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How to treat lice and nits

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Let's talk about proper and effective treatment for lice and nits on the head.

If lice appear on the head, treatment should be started without delay. These insects multiply very quickly, and a week of inactivity will provide the infected with several hundred new parasites on the head. In addition, lice - is the cause of a serious skin disease - lice, and in very rare cases, these parasites can even be the carriers of deadly infections: endemic and typhus. Therefore, knowing how to treat head lice is not only beneficial, but simply necessary for every future or already established parent.

On a photo - a head louse on hair

As practice shows, not everyone correctly distinguishes between lice and nits. Actually lice are called adult insects and their larvae. The latter are smaller in size, but outwardly similar to adults and also feed on human blood. Nits is lice eggs, fixed and simply glued by females to the hair so that a person cannot shake it off.

Nits, or lice eggs, are very firmly attached to the hair

Accordingly, treatment for head lice is to destroy adult insects and remove nits from the hair.

On a note

The everyday expressions “treatment of lice on the head” or “treatment of nits” are incorrect from the point of view of a parasitologist. Lice do not get sick and do not need to treat them. It is necessary to treat the disease they cause - lice in a folk way, or pediculosis - in a professional manner.


Symptoms of lice

Treatment of lice should begin only when it is clearly clear that the patient is concerned about these parasites.

Having noticed even a small amount of lice on the head, it is important to immediately begin treatment for them.

On a note

Symptoms of pediculosis are caused by different types of lice. The head louse parasitizes on the head, the wardrobe on the body (the same look, but a different form) under the clothes, and in the groin and occasionally - in the armpits and even on the eyelashes - the pubic.

The main symptoms of infection with these parasites are:

  • Persistent itching on the head, body or in the groin area (depending on the type of lice the person is infected with).
  • Bite marks in the form of small swellings with puncture points in the center. They can be seen in the mirror. The photo below clearly shows how lice bite.

Louse during a bite: it is clear that the belly of the parasite is filled with blood

Lice accumulation during feeding

  • Sometimes there is an allergic reaction in the form of a rash on the body and small blue spots near the bite sites.
  • And, of course, the presence of insects and nits themselves, which can almost always be found with careful inspection.

With careful inspection of the head lice can almost always be visually detected.

On a photo - a head louse at increase

If the louse itself was caught, then there can be no doubt about the cause of the disease. If insects cannot be detected, however, the above symptoms are present - you should consult a dermatologist, since such reactions of the body can be caused by other parasites and skin diseases.


Pediculosis Treatment Procedure

The most effective methods of treatment for lice are to etch adult insects with means for treating the head and skin containing insecticides, as well as to mechanically remove lice and nits from the hair.

The sequence of how to treat a louse infection is usually the following:

  • The infected area of ​​the body is treated with pediculicides. Head and pubis - shampoos, body - lotions. Then the insecticide is washed off.
  • Special metal rigid combs carefully combed hair to remove dead parasites and nits.
  • Headdresses and clothes of the infected are boiled or washed at high temperatures, preferably bed linen.
  • A week later, a control treatment is carried out to destroy the larvae that are hatching from the surviving nits after the first treatment.

Special hard metal combs to effectively remove live and dead lice and nits from hair

On a note

Previously, having noticed a louse, they used the most effective treatment method - they cut their heads or shaved other parts of the body bald. By the way, therefore, the absence of pubic hair in women was considered a sign of debauchery - usually the workers of the oldest profession, who regularly picked up the pubic louse on duty, usually had to shave a causal place.

Today, this method has not lost its relevance, and for boys, especially in the spring-summer season, it is useful to complete the treatment for lice and nits by trimming the head. This not only reliably relieves parasites, but also heals the skin under the rays of the sun.

Effective parasite hair treatment may include shaving the head.

Sometimes after getting rid of lice and nits, it is necessary to treat the effects of their activity - allergies, ulcers, pustular irritations, very rarely - typhoid fever. Preparations for such treatment of the consequences of lice are prescribed only by a doctor, and this treatment itself can be much longer and more complicated than the actual disposal of the parasites.

