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Remedy for lice and nits Pair Plus

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Get acquainted with the features of the spray lice and nits Pair Plus

Pair Plus is a lice medicine developed by the French laboratory Omega Pharma and manufactured by AeroFarm located in Marseille (you can often also find the wrong name - Paraplus). The drug is available in the form of a spray and has the advantages and disadvantages of this form of release, it can be used for children from the age of 2.5 years.

Spray Pair Plus can be used to kill lice in children from 2.5 years

A pair of Plus lice is used when infecting with various species of these insects, including in the fight against laundry lice, but it was in the fight against head and pubic lice that the drug showed itself best, as evidenced by many positive reviews.

Pair Plus is primarily designed to kill head lice.

Note that when working with any insecticidal agents, it is necessary to strictly observe the safety rules specified in the instructions for use.


“Somehow, while the child went to kindergarten, these problems did not arise, but he regularly started bringing lice from school. The first time we bought Paraplus from lice, we tried a lot of tools later. They even tried to poison it with kerosene once with a sad result. As a result, in terms of price-effect-harmlessness, it was Paraplus that turned out to be against lice optimal.

Dasha, Yakutsk

Remedy for lice and nits Pair Plus is an oil solution of three active ingredients with a slight characteristic odor. At the same time, unlike most similar drugs, Pair Plus is quite easily washed off the hair.

Let's talk about the nature of the product and its component composition.


The composition of the drug and its effect on lice

Quite high efficiency means Para Plus against lice is ensured by the fact that it includes several powerful insecticides:

  • Malathion, more commonly known as Malathion, has an ovicidal effect on nits and has a powerful effect on the nervous system of most insects, including lice.
  • Piperonyl butoxide with intestinal and contact action. Effective even when just falls on the surface of the body of an insect.
  • Permethrin - perhaps the most famous insecticide today that affects the nervous system of insects.

The effectiveness of the spray Pair Plus due to the presence of several insecticides in the composition

With a joint effect on parasites, all three components have a mutually reinforcing effect of acting on each other (synergistic effect). At the same time, the substances used are relatively harmless to humans and can lead to noticeable side effects only in allergic people and in people with individual intolerance to the drug.

The principle of action of Pair Plus on lice is to block the transmission of impulses in the nervous system of insects with the subsequent onset of paralysis. In this case, insecticides enter the body of parasites not only during breathing, but also through chitinous integuments of the body, therefore, the damaging ability of the agent can be described as quite high.

It is also important that Couple Plus kills nitswhile many other drugs, including many folk remedies for lice, do not possess this ability.

Means Pair Plus successfully fights not only with lice, but also with nits

On a photo - nits lice combed out from hair

Another tip on using Pair Plus

“When Yulia brought lice from school (I suspect that she wore them for a long time, but we saw them only when there were a lot of them), my mother immediately told me that she needed to poison her with kerosene. I hung up.Went to buy a pair of Plus, a friend advised me against his lice. She sprayed her daughter on her head and held it for 40 minutes. She caught herself only when her red spots began to creep up her cheeks. A week, probably after that, she left, there were several small burns on her head. Conclusion: read the instructions. There it is written in plain text: keep 10 minutes and flush. Yes, by the way, lice brought immediately. "

Alena, Energodar


Instructions for using Pair Plus

Remedy for lice Pair Plus is used to treat head and pubic lice, at least - to fight with lice.

For the destruction of lice, Pair Plus is applied on the entire scalp, on the hair along their entire length, and in the case of pubic lice - on pubic hair and groin hair. Do not wet the hair before using the product.

To treat with means Pair Plus costs not only infected, but also its nearest environment

The tool keeps on the hair for 10 minutes, then washed off with any shampoo or soap.

The amount of the drug consumed depends on the length and thickness of the hair. When applying it on the head, the hair should be pushed apart with your fingers so that the spray can better penetrate the skin.

After washing off the hair, the hair should be combed along the strands with a thick, hard comb.It is better to use for this special combs from lice such as Nit Free or AntiV.

Comb for lice and nits comb AntiV


“Very good tool Paraplus. The price is low lice helps fine, all are dying, only a few live nits remain. The downside is that it doesn’t come with a comb to which these lice are combed. Well, we already had after the previous hatching, so at one time we took out all the child's lice. ”

Irina Arkadyevna, Tobolsk


“I’m wondering if the Couple Plus kills nits.” A friend told me that she was treating her lice to her daughter, so they had live nits on her head after treatment, so I had to process them again. Or did they do something wrong? ”

Christine, the abundant

With severe infection and a very large number of nits on the hair, even after proper use of the product, live nits can remain on the head. This is normal, as eggs are the most insecticide-resistant phase in the development of any parasites.

