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Review of the most effective shampoos for lice and nits, including for children

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We get acquainted with the range of the most popular shampoos from lice and nits

The use of shampoo for lice and nits - in most cases, the best option for removing parasites at home. From preparations of other types of lice shampoos favorably differ in ease of use, high efficiency and in most cases - high safety for human health. Especially good shampoos for children - they are less likely than lotions and folk remedies, cause allergies and skin irritation.

Shampoos for removing lice, less than lotions and sprays, cause allergies, and therefore are generally more acceptable to children.

However, as practice shows, not every lice shampoo is characterized by such remarkable consumer properties. Therefore, before buying a product in a pharmacy or a store, it is useful to study the most popular and effective options in advance, and to make a purchase with this knowledge, the probability that the lice will be removed for one treatment without any side effects is much higher.

Many pediculicidal shampoos are effective against lice, but do not affect nits at all.

On a note

It is probably worth noting that any shampoo against lice and nits partly loses to some pediculicide sprays in that none of the shampoos contain dimethicone - a substance that is absolutely harmless to humans, but lethal to lice (in fact, it is not even an insecticide, but liquid silicone that envelops the louse with a thin film and thereby suffocating them). Some sprays containing Dimethicone, for example, Nyuda and Paranit, enjoy deserved love from many parents.


Shampoo Veda: simplicity, reliability and side effects

Shampoo against lice Veda as an active ingredient contains insecticide Permethrin, a synthetic analogue of natural pyrethrins. Veda today is considered an already outdated tool, but there is a new version on sale - a shampoo from Veda-2 lice. Its composition is the same, but additionally introduced substances that soften the effect of the main component on the skin.

In the composition of the shampoo Veda-2 all the same permethrin, effectively acting on lice

Both options are effective against lice, and cause their death within 30-40 minutes after application to the hair. They can be used against head and pubic lice, but they practically have no effect on nits.

Veda shampoo in both its variants has little effect on nits

According to the instructions, Veda lice shampoo is recommended to be applied on the head for 10 minutes, but the actual practice of buyers shows that this remedy is really effective only if it is kept on the head for 40-50 minutes.However, in this case, the likelihood of an allergic skin reaction increases significantly.

After 12-14 days after the first application, the procedure should be repeated: shampoo is re-applied on the head for half an hour to kill the lice larvae that hatch from the nits that survived the first procedure.

The procedure of applying the shampoo to the hair must be repeated after 10-14 days, when new lice larvae will hatch from the surviving nits.

After applying the shampoo, thoroughly whipping the foam and keeping it for the right time, the hair is washed with plenty of clean water.

After the lice shampoo has been kept on the hair for the necessary time, it should be thoroughly washed off.

As a rule, failures in removing lice with Veda shampoo are due to the fact that the drug is washed off too quickly, - at that moment, when he had just begun to act on parasites.


"Once saw a child's lice, immediately rushed to look for a means. I remembered very good, but I forgot, as they say, "Lightning" seems to be. Found an analogue - shampoo from lice Veda, we were told that it works very well. I even read the reviews before applying and decided to do what they say - I smeared shampoo on Alesha and held for 40 minutes. It seems there were no reactions to him, but the lice did indeed start to crumble. Then he combed his head, washed him with a simple shampoo, and after ten days not a single louse was found, although they write in the instructions that they need to be shown again. We are carried by. ”

Hope, Barnaul

The price of Veda shampoo is about 250 rubles per 100-ml bottle.


Nyx for lice

To be precise, the Knicks is not even a shampoo, but a cream for lice, which, after application to the hair, almost does not foam. However, its use is similar to that for shampoos, and therefore it is often called shampoo.

Nyx lice cream is often called shampoo because it is also applied to hair.

As an active component, the Knicks contains all the same Permethrin, and in terms of effectiveness it practically does not differ from Veda shampoo. Due to the presence of auxiliary components cream nix has a pleasant smell and only in rare cases leads to the appearance of irritation on the skin.

Instructions for the use of funds for lice Knicks

Apply Knicks on clean hair, which before that it is desirable to wash with a simple shampoo and dry. In accordance with the instructions, the drug should be applied on the head for 10-15 minutes, but in fact it should be kept on the head for about half an hour. After that, the hair is washed with clean water and a simple shampoo to complete cleansing.

Knicks can cause side effects in the form of skin edema, redness, itching, rash, allergic reactions, paresthesia. It is undesirable to use during pregnancy and lactation, and if circumstances force you, you should consult with your doctor before use.

