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How to comb out lice and nits from the hair

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We learn to properly comb the nits and lice from the hair with a special comb

Surely before combing the nits, everyone infected with lice at least once, but tried to remove them just with your fingers. And surely such an attempt was not crowned with particular success - the nits are too small and, moreover, they are firmly glued to the hair with a special sticky secret. An ordinary comb also has no effect: its teeth are too far apart from each other, and not only the nits, but the adults who have drunk the blood of the lice, slip between them.

A regular comb is not at all suitable for combing lice and especially nits - the distances between the teeth are too large.

Fortunately, today it is possible to comb nits and lice from the hair with the help of specially designed combs. These products have a rigid structure, their teeth do not diverge and do not let the parasites through. There are even electric lice combswhich are capable of killing parasites by electrical discharge.

Today it is also possible to purchase electric combs for lice that kill the parasites by electrical discharge.


“A pediatrician friend advised me to comb the lice, said that shampoos can cause allergies, and told mehow easier to comb nits. I looked at the prices, bought LiceGuard and brushed my hair after shampooing my hair with a simple shampoo. I really liked this comb - its teeth are so often located that they even nits it. ”

Inna, Rostov-on-Don

It is obvious that each such specialized comb from lice and nits requires a special approach to the use and knowledge of some fundamental points and not quite obvious details that will make it truly effective.

So, let's look at how to properly comb the nits from the hair and get rid of them forever.


Tip 1: Destroy the lice first

Nits is lice eggscovered with a special sheath and securely attached to the hair. If the nits appeared on the head, it means that someone put them here. They themselves can not be transferred from person to person.

In the photo - louse nits attached to the hair

Nits are firmly glued with lice to the hair with a special substance.

And first of all, it is necessary to destroy adult lice, each of which lays 8-10 nits daily. Therefore, even regular combing out nits without producing their own producers will yield little: adult lice will lay eggs faster than the owner of the head will comb them.

It is important to focus not only on combing nits, but also on killing the lice themselves.

Lice comb using a special comb should be the same as the nits themselves, but special attention should be paid to the scalp.It is at the roots of the hair that the main number of parasites is kept, and therefore, combing the hair from the very base, it is possible to remove much more of them than with the surface combing.

On a note

Insecticidal agents still have greater efficacy from adult lice. From them, the parasites can not get anywhere, and therefore die within a few minutes. Combing the lice with a comb, even the most effective, requires a minimum of 4-5 procedures. Therefore, in any case, quickly comb the nits out of my head will not work.

And only when adult lice are removed from the head, you can focus your efforts on combing nits.


Tip 2: Use special combs

Combs from head lice today are produced and sold by several manufacturers. The following ridge marks are best known in Russia:

  • AntiV (aka Nit Free)
  • RobiComb
  • LiceGuard.

Of these, AntiV and LiceGuard are combs for simple mechanical combing of lice and nits, and the anti-RobiComb comb and the more advanced version of the RobiComb Pro also have a mechanism for the electrical destruction of vermin on the teeth.

Advanced version of the comb Robi Comb Pro - also provides for the destruction of lice by electrical discharge


“I do not believe that harmless insecticides exist.All of them somehow on health comes around. But with Robi Komb, there are no fears at all - the lice die from him, then he combs them out, and that's all. The main thing is absolutely safe. But the most reliable comb from nits is AntiV. Our whole family has been using it for two years now, and not a single tooth has fallen out or bent. ”

Irina, Smolensk

Simple combs, even if they are very dense, are practically useless against nits - because of the softness of the material, the teeth of the insect eggs slip between them, and the combing procedure does not give a special result.

Even if the comb has dense teeth, their softness doesn’t allow nits to be effectively combed out.

But even from three brands of combs you can choose the one that is most suitable for achieving the desired effect.


Tip 3: Choose the right comb

As practice shows, the least effective against nits is an electric comb against lice RobiComb. Due to the small height of the canvas, it is not always possible to correctly comb out lice and nits from very thick and long hair. Its main purpose is to treat the root zone for the destruction of adult parasite individuals.

On a note

The action of the electric discharge from RobiComb has not been tested and does not have a clear confirmation of its effectiveness.Perhaps this is just a manufacturer’s gimmick: the description of this comb from lice indicates that after receiving an electric shock, the insect dies within half an hour, which raises certain doubts. After all, the current acts either instantly or does not act at all ...

From the crests of AntiV and LiceGuard, it is difficult to give preference to any one: they are practically the same, and therefore their effectiveness turns out to be similar. It is important that their teeth are long enough and allow you to comb even thick strands of hair.

A comb for combing LiceGuard nits can be bought for 600 rubles, and the price of AntiV is almost a thousand. Accordingly, it is more rational to take LiceGuard.

Combs for combing lice and nits AntiV

LiceGuard Combs


“We just combed all the lice in a child with this LiceGuard comb in a week. I was afraid that it would not work, because the hair of a small one is very thick and curly, and the comb is too frequent and dense. But it turned out all right, combed out easily, no one was hurt. It is only important to know how to properly comb lice. "

Valentina, Moscow


Tip 4: Thoroughly wash hair with special shampoos

No matter how hard all natural lovers try to avoid pediculicidal shampoos, but with them the comb from nits works anyway more efficiently.At a minimum, because the hair itself becomes softer and cleaner, with the result that the comb slides easier. And as a maximum, because adult lice themselves quickly die from such shampoos, and all that remains to be done after this is to comb their mortal remains out of their hair.

If you use a special pedilin lice shampoo, then it will be much easier to comb out the parasites from the hair

It is important to understand that shampoos on nits practically do not act and do not poison them. Therefore, to comb out the dead nits after the procedure of washing the hair in any case will not work.