In parallel with treatment for lice, measures should also be taken to protect the rest of the family from being infected.For this, it is necessary to treat lice immediately after they are detected, and before that, direct contacts with the patient, such as hugs, kisses, and games, should be stopped. Do not use clothing and headgear infected person with lice.

It is important to remember that there may be lice on foreign headgear and hair ornaments.

Ideally, treatment of lice on the head or body should be carried out immediately in all family members, even when some of them do not experience obvious symptoms of infection. It is possible that parasites already live on them, but in small quantities, and if you are lazy and cured of nits and lice of only one infected person, you can get a constantly updated “pediculosis conveyor” in the house, when a cured patient will get lice in a week infected other family member.


Pediculosis is a disease that does not tolerate secrecy. It is impossible, for example, to treat lice in children and not report it at school or kindergarten. In these institutions, it is imperative that other parents be informed of the possible infestation of children with lice to help them take action in time. Silence about the fact of infection with lice contributes to the spread of these parasites and is irresponsible!

In general, the main thing that needs to be done in order to quickly and effectively cure lice is to choose the right drug and use it correctly.


Lice Shampoos

Shampoos are one of the most popular treatments for head and pubic lice. They allow for effective treatment of lice in a person in just a few hours, and at the same time do not require a serious expenditure of energy and are fairly safe.

The principle of treatment for lice with shampoos is that in addition to aromatic agents and detergents, these preparations also contain effective insecticides - poisons that poison lice, but are relatively safe for humans. Only rarely can they cause allergies in sensitive people.

It is necessary to treat lice with shampoos, applying the product to wet hair and foaming it thoroughly.

To treat lice with a shampoo, you must first apply the agent to the hair and lather it

After the required time has elapsed, the pediculicidal shampoo is washed off, avoiding contact with the eyes.

After that, the foam is aged on the head for a half to two hours (the exact time is recorded in the instructions), and then washed off. It is desirable to cover the head while holding the shampoo with a plastic bag to enhance the effect.

A week later, the treatment for lice and nits with shampoo should be repeated to destroy the larvae that have emerged from the surviving nits.

The most well-known and, judging by the reviews, the following lice shampoos are effective:

  • NOC is a tool based on Permethrin, one of the most powerful insecticides today. Used to treat head lice. NOC shampoo is applied to the head for 30-40 minutes, then rinsed with running water. When applied to the skin, it may cause a burning sensation; if it gets into the eyes, it should be washed with plenty of water, and if it enters the stomach, drink boiled water and activated charcoal. According to the instructions, the NOC does not apply to infants: treatment for lice is possible only in adults and children older than two years. NOC is also contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Veda and Veda-2 - analogue of the NOK from another manufacturer. Treatment by head lice using the Vedas is done in almost the same way as prescribed for the NOC.

The photo shampoo Veda for lice:

Veda remedy for lice

Apply Veda shampoo in accordance with the instructions for this tool.

  • Knicks is also an agent with Permethrin as an active ingredient, but mainly aimed at the treatment of pubic lice on the hair in the groin and anus. Knicks applied to dry clean hair, and after half an hour, washed off with clean water. To consolidate the results and reliable treatment of nits is used in several repetitions with a break of 5-7 days.The drug is not used to treat lice and nits for children, it can not be used regularly and as a prophylactic agent. The price of one bottle of this treatment for lice is 320 rubles.
  • Biosy - another shampoo that allows you to quickly recover from lice, including children and adolescents. Apply on the head for 15 minutes, for one treatment procedure requires about 20 ml of shampoo.

Not everyone knows, but effective treatment for lice can also be carried out using pet flea shampoos. However, the treatment of head lice with these agents should be carefully and at the first signs of allergic reactions, stop using the drug.


Special pediculicidal solutions and creams

These lice treatments are most common because they are universal and can be applied even to areas of the body where there is no hair. Usually they are simply put on contaminated sites, incubated for an hour and washed off with clean water.

The most famous of them are the following.

Medfox, which is a solution of Permethrin and allows you to treat a person for lice in one session.

