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Combs for combing lice and nits

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Let's talk more about the features of the use of combs for combing out lice and nits from the hair, their advantages and disadvantages ...

Everything methods of removing lice on the head can be divided into two groups: chemical and mechanical.

The first group includes methods of killing lice with substances that poison the parasites. Such drugs are very popular today, but often their use leads to side effects - from allergies to chemical burns and severe intoxication.

The advantage of mechanical methods of dealing with head lice is that they are safe for human health - this is either removing lice with your fingers, combing them out, or cutting hair bald. With the exception of the latter, until recently, these methods were very ineffective: their tiny size reliably saves from the eyes of people and the teeth of ordinary combs lice and nits.

A regular comb will not help with lice.

The sizes of the nits are so small that they freely pass through the teeth of conventional combs.

However, today the pharmaceutical industry has established the production of ridges, which,leaving hair intact and intact, successfully remove lice from them. Really, in practice, a special comb for lice is no less effective than powerful insecticidal shampoos, sprays or lotions, but it is completely devoid of any contraindications and side effects.

Special lice combs are quite effective and completely safe even for allergies.

On a note

Today, another method of lice control is gradually beginning to be used abroad - thermal, in which lice are destroyed by a stream of air with a temperature of about 60 ° C from a special dryer. But so far this method is not widely used, although it promises to be very convenient and safe.

The thermal method of getting rid of lice with a special hair dryer is not yet very common in Russia.

It would seem, why, with such significant advantages, the crests of lice have not yet been forced out of the market by chemical agents? It's simple - comb for combing lice and nits also has its drawbacks.


All the advantages and disadvantages of combs

The indisputable advantage of all combs from lice and nits is their safety - they do not cause any reactions on the skin when applied.


  • Lice comb is designed to be as efficient as possible - special notches are applied to its teeth, which greatly narrow the lumen, but do not interfere with the passage of hair.So the comb does not cause pain when combing, but reliably collects lice from the hairstyle. The photo is a popular antiV lice comb.Special notches on the teeth of the AntiV comb ensure reliable combing not only of lice, but also nits.
  • Any lice and nits comb, unlike many lice medicines, has no expiration date.
  • The comb for combing lice and nits is applicable to all family members, from infants to adult men.
  • It would seem that the usual comb for combing nits and lice in practice turns out to be very reliable and almost never breaks - medical steel is used to make it, which ensures high tooth strength.Combs for combing lice from medical steel are very durable and will never break during the procedure.
  • Comb can also be used for lice prevention: if you brush your hair at least once a week, then the lice that happen to fall on them will be removed and will not have time to breed (this is especially true for children).Scallops can also be used to prevent head lice
  • And finally, the comb against lice can be used in conjunction with other pediculicides, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the latter.

If you combine the use of pediculicides and comb, then your chances of getting rid of lice soon will increase significantly.


“For the first time we tried the comb from nits five years ago. He came bundled with some kind of shampoo. As a result, already three times during this time they were infected - both in camps and at school - and lice were only taken out with this comb.Simple such, with a purple pen, but parasites combed with a bang. As soon as they are found, we immediately begin to comb out every day, and usually on the fifth or sixth day there is no lice or nits left. Not in one evening, of course, but safe. "

Inna, Volokolamsk

However, before you buy a comb for lice, it is also useful to take into account some of its drawbacks:

  • Comb lice requires significantly more effort to eliminate parasites than almost any other tool. In order to comb out lice with a serious infection, you will need to spend 1-2 hours every day for at least a week. Accordingly, neither simple nor even a special medical comb from lice will allow to get rid of parasites in one evening.
  • The crest is quite difficult to infer parasites on oneself.
  • In addition, the price of any effective comb against lice is large enough and starts from about 1000 rubles. As a result, it is several times more expensive to buy such a comb than to pickle the whole family with a fairly effective pediculicidal shampoo. And given that most people do not plan to get head lice on a regular basis, not everyone would prefer a comb.It will be difficult for an unskilled person to fight lice to take out the parasites with the help of the crest on himself.

And about the nits: combing them as a whole is more difficult than the lice themselves. Therefore, it is quite obvious that not even a metal comb from lice allows you to comb out all the nits at a time.


Instructions for the use of lice combs

Removal of lice with combs is the daily combing of hair along their entire length. For this:

  • hair is washed with simple shampoo and dried with a towel, with a sufficient length, it is pinched on one side of the head;
  • then strands are pulled out of the gum, which are carefully combed out from the very roots with a comb from lice and nits;Strands of hair need to comb out from the roots
  • brushed parasites gather and flush down the toilet. To do this, it is convenient to carry out the procedure of combing lice over a bath or white sheet.Photo of nits and lice combed with a comb

After the first combing, most adult lice will be removed from the hair. Then every day the larvae and individual nits will be combed out.