Nix cream should not be used during pregnancy

The price of “shampoo” (cream) for the Knicks lice is about 350 rubles for a 59 ml tube. This volume is enough for about 3-4 treatments, depending on the length of the hair (about 100 ml of the shampoo bottle is enough for the same amount).


“We have overcome the lice in the whole family (the small one brought from the kindergarten and managed to infect me, husband, brother of husband, eldest son and even grandmother), we figured out that the best lice shampoo is Nix. If you hold it a little longer than they write in the instructions, then even nits are combed out with a comb. Fortunately, we had special combs from lice. Although later we already learned that it is better to use LiceGuard together with the same combs as a louse shampoo for children. The trouble is bigger, but safer. ”

Alla, Khotkovo


Shampoo Parani: safety first

All preparations from the Paranite line are known for their safety to human health. Their manufacturer, the Belgian company OmegaPharma, specializes in the production of the most harmless drugs, which can also be attributed to head lice shampoo Paranit, safe for both children and adults.

Shampoo for lice and nits Paranit is completely safe for children.

As an active ingredient, the product contains the white mineral oil Clearol.The principle of its operation is in many respects similar to Dimethicone, that is, it is not a kind of "chemical insecticide", but a substance that envelops the lice with a thin film and thereby suffocates them.

The mineral oil Cleararol in the Paranit shampoo envelops the lice with a thin film and thereby suffocates them.

On a note

Sometimes Paranite shampoo is incorrectly called Paranix or even Paramix after the name of a whole line of parasite products and the website of the manufacturer. Therefore, encountering such a formulation on the Internet, it should be understood that this is exactly the shampoo from Paranit lice.

Instructions for use of shampoo Paranite is similar to the instructions for any other pediculicidal shampoo:

  • first means is applied to the hair
  • then foam is whipped
  • after that the skin at the base of the hair is massaged
  • and after 10-15 minutes the shampoo is washed off.

Increasing the exposure time to 30-40 minutes increases the effectiveness of the tool. However, the Paranit lice shampoo is slightly inferior in performance to both Veda and Nix due to the fact that Klearol mineral oil, used as an active ingredient, is not an insecticide and acts more gently.

Paranit can be safely called baby lice shampoo. It can be used for children from the age of three years, while there are practically no reviews with evidence of the occurrence of serious side effects from it.

Paranit is successfully used for the removal of parasites in children

Included with the shampoo is a special comb, which combed most of the lice and nits from the hair. The price of Paranit shampoo is about 650 rubles per 100 ml bottle.


“Paranit is a very effective lice shampoo and safe. Yes, they had to wash their hair twice a week. Well, and all the shampoos as necessary. But the lice are really dying, and not only slowed down, as from the same NOK. And for kids it is the perfect drug. I once brought them lice from my daughter, and then, in the whole group in the kindergarten of the mother, it was Paranita who treated their babies. And no one had any trouble with him. "

Alina, Tver


Hygia from lice

Hygia lice shampoo works both as a lice medicine and as a nits shampoo. Permethrin in its composition ensures the destruction of adult insects, and acetic acid softens the shell of nits and helps them peel off from the hair.

Hygia Shampoo is effective against lice and nits.

For successful removal of lice with the help of Higii, it is necessary to thoroughly lather the head with shampoo, soak it on the head for half an hour, then rinse and brush the hair with a special comb. It is the additional use of the comb that will effectively remove nits from hairAdhesion strength of which will be significantly reduced after using the product.

The photo shows the nits on the hair


Due to the content of acetic acid, Hygia can cause tingling, itching, and even burns on especially sensitive skin. Therefore, you need to wash off the shampoo immediately, as soon as it began to appear discomfort.

The price of shampoo from lice and nits Hygia is about 200 rubles, which makes it one of the inexpensive means for removing parasites.


“Our son brought us head lice from school, so we locked him in the bathroom and I sent my husband for medicine. God forbid someone will infect someone. And what do you think? The husband brought some kind of zoo shampoo for dog lice. A little house scandal did not happen. Small sits in the bathroom itches, I'm yelling at my husband, he is at me. I had to go buy myself. I bought Hyga's lice shampoo, I did everything as it was written in the instructions, I washed my head with it. True, my skin itched from him, and my son was fine. A week later, for reliability, they washed it again and it seems like neither lice nor nits yet. ”

Alena, St. Petersburg


Tar shampoo for lice

Tar shampoo is applied from lice more as a folk remedy, and initially it was produced as a drug to treat diseases of the scalp.It is due to the fact that it is often prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of pediculosis (so that wounds and scratches do not inflame), a tradition has emerged of using it to fight lice.

