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Means against lice and nits in children

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Before buying a product for removing lice and nits from a child, it is helpful to learn more about how it works and whether it is really safe to use.

Infestation of head lice in children is a phenomenon much more frequent than in adults. Children communicate more in groups, bodily contacts are absolutely normal for them, and not all of them have certain standards of hygiene and sanitation. According to statistics, almost every parent is faced with the need to deal with lice in a child, and the duration of treatment directly depends on whether the right lice remedy for children is chosen.

The term of treatment of a child against lice depends on the chosen means.

It is often more difficult to remove nits from hair than the lice themselves.

The pharmaceutical industry produces many pediculicidal preparations for adults, but there are also special lice and nits for children, the composition of which and methods of use often have their own characteristics.


Types of lice products for children

On sale today you can find children's remedies for lice, presented in different dosage forms:

  • Shampoos are very convenient and easy-to-use products, but they almost always require several uses due to the nature of the parasites themselves. No shampoo kills nits, and after a few days, when new larvae emerge from the eggs, shampooing should be repeated.
  • Lotions and ointments. Such lice products for children are usually more effective, as the exposure time on the infected surface is increased compared with shampoo. This makes it possible to destroy almost all parasites at a time. However, the concentration of insecticide is higher here, which can provoke an allergic reaction in a sensitive child.
  • Powders for lice. Some drugs are available in the form of powders that contain lice poisoning substances. The most commonly used is Pyrethrum, which is obtained from dried Persian chamomile flowers. This method is more suitable for disinfecting bed linen and things used by an infected child. To use insecticidal powders for the destruction of head lice and nits impractical.
  • Folk remedies. In some cases, you can try folk remedies for lice and nits in children.As a rule, they are low toxic and do not cause allergies, but at the same time they are not as actively affecting parasites as modern synthetic insecticides.
  • And, finally, special combs - an integral part of a full-fledged fight against lice. To date, the line of such means for mechanical removal of lice and nits is represented by several models that are structurally similar and reasonably affordable. Sometimes they allow you to get rid of parasites in a few days without the use of chemistry.

Pyrethrum powder is more suitable for disinfecting the bed than for killing lice and nits on the head

It is necessary to select a method for the treatment of pediculosis with an eye to the health of the child. If it is susceptible to allergic reactions, it is better to use folk remedies or special preparations for lice for children, which contain minimal amounts of active substances. Using a comb can also be a good solution, but only for children over 5 years old.


For any negative reactions to the treatment of a child, you should consult a doctor. A pediatrician can help you choose a remedy and an optimal technique for dealing with lice.

If there is no allergy, and there are a lot of parasites on the head, you can purchase an “adult”, and not a child’s remedy for lice.Typically, these drugs allow you to quickly and efficiently solve an unpleasant problem.


Lice Shampoos

Shampoos - one of the most common tools for pediculosis treatment. This is due to their availability in the sale, as well as ease of use. On the most popular of them is worth staying in more detail.


Nittifor Lice Shampoo

The basis of this lice and nits remedy for children is Permethrin, an insecticide that causes paralysis of the insect's nervous system. After a single application, the poison remains on the surface for up to two weeks and continues to affect new parasites.

Nittifor can even be called a shampoo, but rather a balsam-rinse. It must be applied to clean washed wet hair.

The composition of funds for lice Nittifor is effective insecticide permethrin


“When my twins were 5 years old, they brought lice from the kindergarten. My sister recommended me the remedy Nittifor, which I recently bought for my daughter. It is very thick and somewhat resembles a hair dye or nourishing mask. She put it on all children hair after washing, put on a bathing cap. Exposure - about 1 hour, but the instructions indicated less. As a result, the lice disappeared at a time, although they had to be combed for quite a long time.2 years have passed and I haven’t seen a single parasite. ”

Inga, Minsk



NOC is a lice shampoo cream, which is also made on the basis of Permethrin, applied to wet hair and left for 10-40 minutes.

NOK shampoo for lice is also made on the basis of permethrin.

After that, you need to re-rinse hair with regular shampoo and comb it with a frequent comb.


Shampoo Medifox

The active substance of the louse shampoo Medifox - the same Permethrin, acting on the nervous system of parasites. This remedy for lice must be rubbed into the roots of the hair, then cover them with a hat or kerchief, leaving it for 40 minutes.

Medifox Shampoo - Another Very Popular Lice Remedy

After treatment, comb your hair with a thick comb. You can evaluate the result in a week - if there are still living lice, the treatment is repeated.


Pediculicidal Sprays

Sprays are a very convenient dosage form of pediculicides. They affect the child's hair over the entire length, destroy adult lice and reduce the survival rate of nits.

When processing with a lice spray, it should not be allowed to enter the eyes and respiratory tract.

On the other hand, when using a spray, a sufficiently large part of the agent enters the form of an aerosol into the air, and with it it can get into the respiratory tract and lead to side effects.


Para-Plus Head Lice Spray

Pair-Plus Spray contains Malathion, Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide as insecticides as active ingredients.Permethrin paralyzes lice, and Malathion helps to dissolve the shell of the nits.

