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Remedy for lice Paranite and reviews of its use

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Spray for the destruction of lice and nits Paranit: let's figure out how this tool is effective and safe to use ...

Paranit is a well-known lice control product, produced as a spray in a special spray bottle that facilitates the treatment of hair. The drug is a colorless or slightly yellowish oily liquid, almost odorless.

In addition to the spray itself in the package comes a special comb against lice for combing dead parasites and their eggs (nits) out of their hair. Due to this combing significantly increases the efficiency of hair treatment with spray, and with a weak infection, it is the crest that sometimes saves the patient from repeated treatment.

Included with the spray Paranite is also attached a special comb for combing lice and nits

The photo shows lice combed out from the hair with a comb

Due to the presence of a comb in the kit, the price of the Paranit lice medicine is relatively high, but noticeably lower than the cost of a similar spray and comb bought separately.


“As with Mitya, with Sasha in the first class all the usual troubles happened. Even before winter, he managed to pick up chickenpox and lice at school. He quickly got sick with chicken pox, but we didn’t notice the lice right away, and he began to scratch himself when there were already a lot of them. I was horrified - Mitya, I, and my husband got infected from him. In short, for sure, they bought a cool Belgian spray Paranit from lice, in which there are no poisons and about which I read a few reviews. Compared to Pedilin, of course, it is weaker - he kills lice, but not all, and besides, he isn’t nits die. Therefore, if you take it, count on at least two treatments of the head. But there were no allergies from him, and the package also includes a special comb. ”

Alena, St. Petersburg

The agent for lice Paranit is produced by the international company Omega-Pharma, headquartered in Belgium, and in the CIS is distributed through a dealer network. The company is known for producing various pharmacological preparations that do not require a prescription.

Lice spray in the form of spray Paranit

For example, the same Paranite does not contain insecticides, which many parents are so afraid of in the means of lice. But at the expense of what, then, this drug works so effectively? Let's understand ...


The composition of the spray Paranit

The main active component of Paranit is dimethicone, which by its chemical nature is silicone. This substance envelops the chitinous cover of the lice and flows into the spiracle, thereby plugging them, which ultimately leads to suffocation.

The active ingredient of the drug is dimethicone - organosilicon substance (silicone)

Dimethicone envelops lice, numb in their airways and leads to suffocation

At the same time, dimethicone is absolutely harmless to humans, and when it comes into contact with the hair and scalp it almost never causes side effects.

On a note

Moreover, Dimethicone is widely used in cosmetology as a means of fighting wrinkles, and during flatulence and bloating it is recommended to take it inwards in order to reduce gas formation.

In addition to dimethicone, the Paranit lice repellent contains Isopar mineral oil, which in many ways is the cause of the main problems and a large number of negative reviews about the preparation. Isopar lice does not help in any way, but this component serves as a solvent for dimethicone - it is impossible to make a substance with this substance on an aqueous or alcohol basis.

A feature of Paranit is the high safety of its use for humans, as there are no chemical insecticides in the composition.

But in oil silicone dissolves well, but the same oil can be quite difficult to wash out of the hair (even with shampoo).


“It is a good remedy, but only very problematic to wash it out.I have my son 8 (!) Once rinsed my hair with soap, shampoo, then soap again - and still they are greasy. Well, we live near the sea, the next day we went to the beach, the sea water dried everything up. And in the middle lane exactly this tool will have to be worn for a week. ”

Sonya, Kerch

The disadvantage of dimethicone is that it does not act on nits. There are no lice eggs in the respiratory tract, there is nothing to clog, and therefore even after careful treatment of the head with Paranitom, the larvae of nits after some time will hatch anyway.

But on the nits components Paranita virtually no effect

This problem is solved by diligent re-treatment of the head a week after the first use of the drug. Such secondary processing also implies the instruction to Paranita.


