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How and what can kill lice and nits on the head

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Consider several effective ways that will kill the lice and nits on the head, and to do it safely for health.

Kill lice and kill nits - two tasks that differ significantly in complexity, and it becomes usually understandable only in practice. It seems, and the drug is effective, and the dead insects almost do not sprinkle with the hair after it, but the nits as they were, and remain in the hair. And after a week or two of them young larvae of parasites hatch, and everything starts all over again ...

Even after using seemingly effective lice products, it is usually impossible to kill all the nits, and new larvae eventually hatch from them.

The fact is that adult lice and their larvae are quite vulnerable insects dying from the effects of many insecticides. But the nits - this lice eggs, well protected from the effects of negative environmental factors by a dense protective sheath and therefore resistant to most pediculicidal agents.

Lice nits are protected by a special shell, so even many modern means are not able to kill them.

So, for example, many modern pediculicidal drugs that ensure the destruction of lice affect their nervous system and lead to insect paralysis and subsequent death.Such funds can enter the body of lice through the respiratory tract (spiracles), and into the nervous system itself enters the bloodstream. The insecticide cannot penetrate into the nits so easily, and even immersion of the nits into a solution of the same permethrin (a powerful modern insecticide) does not necessarily destroy it.

Even immersed in a solution of a powerful insecticide permethrin nit can remain alive.

Photo nits under a microscope

Therefore, in order to kill nits, it is necessary to choose for this purpose such means that have an ovicidal effect, that is, eggs lice poison. Or you can destroy the nits mechanically by combing them with a special comb - this, by the way, is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Often a dense comb remains the most effective means for both lice and nits.

On a note

Means that destroy nits almost always destroy adult lice themselves. This means that by choosing the right anti-parasite drug, you can kill nits and lice, as they say, “with one blow”. It is only important to read the instructions for such drugs carefully, as many of them have contraindications and can be dangerous for a person if used incorrectly.


How to kill nits with special drugs

Perhaps the most effective to date drugs from nits - this means, containing basically organophosphorus compounds.Such substances include, for example, karbofos and chlorpyrifos. Incidentally, dichlorvos is also included here - it is important only in this case not to confuse it with modern Dichlorvos, which have long had nothing to do with the “Soviet” insecticide of the same name pyrethroids).

The composition of the modern Dichlorvos is no longer included organophosphorus substances, as it was before.

These organophosphate insecticides are generally considered quite toxic to humans. In addition, they often cause various irritations upon contact with the skin, and therefore they are usually not used against lice anymore.

However, karbofos in certain concentrations is still used to kill lice and nits in, for example, the following drugs:

  • Aerosol remedy for lice and nits Para-Plus - here karbofos is included in the preparation together with additional insecticides permethrin and piperonyl butoxide. All these three chemicals have a nerve-paralytic effect on lice, but only karbofos can penetrate through the shell of the nits directly into the body of the larvae developing in it. The aerosol is applied to the hair along their entire length, as well as on the scalp, straightening the hair with your fingers.After this, the agent must be kept for 10 minutes and rinsed with running water.Aerosol Para Plus (Para Plus) is able to destroy nits and lice
  • Pedilin Shampoo - based only on karbofos and somewhat easier to use than Para-Plus. Pedilin is applied to the hair, like any other shampoo, aged for about 20 minutes and washed off. During this time, the insecticide has time to kill not only lice, but also a significant part of nits.Pedilin also contains karbofos, but it is even more convenient to use it than Spray Plus spray.

It is interesting

The principle of karbofos (also called malathion) is that it blocks the work of the cholinesterase enzyme, which, in turn, is designed to block excessive release of acetylcholine. The latter is a neurotransmitter that causes muscle contraction when acting on nerve receptors.

Accordingly, when karbofos blocks cholinesterase, acetylcholine accumulates in the body in significant quantities and causes contraction (spasm) of insect muscles. Just a few minutes after the karbofos enters the body of the louse, the insect is completely paralyzed, after which it dies rather quickly.

Karbofos (another name Malathion) can cause rapid paralysis and death of lice

Both Para-Plus aerosol and Pedilin shampoo can not only destroy lice and nits, but also lead to the development of side effects.The karbofos in the composition of these preparations does not represent a direct danger to the human nervous system, since it is quickly neutralized in the body (in insects such “neutralizing” substances are not produced).

