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Means against lice and nits: choose the most effective

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Get acquainted with the most effective means to combat lice and nits

When choosing a remedy for lice and nits, it is important to pay attention not only to its effectiveness and ease of use, but also to the toxicity and aggressiveness of its constituent components. For example, kerosene - a well-known folk remedy for lice - is effective and easy to use, but very dangerous. A spray LiceGuard is very safe to use, but it is effective only as a defense against lice infestation, but when removing parasites that have already appeared in the hair, it, as practice shows, does not always cope.

Some lice toxic drugs can be toxic to humans.

Therefore, choosing a remedy for lice and nits, it is useful to first examine in more detail its composition and assess the specificity of its constituent ingredients, as well as read the reviews.

The peculiar rating of lice medicine prepared below includes the most effective preparations for today and will help you to understandWhat means of lice as safe and easy to use. Using this information, you can choose the best option for each case.

On a note

It is important to remember that several types and forms of lice parasitize a person - head louse, pubic and clothes. Accordingly, an effective remedy for lice and nits on the head may not be the most effective drug to combat pubic lice, and funds for body lice can sometimes not be used against head parasites.

In this review we will talk about the remedies for head lice, as about the most popular ones. By the way, many of them will be effective against other types of lice.


Types of funds and their effectiveness

An ordinary user often runs up his eyes when he sees all the means of lice in the pharmacy.

The variety of remedies offered today for head lice in a pharmacy will confuse anyone

Their diversity can be confusing and create a problem of choice, but if you know what types of drugs against lice and nits in general are divided into and what properties drugs of one type are characterized in general, it will be much easier to choose.

Let's take this classification and do it. To put it simply and look at the whole picture,then, by decreasing their effectiveness, various types of lice control can be arranged in the following order:

  • pediculicidal emulsion concentrates
  • lice sprays
  • shampoos
  • creams
  • ridges
  • folk remedies.

On a note

In this list, the types of drugs are sorted by the number of the most effective drugs belonging to one type or another in general. For example, vinegar and kerosene related to folk remedies are much more effective than most creams, but in general, the lice creams themselves, which allow you to quickly and reliably remove parasites, are much more than effective drugs among folk remedies.

Lice products - kerosene and vinegar - which are popular among grandmothers, should be used very carefully.

By ease of use means are arranged in the following order:

  • the sprays
  • creams
  • shampoos
  • folk remedies
  • concentrates
  • crests.

At the same time, the difference in the difficulty of using, for example, sprays and creams is quite insignificant - the sprays are applied to dry hair, and the cream to wet, with additional rubbing.

And, finally, in terms of safety of use, shampoos, creams and sprays are about the same, concentrates and some folk remedies are inferior to them. The safest and at the same time quite effective remedy for lice is the comb.

The safest remedy for lice - comb

On a photo - the louses combed out from hair


Even the most effective remedy for lice is not necessarily able to cope with nits. To destroy the latter, either special preparations for nits are used, or several agents that have an effect on them and on adult insects. At home, most often, nits cannot be destroyed, and the anti-lice remedy is simply applied twice with a break of a week, due to which not the nits are destroyed, but the larvae hatching from them.

The most difficult to remove from the head nits, because they are very firmly attached to the hair sticky secret

The danger of insecticidal lice is primarily a possible allergic reaction to the active ingredients. This is especially true for children - in some of them, seemingly safe means can cause allergic dermatitis. And in some children and even adults, the skin can respond to insecticides with dandruff, itching, atopic dermatitis, damage to the scalp and pigmentation disorders.

All products containing insecticidal substances are prohibited for children under 5 years of age, as well as for pregnant and lactating women.

If you are going to apply this or that means for lice during pregnancy, carefully read the instructions, if he has any contraindications

The above contraindications are relevant for strong folk remedies such as kerosene, vinegar, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.For example, improper use of kerosene and vinegar can cause serious chemical burns to the skin, and hydrogen peroxide even in weak concentrations leads to a change in hair color.

When treating the hair for a long time, peroxide can lead to their complete discoloration. By the way, women actively use this when detecting lice - to get rid of parasites, it is enough to dye their hair with their previous bleaching with perhydrol.

On a note

Even drugs that are considered relatively harmless on the basis of various herbs actually have their own contraindications and side effects. This is not surprising: sufficiently strong tinctures of poisonous plants are used against lice, as a part of which both alcohol and biologically active natural ingredients act on the scalp. Sometimes these tools are even more powerful than the same kerosene or insecticide-based drugs.

A separate problem is the constant appearance of lice populations that are resistant to various insecticides.

Modern lice, unfortunately, are often resistant to many insecticides.

The reason for this is the frequent use of these insecticides at home.

Today, situations regularly occur when with the help of one or another means lice are poisoned but not completely destroyed, and some insects that are paralyzed and temporarily unable to bite, come to their senses after a while and give birth to offspring.

Some of their descendants produce enzymes that can utilize a potentially deadly insecticide. These resistant descendants spread between people and breed, not dying from the treatment now a means that is harmless to them.

Paradoxically, but the more diligently we poison the lice, the more successfully we help them to become resistant to the poison itself. For this reason removal of lice various lotions, creams and shampoos must be combined with combing dead or paralyzed parasites from the hair.

Even a strong insecticide lice repellent should preferably be combined with combing with a comb.