“We tried ParaPlus and Paranit. ParaPlus, of course, acts as a nuclear bomb on lice. All - and big, and small, and nits die from him at times. But the head from him right on fire. A few minutes overexposure, and sprinkle begins. But Paranit is such a sweet spray. Spattered - and no problems. Only after it all the nits remain alive, squeeze with your fingers - they pop. So here it is - either once, but hard, or twice, but without problems. By the way, it is problematic to wash away Paranite, it contains some kind of oil. ”

Oleg, Moscow


How to apply Paranit?

For removing lice spray Paranit should be evenly sprayed on the hair along their entire length until completely wet. In accordance with the instructions, the root zone of the hair must be treated very carefully: the hair is moved apart by hands, and the product is applied on the skin between them and carefully rubbed into the skin.

Spray Paranit is applied directly to the root zone of the hair

According to the manufacturer, most of the parasites die in the period from 10 to 20 minutes after applying the spray. About half an hour after the hair treatment, the preparation is thoroughly washed off with warm water and shampoo.


“Paranit from lice does not help. The price is high (something costs about 500 rubles), the reviews write good, but we did everything according to the instructions and the result - only part of the parasites died. And both her husband and daughter. The very next day we found live lice in them, and not the larvae, but quite adults. A week later, once again processed - and still they remained. Considering how much this Paranit is worth, he can definitely find a good substitute. ”

Galina, Pskov

One spray spray, depending on the length and thickness of the hair, is enough for 1-4 treatments.Even if the hair is very thick, it is worth treating it along the entire length - parasites can crawl to the tips during processing.

After the spray from the head is washed off, the hair must be combed with the comb supplied.

After treatment of the head with a spray, lice and nits should be carefully combed out with a comb.

After processing each strand from the comb you need to remove the combed lice and nits. This is done with a damp cotton swab.


After treatment for lice with Paranite, it is necessary to wash linen, clothing, hats, handkerchiefs and towels of an infected family member at the highest possible temperature. To dry them should be directly under the sun - on the street or balcony.

After a week or two after the first treatment, the procedure of applying Paranita should be repeated to kill the lice that hatched from nits during this time.

Approximately in 1-2 weeks treatment with Paranit needs to be repeated in order to destroy the larvae hatched from nits.

In some cases, after the first use of the nits, it is possible to remove the active combing, and there is no need to repeat the procedure.


Safety and possible side effects

Means Paranit for lice is safe enough and only with severe individual sensitivity can cause an allergic reaction in a person.To check it is worth splashing the drug on the skin on the inner bend of the elbow and hold for a few minutes.

The test for sensitivity of the skin to the components of Paraenit can be performed on the crook of the elbow.

If no rash or redness on the skin has appeared, Paranit can be applied.

  • The manufacturer does not recommend using Paranit to kill lice in children under 3 years of age.
  • It is also not recommended to use the tool for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Definitely not to apply the spray for skin diseases of the head and the presence of wounds and fresh scratches.

During the application of Paranita on the hair you need to ensure that the drug does not get into the eyes or nose. To do this, it is convenient to tie a cloth bandage on the forehead.

To prevent the Paranite spray from getting into the eyes and nose, you can use a fabric bandage.

If the product gets into the eyes during processing, rinse thoroughly. If the patient during the treatment feels the lack of air, it should be brought out into the street, and the use of Paranit should be stopped.


How much is Paranit

The price for Paranit today is about 600 rubles per bottle with a 100 ml spray complete with a comb. In offline pharmacies, the price may be somewhat (but only slightly) lower.

The price of a set of tools Paranit with a comb is about 600 rubles.

The composition similar to Paranitu also has a spray for lice Nyuda, but instead of mineral oil, its formulation includes wax and natural triglycerides.As a result, the effectiveness of both products turns out to be approximately the same, but it turns out that the Nuda is somewhat more expensive (about 350 rubles per 50 ml bottle). Here, every buyer should choose a more suitable drug at his discretion.

