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How and by what means to remove the lice and nits in a child

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If the inspection shows that there are lice on the head of the child, then it is not worth delaying them. But what means for this is better to use?

If a child has lice, it is necessary to fight parasites quickly and efficiently, not allowing insects time to multiply and cause serious skin lesions. However, as practice shows, not all parents know how to remove lice from a child. Often, such knowledge is limited to memories from his distant childhood, when lice mercilessly poisoned with kerosene and vinegar.

Next, we will look at how it is possible to remove lice from a child as efficiently and safely as possible for both himself and parents, eliminating the risk of contracting them during the procedure.

It is important to understand that lice are not a cold, they will not “pass” by themselves, they need to be purposefully fought with, and the sooner they start, the better. It is not necessary to condemn a child to ever-increasing suffering from the itch by his inaction, and others around him to the risk of becoming infected.

Lice do not disappear from the head of the child by themselves - they need to be fought

And besides the banal itch from lice bites, a child may develop an allergy with serious generalized symptoms, ulcerative lesions of the skin. In rare cases, lice can be the cause of infection with deadly diseases - relapsing and typhus.

Lice bites can lead not only to an allergic rash in a child, but also cause more serious diseases.

The only thing that needs to be done before removing the head lice from the child is to make sure that it is the head lice. After all, itchy bites can leave other parasites, and a misdiagnosed diagnosis will only delay successful recovery.


Is it exactly lice?

Lice (scientifically pediculosis) is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Distinctly visible bites in the form of small dark pink swellings with a red dot in the middle. If they are not there, then, most likely, the cause of all the trouble is either a virus or a scabies mite.
  • Itching, especially strong in places of bites. In the case of head lice - on the head.
  • The presence of nits on the hair. Nits are lice eggs, small white dots at a distance of 1-2 cm from the surface of the skin, firmly attached each to its own hair.
  • And, of course, the lice themselves that come across during combing, and just with a careful examination of the hair.

To detect lice, you must first carefully examine the child's hair.

It is easy to detect lice by simply combing hair over light-colored fabric.

On a note

Louse reaches an average length of from 1 to 3 mm, usually has a white or grayish-yellow color. Everything types of lice (head, pubic and linen) are inactive. Unlike fleas, lice do not know how to jump, and unlike bedbugs, they live directly on a person. Bedbugs are most often hiding in furniture, in crevices behind baseboards and behind wallpaper.


Ways to remove lice in children

To remove lice and nits in a child, today it is advisable to use the popular and effective modern means - insecticidal shampoos, lotions and special combs allow you to reliably remove the lice from a child.

Modern combs can effectively remove from the hair not only lice, but also nits

However, the most effective will be the combined method of combating parasites, in which:

  • The head of the child is treated with a pediculicide. It can be a louse shampoo, lotion, cream or gel (it is less preferable to use folk remedies such as pore water and vinegar). The tool should be held on the head for the time specified by the instruction (usually not less than half an hour), then rinse the head thoroughly with running water.
  • Still wet hair strand by strand is combed out with a special hard and thick comb against lice.In order to remove head lice from a child with long hair, it is necessary to tie all the hair into a tail on one side of the head, and, separating the small strands from the bundle, carefully comb them out. It is necessary to carry out a crest from the very roots - there most of all are lice and nits. In general, this measure is necessary, firstly, to remove insects killed during the previous procedure, and secondly, to get rid of some nits.
  • A week after treatment, both operations must be repeated. For a week from the surviving nits, the larvae hatch, which are destroyed during repeated processing.

It is necessary to start combing lice and nits with a comb from the very roots of the hair.

You can use these methods and separately - this is also often done. In this case, shampoos and other chemical agents in general are more effective combs. The latter require several days to thoroughly comb the hair and constant control of the head for a week or two after treatment. However, combs provide protection from the side effects of chemicals and skin irritation of the child, which may be especially important when it is prone to allergies.


It is impossible take out the nits a child without simultaneous destruction and adult lice. It is lice that bite, and their eggs are a consequence of the vital activity of parasites and a comfortable stay on the head.While at least one female is alive, nits will continue to appear in the hair and beyond.

In some cases, even before the use of all means, the child’s head can be shaved (if the parents and the child consider this to be acceptable from an aesthetic point of view). If removal of lice occurs in spring or summer, it will also help to quickly heal the bite wounds and dry the skin on the head.