On a note

When buying an insecticidal drug, you should prefer one that includes several insecticides. In this case, the risk that the tool does not work is practically absent. There are also substances like Dimeticon, which do not poison the parasites, but block their respiratory tract and lead to asphyxiation.Lice cannot get used to such drugs in principle. Of the popular remedies, Dimethicone is contained, for example, in the Nydar lice spray.

Also in prosperous America today, a means to destroy lice by high temperatures is being actively marketed - a special dryer that is designed to weaken the lice with hot air (parasites die at a temperature of 50-55 ° C, quite tolerant to humans; the dryer does not destroy all parasites, but substantially weakens, almost paralyzing).

A special dryer developed in the USA does not kill head lice, but significantly weakens them.

After processing such a hair dryer, the hair must be carefully combed to remove inhibited parasites. Theoretically, such a set of measures promises to be optimal in terms of safety-efficacy, but test experiments are still underway.


Lotions and concentrates

Lotions, concentrates and emulsions are aqueous or alcohol solutions of powerful insecticides. Getting into the body of the parasite, such a means for removing lice usually causes paralysis of its nervous system and rapid death. Some drugs of this type require special dilution before use, others are sold in ready-to-use form.



Medifox is a concentrated solution of permethrin insecticide in ethanol with the addition of castor oil. Before use, the concentrate is diluted in water in the ratio of 8 ml of product per 100 ml of water.

Concentrate from lice Medifox

It is believed that Medifox is one of the best means of lice for use by sanitary epidemiological stations and in special detention facilities.


“I’m not going to tell the child, but for adults the most effective remedy for lice and nits is Medifox. When I worked at the station to help the homeless, it was Medifax who lice them and poisoned them. In almost half the cases, even the nits completely die from it. "

Christina, Pushkino


Foxilon Lotion

Foksilon - inexpensive remedy for nits and lice. It is quite toxic, can cause allergies and irritations, but when properly used, it kills lice and nits in one application due to the content of benzyl benzoate.

Lotion for the fight against lice and nits Foxilon

The price of this remedy for lice and nits is about 150 rubles per 50 ml bottle. One bottle is enough to destroy the parasites in one person.



Medilis-SUPER is the only pediculicidal agent in the Medilis insect preparation line. It works effectively in cases where lice produce permethrin resistance.

The insecticide fenthion is included in the composition of Medilis Super lice.

Medilis-SUPER has established itself as a good remedy for head lice and nits of head and ward morphotypes.


Avicin Concentrate

Avicin is also a fairly effective remedy against lice and nits, an analogue of Medifox, also based on Permetrine. It is more expensive - 1100 rubles per bottle - and allows you to get rid of lice in one application.

Remedy for lice Avicin

Due to the high cost, Avicin is inferior to Medifox in terms of availability. Not recommended for use in children under 5 years and pregnant women.


“My sister worked for four years in a state kindergarten, then transferred to a private one. In those four years, she was infected with lice, probably six times. Once she had a fight with the parents of the lousy child in such a way that she called the police. She then advised Avicin to me, said that he was the best and most effective against lice. I, fortunately, they were only once. Avitsin really helped. Once he put it on his head, held it as long as necessary, washed it off, combed it carefully, and there were no more lice. I don’t know if this is really the best remedy for lice and nits, because there’s nothing to compare with, but it helped me. ”

Evgenia, Murmansk


Lice Shampoos

Lice shampoos are good in cases where the patient has a very lush and thick hair.Shampoo hair is the easiest to process completely and ensure that the product gets on the scalp.

The composition of pediculicidal shampoos from the point of view of the applied insecticides differs little from that of concentrates, but they usually try to use not too aggressive substances in order to ensure the possibility of treating children.


Pedilin Shampoo

Pedilin is a fairly effective remedy against lice due to the presence in its composition of two insecticides at once - tetramethrin and malathion. Due to this, Pedilin works even when parasites develop resistance to one of the components.

Pediculicidal shampoo Pedilin contains at once two insecticides of different chemical nature

At the same time, this remedy for head lice has many contraindications and side effects, and it should be used with great care and in strict accordance with the instructions.



Parasidosis, generally speaking, is not the most effective remedy for lice, often requiring re-treatment for complete elimination of both lice and nits. The advantage of it is the presence in the kit comb for combing, careful use of which will allow you to comb all nits, and with a particularly diligent approach - to avoid re-treatment of the head.

The kit for shampoo Parazidoz includes a comb for combing lice and nits

The price of this lice medicine is about 300 rubles per 110 ml bottle. Parasidosis is produced in Slovenia.



Insecticide formulation similar to Medifox, very effective, allows destroy nits. The low price of this tool makes it especially attractive, but Hygia has numerous contraindications.

Pediculicide Hygia

The kit also includes a special comb for combing lice and nits. In most cases, the tool allows you to completely remove the parasites in one step. The cost of the bottle is about 200 rubles.


“We immediately looked for a good remedy against nits. This is understandable - if some nits shampoo destroys, then the lice will output for sure. The best cure for nits, in my opinion, is Hygia. From his head a little bakes a couple of hours, but the lice die out immediately, and the remaining nits simply comb out comb. Besides, I have never seen a cheaper lice remedy, and it's not a problem to buy it, especially with the Internet. It should be used as a simple shampoo, but you should hold it a little on the head, and then walk about five times through the hair from the very roots with a comb. When our son got infected at school, Hygia helped him and us. So use, I have checked this remedy, as they say, ”.