Nuda lice spray has a composition similar to Paranito


“Paranit is a great tool. Only they lice and brought. Before him, they also poisoned with wormwood, and combed it with combs, and smeared it with some kind of lice. And Paranit clearly, according to the instructions, was twice applied with a break of a week, washed away - that's all, there are no parasites. ”

Dmitry, Mytishchi


Ways of infection with lice and how Paranit helps to get rid of parasites


Useful video: how to deal with lice and nits


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  1. Yavaga:

    Very good tool! Used lotion Paranite and was pleased. To comb out, of course, for a long time, but the tool killed all the parasites and did not need to chase them all over their head.

  2. Olga:

    It is hard to say how good. I processed the head of the child yesterday, today I caught one louse. The child's hair is very thin, nothing is combed out with a comb.

    • Julia:

      Olga, we were immediately told at the pharmacy that everything would die at once, but we had to thoroughly thoroughly smear and hold on our heads for 20 minutes, as in the instructions, we didn’t have any live lice afterwards. Although, in my opinion, shampoo works differently, it has its own wishes, but I did not take shampoo.And our hair is also thin, and we had to run a cotton strip between the teeth of the comb. Even after the spray was washed off, I had my hair conditioned with air conditioner, so that it was easier to comb the nits, and everything was cleaned.

  3. Yuliya:

    In the summer of our daughter we took out lice paranita, an effective means, it helped us immediately. Terribly unpleasant disease, I would not like to meet her again sometime ...

  4. Nikitova Alina:

    The day before yesterday, we purchased this shampoo at a pharmacy, closed with a daughter in a bath, and the procedures began. We did everything according to the instructions, put the shampoo on the hair, waited 10-15 minutes, then massaged a little more and washed it off. And at the end they sat combed out the comb of all the dead nits and lice, the benefit was not enough, they realized it in time. Where and from whom it was picked up remains a mystery ...

  5. Daria:

    At Paranit spray the most convenient scallop!

  6. Natalia:

    And this tool did not help us at all. Only in vain 700 rubles thrown out. The treatment was carried out three times and the individuals were LIVE. Disappointed.

  7. Galina:

    This remedy helped me a lot. Used 2 times and all passed without a trace. The result was pleased.And the comb helped. BUT! How to wash off this stuff? Hair like greasy. My head every day in a row for 5 days, but not washed off. Help, what and how to wash this tool from the hair?

  8. Diana:

    Yesterday I noticed head lice. Immediately panic. Mom rubbed Pirantel for 15-20 minutes. Living dead, washing off with shampoo, saw in the foam of these insects. The horror, as I just managed to pick it up, I'm neat. Nits left, cleaned manually, because there was no scallop. It washes off horribly (it washed the head 4 times, still the greasy layer remained), but this morning it more or less washed off 🙂 Today, I don’t have so many nits, I’ll use this tool again.

    • Anonymous:

      Try to apply the usual dishwashing detergent - it degreases your hair. Foam like shampoo, rinse hair. Next, the usual shampooing with shampoo and conditioner. Checked - works (PS: used aos for dishes, did not see any trouble).

  9. Natasha:

    I went to my friend overnight, after a while she found out that she had awarded me with lice. Bought this tool, the next day there was nothing. After some time, I again find lice. I can not understand where, perhaps, it is badly derived, and maybe again from a friend. Well, again bought Paranite. The next day I found the living nits, and immediately processed it again, tomorrow I will check the result.

  10. Anastasia:

    I do not recommend this remedy to you; a waste of money does not help.

  11. Natalia:

    Means dissatisfied. On the packaging indicated: kills lice and nits. She handled the child, the two lice present were really dead. But the nits are alive and well. When pressed, they crack just like that. It is clear that it is necessary to process more, at least once, or even two. And about the horror that occurs when you cannot wash it off with soap or shampoo, dishwashing detergent or shower gel — I will not even speak. We washed 12 times in the evening, then this morning as much. The result - horrible, greasy hair, to leave the house with such is simply unreal ... I am disappointed. Such a price and such a terrible quality.

