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Quick disposal of lice and nits at home for 1 procedure: enough already to suffer!

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Today, it is possible to get rid of lice and nits in the hair quickly enough, in just 1 day - then we will talk further about this ...

After reading this article to the end, you will learn how you can completely get rid of lice and nits at home in just 1-2 days. And not a single insect and nits will remain in the hair, even in the case when various other tools have been ineffective.

Practice shows that many people, faced with the problem of infection with lice, can not get rid of parasites for months, and sometimes even for several years. It would seem that all sorts of insecticidal shampoos and sprays from pharmacies have been tried, a lot of time and effort was spent on fruitless attempts to comb nits with combs and even wash them with vinegar and kerosene - but there is no result! At best, a temporary lull, and then ... lice both bite and bite, and in the hair again full of nits.

Why it happens?


“I simply have no strength, help! We have a louse with my daughter. For six months, everyone has already tried - and Nude, and Paranit, and Fulmarks, and kerosene smeared. Nothing helps! Sometimes lice when combing out, it seems, no, and after a week it is not clear where they crawl from. Itching incredible and scratching to the blood already. But it is a pity to cut the hair, it will be a disaster for us. I just don’t know what to do ... I feel sorry for my daughter. ”

Natalia, St. Petersburg


Why do attempts to get rid of lice very often end in complete failure?

It is no secret that when lice are found in themselves (or children), the majority of people rush to the pharmacy first. They buy some pediculicides there, use it and calm down on it, believing that now you can forget about lice.

Practice shows that very often pharmaceutical preparations for lice have a weak effect on the parasites or do not give it at all ...

The problem with pharmacy pediculicides is that not all insects die after their use. When visually inspecting the head, it may seem that everything is clean, there are no live parasites, but without proper skills and experience this conclusion is often completely wrong - there are lice survivors, but it is difficult to find them.

The second problem is that almost no pharmacy remedy for lice kills nits - insecticides are simply not able to penetrate the dense protective shell of the nits inside.This means that some time after the application of nits, young larvae of lice hatch.

Thanks to the protective shell, nits are resistant to most insecticides.


“Lice caught in school. When noticed, they were still few. We looked with the son on the Internet, bought Pedikulen, processed. There were no lice, but the nits remained. When you push them, they click, it means alive. Three times processed and combed thoroughly. And what do you think? Month passed, the head is not only full of living nits, but also lice crawl again. That's terrible!"

Almira, Samara

Despite the large number of accidents, quite a few people, unfortunately, are still trying to remove lice with dangerous folk remedies - kerosene, acetic acid, and even Dichlorvos.

You ask, and how can this be dangerous?

Watch a video about how the mother accidentally burned her daughter, trying to bring her kerosene lice:


And this is just one example. A lot of kids got chemical burns when parents tried to bring out lice by eye with diluted acetic acid.

When using Dichlorvos, the poison is simply absorbed into the blood through wounds on the head and often leads to poisoning and severe allergic reactions, when, literally, the hair from the head falls out into pieces and is washed off with water along with the remnants of Dichlorvos deposited on them into the sink.

The use of folk remedies for lice can sometimes pose a serious threat not only to the scalp, but also to human health in general.

On a note

Combing lice and nits with a frequent comb in the hands of an inexperienced person also turns out to be ineffective, especially in the case of long hair. There are several reasons for this - improper combing and the inability to comb qualitatively for several hours. We missed several nits - and in a month or two the head would be infested with lice again.

And, perhaps, the most unpleasant thing is that the more time you spend on inefficient methods of removing parasites (and even more, if you do almost nothing), the more damage you do to your health (or your child’s health). Permanent effects on the scalp of chemical insecticides, incessant bites, skin combed to the blood and restless sleep - this is only part of the trouble. The more lice are bred on the head, the more bites there will be, the more nits in the hair will be and the higher the risk of infecting other people.

If you do not get rid of lice or do it ineffectively, then the parasites can multiply very quickly ...


How can you completely get rid of lice and nits by tomorrow, and not leaving home

Some may even seem incredible, but in fact the problem with lice and nits is solved very simply.

Why condemn yourself to months-long fruitless fight with lice,with an unknown result and the risk of harm to their health (or the health of the child)? Why spend money on ineffective drugs every month?

Instead, you can simply get rid of parasites once and for all, and literally in 1 day. Just one call to the company “Lays Evey” - and the problem will be solved not just quickly, but very quickly.

On a note

“Lice Evey” is the leading company in Russia, which is engaged in getting rid of lice at home. The company's specialists themselves will come to your house and are guaranteed to get rid of lice and nits in just one procedure, and also give valuable recommendations on how to avoid re-infection, so that you will never know any problems with lice in the future.