Yaroslav, Perm


Shampoo liceguard

This shampoo is attractive because it contains only natural ingredients. It is used mainly as a remedy for nits, softening their shell and contributing to peeling them off from the hair.

As an independent drug, LiceGuard shampoo is not commonly used because it has a relatively low effectiveness, but is used to enhance the effect of lice combs.

LiceGuard shampoo has low toxicity for both humans and lice.

The composition of the shampoo also includes substances that strengthen the hair and improve their appearance. It is quite difficult to buy this lice medicine, it costs one bottle of 800 rubles, and is sold on the territory of our country mainly through the Internet.


Head Lash Sprays

Sprays - perhaps the best remedy for lice with mild infection. They are less likely to cause side effects, easy to use, very effective, but have limitations for use in children.


Spray Pedikulen Ultra

Pediculen Ultra is an effective remedy not only for lice, but also for nits (it is believed that this effect is achieved through the use of alcohol in the composition).

Pedikulen Ultra Spray is effective not only against lice, but also against nits

It is produced in Russia, it costs about 450 rubles per bottle, it requires compliance with strict security measures.


Aerosol Vapor Plus

Para-Plus is produced by the French laboratory Omega Pharma, contains three insecticides in its composition and allows you to remove lice in one application.

Aerosol Vapor Plus from lice and nits

When using the supplied comb Pair Plus turns into an effective tool and from nits.


Nuda Lice Spray

It is considered one of the best lice products for children, because the active ingredient of the drug is absolutely non-toxic Dimethicone (special silicone).

It is well suited for the destruction of lice in children, because it does not contain insecticides

This component leads to asphyxiation in parasites, and is completely harmless to humans.


Spray Paranit

Absolutely natural remedy for lice on the basis of essential oils. Not kills nits, adult lice and larvae cause suffocation. As a result - requires double application.

Spray Paranit has a natural composition

According to numerous reviews, the disadvantage of Paranita is that it is heavily washed off the hair.


Spray repellent LiceGuard

This remedy for lice is quite expensive - about 850 rubles per bottle, and can only be used as an auxiliary drug.

LiceGuard spray is best combined with a special comb against lice

As a rule, it is used to enhance the effect when combing hair with combs.


Aerosol Aerosol

This French aerosol is one of the most powerful lice and nits remedies for today,however, it cannot be used to destroy parasites on the human body. A-Par is used only for handling items, wardrobes and rooms, that is, against laundry lice.

A-Par aerosol used against lice

A-Par has a strong unpleasant odor, is very toxic and may cause irritation of the respiratory tract. The price of this tool is about 500 rubles for a 125 gram bottle.


Lice creams

Creams are relatively inexpensive means of combating lice, however, they require diligent processing of their hair and scalp, careful application to the entire infected surface, and then no less diligent washing them out of the hair.

Doctors rarely advise to use these lice products precisely because of the laboriousness of working with them, but various drugs of this type are on sale and, as reviews show, using them often gives no less pronounced results than using shampoos and sprays.


Nittifor Lice Cream

Nittifor is a fairly effective remedy for lice and nits in the form of a cream, containing permethrin as an active substance. It has an unpleasant smell, it is not recommended for use in children under 5 years old.

Nittifor Lice Cream

Buy cream Nittifor can be both online and in ordinary pharmacies.


Cream Knicks

Knicks is an analogue of Nittifor, but the concentration of permethrin in its composition is lower, so that it is a remedy for lice and is more safe and safer than Nittifor and can be used for pediculosis treatment in children of all ages.

Cream Knicks contains permethrin as an active ingredient

However, safety requirements when working with it should be strictly followed.


Combs as the safest means

Combs are good because they help get rid of lice and nits, and at the same time are absolutely safe. Their main drawback is the laboriousness of their use, but in the presence of an allergy to insecticides in a child or an adult patient, these lice products are better than even the most delicate chemical preparations.

To remove lice with combs, you must carefully daily comb all the hair on the head from the roots. Brush out lice and nits washed in the bathroom or collected on a clean sheet and taken out on the street.


Comb Free (AntiV)

This comb for combing lice and nits is well advertised in Russia. It works both independently and in tandem with other means.

AntiV comb effectively removes both lice and nits from hair

If you use only the comb, you will get lice in about 6-7 days of regular daily use.And when combined with other effective means of lice (based on insecticides or Dimetikon) provides the excretion of parasites within 3-4 days.


Robi Comb Electronic Lice Comb

The specificity of this comb from lice is that Robi Comb not only combing parasites, but also destroys them by electrical discharge. However, in practice, there were no particular differences in its effectiveness compared to conventional combs, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Electric comb for lice Robi Comb

As a remedy for nits Robi Comb is ineffective.


Steel Teeth LiceGuard Comb

LiceGuard is also considered to be a very high quality and quite effective comb for combing lice and nits.

LiceGuard Comb for Lice and Nits

It is made in the USA, is well combined with other products of this producer.


Folk remedies

Treatment for head lice folk remedies has a pronounced specificity. Almost all traditional products are very inexpensive means, but their effectiveness is inversely proportional to safety: the faster the tool kills lice, the more often they lead to serious side effects.

Next, we list a few folk remedies that can kill lice and nits, and say what harm they can do to the person who is being treated.



