore water on lice and nits

Chemerichnaya water has a poisoning effect already in simple contact with the outer chitinous covers of lice. The presence of alcohol in the solution contributes to better wetting of the parasites, leaking of the drug into the spiracles and gradual penetration to the internal tissues and organs of the insect. The result of the use of the hellebore water is the rapid death of almost the entire population of lice, including adults and larvae of all ages.

Adult lice and larvae can indeed be very effectively destroyed with the help of cemeric water.


“I had to treat children for lice three times, and I always used only coamer water.I do not recognize any chemicals - they are all dangerous and it is not known how they will affect the child. And the hellebore from lice is a proven method for centuries. You apply it like a simple alcohol, put a package on your head, take it off in half an hour and wash it all away - that's all. Only need to lice comb. I do not know which new-fashioned shampoo will give the same result. At the same time, neither the daughter nor the son had ever had any irritations or allergies from the choleric water. Son first time licewhen he was one and a half years old - also without any consequences. ”

Yana, Mineralnye Vody

Many people believe that chemical water kills nits at the expense of the same contact action: first, the solution penetrates through the outer shell of the nits, and then hits the inner contents of the egg itself. However, practice shows that even using chemameric water in full accordance with the instructions, it is not always possible to destroy all nits on the head (This is also confirmed by the opinions of people).

But to destroy the nits with the help of cemeric water is not always possible.

Therefore, be prepared for the fact that even with the correct use of the calicer water from lice, their complete removal may require repeated treatment approximately 1-2 weeks after the first.During this time, the larvae will emerge from the surviving nits after the first procedure, which will need to be destroyed by repeated processing.


Use of hellebore water: we destroy lice correctly

Before you remove lice with cemeric water, you must thoroughly wash your hair with a simple shampoo.

Before using hellebore water, you should first wash your hair with regular shampoo.

After that, hellebore water is applied to the hair and scalp with a cotton swab. It is important to ensure that the product is applied to the hair along its entire length, otherwise there is a risk of leaving some of the hair unprocessed.

The tool is applied with a cotton pad or swab over the entire length of the hair.

Instructions for the use of hellebore water against lice recommends that the neck, the skin behind the ears, and the temples be especially carefully treated.


“Using lacquer water to remove lice is very simple. To do this, you just need to moisten the cotton wool with this tool and spread it on the hair and scalp until everything gets wet. Then we put on a kerchief and walk like that for 40 minutes. This remedy does not cause any unpleasant sensations, although a friend of mine from a hellebore appeared on the head with red spots that did not hurt or itch. Then my head and all. I used to get the lice out of myself and my two children. Lice die immediately, nits too. But the neighbor was hounding, and then she left nits, I do not know why.But after the second time it was over. "

Irina, Cherepovets

After applying the hair, a scarf is tied up or a simple plastic bag is put on. In this form, cemeric water should be left on the head for half an hour, after which the bag or scarf is removed, and the head is washed thoroughly, first with running water and then with a simple shampoo.

After applying hellebore water on the head, it is necessary to hold the hair for some time under a kerchief or cap.

Even wet hair after treatment should definitely be combed with a frequent metal comb. - so from the hair will be removed dead lice, a part of nits, and those parasites that are simply paralyzed, but still alive. Special combs for lice are convenient for this purpose - they allow you to comb out almost all parasites.

Wet after processing the hair need to comb comb with frequent teeth.

On the photo - lice combed using a special comb

If, after treatment, live lice are found on the head, the procedure can be repeated only the next day. The best option would be re-treatment after a week - so will be destroyed and accidentally surviving lice, and the larvae, hatched from the helper nits.

A week after the treatment, the hair should be re-treated to kill the lice that have hatched from nits.


“I can write such a comparative description of the cemeric water and Parazidoz shampoo. We tried shampoo first, and then - a year later, after the next infection - hellebore water. So, Parasidosis is not kills nits and almost always they need to process the head twice - the second a week after the first. Chemerichnaya water on nits and lice acts more reliably - it kills all at once. From Parasidosis, the child had a rash on his neck, and my husband and her did not have it. Everyone had a bit of a thick head from the chemeric water, but there was no visible irritation. Well, the main thing is that the price of the pore water is much less than the cost of any product. The same Parasidosis costs 280 rubles per bottle, and water - only 35 rubles. Parazidoz has only one advantage - the comb comes with it, and a very good one. ”

Tatyana, Kandalaksha


Safety and contraindications when using tincture of hellebore

When removing lice, it is important to remember that the cemeric water is a very toxic substance. It is believed that getting even 1 ml of it into the digestive tract can cause serious poisoning, and in large quantities it can be deadly to humans.