Haircut - a radical, but at the same time very effective way to deal with lice

After this procedure, it will be enough to wash your hair with shampoo once and forget about lice. Of course, to remove lice from a child with long hair, especially from a girl, in this way will be undesirable in most cases.


Lice Shampoos

The advantage of lice shampoos is ease of use. They are applied to the head of the child as well as simple shampoos, foam well and have a pleasant smell. Practically all of them are made on the basis of Permethrin, an effective insecticide that is relatively harmless to humans (in the digestive tract, Permethrin is quickly broken down), but has a neuroparalytic effect on the insects themselves.

Permethrin is found in many modern antiparasitic agents.

Among the lice shampoos are the following:

  • NOC is one of the most famous.It is applied on the head for 30-40 minutes, it is easily washed off, but when it comes into contact with eyes it causes irritation. Do not use it for children under 2 years old and pregnant women.
  • Veda and Veda-2, also quite strong means, having a composition similar to the NOK.
  • Biosim - a tool for children and adolescents. 20 ml of shampoo, which is required to lather strongly, is applied on the head once.

Veda remedy for lice

More powerful shampoos like Nyx cannot be used for children.

Shampoos can be used regularly. pediculosis prevention. To do this, it is enough to wash the baby’s head every two weeks with the addition of small amounts of the product. With this approach, even single parasites that fall on the head, are destroyed, not having time to multiply. It is only important to monitor the reaction of the child’s skin to such procedures, and if signs of allergy appear, immediately cancel them.


Lice lotions and creams

These funds are used by analogy with shampoos. Apply them should be on the entire surface of the head, carefully rubbed into the base of the hair. Exposure time is usually at least 20 minutes, but, depending on the age of the child and the degree of infection, it can be up to 40 minutes.

The best known of these tools are:

  • Medfox, considered today one of the most effective means of head lice.
  • Nittifor
  • Paranit.

Paranit Lice Shampoo


“And we baited lice in both children (4 and 5 years old) with Medfox. We were warned that the drug is an adult and you need to be careful. But nothing seemed to happen. Once they smeared their heads, put on their kerchiefs, held them for about half an hour, then washed their heads for a long time - the product lasts a long time. However, not only did the lice disappear, just the children's hair became better, stronger, something ”

Tatiana, Kaluga


Sprays for kids

In terms of effectiveness, these funds are generally somewhat inferior to the previous groups due to the fact that in children with thick hair it is difficult to “get” the drug to the scalp itself, where the lice are the most. However, these tools are quite economical and when using a kerchief, a cap or a bag, they provide a completely reliable effect of toxic substances on parasites.

When using LiceGuard spray against lice, avoid getting it in your eyes.

At the heart of lavinal lice spray - herbal ingredients

Of this group, Para-Plus, Lavinal and LiceGuard are the best known.


Folk remedies for head lice for children

But with folk remedies for lice when ridding children of parasites should be extremely careful. The same famous kerosene or vinegar can cause irritation and skin burns,and from traditional medicine preparations, safer ones should be preferred:

  • hellebore water
  • cranberry juice
  • tincture of tansy or wormwood
  • boric ointment.

Lice can be removed from the child with the help of decoction of wormwood

In pharmacies you can find tincture of wormwood that is already ready for use.

These funds should be applied to the head on the same principle as lotions or shampoos. It is only important to understand that, on average, traditional recipes are less effective than modern insecticidal lice products. Accordingly, it is desirable to combine them with the use of ridges.


Combing parasites

Lice combs are relatively new products that have gained popularity due to the possibility of avoiding the use of chemical methods to combat parasites.

Today there are several brands of such ridges:

  • AntiV - perhaps the most advertised in Russia
  • LiceGuard - analog AntiV
  • RobiComb is an interesting development with the function of killing lice due to electrical discharges. This is not to say that this function greatly simplifies the task of getting rid of lice, but in general, like the comb, the RobiComb works in the same way as other ridges.

LiceGuard Lice Comb

There are no principal differences between different ridges, and therefore the efficiency of all of them is approximately the same.

If you use the combs as the only means of fighting lice in a child,it is necessary for 4-5 days every day to carefully comb the strand by strand all the hair over the bath or white sheet, and the combed lice flush down the toilet.

When combing lice and nits in a child, care must be taken to prevent parasites from falling to the floor.