Kerosene is considered the most famous and commonly used folk remedy for lice. Destroys both adult insects, and larvae, and nits. However, in parallel, can lead to burns of the scalp and hair loss.

Kerosene should not be used for removing lice in children

Before use, kerosene is diluted in a 1: 4 or 1: 6 relationship (with vegetable oil), kept on its head until tingling or heat, usually about 40 minutes.

It should be remembered that kerosene is highly flammable!



For removing lice and nits, table vinegar is diluted 1: 2 with water, and vinegar essence is 1:16. Vinegar often causes allergies, is dangerous enough, especially for children.

Especially dangerous is the work with concentrated acetic essence, since its improper dilution is fraught with chemical burns of the skin.


Chemerichnaya water

Chemerichnaya water - another very reliable tool for the treatment and lice prevention. Not always available in pharmacies, fairly inexpensive and practically harmless when used correctly.

Chemerichna water really helps to remove lice and is available at any pharmacy.

It should be borne in mind that cemeric water can be dangerous if ingested (if accidentally drunk).


Tar soap

This tool is attractive for its relative harmlessness. It does not cause side effects, just in the application - they just soap the head, like any other soap.

Tar soap is best combined with combing lice comb

Tar soap can be used for several days in a row: it is especially effective against lice, but to fight nits you should wash your hair with soap for two weeks every other day. A significant disadvantage of this tool is a strong and unpleasant smell. However, if you wash your head after it with a simple shampoo, you can get rid of this effect.

Finally, we will give useful advice that will help protect yourself (or your loved ones) from serious health problems if the remedy is unsuccessful in choosing from parasites: all means for lice, except for combs, should be checked for allergenicity before use. To do this, the drug is applied to the elbow bend for 10-15 minutes. If after this period no skin reactions appear at the site of application (severe redness, swelling, rash), the tool can be used to remove lice on the head.

To achieve a really quick and well-pronounced effect, it is advisable to combine the use of any pediculicidal agent with a comb (for example, buy AntiV comb for combing lice and nits).This technique helps to cope with parasites, even in the most neglected cases, when other approaches fail.


What is important to know when choosing a remedy for lice and nits


How to completely get rid of lice and nits using only one comb and without any chemistry: instructions

It is also useful to read: Nix Lice Remedy


To the entry "Funds against lice and nits: choose the most effective" 123 comments
  1. Zhenya:

    By the way, I do not agree that Paranite is heavily washed off the hair. More precisely, knowing this, you can pre-stock a tool that will wash away the spray at times. For example, the conditioner Paranit, which is also sold in a pharmacy, copes with it perfectly. And the hair after it is not greasy. Or take any shampoo WITHOUT silicone, then everything will also be perfectly washed off. Simply, the silicone just makes the product heavier, therefore, it is hard to wash it away, and if you approach the mind wisely, it will wash off at times.

  2. Helena:

    Paranit is an odorless drug. Apply lightly, lather well. After taking it, I feel that a bottle of sunflower oil was poured on my head. And wash it off simply. Baby shampoo - and hair in the same condition!

  3. Muhabbat:

    We used the comb "Nit Free", helped very well.

  4. Olga:

    Macks - a great tool.

  5. Yuliya:

    Paranit didn't help. Combed alive nits and plus lice left. Shampoo was applied to almost the floor of the bottle and the time weathered more. Efficiency is low, I had to manually comb. Unhappy!

  6. Olga:

    We took the daughter of lice and nits with Parazidoz. We chose it, having read the instructions, because, firstly, it is effective against lice and nits, and, secondly, it does not contain insecticides, therefore it is absolutely safe for a child. We had the effect after the first application, but the bottle is not enough for one time, so we repeated the treatment after 10 days for prevention. And now three months everything is in order.

    • Anonymous:

      Which remedy is better?

      • Anonymous:

        The most good remedy is hellebore water or tar soap, it helps super, I am very pleased.

        • Natalia:

          Bullshit! Neither one nor the other helped us at all!

        • Anonymous:

          Here we are trying to use the cemeric water and tar soap ... It seems, we are waiting. I do not know if it will help, we are afraid that no matter how we are transferred to it.

        • Victoria:

          After tar soap hair becomes like tow.

  7. Anya:

    Hygia shampoo did not destroy nits, after applying all nits remained alive. In addition, the 8-year-old child showed severe allergies throughout the body.

  8. Natalia:

    There used to be a liquid Nittifor - from the first time it helped.Now in the pharmacy it is not. Have offered Hygia. Nits are dead and the bugs are alive. Time lost only.

    • Anonymous:

      I agree with the majority that Hygia is complete bullshit. We even used 3 times a day, kept for an hour, all the same, everyone is alive!

  9. Olga:

    I tried a couple plus - nonsense. Live bugs ran ... Then somehow they tried full max - the effect is good. But wash it unrealistic. I was advised in the pharmacy to rinse after all means with celery water.

  10. Anonymous:

    Hygia sucks, did not help at all.

    • Olga:

      Fully agree, Hygia - no effect, just a waste of time and nerves.

      • Sveta:

        Why - my daughter is 12 years old and we took Hygia and she helped. Nits, after combing, all loosened, lice died, she helped us a lot.

    • Helena:

      Hygia garbage full, does not help.