In these cases, it is either necessary to carefully comb the hair for several days in a row to remove the main part of the nits or the larvae emerging from them, or a week later to repeat the treatment according to the same plan. In this case, all the larvae that have emerged from the surviving nits will be destroyed.

With strong pediculosis, Pair Plus treatment and combing should be repeated several times.

On a note

The incubation period for nits is 5-7 days. Thus, in a week after the first treatment of the hair by means of Pair Plus, the larvae will hatch from all nits.

A pair of Plus from the pubic lice is used the same way as from the head, but when it is applied near the genitals it is necessary to ensure that the spray does not hit the mucous membranes. Here it can cause painful irritations.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. According to the instructions, the treatment itself should be carried out in a well-ventilated area away from open flame.


Precautions, side effects and contraindications

Pair Plus does not contain toxic components for humans, but in some cases it can be irritating and lead to undesirable side effects.

When using spray Pair Plus it is necessary to observe precautionary measures

Unambiguous contraindications to its use are:

  • child age up to 2.5 years
  • bronchial asthma
  • individual intolerance to the components of the product and an acute allergic reaction to the drug.

On a note

You can check for an allergy to the drug by sprinkling a small amount of it onto the skin on the crook of the elbow and holding the drug there for 15–20 minutes.At the same time a feeling of light tingling may appear - this is normal. If rashes, redness and blisters do not appear, the remedy can be used to treat the head and pubis.

Side effects of using Pair Plus for lice can be a tingling sensation in places where the drug is on the skin for a long time. Instructions to the drug warns: If overdose occurs and exposure takes too long, irritation may occur.

When using the means of Pair Plus, you must strictly adhere to the instructions for dosage and the exposure time of the drug on the hair

Improper use and sensitive skin may cause reddening.

Judging by the reviews of people, we can talk not only about mild irritation of the skin, but also about its quite serious lesions, even burns.

Research on the effects of Para Plus on the development of the fetus and the condition of the pregnant and lactating mother has not been conducted. In general, during pregnancy and the lactation period, it is better to refuse to use Pair Plus.

During pregnancy, it is better to try not to use the spray Pair Plus

When applied to the head, it is important to ensure that the aerosol does not get into the nose or eyes of the handler and the treated. It is useful to use a gauze bandage for protection.


Where and at what price you can buy a Pair Plus?

It is easy to buy a remedy for lice Pair Plus today - it is sold through pharmacy chains in all major cities of Russia.You can also buy it over the Internet, but because of the duration of the drug delivery, this option is less preferable, because you need to get rid of lice as soon as they are noticed. In the best case, the packaging with the tool should just be in the house just in case.

A pair of Plus lice is easy to find in a regular pharmacy

Spray Pair Plus for lice and nits

The price of Pair Plus is approximately 350 rubles per bottle for 116 grams. This amount is enough for two treatments of long hair or for a greater number of treatments if the hair is short.


“We bought a Pair Plus, tried it. It relieves of lice well, but live nits remain. That is, a complete ovicidal action was not noticed. The first time, without having read the instructions, they kept him on his head for half an hour, they burned his skin, his hair was restored for a couple of weeks. And even then a small amount of nits was combed out while alive. ”

Ekaterina, Moscow


“If we compare the French Pair Plus with the Belgian Paranit, then the Pair Plus is more efficient. We tried both, and after Para Plus, there wasn’t any living lice left. But here it’s harder to get him, I don’t even know why. ”

Angelina, Kaliningrad


Interesting video: how lice get on the head and body and how to deal with them


How to completely remove lice and nits only with a special comb: instructions

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To the recording "The remedy for lice and nits Pair Plus" 29 comments
  1. Pauline:

    About Paraplus a bit: the eldest said that the neighbor has a louse. She didn't find lice (checked the heads of both), but there were nits. The pharmacy advised "Pair Plus". In the form of an aerosol, very convenient. No need to smear, not flowing. Just splash.But I warn you when you spray, close the airway. Any respirator or bandage, in the preparation of toxins because. I, without the protection of children, squirted, my mouth felt bitter and nauseated. The younger decided not to risk it and brought out "Paranit".