After the first combing, the procedure will need to be repeated a few more times to remove the remaining lice and new larvae hatching from the nits.

Nits combed out with a comb

As hatching from nits of young nymphs, they will also be removed (that is why the necessary removal of nits with lice scallops in principle is not required). In any case, it is recommended to remove the lice from the hair using the comb alone for at least a week.


“For a long time we wanted to buy a comb for combing nits in our kindergarten - some children have parents so careless that even if they say that a child with lice, they don’t find a week to poison them. You have to call the director, he forbids a visit, a scandal. But at the same time it is not so difficult to remove the lice with the help of a comb - after the first combing they do not remain, only the nits remain, and then every day after processing, and all - in a week the child has a clean head. Now in each group we have such a scalp from lice, and several times it was such that the teachers brought out the lice from the child before the parents took over. ”

Alla, Ivanovo

Comb comb for lice is convenient to use with chemical and folk remedies. To do this, after applying a particular product, the hair is combed once or several times with a comb to remove dead insects.


The most popular models of lice combs

Today, there are several dozen different ridges on the market that allow you to successfully fight lice. Of these, the most qualitative and effective are the following:

  1. AntiV comb from lice - reviews about it overwhelm various sites, and dealers themselves are very actively advertising it, due to which this comb can, perhaps, be considered the most popular today. At the same time it is really convenient and effective. The long teeth of the AntiV comb make it possible to process thick strands, and the original relief of the notches ensures reliable removal of lice. The price of this comb from lice and nits is about 1000 rubles.The AntiV comb is today considered one of the most popular

On a note

Crest An asset for head lice does not exist in nature - it is sometimes incorrectly called a product with the consonant name Antiv.

  1. The LiceGuard comb is another high-quality comb that combes out lice and nits effectively. Attracts buyers by the fact that for about 850 rubles in one package you can buy two combs for different types of hair - this is the best solution if you need to remove lice from the whole family.In one package there are two LiceGuard combs for different types of hair
  2. NitFree comb for lice - very similar to AntiV and has the same design and even shape. Its price is slightly higher - about 1,100 rubles, but it probably has no significant advantages over the Antiqu.The Nit Free Comb is very similar in appearance to AntiV, and you can buy it on the famous Amazon for only 11 dollars.
  3. RobiComb electric lice comb is a high-tech development in the fight against parasites.It has a characteristic narrow blade of teeth and a convenient wide handle, positioned as a means for more efficient destruction of lice due to the use of electrical discharges between the teeth.The photo - electric comb against lice Robi Comb
    This is the electric comb model Robi Comb Pro.

If you are going to buy a comb from lice, it is worth remembering that the effectiveness of each of them largely depends on the diligence of the fighter against parasites. If the budget is very limited, then you can safely buy the most affordable and inexpensive comb, since the rate of removing lice does not depend on the price.

It is also important to understand that instead of using a special comb for lice, using a regular comb, even with very frequent teeth, is a relatively ineffective occupation. Plastic teeth easily bend and diverge, passing with a bunch of hair and lice and nits.

Even a frequent plastic comb will not be very effective against lice and nits.

On a note

It will be much more effective to buy any chemical remedy for head lice with a comb - today there are quite a lot of such drugs, which come with combs. For example, Parazidoz shampoo, Nydu and Pediculen Ultra sprays - they all cost less than AntiV, and the combs in the same Pediculenus and Parasidosis are not inferior to him. Lice can be removed with the help of a tandem from a chemical agent and a comb in literally two or three days.


Electronic comb: what it is better and whether to use it

The principle of operation of the electronic lice comb is the same as that of the simple one. The only difference between them is that when louses hit the teeth of an electronic device, insects get an electric shock and die. After that, even if the parasite rolls off the crest, it can no longer cause harm.

Electronic combs from nits and lice are safe for humans - they have limiters on the sides of the canvas teeth, thanks to which the teeth do not reach the skin and do not shock the person himself (and even these discharges are completely safe for people).

The electronic comb from nits and louses of Robi Comb is completely safe forman, so do not be afraid of him.

In general, it can be said that the efficiency of the electric ridge against lice is about the same as that of conventional high-quality ridges. There are no researches, experiments and reviews testifying to the obvious superiority of the electric ridges.