  11. Mariana:

    For children, especially small ones, I can advise the French emulsion Parasidosis +. When we faced the problem of pediculosis, the pharmacist at the pharmacy advised this particular drug, since it does not contain insecticides, therefore it is safe for children.And he really helps! Even after the first application, even nits disappear. But it is better, of course, to do another treatment in a week. Moreover, if not very long hair, then the bottle is enough for several times. My daughter had no relapse.

    • Katerina:

      Mariana, nits disappear, what a fascinating reading matter)) I have experience with full marks and Paranit, both good means, without poisons like pyrethroids or malathion, on silicones. But the last line is wider, you can choose a shampoo, it is not so fat, or sensitive for babies. And the scallop is most convenient for Paranita, still long and frequent, and believe me, this is much more helpful against nits and small lice larvae than specialized types like Antiva or Laisgard.
      P.S. Chemerichnuyu water for children is impossible - it is vigorous, we had a dizziness from it.

      • Natalia:

        We combed out the light guard with long teeth. The pharmacy with shampoo offered a plastic comb (paranit or another - I do not remember), but I had doubts about it. Plastic is not hard enough, wears out faster, is worse disinfected. The metal comb will last an order of magnitude longer and comb out better! And serifs damage the hair, so they chose the lightguard.As a result - the usual metal comb is as effective as you use it correctly. We combined shampoo and comb - we had to tinker with the carding, but as a result everything went away. And we still have a comb and quietly lie down until our grandchildren)

  12. Alexey:

    All these shampoos are an endless run in a circle. because they act only on insects. And the nits remain, which means that after a couple of weeks, wait for the guests again. Only combing helps! You may have to carry out the procedure several times, but once bought a comb - and you can use it repeatedly. We bought antiv and did not regret. Expensive came out, but the result of this money is definitely worth it!

    • Baljima:

      Where can I buy, tell me please?

      • Anonymous:

        We used almost all the arsenal in the pharmacy, but there is no effect, for more than a year we can’t get rid of them. Maybe we have some kind of predisposition towards them, it happens.

        • Helena:

          Have you tried vodka? They say it helps ...

        • Anonymous:

          Probably, there is a re-infection - from friends, colleagues or fellow practitioners ...

        • Guzel:

          It is necessary not only to process the head, but also to wash the bed, linen and clothes, to clean and iron.

  13. Anonymous:

    We enjoyed Nyuda. Since 1 time it did not work to destroy all. 3-4 times spraying the head. It is odorless and easy to use. It is washed off for a long time. For 4 children 2 bottles were enough. The composition is not scary. In general, consists of oils. We liked it.

  14. Anna:

    We also use Nyuda, but I can not understand where they come from forever!

  15. Victoria:

    Tried and Pair Plus, Lavinal, Paranix and Hygia - nothing helped. It was an excellent tool Nittifor, but for some reason it disappeared.

  16. Natalia:

    Tried Nyuda, complete nonsense, even lice themselves do not kill. I do not know what to poison them with, such nonsense, horror. So much time it takes ((

  17. Yana:

    I helped spray permethrin. Very good, sprinkled, then washed with regular shampoo, combed out - and it helped.I advise.

  18. Ruslana:

    Our hair falls out strongly after using Higii, Paraplus, Nudes. Nothing helped, she brought out her hands, every day she combed out and with her hands pulled out the nits. So all this nonsense. How to deal with the consequences now? Tell me!

  19. Anonymous:

    Bought Medifox gel. Some lice are dead, but very few. Left alive and nits have not disappeared. In general, it did not help.

  20. Lady:

    Bought permethrin-farm and scallop normal - all brought out.

  21. Xu:

    I got infected with lice from the goddaughter, now I don’t even know what means it is better to take. I want to take Nyuda, and then Chemerichnu воду water.

  22. Litvinenko Natalia:

    It helps her very well, my daughter got infected in a sanatorium, she helped me the first time.

    • Marina:

      Only odorless dichlorvos, under the package for an hour. The effect is wonderful.

      • Anonymous:

        My friend granny is uchudila. Half the hair fell out afterwards.

    • Nastya:

      Noob helped us a lot too. Once they have just processed, washed and thoroughly combed out the comb (very long). Everything, neither lice nor nits anymore.

  23. Yuliya:

    It was good means Nittifor, helped with one treatment. All other means are nonsense.

  24. Mayan:

    We used two happy nicks cream, there weren't for three days, then lice reappeared! Probably need to nits hands clean.

  25. Aelita:

    They took Full Marx, 2 times processed, but there is no sense. And combed out with a comb, and Pedikulen shampoo did not help. We still suffer: we get rid of it manually from morning till evening. So far to no avail. Just some kind of horror.

  26. Tolik:

    Chemerichnaya water, head under the bag for 45 minutes, then table vinegar, to unglue the nits. And we scratch, we scratch, we scratch. You can head and all все

  27. Vasiliy:

    The most effective way is to shave baldly.

  28. Sonya:

    Kerosene helps me) And combing. You can become infected everywhere, in the same kindergarten, school, camp, sanatorium.

    • Talgat:

      How much kerosene should I use and how much should I keep?

      • Lydia:

        Kerosene should be diluted with sunflower oil at a ratio of 1: 4, hold for 40 minutes, rinse with baby shampoo and comb through with a comb on which to put cotton wool soaked in a solution of vinegar (9%, diluted at a ratio of 1: 2,or 75% diluted 1:16). Nits are removed with a bang, lice die well.