  2. Nastya:

    How much I was taken out by Paraplus - did not help. And then bought kerosene and miraculously helped. I sneezed very much during processing, but I didn’t sneeze, because the bag would have torn and poked through the hole. Of course, they climbed around my neck, but they thrust them back in there. And everyone died, I was very pleased. Many people write that my hair is scorching, but everything is fine and my hair has become silky. I am pleased with the result.

    • Anonymous:

      Nastya, how could a package break through when sneezing from kerosene? To do this, you need to close the package and nose and breathe kerosene?

  3. Anonymous:

    Paraplus, kills lice only after 30 minutes, holding it on the head ... After 10-20 minutes, the lice crawl over the head alive)) Nits do not kill, we have been treatment for lice for 2 months, but every two weeks, full head.

  4. Anonymous:

    Add: hair is thick and very long. Shave well, there’s no other way out.

    • Anonymous:

      We shaved baldly on our son, a year and 10. It helped (we had very thick hair, and it wasn’t given).

  5. Violetta:

    Does the Couple Plus sell in Buinsk?

  6. Oksana:

    The first time, it seems, helped. A week later, made a control. Burned scalp. Let's go to the garden. After 1.5 weeks, they call me from the kindergarten and say that we have lice again. Bullshit this all! Now you have to buy something else.

  7. Anonymous:

    How much to keep Pair Plus on the head?

  8. Vyacheslav:

    Kills live lice, nits remain. A few days later there are new lice (small), and a new treatment is needed.

    • Karina:

      If you sit and do nothing, then, of course, the nits hatch. You need to comb it out with a special comb for a couple of hours! They hope for a miracle, look.

  9. Helena:

    Nothing he helps. Bullshit it all. We need something else to look for than to heal.

  10. Mach:

    On the first day we washed with paranit, on the second day we used pediculicide shampoo, we left it on our head for three hours and then washed it off. On the third day, we washed it with antibit, rinsed with vinegar, straightened it with a straightener to set it on fire. I do not know what else to do.

    • Anonymous:

      Rinse with water in the pan. Benzyl benzoate helps, something like that. Only need to process three times with an interval of about seven days. Stuff towels and then rub, and treat yourself to the head.

  11. Aziza:

    Very, very helpful! I advise everyone. I held it for about 15 minutes, washed my head well, everything is fine! Not itching. Many thanks to the creators of this drug. I have been using it for a long time, in all cases I helped.

  12. Galina:

    A pair of plus was kept on the head for 40 minutes. The lice were all dead, and the nits were then chosen from the hair. So half of the living.

  13. Anonymous:

    Be sure to process the head 2 times at intervals of a week and combed. You can also choose with your hands, and it is better to cut the boys baldly.

  14. Olya:


  15. Yuliya:

    Lice Pair Plus killed, but almost all living nits! Hoped for the best result for 550 rubles. A week later, repeat the processing, see what happens.

  16. Anonymous:

    Couple Plus killed a louse, but with nits trouble. Re-processing will do in a week, as indicated in the instructions.

  17. Anonymous:

    We also broke with these lice, the son brought from school.The first time was treated with paraplus, the son got everything out, plus he had a short haircut. But our little girl was poisoned - the lice died, and the nits remained, and she is not given to choose them, she cries. True, it was clear that 50% were living, 50% dried out, as in the photo above. Paraplus taken for 650 rubles. We bought the following drug on the recommendation, since the child is small - it assails, for 700 rubles. The oil is very hard to wash out. There was a scallop in the box, I really liked it. I brought out my daughters and combed everything out, but I can't afford it. Again, I bought a paraplus, but, in my opinion, it no longer works, as it sounded like yesterday, the son was looking at his head - they were as they were. I do not know what to do. For almost two months of this torment, I don’t take a child in my arms 🙁 And there is no one to choose, we live with three children.

  18. Galina:

    Try diluted vinegar.

  19. Oksana:

    My daughter brought from the garden. I bought the cheapest remedy, lice died (there were three pieces), but there is no nits. I chose at the root with my hands, and passed through the hair with an iron for leveling, that is, I burned them!

  20. Anonymous:

    Do not chase - scorch the hair of young children! Comb out!

  21. Vladimir:

    Nothing helps, do not buy this garbage.

  22. Natalia:

    We are splashing for the third time, so they still appear. Nits do not find a daughter.

  23. Anna:

    And even kerosene doesn't help us. Half died, half alive. I don’t know what to treat ...

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