    • Anonymous:

      I agree with you. My daughter in the camp dragged, and processed 3-4 times. And that: after that, the daughter screamed, like mad, that the head did not wash off, and went to wash 5-6 times. And the head is still like butter. Most likely, this stupid paranoit will not destroy either lice or nits.

  12. Orchid:

    Anastasia, more facts! What used exactly? Just blurt out and leave, it smacks of something ... Always read the instructions for use, did not work the first time, always advise to re-process, after a while, comb carefully do not be lazy. We use Paranit is not the first time, always taken. Son of a sociable, sometimes drags them =)

  13. O_M:

    Anonymous, you can not wash off the tool for dishes, and the usual liquid soap. Even in this line there is air conditioning, it is good and the spray and lotion washes away.
    Orchid, you need to re-process the head, if you remove it with shampoo, the rest means and the first time all insects are suffocated. It is necessary to process carefully, skin every centimeter to lubricate. And about the fat content - well, what to do, but this is the only alternative to the toxic remedies for lice, which does not harm health in general and the lice are not resistant to it.

  14. Lala:

    The child caught this infection in the kindergarten. She ran to the pharmacy, because of her age (a 3-year-old child) was advised “paranit”, for the purpose of prophylaxis, we had to treat the whole family, including adults. Not only did they not achieve the desired effect, but the spread increased, but in addition it turned out to be terribly toxic: although all necessary precautions were taken, this miracle remedy when washing the child’s hair darkened in the eyes to half-faint , and children have long complained of tinnitus. The best means was banal hellebore water, not only got rid of the infection, but the hair began to grow better.

    • Anya:

      I have the same situation, one to one, and I bought shampoo for 1000. The scalp became blistered and became sick, and dandruff appeared. Half the hair was washed away, a nightmare. And my hair is lower than priests, my head has twice my itching! I am terrified of this at all, in the pharmacy I was directly persuaded to buy. I wanted chemeric water, but no, I decided that since the price is so huge, it will be of high quality. After such an incident, I just got drunk with valerian! There are not enough swear words!

      • Anonymous:

        We process the third time! There is no result - as were lice, so it is. Even on the other spilled. The tool does not work!

  15. Vika:

    Shampoo helped very well

  16. Ola:

    I tried to wash away the lotion from the head for 3 hours. It is not washed off at all. Lice killed, nits - no. Did not like.

    • Olga Pak:

      Ola, comb it out. Or take sensitive from their line, it nits 100% choking.

  17. Tatyana:

    Paranit helped well, brought out the first time. The pharmacist told the truth, thank you.

  18. Katya:

    I used the spray, I was satisfied, my hair was moistened, because it was very dry, all the insects were dead. In addition, she used Hygia shampoo. After the first treatment, nothing remained, seven days later she repeated. Tip: comb out very carefully.

  19. Emma:


  20. NN:

    2 years ago for prevention (my daughter picked up - the whole family was told to process) used Paranit - after it half of the hair was washed into the bath. Hair never recovered. Use anise oil for prophylaxis! The best remedy!

  21. It's me:

    Paranit is a good spray that kills 100% of the lice, but not all nits.But with him attached to comb comb for lice and nits, perfectly combed. Combs out so that when viewed so you will not find just nits and louse, and with a comb you can almost remove everything. We'll see in a couple of days how things will go on.

  22. Lily:

    I thought I would lose my mind when I realized that I couldn’t wash it from my long hair, than I hadn’t washed it already. Armed with the Internet, I read that the Dimethicone silicone can be removed with an oil mask. Put on the night the usual olive oil, in the morning washed away everything from the second time! I hope someone will help my advice)

  23. Veronica:

    Bullshit full, do not waste money. Has smeared, washed, began to comb: fall out WINE. It's a nightmare, tomorrow I'll go for kerosene ...