“We bought such a comb to bring the lice to our daughter, but it turned out that she infected us too. So I had to ask her to brush us. Good thing, effective, but there is a lot of trouble with this comb. At least half an hour is needed to comb the head, the lice are raining, and the next day - the same. It feels like they are being born again. But after three days they are almost gone. ”

Alla, Kemerovo


How to treat the effects of lice

In cases when lice infestation was too severe and the child began to have serious irritations, even to pustular eruptions, immediately after removing lice, it should be shown to the dermatologist. Usually, in these situations, antihistamines, wound healing preparations, balms of the “Asterisk” type are prescribed, sometimes irradiation of the head with ultraviolet light. It is important in such cases not to show initiative and to trust the doctor - self-treatment can aggravate the situation even more.

And of course, when getting rid of lice, you must remember about the safety of the rescuer.While the child is getting rid of lice, the parasites can easily get on the head of the mother or father and then safely multiply there. Therefore, the fight against head lice in children should be carried out in a headdress, and even better - with all family members at the same time.


Useful video: how to properly treat lice and what to do if a child has become infected with typhus

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To write "How and by what means to remove the lice and nits in a child" 83 comments
  1. Sima:

    My child has had lice since last year, I tried all the medications, but it still does not help, please help us!

    • Olga:

      Stop tormenting. Contact the experts Lays Evey. Will remove everything from the first time! They have a three week warranty!

    • Alla:

      Sorry, so something helped you? Please write very urgently needed. I would be grateful.

    • Lily:

      Without combing the nits, no medicine can help! Buy a medical comb antiqua and after having treated the hair with a chemical agent, comb out the nits. Need to be very attentive.Do not miss a single strand of hair. And so three times repeat the procedure, within a week get rid of parasites. Good luck!

    • Anonymous:

      Try a simple washing powder for hand washing: soap your head, shake something and walk for a couple of hours. You can wash your head for the night, in the morning.

    • Milena:

      It is necessary to shave it baldly, after a head with a good thoroughly rub and wash with alcohol. After forget, like a bad dream.

  2. Sveta:

    When my 2.5-year-old daughter brought them from the garden, I went nuts like everyone here probably. I never had lice and I didn’t even know what they looked like, but I immediately realized that it was them. Hair stood on end! My daughter found 3 individuals and many eggs, she has 3 individuals and no eggs, her husband is clean. I was treated and the daughter, and the husband did preventive maintenance. So, our struggle with them:
    DAY 1. Cream Knicks (430 rubles) + combing. Nothing. I did not find living specimens (and dead ones too) a bad comb or something that does not comb out, all nits are alive.
    DAY 2. Tar soap (30 rubles) per hour + comb pediculine ultra (230 rub) + iron over the entire head. There are no living individuals, dead, too, nits 50% live 50% dry.Scallop super cleaned a lot.
    DAY 3 and 4. Only combing and ironing. There were almost no nits left, I found pieces of 4 these days, there were no lice.
    DAY 5. I found a living creature, my hands went straight ((she dragged the child into the bath and soaped up Lugovoy with cats (100 rubles) + combing + iron. No nits, no lice.
    DAY 6,7,8. Combing, iron. No nits, no lice.
    DAY 9. One live louse ... Mdyayaya, I thought, and ran to the pharmacy. Paranit Sensetiv (970 rubles) at night. No nits, lice too. 2 weeks have passed, I find nothing.

  3. Ulya:

    Help, my baby has lice. I washed my head with kerosene twice, but it did not help. Tried all the shampoos to such an extent that the skin on the head burned.

    • Oksana:

      Don't mess up your hair! Call the experts Neath Free. They remove all parasites from their hair in a couple of hours. At the same time do not spoil the skin and hair!

    • Anonymous:

      Chemeric water or tincture helps best, it is sold in veterinary pharmacies.

    • Karina:

      Rinse your head and wash it with vinegar, and then with a means.

  4. Alina:

    Try Nyuda, a good remedy, a comb is good, the solution itself is greasy, if it hits your face - that’s okay. It is non-toxic.

  5. Alina:

    And different kerosene is not necessary! The skin is burned, it is very very bad, go to the pharmacy and ask for a good remedy. Yesterday I had lice myself, my mother combed it for 3 hours, my hair is thick and long.

  6. Irina:

    2.3 child. I handled a pair of plus, one big louse fell out, left a sea of ​​nits. I can not withdraw.

    • Veronica:

      With children need more careful. We turned to Lyce Evey. Their specialist Tatiana arrived and combed out all the lice and nits. After it we checked for two more weeks - we found nothing.