But after one treatment of the head with shampoo, there will be no parasites that these nits can put off. Therefore, after even a single use of the shampoo, adult lice on the head are unlikely to appear.


Tip 5: additionally loosen nits

No matter how thick and hard the combs from lice are, they often do not provide full (100%) combing of nits - the sizes of the latter are too small. They are so small that they are comparable to the thickness of a hair, and therefore some of them will surely slip between the teeth.

However, special means can loosen the attachment of nits to the hair. For this well suited:

  • vinegar
  • cemerica water
  • and cranberry juice.

Before combing the nits, you can soften their attachment to the hair with vinegar or tameric water

Natural organic acids contained in these products, corrode the secret with which the egg is attached to the hair, and the nit is easier to tear when combing with a comb.These means need to moisten the hair in about half an hour for the procedure of combing.


Tip 6: comb out regularly

And of course, we must not forget that in the same procedure all the parasites cannot comb out. Separate lice and nits will definitely remain on the head, but the main thing is that after a few days, young lice will emerge from the surviving nits themselves, which can give rise to a new population. Therefore, combing hair with a comb should be at least 4 times, and better - up to 10 times.


“With children, such a lice comb should be necessary. In kindergarten, they are sure to pick up, at school - almost every year someone has lice sick, summer camps, all sorts of hikes. If you buy chemistry, you can go broke. And with such a crest just a little - scratched a few days and there are no parasites. Only it is necessary to properly comb the nits and lice, the child cannot give a comb - it will break and will not do anything properly. ”

Olga, Bataysk


Additional recommendations

When combing lice and nits from the hair is useful to consider the following points:

  • It is necessary to process the comb after lice immediately - both the parasites themselves and the nits remain on it. Comb washed under hot water, and in the ideal case - immersed in boiling water.
  • To ensure that all hair is treated with a large length, you need to collect it in the tail on one side of the head and, separating strand by strand, comb it out from the roots.
  • It is advisable to hold the comb over the bathroom or over the spread sheet so that no louse escapes or accidentally falls on the floor, bed or sofa.

Combing hair should be combed strand by strand, starting from the roots

And of course, you need to take care of the security of the handler itself. It is advisable for him to undress to the waist so that the combed louses do not get on his clothes, tie up and hide his hair under the kerchief.

After combing the parasites, it is imperative that you wash thoroughly. If you do everything right, then you can forget for a long time what lice and nits are.


Detailed instructions for combing lice and nits using a special comb


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  1. Nastya:

    Can I order a comb?

  2. Elmira:

    Nit Free comb helps a lot, combing even the smallest lice and nits, really helped!

  3. Alina:

    Before combing, it would be good to treat your head and hair with a special tool that will kill all the lice and nits. For example, well in this case helps Paranite. I took the lotion from them. You put it on for 15 minutes, you wash your head, and then you comb the nits with an iron comb that goes in the set.

  4. Masha:

    Yes, I, too, before combing the child, treated my head with a special tool so that the lice would become immobilized and the nits would come off the hair more easily. Only in my case it was the mousse Neath Free.And I chose him precisely because there are no toxins, pesticides and other chemical filth in it. And as it turned out, it is really very effective, since the nits from the light touch of the comb already fall out of the hair.

  5. Kristina:

    We asked for help in a special center when I found lice in my daughter. They helped us a lot. But most importantly, high quality, fast and safe for children's health. It did not take any harmful chemistry to process the hair, from which it is still unknown what the consequences may later be. I didn’t find any lice and nits after the procedure, and after a month they didn’t appear either.

    • Anonymous:

      Tell me, please, where is this center and its name? Well, very necessary!

  6. Lika:

    Loved the Neath oil on the basis of mint. In fact, it is an analogue of pesticidal shampoos against lice, but unlike them it is completely natural and does not contain harmful toxins, therefore it doesn’t harm health at all, but it kills lice. They simply suffocate due to the lack of oxygen, which the oil covers for them. And then I just combed out all the dead lice along with nits.

  7. Natalia:

    We are very helped in getting rid of nits means Neon Nits. My problem is that I am not at all an expert in removing lice and during combing I never managed to remove every single nits. So after a while, everything had to start over. But Neon Nits helped me a lot to solve this problem. After treating the hair with this spray, all the remaining nits became bright pink in color, so it was very difficult not to notice them. And the hair after a few scratching from the paint almost completely cleared. I just had to carefully look strand by strand again and remove the remaining nits. And that is all!!!

  8. Nick:

    How to order a comb? In our city there are no such.

  9. Anonymous:

    Can I order scallops? And in our pharmacies do not sell! Please ready to pay any money.

  10. Lera:

    I had a lot of lice and nits, paranite helped kill the lice, but it did not help remove the nits.

  11. Alina:

    Can I order an anti comb?

  12. Pauline:

    What is the most effective remedy?

  13. Olga:

    Most likely, you removed most of the nits when you used vinegar. However, it is likely that you have not removed all the nits.Take a small strand in your hand. The width of the selected strand should be equal to the length of the ridge. Carefully comb through all the hair.

  14. Nika:

    Lice poisoned for a long time, there were only dead nits. How to get rid of them?

  15. Catherine:

    I bought a paranoite, and together with it there was an iron comb in the kit, combed everything out. The child is very pleased. Very good thing this comb.

  16. Anya:

    Tell me, please, as soon as possible to get rid of nits? Write, who knows. And by the way, I forgot to say that they are dead. I do not know how to get rid.

  17. Anonymous:

    Damn, I do not have the opportunity to buy this comb, but I have the nits. And, probably, lice too. What should I do?

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