Do not allow ingestion of the cemeric water into the stomach due to its high toxicity.

However, against cementa lice water may well be used, it is only important to ensure that there are no wounds and scratches on the skin in the treatment area. After applying hellebore water to the hair, it is necessary to control your sensations - if excessive burning, itching, hot sensation begins to appear on the head,it does not need to endure, the tool should be washed off as soon as possible.

It should be carefully monitored so that the water does not get on the mucous membranes, eyes, nose and mouth. If there are wounds on the head, you can not use the tool.


“When lice were poisoned, they themselves were banned by hellebore. It seems that everything was done according to what was written, but only my husband and daughter are fine, but me and my son (8 years old) are sick all night. Then they asked the district therapist, she said that perhaps this was due to the fact that we didn’t wrap the package with the head - the pairs from the hellebore affected us. ”

Olga, Perm

Due to the high toxicity of the product, the use of hellebic water against lice is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

For pregnant and lactating women, it is better to replace the hellebore water with a safer means.

However, no studies of the effect of this agent on the fetus and infants have been conducted. Official medicine does not recommend the use of lamella kelerichnoy water for children under the age of 12 years.

If chemically ingested water is accidentally swallowed, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and allergies may occur. In this case, you should drink a large amount of warm strong tea and see a doctor. In the hospital, in case of poisoning with helmerits, cholinolytic drugs and preparations for treating the organs of the gastrointestinal tract may be prescribed.


How to loosen lice and help hair at the same time

It is known that chemical water not only kills lice and nits, but also helps to restore the scalp and stimulates hair growth. For example, hellebore water destroys a fungus that promotes the appearance of dandruff, reduces sebum production, and also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

It is believed that chemical water not only destroys lice, but also contributes to the overall improvement of the hair.

Chemerichnaya water is used in the complex of folk remedies to combat baldness: it has a beneficial effect on the metabolism around the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair. For this purpose, it is added to shampoos in very small quantities and the head is washed 1-2 times a week with this mixture.


Alternatives to hellebore water: from folk remedies to modern drugs

Chemeric water even surpasses many modern pediculicides in its effectiveness against lice and nits.

Hellebore tincture can be a good alternative to expensive modern means of lice.

However, in cases where the cemeric water causes allergies or there are wounds and scratches on the treated areas of the skin, less toxic means should be used instead:

  • for example, Pedilin shampoo or Para-Plus aerosol - these agents also kill nits, but they are less allergenic.Pedilin Lice Shampoo
  • Nyuda lice spray - it is well suited for children, because it does not contain toxic insecticides at all.Spray Nydu can be used even for removing lice in children
  • Combs from lice as independent means - here you should pay attention to AntiV and LiceGuard (the leaders of this market). Working with them is time consuming, and you have to comb your head for several days in a row, but their use does not threaten with any side effects.Lice combing out hair with a LiceGuard comb is a laborious but effective exercise.

But folk remedies for lice such as kerosene, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are best not to use - they are very irritating to the skin and can lead to serious burns. Chemerichnaya water compares favorably with them in that, with equal effectiveness, it is much safer.

But if chemoremic water is not suitable, and you are afraid to use synthetic preparations, you can always use the most reliable, cheap and simple method of removing lice - just shave your hair bald. Such a procedure, especially carried out in the summer, not only relieves lice and nits, but also contributes to the improvement of the scalp.


Useful video about lice and control with a special comb


An example of severe poisoning with hellebore water.


To write "The use of hellebore water for removing lice: instructions and reviews" 67 comments
  1. Svetlana:

    I can not bring lice from a child, how to be, tell me.

  2. Natalie:

    We also suffer from this infection, which only did not. I'll try chemeric water today.

  3. Helena:

    We used hellebore water and Veda shampoo (it is probably the cheapest, but effective). Withdraw 10 days.But we had a neglected case, about three weeks I and my daughter didn’t suspect about lice, thought about allergies, so they bred. So, the treatment itself. First, we washed the shampoo “Veda”, after a few hours we treated the head with tesmic water, then a day later again with tesic water. During the week, every two days, we washed our hair with Veda shampoo. And a week later, again with the panther water (2 times in a day). At the same time, they looked and combed each time, but since it was only I who cleaned them at the daughter, and I had no one to clean them, then I added to this after each washing with shampoo and drying my hair with a curling iron. Here from him all the nits and dead.