However, both products can cause allergies and irritations on the skin. For this reason, Para-Plus and Pedilin do not recommend killing lice in children under the age of 3 years, as well as in pregnant and lactating women.


We destroy lice and nits folk remedies

To destroy the lice and nits, you can also look at the means of traditional medicine. Some of them are good because they are equally dangerous for both adult insects and their eggs.

Some folk remedies can be used to kill adult lice and their larvae.

However, not all folk remedies are able to destroy nits

The disadvantage of many folk remedies for lice is their increased danger to humans, especially when used incorrectly. For example:

  • Kerosene, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can literally burn out the lice and nits on the hair. But when using them, there is always a significant chance of getting a chemical burn that is much more dangerous than the parasites themselves. Hydrogen peroxide, in addition, also bleaches the hair: it is almost impossible to kill the lice on the head with its help without changing the hair color.With regard to the use of kerosene - there are cases of its ignition on the head in children when working near a source of open flame. No less dismal are the results when poorly educated parents improperly dilute the vinegar essence and process the hair in a child with such a solution.Kerosene, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide effectively kill lice, but can cause severe skin burns if used improperly.
  • Cranberry juice can weaken the attachment of nits to the hair, but he is not able to completely kill them. It is well manifested by the combination of this tool with combs for combing lice.Cranberry juice can only weaken the attachment of the nits to the hair, but it is not capable of killing it.
  • Chemerichnaya water as toxic to nits as it is to lice. Perhaps, it can be considered one of the best folk pediculicides: if you carefully monitor that the drug does not get into the mouth or nose, it will not cause harm.Chemerichnaya water is effective for the destruction of lice, but quite toxic when it enters the stomach.

Means like essential oils and decoctions of various herbs against lice and, especially, against nits are mostly ineffective. Such substances repel insects, but if the parasites have nowhere to go from the head, they will survive the treatment.


And what if ... do not kill nits?

There is a very effective approach in which nits are generally ignored, and only vulnerable adult lice and their larvae are affected. This treatment is in good agreement with the development cycle of parasites:

  • First, the lice are destroyed by the safest possible means, for example, on the basis of Dimeticon (with Nuda spray or Paranit) - this substance is safe even if accidentally ingested. On the hair are alive only nits.Dimethicone is a liquid silicone
  • After this treatment, a pause of 10-12 days is maintained, during which the larvae hatch from all nits.
  • Then a second procedure is carried out to remove the young generation of lice by the same means. Usually in this case it is possible to kill the lice almost completely without the use of especially dangerous drugs.

The disadvantage of this method is in its duration, but in general, this approach is fully justified.


Safe ways to kill lice

And finally, you can kill nits and lice in the old manner, mechanically removing them from the hair. If special pediculicidal combs are used, this process can be significantly eased and accelerated: combs like NitFree and AntiV comb out more than 90% of the lice from the hair.

Comb for lice and nits comb AntiV

Thanks to special notches, the Nit Free comb has an increased efficiency for combing lice and nits.

Remove nits From the hair, you can first loosen their attachment to the hair with cranberry juice or LiceGuard shampoo, then comb it out over the bath and wash it off.

To loosen the nits to the hair, use LiceGuard shampoo

Thick comb will help comb out the lice and nits remaining on the head

Also abroad today is actively promoting the method of thermal destruction of lice and nits with special hair dryers,but so far in the Russian market is not yet represented the equipment for the application of this method.

A special hair dryer helps to kill high temperature lice.

And, of course, the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of lice and nits is to destroy their habitat. To do this, simply shave the infected hair. If aesthetically and stylistically such an approach is possible, it is more rational and easier to use it.


Useful video: how to save a child from lice


How can lice and nits be completely removed from the hair with AntiV comb


To write "How and what can kill lice and nits on the head" 49 comments
  1. Anonymous:

    Trouble And Full Marx did not help with his “miracle” comb. All down the drain. Let's try Couple Plus, but how? How to comb out all these nits? And the hair to the waist ... And the daughter does not allow to cut. Oh, trouble ...

    • Tatyana:

      A couple plus did not help us at all! Lice, of course, he killed, but the nits breed almost every day. After the first treatment, I thought that was done with them. After a day I look at my head, crawling small, just hatched. Again processed this pair-plus. Then, after 4 days, I look - the little ones are crawling again! She processed again ... She didn’t wait any longer, she cut the child very shortly.