How does this happen:

  • It is enough to call the operator, tell the address and a convenient time and date of arrival of the specialist, and from this point on, the professionals in their field will already be working on your problem;
  • The essence of the procedure is to ensure complete and safe removal of absolutely all lice and nits from the hair using a combing technique;
  • The specialist usually arrives on the day of the order or the next if the order is issued in the evening;
  • No special preparation for the procedure is required - sit back and just wait for the arrival of a professional;
  • In addition to the procedure, the specialist will issue a leaflet, information from which will allow you not to get lice again. In addition, a specialist with himself will have a terminator bug for handling bedding and a spray for scaring lice.

After the procedure, your hair will be completely clean and free from lice and nits! There will not even be dry nits.

After the procedure, the hair will not even dry nits.

If the procedure was carried out for a child, a specialist from Lays Evey will give you a certificate of the absence of lice and nits, with which the child can go to kindergarten or school the same day.

Moreover, you will receive a weekly guarantee that during this time not a single live parasite and not a single nits will appear in your hair. If you suddenly find them, then the repeated procedure will be carried out absolutely free of charge (as practice shows, the guarantee is almost never required).


Why precisely Lice Evey?

The company Lays Evey has been on the market for 6 years, and today it is the leader in Russia in providing highly professional services for getting rid of lice and nits with a home visit by a specialist.

Key advantages of the company:

  • Highly qualified specialists with medical education;
  • Great experience - thanks to “Lays Evey”, already thousands of people got rid of lice and safely forgot about this problem, because they learned a number of highly effective techniques that made it possible not to get infected again even in an infected team;
  • Safety of the procedure - when combing lice, chemical insecticides are not used, as a result of which the applied technology is absolutely safe for health and is perfect for even young children who are prone to strong allergic reactions;
  • The highest efficiency - after the procedure there will not be a single louse and no nits in the hair, and even dry nits are completely removed;
  • A certificate of absence of lice for a child is issued - with it your child can go to kindergarten or school on the same day;
  • Operational work - a specialist arrives on the day of the order, that is, by the evening your head will be absolutely free from lice and nits. If the order is made in the evening, the specialist will arrive the next day;
  • The low price of services, especially when compared to how much money, time, nerves and strength you can spend during the year on an unsuccessful war with lice;
  • Absolute confidentiality - do not be afraid that someone will find out about your problem;
  • A guarantee is provided - if during the warranty period you suddenly find at least one insect or one nits in your hair, the procedure will be carried out by a specialist of the company for free (in practice this is almost never required).

Cities of the company:

  • Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Chelyabinsk;
  • Yekaterinburg;
  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Novosibirsk;
  • Kazan;
  • Stavropol;
  • Permian.

By calling Lice Evey now, you will completely get rid of lice and nits in your hair today and be able to forget about the torment that you had to go through in the course of lengthy attempts to get rid of parasites on your own.


For those who doubt ...

Or maybe it is better to try some more spray or shampoo? ..

As mentioned above, the effectiveness of pharmaceutical means of dealing with lice, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. In addition, the active ingredients in many of them are the same (pyrethroids, dimethicone), and even their concentrations are often the same.

In many cases, pharmaceuticals for lice are ineffective even with repeated use.


“We began to lose our hair very much after applying Hygiene and Paranit. I have already washed my half into the bath.The most annoying thing is that it did not help at all, even despite the fact that we are still choosing with our hands and every day we take out the nits. So all this nonsense. How to deal with the consequences now? Tell me! ”

Ruslana, Ekaterinburg

“We already have a year lice. They fought as best they could, everyone tried ... They used Pedikulen, Nidu, smeared with kerosene, combed it out. Lice disappear, and nits remain! I tried to irons - it does not help, they are combed out, but not all. While trying to get rid of nits, lice hatched ((All is useless, I do not know what to do ... "

Oksana, Moscow

You can, of course, continue to spend time and money, continue to be scratched and wondered if the next remedy from the pharmacy will help or not. But you can choose a more simple, fast and reliable way to get rid of lice and nits - contact the experts. After all, if we have a toothache, we do not self-medicate, but turn to a dentist.


What if it does not help?

There is a chance that at least one louse or nit will remain practically zero in the hair after the work of a specialist of Lays Evey, a multi-level quality control is carried out during the procedure. In addition, you will receive a weekly warranty: if you find at least one insect or nits in your hair,This will be a free rerun. However, in practice, the guarantee is almost never required.

Specialist company Lays Evey will remove from the hair absolutely all parasites, including the smallest lice larvae and even dry nits.


Do not need to go somewhere in the hospital?

That's right, you do not need to go anywhere, the specialist himself will arrive at your home at a time convenient for you. You do not have to spend time and nerves on the road, turn. The procedure for removing lice and nits will be carried out in a comfortable home environment.