  4. Paul:

    Buy in a pharmacy spray FULLMARKS with scallops, all lice immediately die 15 minutes after application, it is absolutely non-toxic. And you don’t need to put any packages on your head ... Nits - you still have to comb it out, as they remain in any way, especially if the hair is long and thick.

  5. Nataliya:

    Well, the man is generally a specialist in removing lice from thick and long hair! We have been suffering for 1.5 years now - we have tried all modern sprays and shampoos. Better than chemerichnogo water has not come up with anything yet.

    • Liza:

      We, too, have been tormented for a long time, so far nothing has been found that is better than the cemeric water.

    • Anna:

      Fruits of bruslina dry, chop (hard shell, like coffee beans). You can grind in a coffee grinder, you get oil powder. It is plentiful for them to rub and pour a head, to tie a kerchief. Kills and lice and nits. You can not wash your head right away, but only combing - tried and gives a 100% guarantee.

  6. Svetlana:

    Pavel is right, FULLMARKS helps best, quickly and efficiently.

  7. Victoria:

    But my daughter Fullmarks did not help. Combing it with a comb, and in the evening everything is the same - we found a living louse.

    • Anonymous:

      It was necessary to change the bed linen and wash, then all well ironed.

  8. Angel:

    Chemerichnaya water - just super! Cheap and angry.

  9. Catherine:

    The tip is simple: moms just dye their hair with durable paint. Dite: shave the boy, smear the girl with hellebore water. Twice with an interval of 7 days.Do not forget to clean all the clothes: underwear, bedding, outerwear according to the season. Gum, combs, towels and hairpins are also processed.

  10. Timur:

    My wife has some nits. The eldest daughter (she is almost 9 years old) has a lot. Discovered days after 5. There were many living individuals, and almost the entire noggin was in eggs. And the youngest son, he is 1.3 years old: he has one louse and a bit of nit. All praise hellebore water. What advise and how to carry out the procedure? Thank you in advance! All for the first time.

  11. Kristina:

    And Nuda did not help us absolutely. Bought Chemeric water.

    • Anonymous:

      This is for sure, Nuda did not help at all, although the infection was not extensive. Vinegar doesn't help either.

  12. Anonymous:

    Chemerichnaya water helps a lot, and even ordinary cranberries. And fullmarks didn't help at all. We suffered for half a year until the child’s hair was colored))

  13. Anonymous:

    If you accidentally drank 20 grams of hellebore water with water, what will happen?

  14. Anonymous:

    Drunk water alive?

  15. Ded:

    My girlfriend is pregnant, bought water than hellebore. For pregnant women, how does this water work?

    • Lili:

      Do not use at all! There may be fetal intoxication.No need to risk the health of a future baby!

  16. Tatyana:

    Hello, Nyuda is a good tool, but for money it is very expensive. I understand that it is not a pity to give any money so that it would not be there, but if this money were ... We bought Nyuda, she helped me and the child. Well, I was told to repeat after 3 weeks, but I had no money. It seemed to me that they disappeared, but no, they appeared again. Now what to do, I do not know how to display them. I would love to buy it anywhere, but with finances it is very bad.

    • Irina:

      Chemerichnaya water helps a lot. We bought various expensive products, but water is best. Previously, even shampoo “Barrier” for dogs helped, but this time it was somehow not very ...

  17. Helena:

    Dear women, do not waste your hard-earned money on expensive drugs, the most effective way is chemerichnoe water. Checked by time, and they tried, and children and grandchildren were treated. And it helped from the first time, but you need to follow it - look to your head in your head more often.

    • Lena:

      Do not help this shampoo, only money wasted. And poisoned with kerosene - did not help. Last hope for chemerichnoe water.

  18. Irina:

    Modern tools are all expensive and ineffective. Tried enough already! Parasites appear again. Chemerichnaya water is no worse than expensive means for removing lice.

  19. Svetlana:

    That only we have not tried for a year, all the newfangled means - they still appear. full marks is good, but dear, here, we decided to process it again with water of the hellebore. She handled the little one, it immediately helped, she was gone for a long time, until they went to school, they took out 5 times a year.

  20. Helena:

    We have a child 2 years ago, lice and nits were taken out with an iron. You didn’t regret your hair, turned on the iron and close to your head everything was stretched out (as it is easy to straighten it), it was well combed. So did 2 times. And that's all. Pah-pah-pah. And now in the internet I’ve read that for hair growth we can use chemeric water.