  7. Anastasia:

    We, too, PAIR PLUS processed. My daughter has very curly hair. I advise if your 10 or more years try some of your shampoo (female) only in a small dose - once a child, once an adult. And then you pick it up.

  8. Alyona:

    Metal medical comb addiction will not exactly cause. And the tool is 100% safe and effective.I ordered such a scallop on the Internet, goes by mail a few days. I immediately also took a special balm - it is easier to comb hair with it, they are not confused and do not cling to the comb. The article correctly states that the treatment must be repeated in a few days. Just in case, I did this procedure three times)

  9. Ira:

    I don’t even know what remedy to try, which I just didn’t do to fight lice.

    • Olga:

      Buy a spray solution with a metal comb in the kit Full-Marks - and the end of the torment.

      • Victoria:

        Ful Marx was processed. At first it helped, but now everything is new ... We will still be poisoning! Do not give up.

    • Tatyana:

      I also did not try anything (shampoos, sprays, hellebore water, folk remedies), but all in vain. So far, I have not read about the leopard’s flea drug for dogs and cats. I treated my daughter's head - it helps! And the price is reasonable.

  10. Helena:

    My daughter has long curly hair. Were treated "Paranita" with a comb in the kit. Lice were at the daughter and at me nits. Processed the whole family for prevention.After applying the product, an hour later, they washed off and combed the nits with a comb (weekly), also removed them with my nails. Repeated processing twice after three days and another week. The head is clean.

  11. Zlata:

    At school, the whole class went infected, told the school doctor. Advised Pedikulen. From the first time the adults disappeared, the nits died. And the comb was included in the set, naturally, the dead were combed out. Now everything is clean. Only you can not breathe and open your eyes when you apply a spray, a very pungent smell, but the effect is 100%.

    • Olesya:

      A service appeared in the center of Lays Evey when they come to school and inspect the entire class. Regular nurses view everyone very quickly and therefore miss a lot of infected children. Everyone thinks that they are healthy, and then they again infect everyone in a circle. And specialists of the center are looking at everyone very carefully, and after that they can help all children with coping right away so that the problem does not return.

  12. Catherine:

    Women advise to paint the head with paint, preferably at 6 or 9 percent, and children must comb out, only on the comb to string cotton wool dipped in vinegar, it destroys the chitinous layer of nits, due to which they keep on the hair.And of course, try shampoos, which mostly kill living individuals, but there are no nits. I wash these shampoos every 3 days for 2-3 weeks.

  13. Nastya:

    My brother has lice, help!

  14. Anya:

    My daughter also had lice, I use one way - it is hair dye. Immediately and instantly they are dying out and combing. Try, good remedy and no harm.

  15. Katya:

    Girls! Very good remedy Butoks in a veterinary pharmacy. Nits very well combed with sunflower oil.

  16. Lydia:

    Very good tool NUDA. I once treated my granddaughter (4 years) and combed her hair, and immediately it became better, almost not itching at all. Repeated processing the next day, because there are a few nits, and also combed out. The next day there was nothing. The tool is very good, non-toxic, oily, the head is not annoying. I recommend Spray "NUDA", a bottle of 50 ml. The cost of 500 rubles. up to 650 rubles (depending on where you live).

  17. Ira:

    Help, please ((My daughter has very long and thick hair, what is effective for louse and nits?

    • Helena:

      Try Pedikulen ultra shampoo and comb. My daughter also has long hair, it was enough once. But for prevention, you can repeat in 3 days.

    • Angelica:

      Wash with vinegar, we also had this!

  18. Sonya:

    I got lice, I was afraid to tell my mom. But in the end, mother noticed. But it was late, I infected my younger sisters. Tried means "PARA PLUS", the first time did not help. Slot off the second time. I was found dead lice and nits, the sisters, too, like, but they left one living individual, which multiplied. Today mom found nits with our sisters. Help, tell me, please, by what means you can withdraw them. We have been fighting for a month ... Help, please.

  19. Larisa:

    Hygia shampoo can be tried, also nothing, but my daughter appears periodically, so the nightmare is simple.

  20. Liza:

    All my life I did not know what lice and nits are. But in the 13th year of my life ... I found out. God ... I want to cry, for these creatures live on me for 1-2 months. I can not withdraw. I'm just scared to know that these are insects (and I am very afraid of them) and such. Horror. If I hadn't gone to the hairdresser, I would have lived with them. Hair over the shoulders. But ... I just want to shave them off, but they are thick. And all of them feel sorry for them. I can not live with them: I just cry how I feel bad. This itch ...