    • Anya:

      Chemerichnaya water to help you! 🙂 And do not listen to anyone, this Paranite destroys everything except lice and nits.

    • Oksana:

      He is dangerous

  24. Hope:

    I agree with the unhappy. My daughter dragged lice from school, I bought Paranit spray. Processed according to the instructions, indeed, almost not washed off later, and when combing out live lice, not to mention the nits.The cost of the funds is more than 300 rubles, and the result is zero. Tried two or three times with a break - bestolku.

  25. Anna:

    A terrible remedy. Bought at the pharmacy for 700 rubles. The only plus is the comb was in the package. The head after the means is barely washed off after the third time. Smeared three times. As a result, bought a pair of plus and got rid of these reptiles.

  26. Camila:

    The remedy is good for lice, but not for nits. Now I can not wash it off. Horror.

  27. Hope:

    My daughter from the camp brought lice. Paranit spray helped get rid of them. Long combed out, however, from the hair with the comb of these parasites, but there was not a single living creature left, the nits were also removed. The comb, by the way, is very convenient in the set, with metal teeth - everything was combed out very well.

  28. Oksana:

    Girls, a good way to wash off this fat: I took the dishware, added food baking soda. All this together put on your hair and leave for 5 minutes. And wash off, finally wash with shampoo.

    • Natalie:

      But why create so many problems for yourself? Take in a pharmacy paranitovsky shampoo-conditioner and wash them.Nothing to chemize will not have to - he literally in one application and spray, and the shampoo washes away without too much difficulty. And it is relatively inexpensive.

  29. Aida:

    For the first time faced with lice in children. Recommended Paranit. Although it costs 771 rubles, I decided not to delay, I bought it. I did everything according to the instructions. She processed it, held it for 20 minutes, washed it off with difficulty, helped Nivea, the male shampoo, from the second time, and combed all the lice and nits. The head has become clean in children. But I had to wash all the clothes at 95 degrees in the washer. Since they can stay in bed. She steals everything. After 7-10 days I will see if they will appear or not. Hoping for the best.

  30. Vika:

    Horror, generally scary, I do not know when it will end. My mother and I bought combs from lice.

  31. Masha:

    I got lice noticed at school! Well, immediately sent home. My mother and I ran to the pharmacy, my mother was advised by Paranit. This is a nightmare, because we smeared my head for two hours. And then my mother and I went to wash off the hair. And he does not wash off, I'm freaking out, mom is freaking out! Hair is greasy, as if doused with oil. On the Internet, she read that “CHEMICAL WATER” could help. Well, some people write that AOC will help.

  32. Kiril:

    You are crazy

  33. Nuka:

    It helped me, thank you!

  34. Valeria:

    Spray is not washed off the hair, neither lice nor nits are destroyed. Money is a pity, because you can buy sprays cheaper Paranita, but more efficiently, and it costs 700 rubles, not cheap, however, the means средство

  35. Anna:

    The daughter brought this filth from school, horror, never faced it. Her hair is long, she bought shampoo Paranit with a comb, applied means for about 30 minutes and carefully. They waited another 20 minutes and washed off, all died. But I combed it out for a long time, about three hours, if not more. 100% result, satisfied, spent almost 5 hours on processing the head of a daughter, but what a result! Do not be lazy to do the instructions and spend the maximum time on it!

  36. Lucille:

    Paranit inflicted lotion. Washed 3 times with fairies and 4 times with shampoo for 1 set. But on the back of his head, apparently, poorly washed. The next day, washed another 2 times. The nape is still oily. On the third day, they began to wash them again, and the hair from the back of the head just peeled off ... Not everyone, of course, but not a shred. Without exaggeration, a quarter of the hair from the neck. Now I worry, whether hair bulbs have completely burnt down. I'm just terrified ... Daughter's hair up to priests.Not the first time, unfortunately, we encountered lice - from the kindergarten, but Paranit is a remedy not only for lice, but also for hair ...