  21. Oksana:

    The child got sick with chickenpox! And the next day, when smearing brilliant green on the head, I found lice! Well, that time noticed. And it is worth noting that the hair of the son is very rich - thick hair and a haircut for tennis ... I bought chemeric water, and then I just read that you can’t use it if there are wounds,and then the whole head in the sores! First she cut off all his hairstyle under C grade (it’s good that he was a boy) and decided nevertheless to try Chemeric water. First, we carefully tested - neither burning nor redness - nothing. Anointed for half an hour and under the package.

  22. Sahayana:

    How to remove lice and nits?

  23. Anonymous:

    It did not help (

  24. Irene:

    We also thought that there was an allergy)) And in 2 weeks we bred so that the horror ... My son had short hair, found 4 lice, and the rest I combed out with a comb (I bought separately). And she first treated it with hellebore water, combed out all the nits, and there were at least 300 of them. So that they could be seen better, combed it onto a white sheet. After 2 days, she dyed paint (peroxide must be included in the composition). Scrubbed the remnants and all ...

  25. Tatyana:

    I encounter such a problem for the first time, I thought it would not affect us)) My daughter came from the village and complained, but I didn’t pay attention, I thought that because of the change of water, and today something pushed me to check my head, and I gasped. At the pharmacy, I bought Pediculen shampoo, smeared it on dry hair, the effect struck me: when rubbing shampoo into hair roots, lice fell down over the bathtub. The worst thing is to comb the nits, the hair of the daughter is long, curly, confused.I think I will comb out a week or tear it out with my hair))

  26. Regina:

    Already 7 times deduced. What I just didn’t try, didn’t help про But then I read about the mercury water. I'll try. Already not going anywhere.

  27. Samira:

    It does not help at all, bought two bottles for 670 rubles, sorry. Now she has taken hellebore water, they say that cheap is more effective than expensive ones. I do not have much, I immediately noticed them. What did not try, the last hope for chemeric water.

  28. Natalia:

    I do not understand why you can not remove lice for a long time? We also used some kind of spray, but I immediately turned to dermatologists. It seems to us that we all combed out. And they look under the lamp and magnifying glass! It seemed to me that we already had nothing, but when they came to the reception, they showed me nits through a magnifying glass! As long as this is not the way to remove it, there will be no effect!

  29. Helena:

    Tell me, please, I'm breastfeeding. Is it possible to use chemica lice water?

  30. Tamila:

    It helps us, only Dust ... It is unpleasant, but for sure, from the first time outright.

    Sister enjoys the leopard. And all these sprays and shampoos are a waste of money.

  31. Anna:

    My daughter helped, she got it at school and I decided to try it. Not a single louse and nits was not. In Tomsk, we bought hellebore water for 20 rubles.

  32. Anna:

    What a pity the children who suffer from these creatures! But it is they who most often bring them home - then from school, then from kindergarten. And if all the families of these children are not treated for pediculosis, then it is practically impossible to withdraw it - NEVER! If one has got rid of them with difficulty and torment, then 20 are next and forth the carriers of this filth. Somehow it turns out ...

  33. Alexander:

    Chemerichnaya water - the best tool for me is the only means to fight dandruff, nothing else helps, even the famous Heden Sholders. It is a pity that in the pharmacy it is often not present. And I never wash off this water after treatment of the head, I do not feel any poisonings. And, by the way, I noticed that after chemerka the skin becomes softer and smoother, so it is not only for combating lice, fungi and dandruff, but instead of face cream can be used.

  34. Pavlenko:

    How and where to buy a comb?

  35. Yuliya:

    I have two daughters, both have long hair and both go to school. One day, the youngest daughter brought home a gift (head lice) from school in her head. For two weeks she was silent that she had lice. Than I just did not try to withdraw them. No shampoos helped us. I just threw the money to the wind. I called my mom and asked her for advice. She offered me two options: either boiling water or kerosene. I am the youngest daughter and the eldest one for prophylaxis has treated with cemeric water, and myself with kerosene. And checked the difference. I got burns from kerosene, but no children from water. And now, as soon as the school year begins, I buy chemistically water from a pharmacy. And I'm happy with it.

  36. Ike:

    Every year I have lice, already tired to display them. And the hair is long, they are difficult to comb with a comb. What is better: shampoos from nits or hellebore water?

  37. Lana:

    Best of all chemerichnoe water! What means did not try - just money down the drain!