Means for the treatment of lice Medifox

Medfox is considered one of the most powerful pediculicidal agents.However, the drug, generally speaking, is not recommended to especially smear the head, as it is used mainly from wardrobe and pubic lice.

Photo of pubic louse


“Our son brought us head lice from school. I think he got infected with them a long time ago, but only now they have become especially noticeable, and he has become different in his behavior. He is scratching his head all the time, cannot concentrate on anything, does not communicate with the guys. I climbed to the forum to look for how to carry out treatment, how lice are generally excreted. They all advise Medifox and write, how to treat lice and nits with it. Someone wrote that they couldn’t handle their heads, but I decided to take a chance. Bought, divorced, as advised, smeared Teme. Louses from it directly got into the crowd. There are so many of them that I was directly horrified. We held it under the bag, waited an hour, washed our heads ... And forgot what it was! Very powerful stuff, I advise everyone. ”

Anna, Tver

Nittifor is a means of treating lice both on the head and on the body. The lotion is rubbed into the place of infection, and after half an hour of exposure, it is washed off with running water.

Nittifor can be used to treat both head and pubic lice

Analogue Nittifor is Paranit. This tool is very effective in curing a child or an adult of lice and nits,but it has one small drawback - it is hardly washed off from the head with water. Best for cleansing the head from it is suitable shampoo for greasy hair.


Lice Sprays

Sprays for the treatment of lice work on the same principle as lotions. Their advantage lies in the fact that with the help of sprays a more complete treatment of the scalp is achieved - in a finely dispersed form, the spray penetrates even where it is problematic to rub the lotion.

Spray lice spray penetrates well into the hair

Sprays such as Lavinal, Para Plus and LiceGuard have proven themselves well. After applying the drug, you need to wait about half an hour, as well as with other means, preferably under a scarf, after which you can rinse off the product.


Combs against lice

Combs can be considered as a means of additional control of lice and nits, greatly enhancing the overall effect. It is most reliable to comb their hair after treatment with insecticidal preparations.

However, sometimes, especially with the unwillingness to treat lice of adults or children with various chemical means, the combs are used independently. In this case, it is also possible to get rid of lice with their help, but such treatment requires at least a week of time and very thorough combing of the hair.

Today, special combs from head lice brands AntiV, NitFree, Robi Comb (from Lice Guard) and some others are produced. Their effectiveness is about the same.

Special comb for combing lice and nits AntiV

Electric comb Robi Comb from Lice Guard

The peculiarity of such combs is the dense placement of teeth, between which only a few hairs pass, but the insects themselves and large nits are no longer placed. In addition, the stiffness of the teeth themselves does not allow them to diverge, as on a conventional comb.

Combs should be carefully combed hair strand by strand from the roots several times a day. Usually with careful combing, on the third or fourth day, there is practically no lice on the head.


Folk remedies against lice

And, finally, folk remedies for lice. It is unlikely that any dermatologist today will advise you to use one of them for the treatment of lice, but it is with these drugs that people have been treating for many centuries, and in many remote areas they continue to be treated today.


The effectiveness of some folk remedies can be quite high, comparable to that of special insecticides. Among such means:

  • Kerosene, which rubbed hair and aged for 1-2 hours, and then rinsed. Works no less efficiently than modern shampoos.It is only important to dilute kerosene correctly so as not to burn the skin on the head.
  • Chemerichnaya watersold in most pharmacies. Used in the same way.
  • Tar soap, not always giving a one hundred percent result, but quite affordable and inexpensive. With due persistence, it is quite possible to remove lice.
  • Vinegar, not only kills lice, but it also softens the attachment of nits to the hair, as a result of which they then become easier to comb out from the head.
  • Cranberry juice, also considered particularly effective against nits.
  • Decoction of tansy and wormwood.

Chemerichnaya water popular among people for the treatment of lice

Vinegar allows you to soften the attachment of the nits to the hair

The advantages of all these tools are almost complete safety for humans. Is that vinegar and kerosene can lead to irritation and burns of the skin, which, however, happens quite rarely and only when used incorrectly.