  21. Lika:

    A lot of different tools, but not all of them help! My child had lice, somehow came home from school and said that itchy head. I checked, yes, these were the most common lice. We tried a lot, different shampoos, but they did little to help. Tar soap did not help, apple cider vinegar, too. Helped shampoo for cats and dogs Leopard! And, of course, every day they combed it out with a comb, and soon everything was over.

  22. Anonymous:

    FullMarks - does not help!

  23. Tanya Smagulova:

    And Fulmarks, and Hygia tried, and dog shampoo did not help. From one itch, from a third allergy, animal remedy - so this is generally something that people do not poison only! Helped Paranit in the end, the pharmacist girl advised. The lotion was taken, fatty, but pulled out the first time, the corpses of lice and nits combed out the usual comb, frequent.

  24. Elizabeth:

    Lice - it's terrible! Read and understand everything. I went with them for about a month and did not suspect anything. Only after a VERY hot day, lice stung my entire neck!

  25. Ruslana:

    I have lice. Already a year. Nothing helps. I am only 11, and suffer from this, help, PLEASE!

  26. Tanya Smagulova:

    Ruslana, to the doctor. You do something wrong, it means either you don’t comb the nits to the end, you don’t process them according to the instructions, or the surrounding people are infected and re-infection occurs.

  27. Sofia:

    Dust - the most effective means of lice and nits. There is nothing better than dust.

  28. Olya:

    The daughter of 3.5 years old had lice ... I saw it as a horror, it was a little, and on white hair it was very noticeable. For me, the most important thing is safety! Bought a lavinal spray - from the safest cheapest 150 UAH per bottle. Applied according to the instructions, kept 40 minutes, washed. Arode, did not, look the next day - twice as much as it was! Again in the pharmacy - bought the most expensive, that was: Headring Comfort mousse. I applied it, it wasn’t even necessary to wash it off and comb out (I didn’t even believe it right away), only to dry it with a hairdryer 🙂
    And that's it, forgive your lice! (I hope forever). So in our case it turned out: a cheap fish is the same as a soup

  29. Alyona:

    Help, I am 9 years old, I have lice.All shampoos and sprays washed, did not help. Help, how to get lice?

  30. Katya:

    Shampoos didn't help us at all either. Probably three different things bought and all to no avail. For a while the lice disappear and then reappear. A couple of months tormented until they decided to contact the specialists. Fortunately, in the center of Lays Evey my daughter was saved from this misfortune on the same day as we called. It turns out that this is possible when combing is done using a special, correct technique and using the right tools to facilitate combing. I regret that for so long I poisoned the child with toxic chemistry and without result. If I knew, I would immediately turn to this center! Try to call them (tel. In Moscow 8 (499) 703-45-13), I am sure that they will solve your problem very quickly.

  31. Nastya:

    Here in Kazan, too, recently Lisa Evey opened. I accidentally found out about this, but after so many read reviews I didn’t even think about it, I immediately called them. Everything went just fine. The result - not a single louse and nits from the daughter. For half an hour after the procedure, my husband and I tried to find anything, but, thank God, to no avail.For about two weeks, my daughter has no lice. It seems there are no signs that they will appear again.

  32. Liza:

    I didn’t have lice since birth (I’m 11 years old), but in our school children started lice infecting, I also got infected and didn’t suspect anything. Although we had a check, they didn’t say anything to my parents. Two months later I was brushing my hair as usual, my head itched terribly, I looked at the comb and was horrified, I even had goosebumps! This is just awful, the whole comb is infested with these creatures! My mother and I smeared our hair with the head and combed it well. Today, I combed my head and found a louse again. We all carefully combed out, probably, from my class still have not brought out lice ?! What to do now, how not to get infected again and again?

  33. Rita:

    I would be in your place to seek professional help. For example, in the same center Lays Evey. And it's not a fact that you really combed all the lice and nits out of your hair. It seems to me that if such a procedure is done for the first time, then it is rather difficult. Therefore, we once also turned to specialists. They also told us about the prevention of pediculosis, since then there was no more lice from the daughter.

  34. Dasha:

    Tried a pair of plus, did not help, lice shaft and nits, too.

  35. Rimma:

    A child of 11 years old, I can not get lice for 4 months. We washed it with special shampoo, combed it, dyed hair. Tell me what to do? You are welcome.