Tar shampoo is more effective for the treatment of diseases of the scalp, rather than for removing lice and nits.

The abundance of phenols in the tar contained in the shampoo is indeed to some extent dangerous for lice, but tar shampoo can hardly be considered an effective remedy for lice and nits.


Pedilin: from lice and nits

Pedilin - a pretty good shampoo for lice and nits on the basis of malathion. The latter is a powerful insecticide of contact action and destroys both adult lice and larvae and nits, penetrating through their shells. We can say that this is one of the most effective means of lice among shampoos.

Thanks to malathion in the composition, Pedilin shampoo is quite a powerful tool that destroys lice and nits

Pedilin is used in the same way as other shampoos, but it requires special care, as it can cause both side effects on the skin and various nervous system disorders. This happens rarely, but can occur when treating children and pregnant women.

Pedilin lice shampoo costs about 250 rubles for 100 ml of the product.


“I could not choose for a long time which lice shampoo was better, but judging by the reviews, Pedilin turned out to be the most effective and inexpensive.Indeed, the lice from it die completely, the nits, too, although they remain on the hair and need to be combed out. Our Sasha had no irritation on the skin from the shampoo, but other parents had complaints about him. But in general, it seems to me that this is the best shampoo for lice. "

Oksana, Chisinau

As a result, when choosing a louse shampoo, you almost always need to make a certain compromise - either safety, or effectiveness, or price. Always before applying the shampoo, it is useful to check whether an allergy appears on it, dropping a drop of the drug on the elbow bend and holding it for a couple of minutes - if you are hypersensitive, red spots appear on the skin.

Before using any pediculicidal shampoo, it is useful to first check the skin for sensitivity to it.

It is also important to remember that no lice shampoos can be used regularly and for preventive purposes - they are intended only for a one-time hair treatment.

Be healthy!


An example of a huge amount of lice on a child's head


Useful video: how it is absolutely safe to get rid of lice and nits using a special AntiV comb

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To write "Review of the most effective shampoos for lice and nits, including for children" 12 comments
  1. Julia:

    Used Paranit. If you carefully read the instructions, the lice and nits will be removed cleaned. The only inconvenience of shampoo is that you need to apply it again in a week, but this was more of my omission - I didn’t pay attention to it right away, otherwise I would take lotion instead of it. But in general, a good tool. 2 times washed his head and lice no more.

  2. Pauline:

    My little one already had lice in early childhood, then they were treated with tar shampoo.From the first time they didn’t cure, after a couple of weeks the lice appeared again and had to repeat the procedure and then comb it out. Last year I got infected again, already at school, and this time I decided to immediately buy a special comb with metal teeth, LysGard. It can be used with or without shampoo. It is also easy to disinfect, so I even borrowed it to my acquaintances. In general, an indispensable thing for any family with children!

  3. Asya:

    In general, parents should regularly check the child’s head after kindergarten and school, especially when the incidence is at its peak. This usually happens in late autumn, early winter, so the sooner it is detected, the easier it will be to get rid of. In addition, you need to regularly wash your hair, use high-quality shampoos, without chemical components, we like the Scarce series, it is just natural and hypoallergenic.

  4. Diana:

    We have a child lice shampoo Paranite taken out. A good thing. For the first time, they washed their hair with shampoo and combed all the creatures. The second time again (more, just in case), again after 7 days, the head was again treated with shampoo with this - and that was all. The effect was satisfied.

  5. Mama:

    The child has irritation from him ((

  6. Sasha:

    Very good medicine.

  7. Valya:

    Paranix is ​​not a good remedy.

  8. Anonymous:

    Veda 2 does not help from lice and nits. My child kept it on his head for 2 hours and washed 3 times: first he washed out the shampoo, then with 9% vinegar, then just water - and not a result.

  9. Ira:

    Hygia is a bad, ineffective remedy. Same as combing comb. Only dries the scalp. You treat Hygia, and all the following days you comb out living lice.

  10. Lena:

    I have a year after school. When school is always the same ...

  11. Svetlana:

    And here we are after the camp always bring. In general, there is a myth that people from underprivileged segments of the population suffer from lice more often, and that if your child brought these parasites home, it turns out that he chose the wrong company for communication. In fact, this is complete nonsense. Lice are all.

  12. Irina:

    If you want to keep lice and nits alive, buy Ultra Pediculen. The most terrible tool.

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