In conclusion, we note that it is useful to avoid contact with people who show clear symptoms of lice. This is the main requirement for prevention of lice, and if it is followed, treatment for parasites is not even required.


Useful video: details about lice and how to treat them


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  1. Luda:

    It is a pity, there is not a word about the means Paranit not. And it is strange, because it is a very good tool. I brought three “sick” lice out. For two children and a husband. For some reason, she herself managed not to catch))

  2. Lana:

    Nothing helps, including kerosene and vinegar. 3 weeks applied tips. No lice, and nits are not removed. Shampoos, too, washed and combed - 6 hours a day. As a result, a specialist was called to the house. 2 hours took.

    • Lily:

      I also did not fool around with self-treatment and called a specialist to the house. About three o'clock he conjured. First, the balm on the head, then combed with a special comb. As promised, after the first procedure, the problem was solved.

    • Ket:

      And where in Kaliningrad to take such a specialist?

  3. Julia:

    The alternative to chemistry is combing only. I would even say that without him with lice still can not cope. Chemicals act only on adult insects, and eggs remain. So, after some time, this infection will still appear. Exit - mechanical removal of lice and nits. We used the anti-medical comb. He has long teeth with special notches, captures even nits. To make them easier to peel off, hair should be spread with a special balm. We ordered it with a comb.Yes, you have to thoroughly comb the entire head several times. It is better to repeat the procedure in a few days, but the result is guaranteed!

  4. Masha:

    And I just combed and washed. And ... ta-dam ... I have nothing.

  5. Masha:

    If anything, then I washed Veda, here it is in the picture.

  6. Aya:

    I am the mother of a 6-month-old baby, I had these nits on my head - it was passed on from a relative. What to do, can I use pediculenes or other means?

  7. Pauline:

    I have lice and nits, how to cure?

  8. Pauline:

    Hello, please tell me which doctor you can contact because of lice and nits?

  9. Valya:

    The best remedy against lice and nits is Nitfree products, comb, spray, mousse, shampoo, help perfectly.

  10. Inga:

    Nitfri is smelly only, it is not clear why they add odorous oils to the products when there is mineral. Pedikulen ultra - the same.Probably, it only smells neutral from non-toxic drugs.

  11. Natasha:

    Who knows, since how many years dimeticonovye means, as Paranit, you can children? In three years, you can?

  12. Tatyana:

    I tried a lot: Here, than the water, Veda, hair dyes, vinegar. Especially nothing helped. Head continues to itch. Tomorrow I'll buy kerosene, the last hope for it. I remember that in childhood, our grandmother destroyed lice with kerosene.

  13. David:

    And we, suffered, suffered, while the neigbour has not prompted service of combing of these parasites. A few hours from lice and nits saved. In life, they would not have guessed that there is such a service))

  14. Aidana:

    Are there experts on lice in Bishkek?

  15. Irina:

    What can be used during breastfeeding?

  16. Tatyana:

    Girls, I just painted the child in her own color (she is light-blond), and then she combed the comb from the pharmacy. There were few nits, but dry. In the evening, again went scallop and all!

  17. Olga:

    And Medilis permethrin helped me a lot! And lice, and nits died, for three years as they are not!

  18. Saltanat:

    I bought permethrin in the pharmacy. Very good tool, helped.

  19. Olga:

    Permethrin is very spoils the hair, bakes the scalp. For little children and for those whose sensitive skin is not something that does not help, but is contraindicated. We also used a pharmacy tool, but safe. D-95 pharmacy tool - it is made on the basis of Dimethicone, it is a liquid silicone. This substance blocks the function of the respiratory tract, clogging them. And the parasites die from suffocation.

  20. Margarita:

    Personally, only Benzyl Benzoate helped me. Once and for all rid of these terrible insects.

  21. Veronica:

    Our family was saved from head lice shampoo lice. Fast and efficient. And most importantly, that without harm to yourself and your hair.

  22. Sasha:

    My mother (she is 80 years old) and we cut our hair off and several times we etched the scalp with meteoric water - it seemed to help, but the bed louses were exhausted ((

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