What if our neighbors find out that we have lice and that they have come to bring them to us?

You can absolutely not worry about someone learning about your problem. An ordinary person will arrive, dressed in ordinary clothes. The company "Lays Evey" cares about the tranquility of its customers, and information about the problem is not transmitted anywhere (neither in schools, nor in kindergartens, nor in Roszdravnadzor).


My child is very allergic, the procedure is definitely not dangerous to health?

Mechanical combing is one of the safest ways of getting rid of lice and nits. In comparison, the use of various sprays and shampoos based on chemical insecticides is much more dangerous to health, especially for people prone to allergic reactions.


How much is it?

The cost of the service depends on the length of the hair and ranges from 2500 rubles. with hairs up to 15 cm. With longer hairs, the price will be slightly higher.

(The price is for Moscow; for regions the price is lower).

What exactly do you get:

  • First of all - this, of course, complete disposal of lice and nits. That is, in the hair there really will not be a single insect, not one nits, even dry;
  • In addition, you will receive a guarantee on the quality of services provided. If during the week you suddenly find an insect or a nit in your hair, the repeated procedure will be carried out for free;
  • All family members will be inspected for free. Often parasites are found in unsuspecting brothers, sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers;
  • In the case of the removal of head lice, a child will be issued a certificate of the absence of head lice and nits, with which he can return to kindergarten or school on the same day;
  • You will receive information (a leaflet) from a specialist, which will make it possible in the future not to know the problems with lice and not get infected with them again, even if you have to communicate with people who are known to be infected.

Turning to the company Lays Evey, you not only quickly get rid of lice and nits, but also learn how you can safely protect themselves from re-infection in the future.

And what is important - you will finally be free from itching, many hours of self-removing lice and nits.Forget what the problems with the hair and scalp after the use of pharmacy pediculicides drugs.


Reviews of people who have already safely got rid of lice

“My daughter contracted in the camp. We first poisoned in the old manner with kerosene and cemerite. Two months were killed for this case, my daughter already had a whole red head, the skin began to peel off. And nits even henna! When I turned to Lyce Evey, I didn’t really believe that it would help, well, there’s little advertising on the Internet. A woman came, looked at all of us, two hours I was brushing Masha. I would not have been able, it turns out that there were so many nits in my head, horror! Then they all looked together, if there was any shit in the hair, but everything was perfectly clean. A month has passed, we are not scratching, the hair is clean! ”

Oksana, Moscow

“This school attacked us, there are kids in the classroom from dysfunctional families. It was then that a real tin started at us, all three children itched like lepers, I was ashamed to go to work, suddenly they would notice that I was nits. And nothing can be done! No matter how tried, nothing helps. They bought nyuda, full marks, a-pairs and some other spray.He used to oil himself with kerosene (it was terrible for children to smear it), then he combed it out, but it didn’t help at all, as there were nits on the hair and they remained. When crushed clicked. When the specialists called, they said that they would comb it out. Well, I think the pipe is business - I have already combed it out, it does not help. Well, okay, I decided to try. We arrived, combed in me and in children. Every day I watched for lice or nits. Joy knew no bounds! Nothing is still there, although three weeks have passed ... "

Elsa, Kazan

“We ordered to clean the head lice from all children at the same time in Lays Evey. Before that, lice have been tormented for a year with varying success. A neat young man arrived, he explained everything to us, examined him. He combed the children for a long time, but it was worth it - a whole bunch of lice and nits raked. Now everything is clean, I hope that they will not start again. I only regret that I hadn’t applied before, it’s how much time I tortured my children in vain! ”

Nadezhda Grigoryevna, Perm

By calling Lice Evey, you can completely get rid of lice and nits today!

It suffices to suffer (or torture the child) with fruitless attempts to solve the problem yourself. If you are ready to get rid of parasites as quickly as possible, if you value your health and time, then call now!

Phones of the company in different cities:

  • Moscow: 8 (499) 703-45-13;
  • St. Petersburg: 8 (812) 30-99-678;
  • Nizhny Novgorod: 8 (831) 42-91-687;
  • Chelyabinsk: 8 (351) 20-20-354;
  • Ekaterinburg: 8 (343) 38-45-642;
  • Rostov-on-Don: 8 (863) 30-33-798;
  • Novosibirsk: 8 (383) 28-04-218;
  • Kazan: 8 (843) 20-60-710;
  • Stavropol: 8 (865) 22-06-509;
  • Perm: 8 (342) 20-58-302.

Act now to have clean hair completely free of lice and nits tomorrow!