      • Helena:

        Kerosene, vegetable oil and soap. We take the laundry soap (a piece of a matchbox), three on the grater and pour half a glass of water. We put on the gas in an iron dipper or mug and, stirring, boil until all the soap is dissolved. Turn it off, and while this mixture cools, we take 100 ml of kerosene, 70 ml of vegetable oil, combine and add the cooled liquid soap. All this is poured immediately into a half-liter plastic bottle out of the water. Close the lid and shake for 5-10 minutes until the mixture turns into an emulsion. With this emulsion we smear abundantly all the hair, on top of the package - and fix it with a diaper for 40 minutes. Wash off with soap and shampoo, then balm!

        This tool is always removed lice in the clinic. It always helps. And you need to do in 3 days 3 times in a row! And after washing it is necessary to wipe the head with a towel thoroughly and then choose nits. A lot of young nits fall out immediately when washing. And also it is necessary to wash and iron all linen and clothes. The tool does not bake, as the proportion is correct. And it helps to 100 percent, and it is always very accessible. Good luck to you!

  29. Lena:

    Used Nittifor. It helped well: both lice and nits died, and everything seems to be good, only the head stinks just awful for 2 weeks already. It remains to come up with a stink to repel now.

  30. Venus:

    All that is described above is just complete nonsense and a huge waste of money. Nothing helps. Drugs are expensive, but stupid. I remember, in my childhood, when I got lice myself, I brought a new girl from a neighbor, so my mother once treated me with serortus ointment, and that was that. Kills outright. Now this ointment was removed from production, but in vain ... The effect was 100%. The composition of this ointment was chosen in such a way that the concentration was harmless.

  31. Anastasia:

    Dear friends. I want to tell my story. I moved to a new school and picked up lice, I honestly say, I couldn’t get rid of a whole year, and my mother was tormented. It got us. One day my mother looked on the Internet and found a super duper good tool, but the first time we took a spray, called Lavinal, it comes with a comb. When we tried it for the first time, it helped for the first time and after that time I didn’t have them. Then I picked them up again and my mother bought Lavinal shampoo too.And you know what, I washed my head twice and I don’t have them anymore. And most importantly - it is very cheap. Friends, I advise you to all 1000 percent, and do not even bake. And although it is very cheap, probably the cheapest of all, it is at the same time the best of all existing ones. Friends, I will not advise the bad, I promise action from the first time. Write me your comments, I will read them carefully. Goodbye, I love you all.

    • Ilya:

      Anastasia, your farewell looks scary. A Lavinal in the course is not in pharmacies, only on / in Ukraine.

      • Anonymous:

        I don’t know how it helped you, but we don’t, as the louses were, so they are alive. The avalanche did not help.

        • Anonymous:

          I bought an avalanche, a good remedy, against both lice and nits!

    • Victoria:

      And for how much did you buy?

    • Anonymous:

      Lies. Generally ineffective!

  32. Anonymous:

    Suddenly, we faced this scourge and purchased several different drugs at once in a pharmacy with fear. For the most part I would like to focus on paranit shampoo from lice and nits.
    The main thing that I liked very much is a very comfortable scallop - it was included in the kit. Thanks to him, we combed for three days all this filth.I decided to take exactly the shampoo, because I had long hair, and I did not want to wash the lotion for a long time afterwards. I was better prepared to rinse with shampoo several times at regular intervals. By the way, it is easy to apply it directly on the hair roots, thanks to the spout.
    It is simple to use it, it is necessary to put on hair, wait 10-20 minutes and lather with water. Next, wash well and subtract the dead bloodsuckers. The second time was used for prophylaxis. Allergies were not.
    So, the first day is the most difficult - we process the head, we comb out nits and dead lice, wash it again, comb it, disinfect the beds, the floors, erase things. The goal is to completely destroy all sexually mature lice. It is psychologically easier tomorrow, again we change the clothes, all the clothes, we comb out all that is left. The following days carefully look at the head, intently whiskey, over the neck, behind the ears, all week we comb out preventively. If the first 2 days are not lazy, then on day 7 you will not find anything.

  33. Olga:

    Used Pedikulenom - all garbage, and shampoo, and lotion.

    • Meerim:

      With the first daughter used Pedikulenom. It seems to help. Afterwards, while washing, all the louses flowed out straight afterwards in a stream, naturally, the dead!

    • Anonymous:

      Agree. Does not help. I brought this: 1 day - Pedikulen. Lice are dead, nits half alive. Day 2 - Knicks. Another louse and nits again half alive. 3 day - vinegar, 9 percent. There are no lice, and the nits are alive again. 4 day - vinegar. Nits are alive again. Day 5 - peroxide, 3 percent. Nits are alive. Day 6 - a mixture of kerosene with oil and shampoo for 1.5 hours. Live nits are not found. After each procedure, combed out before drying hair (hair up to priests). In general, kerosene has not yet invented anything better. I repeat, kerosene after 3 days. And all these tools are complete garbage.

  34. Lena:

    I already wrote above about Nittifor. So, it took 2 months after use, the head still stinks.

    • Laura:

      Try to apply a fragrant hair mask after shampooing. But in general - the main thing that you Nittifor helped kill nits and lice. In the pharmacies of my city Nittifor something not ...