  2. Daria:

    I also had lice. I tried almost everything, but then I dyed my head to match my hair color. After that, the lice and nits are gone forever!

    • Anonymous:

      I bought paint, I want to dye my hair, but I don’t know whether to add hydrogen peroxide.My daughter is 12 years old, help with advice.

  3. Diana:

    Well, trouble ((They tried everything at all, nothing helps: both kerosene, vinegar, and pediculen ultra. We smear, we do. At first glance, everything passed, but my head starts to itch again after a week, and lice appear again. I’m ashamed to look at someone’s girlfriend’s friends, we don’t know what to do already, and soon to school, when they’re found it is embarrassing. Tell me what to do?

    • Lesya:

      We ourselves with stitches and ignorance of what to do, how to destroy them?

    • Nataliya:

      In addition to processing the head, you need to make sure that there are no lice on objects with which the head contacts. These are: comb, barrettes, rubber bands, etc., hats, scarves, clothing collars, hoods, etc., pillowcases, blankets, sheets.

      Clothes should be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees or higher. If the frost is outside (more than -5), then freeze.

      Another option - after processing the head to wear only those clothes (from the above list) that you have not worn for more than 2 days. Lice without food (at room temperature) die from hunger for 2 days. If the temperature is lower, then without food can live longer. All information is on this site. Good luck!

    • Alesya:

      Diana, try the pork water. My son helped. And other medicines - one continuous garbage.

  4. Tatyana:

    My son brought lice from the village, there are so many ... Just tin! Couple plus garbage does not help. I bought Lavinal spray, killed the lice, but the nits click, it means living жив I comb it out with a metal comb, it helps, pah-pah, otherwise I can't. The main thing - to remove all the nits, but it will take a whole day.

  5. Yuliya:

    How not to try to bring nits, did not work. Strongly attached to the hair, and various tools do not help. Scallop too.

  6. Anonymous:

    Help, stuck.

  7. Anonymous:

    Pedikulen-ultra does not help at all, a waste of money.

  8. Anonymous:

    Kerosene close up

  9. Anonymous:

    Alcohol helped us. Bought at the pharmacy, on the hair of an average length of 2-3 bottles of 100 ml was enough.We douse the head, we wrap a hat or a package - the main thing is to hermetically, 20-30 minutes is enough. Acts on lice, too, then the main thing - to comb out the remnants. The problem is that it is difficult to withstand the treatment process, there is nothing to breathe ... They took a thick tube into the mouth and breathed through it, so the kids will not work. Before that, we tried several shampoos - a waste of time and money.

  10. Irina:

    Try Dichlorvos! It seems to help))

  11. Anonymous:

    NUDA does not help my daughter at all, since that summer when she came from the camp. Lice come from somewhere! I'm sick of lice, I can't see them anymore. And Nuda is just spending money.

    • Anonymous:

      Simple vodka and a package for the head for 20 minutes.

    • Anonymous:

      Same story ... 4 relapses. I'm going tomorrow in the KVD. I will handle what they say.

  12. Anastasia:

    3 years ago came from the camp with lice, still can not withdraw. Where they come from! Nothing helps. Neither dichlorvos, nor hellebore water, nor vinegar, nor kerosene, nor a crest, nor cranberries. Directly no strength, shame. And in the village, some of the lousy boys are being called them. Help get rid of!

  13. Rainbow:

    I have not had lice for 12 years. Until the sister went to school and brought them. My mother bought a full Marx, did 1 time. And the second does not want, she does not care, she does not understand the consequences. Suddenly I will die ...

  14. Veta:

    We got fucking lice, I can not see them. Would kill assholes if she could.

  15. Diana:

    Son infected the whole family, fighting month! After 3-4 days, everything is repeated. Tried an avalanche, Dustov soap, a pair of plus, a special comb. The effect is zero, I'm in a panic.

  16. Anonymous:

    Tried an avalanche - like, all combed out, all the nits clicked. Then again they found nits, washed with KHIGIA shampoo, combed nits, didn’t click ... We’ll see what happens next.

  17. Vavan:

    And what to believe?

  18. Ziyatdinova Alla:

    Only dust really helped, but where can I get it now? Shampoo Veda is bullshit.