    • Ana:

      My daughter has a lot of lice, and I know how to get them out of my head. There is such a shampoo - Paranite, I used this shampoo many times, and my daughter does not have lice anymore. Use this shampoo, Paranit.

  36. Inga:

    Address to experts! You can in Lice Evey, for example. When we called their specialist home for the child, they helped us the first time. They are using a special technique to comb out lice and nits and give a guarantee for a week. Like, if there is at least one louse or nit, everything will be redone again for free. By the way, we didn’t need their guarantee at all, because we didn’t find anything this week, no matter how hard we tried, and for the third month already there was a daughter without lice.

  37. Victoria:

    It seems that some people do not understand what lice is and do not realize the principles of dealing with them - they write such nonsense, and it seems that adults.I must say right away - it is better to buy more expensive means and immediately get rid of this infection. They do not save on health. Allow yourself to have huge lice! This is how you need to be inattentive to yourself. Yes, do not withdraw within a few months. Here from such heaps of other people are being re-infected! You imagine what you are doing. Here and Pedikulen-ultra - I advise. And comb specials. comb day by day. Day through 3 repeat processing. Comb out again. Tedious and hard, yes, but get rid of lice for a long time. And think not only about yourself, but also the people around you. If we are so careless and indifferent, then in the 21st century we will continue to suffer from this filth.

  38. Hope:

    Today I found a louse at my daughter and immediately went to the pharmacy. Bought today Paranoit. I hope that helps, we will repeat tomorrow.

  39. Rita:

    My daughter has lice, how to get out? Help, we tried everything.

  40. Lera:

    Used Paranit, everything helped the first time! P.S. I advise!

    • Anonymous:

      And how Paranit washed? The child has greasy hair and ears after applying red. Allergy…

  41. Anna:

    I do not remember,What was the name of the product that I bought in a pharmacy for a child to bring out lice, but I remember that we did not get the promised result from it. Part of the lice died, some survived, and the nits in general even if that. Three times they were treated hair with the frequency as indicated. And even combed them using the comb, which was included. As a result, it was only in vain that we spent time and money, since they really helped us in the center of Lays Evey and, moreover, from the first appeal to them. No additional procedures are required. This is the treatment I can really advise, since I checked it on my child.

  42. Aida:

    Hello! I have lice on my head. And I worry about that. How to remove them?

  43. Liza:

    My child's head is itchy, what should I do?

  44. Tatyana:

    Ugh, what a horror ...

  45. Asya:

    Someone in the comments wrote that a metal comb + balm. And this is absolutely true! Scallop helped us a lot. I with two daughters suffered about three years! All sorts of shampoos did not help. When used properly, withdraw them quickly. Grateful to this scallop. Recommend.Specially chose the time and wrote to you, knowing how you suffer.

  46. Victoria:

    We were helped by a pair of spray plus, but nits, although they were already dead, I cut one by one hair on which they were, with manicure scissors. Very hard, but effective work, but certainly, because the nits are very tenacious. Just here they write about metal combs and about experts at home, damn it, they call to poison cockroaches. But if there is no extra cash, then this is a cheap tool, good eyesight and patience.

  47. Dunn:

    And how paranit accept and wash?

  48. Kristina:

    I am very sorry for everyone, and she herself and her daughter are faced with this misfortune. Began to buy a pharmacy: Veda-2, shampoo, did not help. I'll go buy something else. Some disorders, I can not, I understand that not one with this trouble 🙁

  49. Nata:

    I do not want to upset anyone, but Paranit alone will not help, only in the set with combing, and it is obligatory with a special frequent comb, and not with an ordinary comb.

  50. Anonymous:

    Pediculen spray did not help, either with 1 or 10 times. Thick long hair. Today they cut my dog ​​shampoo, we'll see. BUT! Still rinsed with vinegar!

  51. Evgenia:

    And better to comb out wet or dry hair?

  52. Julia:

    All this is nonsense, your Veda 2, paraplus, benzyl benzoate. Two months struggled, and got rid of lice and nits old-fashioned method at a time. They smeared their heads with triple cologne and medical alcohol (70% of them are sold in a pharmacy), they mix one to one. Wet head. There is no help here, a strong smell and you need to do everything as quickly as possible. At 4 o'clock under the package, on top of a hat or scarf. Then comb out the dead nits. Very quickly you can get rid of them. And then the longer the hair, the better.

    • Maria:

      You did not burn the child's head? I would be afraid to hide the lice method.

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