At the same time, an electronic comb for lice costs from 1,800 rubles - almost twice the size of a simple comb. The web of the electronic crest is much narrower than that of ordinary combs, which complicates the combing of the parasites by them. Therefore, the electronic comb for lice - rather, it is an expensive toy, rather than a truly reliable means of lice.


“I really liked the electronic comb from lice and nits. I do not know how simple combs work, but with this we brought out the lice for five days without any chemistry - you take it and just comb the head off. It is absolutely safe, no stench and allergies. Docha right baldela when we scratched her head so. True, the price of such a comb is very high, not everyone can afford it, but on the other hand, there is no safer way to find it. ”

Irina, Petropavlovsk

Anyway, the comb for lice combing is an ideal remedy for the prevention of lice, since the use of chemicals for this purpose is not recommended. But comb hair, especially in a child, once a week is quite useful.

Combing a child's lice with a comb is not only effective, but also beneficial for the hair.

With this approach, even if lice infestation occurred, at the end of the week the parasites will be removed, and their random and few offspring will live at best another week. So the search for the safest remedy for lice or a reliable method for the prevention of pediculosis can be safely completed precisely on the ridges.


Detailed instructions for use AntiV comb


Useful video: what should parents do if a child has lice


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  1. Dmitriy:

    Let me disagree with the opinion in the article that "neither a simple nor even a special medical comb from lice will allow to get rid of parasites in one evening."
    Our company provides services to the population for removing lice at home by combing. The service is exactly a medical comb. And it is for one visit qualified honey. employee. In addition, we give a guarantee for our work - if not all lice and nits were combed out,then the employee will come again for free, which, you see, is not at all profitable for the company. So far this has happened only once.
    The name of the company will not be called, so as not considered for advertising. All health!

    • Nadia:

      I will support that not in one evening. Personally, on my daughter tried anti comb. It has proven to be very effective against these small but annoying parasites. Well, the first time we tried it ourselves, did not dare to call for honey. worker at home. But even manually we managed to get rid of lice ourselves!

    • Anonymous:

      So how do you find in Belarus, for example?

  2. Adeline:

    And where to buy them, please tell me?

  3. Oksana:

    And how much they cost, please tell me.

  4. Mach:

    And where can I buy or order? And how much does such a comb cost?

  5. Alla:

    They tortured the tribe with an anti-beat for about two months; all the curly-headed people in the house got infected with a trailer. I read about nit free in nete, it was last year, persuaded my mother to buy this comb. I ordered the ad, we are in Almaty, it costs 5500 tenge. At the appointed time I brought him. I personally combed these parasites from the nephew and my mother. God has mercy on me, I live separately from them.In general, the result exceeded all my expectations. When I manually searched for lice, I found a pair of adults on the force. Crest combed out 26 lice and no fewer nits. Where they all were hiding is not clear. It was easier with the nephew, for these two months of her torment, they didn’t cut it very short, my mother’s hair just below the shoulder, so she suffered with her, but the result was. Then they itched all the time. In general, I think, in a week they all got rid of this infection. Do not be stingy, this is not a divorce. Clean all heads)

    • Alla:

      We took a white one and blew it out, then immediately snapped them with the nails of our fingers. Disgusting, of course, but there is no choice.

  6. Victoria:

    This is a very effective tool, for in one evening not to get rid of lice and nits.

  7. Alex:

    In Ukraine, Nit Free is two times cheaper than AntiV. Compared - combs have 100% similarity, it is clear that this is the same production. The only difference is in the packaging and name.

  8. Golek:

    Hello. A special comb for lice helps very well. I live in Kazakhstan and we happily sell such combs. Long tormented, could not get rid of lice. Tried a bunch of all sorts of shampoos and chemicals. All to no purpose.Well, that friend advised this comb. Immediately bought. The seller polite explained everything. The effect is simply super, and why we have not found it before. I advise.

  9. Omir:

    Hello, very cool comb Neath. We combed out our children. We did not expect such a result at all, we are very glad that there is such a useful thing)) All clean and bright heads!

  10. Anonymous:

    I want to get a comb from lice and nits, where can I buy it?

  11. Olga:

    Where to buy in Minsk?

  12. Vika:

    We bought a comb, then combed out, many lice attacked from the hair. But now, it seems, have reappeared ...

  13. Vika:

    How to order a comb?

  14. Natalia:

    We bought a robicomb in Minsk. In general, the comb is comfortable, but it will not help with nits, so the treatment takes several days until all the eggs hatch. The main advantage is that the electronic comb kills lice and it is no longer necessary to kill them with “nails on the sheet”.

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