  37. Anastasia:

    Chemerichnaya water or pediculenum means best, I advise you, passed stage.

  38. Lily:

    The son picked up this infection in grade 1, used Paranit shampoo, after a day they found live lice. There is no effect, although it is indicated that it kills both lice and nits. And the price is rather big - 660 rubles. Found an alternative - bought Nyuda, we will try to treat them. And Pedikulen ultra is very hot head.

  39. Irina:

    A terrible remedy. Scary to remember. Just do not wash off with shampoo. The hair after it, like being smeared with wax or thick fat, is terrifying. Than just did not wash off ... Even the laundry soap did not help. Only twice having washed out with AOS, it seems, they have become better, though not the first freshness. So if you decide to use, think a thousand times. By the way, the nits remained, firmly seated on the hair. Previously, they took a pair plus. He helped us better and his hair after him was normal.

  40. Natasha:

    I also really liked this tool (Paranit).Daughter from school brought, brought this stuff quickly.

  41. Aleph:

    The tool is excellent, brought the animals at a time. And you can wash it off with ordinary liquid soap without a balm powder. And washed off if you do that.

  42. Evgenia:

    Bought Paranit, put it on the hair, washed off, began to comb ... Lice are alive. Apparently, Paranit of special lice destroys ((Upset, because the declared expensive price did not justify the result. Means d * o.

  43. Yuliya:

    The tool is pretty good, it helps just super, but there is a huge minus - after applying and rinsing it is very difficult to wash the hair! This will take several days, nothing helps to wash. After it, the hair looks as if it had not been washed for two weeks!

  44. Irina:

    For the first time in 3-4 days, my head began to scratch. When re-processing after 7 days, the head began to itch on the same day. On day 2 (approximately 36 hours after treatment) I combed out a live animal. Comb only to increase the cost of the drug. Nits not combed, they are so sand and remain in my head. It remains only to blow. What is not blown out - choose hands.

  45. Aisulu:

    I do not know, it helped my daughter, a very good tool. Immediately, from the first time.

  46. Another vshivik:

    I thought that only in my childhood there were lice, but now they are not there, but my daughter regularly brings from school. The horror ... Here, the beginning of the school year and again the "gift." Bought this time paranit sensitive, which is applied like hair dye. For the night. He is with butter. It is written that from lice and nits, repeat a week later. Here, three days have passed - the head is itchy, the nits pop. Money is worth - more than 1000 rubles for a 150 ml vial. It is pleasant to use, does not smell, does not sting. It is inconvenient only to sleep with him at night, but this is tolerable. It is washed off normally. But the result is upsetting. I think if you have a small child and with short thin hairs, then this is a benign remedy, you can tinker. But if the girl with long hair - no scallop does not help. I will look for something more aggressive to these parasites ...

  47. Irina:

    The tool is not bad, of course! The shampoo is immediately washed off, but does not kill all the lice at once, we will do it again!

  48. Tatyana:

    I came from vacation, my head was very itchy, I thought it was a bad shampoo. So I went for 3 months, each time changing the shampoo (I could not even think about lice).And somehow I stand in front of the mirror, I look - dandruff, but not ordinary. I let the whole head scour and found a louse! Very crying, did not know what to do. And she ran to the pharmacy (bought Paranit), did the same evening, held it for 20 minutes and began to flush. A lot of things came out, washed 4 times, began to dry, and my hair felt like soap and oil. I washed the oil in the morning, anyway, and now I dig - I saw their eggs (they burst terribly).

    I'll try again in a week. Give advice what else can you do?

  49. Tatyana:

    We bought Paranit shampoo - generally unhappy, it is expensive, but there is no result! After processing I combed out - all individuals are alive, they do not just click, but crawl, as before processing. Horror! Buy more, expensive - does not mean that good ...