  35. Lana:

    I myself without knowing it, all the larvae of nits destroyed the child with the help of an iron for hair. Only then I saw a louse and applied the remedy to Nyud.

    • Anonymous:

      How they bothered me, these lice. Children go to the kindergarten clean, and come with lice.

  36. Olga:

    As the school season begins, so the child has the full head of these parasites. In that year, they used Nyuda, so then she no longer observed lice. This year she brought again, my husband bought shampoo Hygia, processed it, after a couple of weeks I look - again full head lice. Here I do not know what to buy, after reading the comments.

  37. Yuliya:

    And we are suffering for the third month! I'm tired. The youngest daughter (6 years old) found lice in the garden three months ago. Bought Pedikulen, like, disappeared. They reappeared a month later, did the same thing - again, sort of disappeared. The whole family nits pulled out. And here again yesterday found lice in her head. And the eldest daughter has nothing. I do not even know what to do, tell me? The most annoying - well, where does this attack the child from? Tomorrow I'll go to kindergarten with "showdowns", most likely, the source is there.

  38. Sveta:

    This is just a nightmare, it is impossible to get rid of these infections. I bought Lavinal in a pharmacy, it is natural and without side effects, it removes lice well, but the truth is that it does not smell very much. But you can put up. Ingredients: Clove, Lemon and Ylang-Ylang.

  39. Irina:

    Pedikulen ultra did not help (spray), although expensive, I treat them with things of contact.Veda 2 was advised, today I checked - there were nits, the recommendation for shampoo says that you can process no more than 2 times a month. Leaning to kerosene.

  40. Maria:

    Used and nude, and a couple plus - does not help.

  41. ELENA:

    Six months ago, my daughter picked up lice from a girlfriend. Immediately bought a Pair Plus, and he did not help nifiga, he destroyed lice and then not all, but he absolutely does not work on the nits, the living ones remained. I combed it out for three days, and I rinsed it with vinegar; only very careful combing and hand-selection helped.

  42. Katya:

    A child is 3.5 years old. They bought Hygia shampoo - they didn’t give any results at all, the lice stayed alive, then they processed the Pair Plus, there were also live nits. Combed, but anyway after a couple of days there were lice. The only remedy that helped was water. After it, all the animals died, and the nits combed out in just a couple of days. So all these newfangled products have absolutely no results! The most effective - hellebore water, and at a price not expensive, and quickly got rid of parasites.

  43. Helena:

    Than just not poisoned, hygia - this is all 100 garbage! There are also cheap sodium benzyl benzoate, white emulsion in glass bottles. She and saved.

    • Natalia:

      How many have tried, except for benzyl benzoate killed nothing! True, the inferno bit when applied, but the result is))

  44. Diana:

    How do you determine live nits or not, on a click?

  45. Victoria:

    Do not buy Hygia - complete bullshit!

  46. Ruslana:

    It helps very well from lice water, and then it is necessary to comb the nits with a metal comb, without combing it, there will be no case.

  47. Tatyana:

    The eldest picked up the lice, infected me too. We have been withdrawing for 2 months, bought up the entire pharmacy ... We comb out several times a day. It's harder for me to watch no one. It is clear that there was no place to cut it shorter, but my daughter had such a scythe ((I still have nits. More precisely, I do not find it when I look at it, but with a comb a couple of points and yes ... Tried: paranit (garbage), pedilin (general garbage), hygia too nonsense, only at the same time dries hair, chemistically water kills big ones, but not a small thing.A pair of plus is probably the most effective, although I didn’t cut everyone either, but at the same time spoiled my hair terribly and left burns. I am inferior to me and my daughter. Then, I smell, there will be kerosene, and if it does not help, it will go bald. By the way, comb your comb anti. He, of course, better than paranitovsky, but also not a panacea, and dear.

    • Helena:

      Try Pediculin, it helped us the first time. Also, before that, they took 2 months.

    • Natalia:

      There is a comb Antiv - lice combed, and did not remove the nits at all, at least 10 times in one place combed!

  48. Shynar:

    We used spray Paranit. Over time, of course, do not go away. Used 2 times and helped. Lice and nits destroyed, and still use the comb as a comb.

  49. Hope:

    A daughter from the garden brought lice, I do not know how to escape. I bought hygia shampoo - complete nonsense, nothing helped. I choose with my hands and a comb, my head is clean, after 4 days I find 2-3 louses again. Now I bought a solution of permethrin - processed, let's see the result.

  50. Anonymous:

    Antibit shampoo Turkish well helps.

  51. Helena:

    Yes, we once faced this infection, and our daughter has hair below the priests.Shampoos, creams, soaps and all this nonsense did not help us in any way ... Pediculin was advised and taken. The smell is smelly, but there was no spray, but just a bottle, poured, and everything. Half an hour - and we forgot about lice and nits. By the way, the nits were also dead.

    • Irina:

      And I could not stand my pediculin for 30 minutes for my boys. So they yelled, after a minute or three they washed it off with water. The heads were red. Allergy to the drug, so they are both allergic - someone for food, who for wool. But she herself 25 years ago, smeared her head with kerosene and for 3 hours under the package. Hair to the waist, then another 2 hours for 5 times with 5 shampoo and soap to wash the head, so that the oiliness and smell of unpleasant clean up. As a means of prevention, so that later no lice crawl over to children in the same school - after each washing of the head, rinse the head with water from a jug with 5 drops of tea tree oil. And in the morning in front of the school for the ears or on the neck to anoint. Lice do not like the smell of this oil.