  38. Anonymous:

    Pregnant, on the 4th month, hair to the waist. Please advise how and with what can lice and nits be taken out?

  39. Madinah:

    Chemerichnaya water, iron, special comb. Shampoo Veda costs 150 rubles, but you need to keep it longer, can be an hour.It will not cure pediculosis completely, but as a concomitant remedy it will not be superfluous. When the hair is still wet, we put cotton on the comb. I took the one that happens in pillows, toys. And forward, combing ...

  40. Marina:

    My daughter brings lice from school already 3 times. We sit at home - there is nothing, but as we go to school - in 3-4 days I find nits. Twice they used Paranit shampoo, and for the third time after treatment, new ones appeared. I had to handle again, probably, the nits did not die. We do not know what to do or how to protect the child from this filth. Itself is processed together with it, I am in position. Tell me, what can be used to prevent the occurrence? Chemericheskuyu water bought, but not yet used.

  41. Kseniya:

    Daughter brought lice from school. Moreover, she infected two more of her sisters. And all the hair is thick and lower than the priests ((A lot of nits hung in the hair. I thought I would have to cut it off. But gradually I used the hair to treat the hair every week (only 2 times). I combed my hair with a comb. I looked through each strand directly And then hot ploykoy passed through the hair. I changed all the clothes.Every day I ironed pillows. Thank God! Deal with this disaster.

  42. Peter:

    Faced with this infection for the first time in my life. Before that, I bought the expensive drug NIKS. But he somehow did not really help. A few days later it all started again. Bought Chemeric water, 100 ml. I did everything according to the instructions - and lo and behold! Already forgot what it is.

  43. Victoria:

    Chemerichnoe water did not help us. And shampoos and sprays are a waste of money. I asked a nurse who works at the emergency room in the hospital than they treat unsuccessful patients. And she advised the emulsion BENZILBENZOAT. The pharmacy is worth a penny. Only she helped us. And thick scallop, with shampoo sold.

  44. Irina, Tomsk:

    We are suffering for the second time this year with lice. Daughter is a schoolgirl with long hair. Before that, Paranit took a bit of help. He washed his head every two days with Paranit, combed it for 2 weeks. Now I bought Pedikulen, we will try, but I read reviews about the chemeric water - it looks like it should be bought too. Thanks for the feedback.

  45. Oksana:

    The first time I tried Para Plus. Excellent helped, no complaints. When re-infection had to buy it twice, and as it turned out recently - to no purpose.I bought chemeric water, we will try.

  46. Olga:

    If a child is 2 years and five months old, with long hair — how can lice and nits be taken out?

  47. Oriole:

    I am a girl's mother with a terribly thick and long hair. Lice have already 5 times in 10 years ((As if intentionally cling.

    In general, given the amount of work on our head, I managed to try everything! Full marks, paranit (and the solution? And shampoo), here, a couple plus, pediculen (a terrible thing, it burns all the scalp, did not believe her daughter - thought she was exaggerating, but tried it on herself and threw it away, did not torture). In the end, I made a conclusion: though the water is cheaper than all others, the effect is not worse. Given that I used to spend three thousand on drugs, because very thick hair and one bottle is only enough for once, and to be sure, she hunted five or even seven times in three to five days. And she had scored two hundred rubles for Chemeritsa - and enough to finish everything.

  48. Daria:

    Should water be applied to wet or dry hair?

  49. Yuliya:

    Hello, is it possible to treat a daughter with a tameric water, she is 3 years old?

  50. Natalia:

    But we are helped by tincture of hellebore, but it is sold in a veterinary pharmacy, and even then not in all.But the result is super! I have three princesses, the youngest of the garden brought in the summer. She fought for a long time, as there is a mother in the group who does not consider lice a problem! But now the eldest from school has brought, there is no limit to my joy ... But the tincture is more toxic than water, and it should be washed off. But I am happy with the result. And of course, combed out. Without this, nowhere.

  51. Nataliya:

    People! The simplest remedy is turpentine. Apply to dry hair, just pour the liquid into the hand and rub it on the head and all the hair and tie it up with a scarf for 15 minutes. Of course, a little hot, but tolerable. Then rinse everything well with water and then shampoo. All lice die, and nits burst. She herself withdrawn from her children aged 5 and 7 years. And no allergies.

  52. Ulyana:

    Tell me, please, and benzyl benzoate - what is this product? Is it toxic? And what is it for? From lice and nits help daughter? And then she has sooo long and thick hair!

  53. Alyona:

    Paint did not kill me nits.

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