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  1. Diana:

    My girlfriend and I have lice, I don't know what to do anymore. Help me please…

  2. Louise Kulmatova:

    Try Barsik (a very good remedy for fleas). Spray Barsik on dry hair, put on a cellophane cap, an hour later, wash off and wash your hair with shampoo. Then you can take the comb, thread and vegetable oil. Wrap a thread on the scallop, preferably red, pour vegetable oil into a platter and dip the scallop into it. And brush your hair: all lice and guides dead will fall ...

  3. Katya:


  4. Kristina:

    We have already tried combing it out with a comb with frequent teeth. It does not help, in a couple of days they crawl in their hair again! So it is doubtful that by calling a specialist at home, he will solve our problem. We suffer for 3 months.

  5. Tanya:

    You can not even doubt that they will help. I also watered my daughter's hair before applying to them and shampoos for lice, and tried to comb it out (I even bought a special comb). When nothing helped, and the lice continued to appear, as if from nowhere, I finally spat on everything and called Lyse Away.On the same day their employee came to us and combed out all the parasites from her hair. It turned out that just need a certain method of combing, and, of course, experience. I think that if their treatment helped us, it helps others.

  6. Faina:

    I have lice on my head, I don’t know how to remove it. Help me.

  7. Nurgul:

    How do I call, I live in Kazakhstan.

  8. Leila:

    And I live in Tashkent, we do not have their office. Maybe there are any other branches or offices?

  9. Anya:

    So look at their website for their affiliates. Maybe something is close to you.

  10. Veronica:

    I really liked the procedure for removing lice in Lyse Evey. Never before have we got rid of lice so quickly. For such results, no money is not sorry. Moreover, we usually spend more on louse shampoos, since we had to handle the heads several times for children, and the result was not always. In general, my joy has no limits.

  11. Katya:

    Oh, and I was so glad that in our Rostov branch Lays Evey appeared.I read a lot about them on the forums, but I was sure that they only work in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but it turned out that there are branches in other regions. So, without hesitation, with lice in children turned to them. Really helped to get rid of them in one day, as everywhere they write. So it’s great that now in our city there is such a service.

  12. Lena:

    And we in Lyse Evey in Nizhny Novgorod asked for help. It's great that now there are specialists in lice removal in the regions, and not just shampoos and combs. For me personally, it’s very problematic to get a louse daughter on my own. Even if I bought a whole bunch of crests and various tools, I'm not sure that everything would work out for me, much less quickly.

  13. Hope:

    Is there a branch in Orel?

  14. Kira:

    In our backwater, in general, no special centers or doctors to remove lice during the day with fire will not find.

  15. Nastya:

    Hello! I have lice for 3 years. I do not know what to do. It's embarrassing to go to school! Help! I live in Odessa, Ukraine.

  16. Diana:

    Is there a service in Astrakhan?

  17. Olga:

    I live in Saratov, there is no such service, what should I do?

  18. Anonymous:

    I live in Kemerovo

  19. Arianna:

    Hello everyone, I advise a tool here, personally it helped me somewhere in 8-9 years. I left this tool, tried to withdraw it - it did not help (I think, the expiration date has expired). Then they tried some preparation with mom - it did not help, then chemier water. It was literally 2 days ago. This morning itching, I do not know what to do. And combed out, does not help. And you don’t really want to process kerosene head - you never know. And not every girl wants to shave bald. Moreover, my hair is long and I do not know what to do?

    Someone advise something to note. I live in Latvia. I asked my mother to buy the remedy here this year - well, all because another had expired. And the comb has broken, or rather the teeth, because they are plastic. In short, what can I say: today I go to my grandmother, and I don’t really want to go there with lice. And then I will sit at home - so also they infect. There was hope for the nude. Perhaps help. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money, bought it cleanly, the money was worth 5 euro, but it didn’t help. I thought so.Just in case, if it does not help here (pah-pah-pah), what then to use? Since in Latvia there is no pair plus in Russia, the Antiv crests and others.

  20. Albina:

    I have been suffering with lice for 6 months ((My daughter picked up at school right after September 1. Tried Paranit several times, kills only lice, nits remain. Scrubbed, but then reappear. My daughter, oddly enough, everything went - she washed her head every day Little Fairy's baby shampoo, but this procedure did not help me. I also tried tameric water and cranberry juice, all the drugs from the pharmacy do not help, combing too. Tired, banging nits ((The Lyce Evey Clinic does not turn out to be in Yekaterinburg. Already and do not know what to do.

  21. Svetlana:

    I could not do anything with lice. I tried everything that exists in the world and nature. I have no one to help comb out. Hair mop. Wild itching, complexes. Fear of infecting someone. I stopped talking to people, go to visit and call to me. No combs, shampoos and folk remedies helped. Has earned a sharp pancreatitis from vinegar. Today she shaved herself bald. Tomorrow I will buy a wig. As if getting rid of cancer. Better without hair than unbearable itching and hopelessness. Unfortunately, there are no combing companies in the city.

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