Spray Pair Plus is quite effective, but requires compliance with certain security measures.

This lice remedy for children does not require special training, and its exposure time is only 10 minutes. After that, it remains only to comb the dead insects with a thick comb.



This spray refers to prophylactic agents that prevent lice infestation.

The composition of the spray lice lavinal contains natural ingredients

It consists of only natural ingredients - essential oil of lemon, geranium and ylang-ylang.


Spray Paranit

Paranit - a natural remedy for lice and nits for children, perfect for a complete treatment.

Remedy for lice and nits in children - Paranit

The preparation contains anise oil, which effectively kills hair parasites.


Spray Pax

Spray-Pax is made on the basis of Pyrethrum and Piperonyl butoxide.

Spray-Pax remedy for pubic lice will also be effective against head lice

Originally intended for the destruction of pubic lice, but also effective against head parasites.


Combs from lice

Modern lice combs can be used as a stand alone therapy. They are divided into two groups - mechanical and electronic.

The mechanical comb has very frequent teeth that are blunt at the ends and effectively combed out lice.As a rule, on such combs there are special laser notches that pierce the shell of nits and easily remove them from the hair.

"Representatives" of mechanical combs:

  • LiceGuard (the set includes a wide and narrow comb, as well as a separator with a magnifying glass)
  • Combs from lice and nits AntiV.

LiceGuard Lice Combs Kit

AntiV Combs

Electronic combs not only comb out insects, but also act on them by electric micro-pulses. Naturally, such therapy does not cause any harm to the health of the child, but the lice disappear almost immediately.

Electric combs not only mechanically remove insects from the hair, but also kill them by electrical discharge.

One of the fairly effective electronic combs for lice is the RobiComb. It implements a function not only to destroy, but also to identify lice.

Electronic lice comb Robi Comb Pro

Combs should be used on hair of medium hardness, so for very young children, they are not suitable.


Special pediculicidal solutions and creams

Solutions and creams are quite convenient remedies for pediculosis. Below are some of the most popular brands of drugs from this group.


Full Marks

The composition of the drug Full-Marx includes Cyclomethicone and Isopropyl Myristate.

The drug Full Marks can be used for children from five years

These poisons cause the dehydration of insects and their rapid destruction.



Cream Knicks is based on Permethrin and is quite an effective remedy for lice for children.

Cream Knicks helps fight lice in children

After application, it retains its properties for up to 6 weeks.


Benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate perfectly destroys almost any types of skin parasites (not only lice) and long retains its properties after rinsing.

Benzyl Benzoate Cream can not be used to combat lice in babies

Benzyl benzoate is not suitable for babies, it can only be used after 3 years.


Folk remedies for lice

Some home remedies can also help fight lice. For the treatment of children, it is worthwhile to dwell on the most effective of them:

  • Garlic-onion mask as a remedy for lice and nits for children. You should chop the onion and garlic in a blender, then squeeze their juice through cheesecloth. Rub the resulting fluid into the scalp and leave for 2 hours (if pain arises - dilute the juice). After that, you can make combing parasites.
  • Cranberry juice for lice. This is the most gentle homemade recipe, which is suitable even for the smallest. Cranberry juice dissolves the shell of nits and destroys parasites, but you need to keep it on your head for at least 2 hours.
  • An excellent remedy for nits in children will also be a decoction of hypericum and tansy, which must be rubbed into the hair roots.
  • 9% vinegar as a stand alone or in combination with olive oil.It is necessary to apply the liquid to all hair and hold for about an hour. After that, you should carefully comb the hair with a frequent comb.

Decoction Hypericum will not only help in the destruction of lice in a child, but also heal hair

For lice prevention Some natural baby lice remedies are great, such as Lavinal.

Natural shampoo against lice in children Lavinal

It should be applied before visiting crowded places, kindergarten or school. In the absence of this drug, tea tree, geranium or lemon oil can be applied to the neck and behind the ears.

But for the child the best way to prevent it is to regularly use baby shampoo for lice every two weeks. This measure allows you to destroy randomly caught single parasites on the head and prevent their reproduction.


Details about lice and methods of removing them from a child using a special comb


Instructions for combing lice and nits in a child


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  1. Yumina:

    We used Paranit. About him here, too, is written. Very good tool. The most important thing is to make the child sit and not turn around so as not to miss a single section of the head. And if you carefully apply everything, then from the first time all the lice and nits are dying.

  2. Veronica:

    A beloved nephew had lice in the summer. And the hair is very thick and curly. No combing here will not work, because the comb will simply be confused and stuck in the hair. The pharmacy then advised me this one - Sensetiv. Immediately took without hesitation, because somehow you need to fight with insects.The sister later told me that in fact, in the morning, they washed their heads and all the insects had washed off. Then the hair checked and found nothing.

  3. Asya:

    Brrr, how nasty they are. There is a lot of means to fight lice, you just need to choose them with care, the composition of such funds, to put it mildly, is not natural and can provoke allergies or other unpleasant feelings. It is much easier to regularly inspect the skin and hair of the child upon returning home or combing with a special comb.

  4. Asya:

    I recommend Chemeric water.

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