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Nyx lice cream for external use: get acquainted with the features of the tool

Knicks for lice is a special pediculicidal cream, containing in its composition a powerful insecticide and additional substances that increase its reliability and reduce the side effects of the application. Reviews of the Knicks remedy are generally quite positive and confirm its effectiveness in the fight against lice, including for a single use.

Even despite the fact that the price of the drug is relatively high, thanks to the safety and quick effect of the Knicks lice cream today successfully competes with many cheap ones. lice and nits. Moreover, with such unsafe and outdated popular options for combating parasites as the use of kerosene, vinegar, tar soap, tincture of wormwood, etc.

Tar soap - although outdated, but popular with people lice control

On a note

The price of the drug Knicks for lice is about 600 rubles for a 59-ml tube. The cream is produced by the German company Aspen Bad Oldesloe GmbH, and in Russia it is sold by GlaxoSmithKline Trading CJSC.Given that one tube lasts for several treatments, the Knicks lice remedy is in the middle price range.


“We fight every three or four months with this scourge. My daughter first brought from kindergarten, now she is carrying from school. It seems that there is someone contagious, from whom she receives them, they multiply a month, then we derive them, and then everything repeats. But we have already tried all means. Most liked Knicks from lice - German cream. Displays this muck at a time, never on it was not allergic. True dear he, we have a tube for four to five times (my daughter has very long and thick hair). ”

Irina, Nizhny Tagil


The composition of the drug and the principle of action

The main active component of Nix - Permethrin in 1% concentration. This insecticide, when ingested, infects the nervous system and blocks the transmission of nerve impulses.

As a result, the lice begins to complete paralysis of the muscles, including those responsible for blood supply and respiration, and within a few minutes the parasite dies. That is why the Knicks against lice works fast enough and does not require hourly waiting with a cream on the head.

Permethrin in the Knicks cream causes rapid paralysis in lice.

On a note

With its effectiveness against insects, the Knicks are safe enough for humans. When it enters the digestive tract, Permethrin quickly splits to harmless constituents and has no effect on the human nervous system.

In addition to Permetrine, Nix includes:

  • isopropanol
  • stearalconium chloride
  • cetyl alcohol
  • macrogola stearate
  • gietellose
  • gelatin
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate
  • Canadian Balsam Fir
  • flavoring
  • propyl parahydroxybenzoate
  • propylene glycol
  • dye sundown yellow
  • anhydrous citric acid
  • purified water.

All these components provide the desired consistency of the cream, the simplicity of its application and the absence of its characteristic smell for pyrethroids.

Against nits, the Knicks do not work directly, that is, does not destroy them. It simply does not penetrate inside the egg of the louse and does not paralyze the developing larva.

Nicks have almost no effect on nits.

This is the reason for the need to double the treatment of the head with a cream. Although with a responsible approach and additional use of the crests, the lice are nixed out at once.

It is interesting

According to statistics, in 90% of Nix's use cases, lice are removed in one procedure.In part, such statistics are determined by the fact that the drug is widely used abroad, where the combs for lice are used along with it by default.


“We can say accidentally tried the Knicks tool, but now we will use it for lice forever. Once they need to smear the head, and the lice immediately die! But after that you need more comb nits from the hair, because they do not die at all from anything. We have AntiV comb, along with Nix it helps lice out generally at once. "

Katya, Moscow


Rules of the use of the cream Knicks

The instructions for the Knicks cream for lice are similar to the rules for the use of similar drugs.

Hair before treatment should be thoroughly washed with a simple shampoo and rub with a towel. Knicks must be applied with careful rubbing on the scalp, and then - on the hair along their entire length. From the thickness and length of hair depends on the consumption of the cream.

Processing Knicks cream involves careful rubbing it into the hair

After applying the cream is aged on the head for about 10 minutes (you can not cover the head) and washed off with water, clean or with shampoo. After treatment, the hair should be strand by strand comb comb attached with a tube comb.

Similarly, the destruction of the pubic louse.Here it is important to process in addition to the pubis groin itself and the hair between the buttocks.

Photo of pubic louse

The instructions for the Knicks lice remedy are the same for patients of all ages, including children older than six months and the elderly.


“Knicks are convenient to use, but it is not very effective. His plus - you need to keep on his head only 10 minutes. But after that, the inhibited lice remain. And nits too. Medfoks - stronger analog.

Ilya, Kolmogorskoe


Side effects and precautions when using the cream

The main advantage of Nix over competitors' preparations, even having a close price, is its high harmlessness. Knicks does not lead to poisoning or burns, in exceptional cases causes a weak allergic reaction, does not affect the well-being.

However, despite generally positive reviews, he also has contraindications. It is not recommended to use Knicks for children under six months, during pregnancy and lactation. It is contraindicated in acute dermatitis of the head and in case of individual intolerance to Permethrin.

Side effects from the use of Nix are possible in case of an overdose and applying too large amounts of cream to the skin.At the same time there are rashes, nausea, swelling, sometimes eczema and itching may appear.

If you are prone to allergies, using the Knicks may cause a rash on the neck and scalp.

The composition of the cream is isopropyl alcohol, so if you accidentally use it inside (which is possible if the tube is found by a child), poisoning is possible.


Knicks cannot be used regularly or for prophylactic purposes.


How to enhance the effect of Nix

In order to get rid of the lice at a time with the help of Knicks, after treating the hair, it should be very carefully combed out with a comb. The comb that comes with the cream is generally not very suitable for this, as it is made of plastic and does not have sufficient rigidity.

Much more reliable options in this case will be metal combs like AntiV and Lice Guard, which allow you to comb out even most of the nits from the hair. After treating the hair with Nix, it is enough for the next two or three days to comb the hair with such combs to completely get rid of the lice and their eggs.

Modern lice combs allow you to comb not only insects themselves, but also nits from the hair

LiceGuard comb has special notches on the teeth for better grip nits.


“There is a very good cure for lice - the Knicks. Its price, however, bites, but it kills all the parasites once. Here are just a comb to it in the kit is no. What a regular comb.We were lucky, we already had the Robicombic crest, together they worked well. The procedure is simple - the lice are destroyed with a cream, and then all the nits are combed out with a comb and then a couple of times. ”

Svetlana, Kiev


Where to buy Knicks from lice: prices and ways to purchase

Knicks for lice on sale in online pharmacies is quite rare, but it is easy to buy in ordinary pharmaceutical networks. Buy Knicks directly from the manufacturer can not.

Nix costs from lice are quite expensive - as already mentioned above, about 600 rubles per tube with a comb, and considering that a more professional comb to him usually needs to be bought, the fight against lice when using it becomes a rather expensive pleasure.

Nevertheless, the experience of using the drug shows that such costs to fight one of the most unpleasant human parasites are quite acceptable.

If you have experience with head lice with the Knicks tool, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments box at the bottom of this article.


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