  52. Anonymous:

    Hygia did not help at all (

  53. Anonymous:

    What do I do, hair is long, I do not know how to get rid of them (

  54. Marina:

    Used paranix, did not help, the head is not washed off, oily. Paraplus processed - nits are alive, it is necessary to choose manually.

  55. Sonia:

    And we were advised a remedy - also a mixture of dimethicones, as well as Nuda. But cheaper by 4 times. Called D-95. It is completely safe for humans, but there is no chance for lice after it. It comes in metered teabags + comb. The boy will have enough 1 bag, but there are 3 of them. So we had enough for prevention. We were satisfied, but we really do not want us to need it more ((

  56. Albina:

    Help get rid of these reptiles! For three months I have not brought them to my daughter ... Hygia did not help, Couple Plus, too, even Dichlorvos does not work. For a couple of days they disappear, and then the full head again. And I tried to iron and combed out, but the result was zero ... I'm just desperate, how to deal with them ?!

    • Julianna:

      The result is zero, because you need to comb out for 10 days at least. During this time, the larvae that you could miss during combing grow. It all depends on the quality of the comb. At first I watched the comb in the pharmacies, but there were only plastic ones. As a result, I ordered a delivery with a steel guard teeth comb. There were two scallops and a magnifier in the package at once.I realized that one comb was normal, and the second - just for nits. This is me to the fact that the usual comb does not make sense to comb out, because even if one egg miss, they will multiply again.

  57. Marina:

    The eldest daughter brought head lice from school, while looking around, it seemed a bit ... Her hair was treated with a cheap Veda shampoo, without combing it out. And it's a pity that only time was wasted: half-dead louses tried to wade through the thick hair of their daughter, and the nits shone with their terrible shape! I had to buy Full Marx with a scallop and process it all over again ((I don’t know if Full Marx helped, but the comb was very good, a lot of nasty things were combed out. Now, after a few hours, I’ll find my whole head again, maybe I’ll find something else. She is taken in schools, because there is not a kindergarten with cribs and tumbling embracing everyone ?!

  58. Alla:

    You can simply dye your hair. All lice were gone!

  59. Olga:

    I hate these lice, an abomination! (

  60. Hope:

    And how to determine live nits or not?

  61. Natalia:

    Live when clicked on them?

  62. Anna:

    Pair plus is effective, but only with double processing.

  63. Naima:

    I went to visit a friend, brought lice from there, now I don’t know how to get rid of them ...

  64. Anna:

    We have such a problem, and many have already tried what means. Paranit spray is very oily and it is very hard to wash off long hair (my daughter once a week makes a mask of burdock oil with lavender, and so, it is a hundred times easier to wash off than Paranit). Pedikulen ultra really liked. It is effective, and suffices it many times, but a terrible smell ... They went outside to process (in the winter they processed it at the entrance, it smelled after us for a week, interrupting tobacco smoke), it is impossible to breathe. But without a crest, no one can get rid of them.

    With short hair is easier. I just make my son a mask with lavender or anise under the headscarf, and I also wash mine directly into the bath. After three or four days I repeat - and we forgot about them (until the next infection).

    But in general, it is very good for prophylaxis, if there is no allergy, dripping lavender everywhere ... In shampoo, balm, conditioner, on hats, clothes.Even in the morning, when sending children to school, I lightly smear my hair with burdock oil with lavender (lightly, so that the smell only would be). It is worth to miss at least once - and infection is guaranteed.

  65. Antonina:

    Paranit - garbage! The best way is to cut your hair well. But we brought lice shampoo Heden-Sholders. Both lice and nits are gone with dandruff.

  66. Victoria:

    Nalyso is, of course, very cool. My daughter has long and curly hair. I bought in a pharmacy Means D-95, it needs to be applied, sit for 45 minutes, and then comb. The next day there is no trace of this misfortune.

  67. Galina:

    In our large family there is one perfectly proven remedy for lice and nits - Palette hair dye. I am daughters with 10 years old I paint her hair, because Lice are always brought from camps, and in the summer in the village they are picked up by someone. I take a color similar to natural, no one has ever guessed that they have dyed hair. The paint is vigorous, so from the first time all the filth kills. Of course, children are not often beautiful, but once a year after a summer holiday.

  68. Katya:

    Yes, there are grievances in life, but with lice is also not so. In the beauty salon went because of dandruff, checked - it was a disease of the scalp. And now lice.I think bald naked if nothing helps.

  69. Laura:

    The child brought from school. Tin. Hygia is discontinued, the pharmacy said. Now Hygienic, the producer of the same, but complete garbage. Did not help. All are alive, no changes. Who can give specific recommendations for getting rid of them?

  70. Any:

    By the way, and sebozol expels them.

  71. Maria Vishnevskaya:

    If you do not want to waste your time and nerves - buy Leisner shampoo for lice. Quick and easy, no smell! Only I didn’t understand one thing, do I need to wash my hair with ordinary shampoo after it? Or is it enough?

    • Kristina:

      Maria, totally agree with you. Leisner - super! After it, you can not use regular shampoo, it leaves no traces. How are you doing now?

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