  50. Tatyana:

    Brought a hairdryer. She bent the child over the bathroom and cooked it well - and that’s it, no one left.

  51. Katya:

    We were treated in the sanitary part. There is such a special place in all cities. Once - and 100% exhausted.

  52. Ira:

    The tool did not help me. I washed my hair with shampoo up to 30 times. The lice did not disappear)) Used Pedikulenom.It also did not help, but it became better. I advise another tool.

  53. Masha:

    Nonsense is full, all nits are alive! One adult louse fell out - also alive and well. Money is mad, and the effect is zero. Do not take!

  54. Kseniya:

    And it helped us once, I didn’t expect to get it out so quickly. Once only the head was treated with Paranit spray, combed out and everything, all our “guests” disappeared, no re-processing was required. Apparently, the main thing is to properly use it all the same so that there is a result.

    • Lyudmila:

      And how is that right? I'll also try, but this year, for the second time, I brought my head lice out of school, I rubbing up mine with various means for a week, but there's little sense, I still cannot comb out all the nits.

      • Kseniya:

        According to the instructions. I was setting the child in front of the TV with cartoons so that I wouldn’t spin and gave it a normal process. Spray applied to dry hair, directly processed each strand along the entire length and massaged it as if. After 15 minutes, washed off, and everything was perfectly combed out.

  55. Anastasia:

    Is it possible to apply Paranit spray for two or three days in a row? Do not wait a week, as there were living creatures.

    • Nina:

      Home all check, most likely, re-infected. I applied it according to the instructions, it was enough for us even once to get rid of them. In general, there is no chemistry in Paranite, there are oils that strangle lice and nits, so louses can move for some time after processing - this is, so to speak, the last movements, they will not escape anywhere.

  56. Maria:

    We spray Paranit lice deduced. Processed once, this was enough. Of course, I still combed my hair well with the comb that came with it. The spray is still there, the shelf life is still normal, so I don’t get rid of it, otherwise the child in the class had more than the first case of pediculosis, so it may still be useful, although this is not desirable.

    • Kira:

      For the prevention of better repellent from Paranita take. I cured the child after shampooing, now I regularly treat his hair with repellent and have not noticed lice yet 🙂 Although we had just three cases in school recently.

  57. Helena:

    Disgusting of the means! At school there was an epidemic of pediculosis. Tried various means. To his misfortune bought PARANIT.It is impossible to wash it off with anything! A large tube of shampoo is gone. Soap does not wash at all. From the head he slid the child onto the body. Can't wash it off. All fat. I can't wash my hands ...

  58. Lira:

    Well, I do not know, we and nits were not in the hair after treatment with Paranit. Of course, we immediately began to be treated, after the first symptoms and very carefully combed everything after using the drug. So maybe the lice just did not have time to breed =) In general, the tool is reliable, from the first time it kills all the parasites, and the hair itself does not hurt.

  59. Olalaleo:

    When we recently contracted pediculosis, I immediately bought Paranite. I heard about him a long time ago, especially since our pediatrician recommended him. Personally, I am very pleased with the result. It helps quickly and efficiently, all lice are dead, nits along with them. I combed out all the insects left in my hair. If we pick up this stuff again, I’ll take Paranit again, I don’t want to experiment with my child. It's all without nuclear chemistry and the result is. And a good medicine is not cheap.

  60. Galina:

    Since the child has long and thick hair, then the pharmacy advised us exactly Paranit Sensitiv. The drug is not cheap, I tell you. But I don’t regret my choice.He really is worth his money. First, it is completely harmless, no aggressive components in the composition. Even children from a year old can be pregnant and even nursing. It already says a lot. Secondly, it is convenient to apply and does not require combing. Just for the night you smear and wash in the morning. Everything. Larvae, adults, nits - all die. Grabs one application. Agree, it is very convenient and fast. I am 100% satisfied.

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