  19. Anonymous:

    Bullshit your advice, a flamethrower - the best tool. I have a cat because of dust died.

  20. Anonymous:

    Horror! What to do, I tried everything, starting with the most expensive products and ending with simple tar soap.I scratch my head with this comb every day, I hardly tear my scalp on myself, I have pulled out more hair than I did, probably on my head. The only thing that I haven't tried is kerosene - I'm afraid of a chemical burn.

  21. Valencia:

    The best advice for an adult is hair dyeing (preferably a week later with an emulsion of Benzyl Benzoate). For a child from 3 years old, only Benzyl Benzoate - rub emulsion and hold for 30 minutes. Then treat with a solution of vinegar, diluted with water 1 to 3, then rinse (this is so that the nits are easier to remove). Then wash with regular shampoo. After a week, be sure to repeat. As for nits - believe me, until you choose them yourself, nothing will help (I tried everything). Be sure to wash all the things. All mattresses, pillows vacuumed. Feel free to tell people around you - believe me, they may not be aware that they themselves may be the source of lice. This is especially true of kindergarten and school. Good luck!

  22. Lyokha:

    Fitoverm, it is Aversectin. These are bacteria that parasitize bugs. It costs 20 rubles, sold in the store gardeners. It takes a long time to wet their hair - a month.But without chemistry and almost nothing. The main thing is that it works.

  23. Anonymous:

    Chlorophos help you.

  24. Anonymous:

    A couple plus is expensive and ineffective. We did not help either with lice or nits!

  25. a guest:

    Previously, kerosene helped. A pair of plus kills only lice, and nits remain to live. Apparently, it is necessary to try combing with a comb every day for 14 days. Who tried peroxide?

  26. Olga:

    I tried kerosene, vinegar, dichlorvos and chemerick water - it did not help.

    • Tanya:

      We were helped by malathion. Diluted in half with water, shaken and processed the whole family. The bed was washed, the clothes too, the bed was still fried by an iron. Nits had to comb, already dead.

  27. Kisa:

    Help, we can not get rid of lice for 4 years, nothing helps. And I do not want to cut it bald. PLEASE HELP to get rid of them, I would kill them all. My little girl is all called “suck”!

    • Zoe:

      Treat the head with lice by any means, then comb through the hair and use the iron for the hair to walk carefully along the strand, heat to 200 degrees.

  28. Ksyusha:

    Nuda - hat golimaya. Creatures pi * yat as breathing about efficiency.

  29. Anonymous:

    Yeah. Wrong you do everything, here is the result. Laziness is the cause of your misfortunes.

    Apply on the patient's hair specifically means (for example, Nyuda). Carefully, strand by strand we comb the whole head with a comb. After each movement, wipe a comb on a piece of paper. When all the lice are combed out, we apply more dofig means, put on a oil cap on the head and leave 2 times longer on the head than according to the instructions.

    In the meantime, we are processing the next family member. If there are nits and lice - as the first, and if not - my head with a special shampoo for prevention. Do not sit! Feather pads are thrown out, wadded erasers, rubber bands, ribbons, hats are also (> 60 ° C). Duvet covers, bed sheets and clothes change. Rooms are treated with insecticides. We do not regret. While one is processing, we sit with the whole family in another room. Then - on the contrary.

    And this is not half the battle! Before flushing, we again brush our head, as for the first time. We wash off. And now the most important step! Stocking up coffee, for you will not go to sleep soon. We put on glasses, cut in the light and on the light, by strands of 10 hair looking for nits. We find, separate the hair with the nits, clamp the nails and pull along the length of the hair until we remove it.And so we remove all nits. If at least 1 remains, it will be necessary to start anew in a couple of days.

    If you can not remove all the nits - make ironing an awesome hair. Do not forget to wash clothes and bedding. Hairpins and hairbrushes - in the dishwasher. House to raid. Good luck to you!

  30. Marina:

    I used Pedikulen spray. Lice died, but nits remained. On the second day I rinsed my hair with acetic water and combed the nits, turning each strand. It took 2 hours (good child watched cartoons). Periodically rested and scratched again. After 5 days, again combed out. No more of them, sort of.

    • Anonymous:

      Iron for hair do. One or two times a day. We have lost and lice, and nits.

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