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Benzyl Benzoate Use for Lice Removal

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Along with many modern drugs, the somewhat outdated Benzyl Benzoate is still a popular remedy for lice.

In our century, when humanity is leaps and bounds on the path of progress and the introduction of nanotechnology, such an ancient disease as pediculosis (or, more simply, lice) has not disappeared anywhere. Long ago, when lice were considered exclusively “the disease of the poor”, they were taken out, as it were, by antiquated methods: kerosene, dust, wormwood extract, etc.

This lice drug is called the Soviet remedy, because it was well known to doctors since Soviet times (it was included in the list of essential and essential medicines) and, due to its low cost, it was always available in medical institutions. It is interesting to note that benzyl benzoate is not generally used for lice,while treating scabies and acne. In this he is most effective.

Benzyl Benzoate is most effective in the treatment of scabies caused by subcutaneous scabies mites.

Modern doctors already practically do not prescribe Benzyl Benzoate against lice. But it remains, while remaining inexpensive and affordable, in demand by the population with pediculosis treatment.


I think Benzyl Benzoate is a very good remedy for lice. Although it is actually an ointment for scabies. But if she smeared her head, it will help from lice. It is only necessary to hold a few hours plastered (it is better to smear before bedtime). In the morning you need to wash your hair. If necessary, you need to repeat it several times. But it's not difficult! Good luck!

Oleg, Moscow


Pharmacological properties and forms of release of benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate is a drug that is included in the pharmacological group of antiparasitic agents. The main active substance is benzyl benzoate (benzyl benzoate) - benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester. As auxiliary components, various acids (citric acid, stearic acid), laundry soap, cetostearyl alcohol or emulsion wax, purified water, etc. are used (depending on the release form).

The drug has the ability to penetrate the chitinous cover of lice and can accumulate in their bodies in lethal doses for the larvae and adults (effectively kills lice for 2-5 hours).

Benzyl benzoate for lice is sold as an ointment (cream), gel or emulsion, it has a white or yellowish-white color and a specific odor. The drug is used only externally.

Benzyl benzoate is used only externally.


Decent remedy (ointment or cream). I tried it on myself. I bought it, smeared it with benzyl benzoate, wrapped my head in a handkerchief and held it for about 1-2 hours to secure it. And then she washed her hair. Wonderful effect! But! Nits had to comb the most. Otherwise, lice will come out of them again.

Olesya, Volgograd

Benzyl benzoate dosage forms differ in the content of the main active substance:

  • for adults - 20% and 25%
  • for children - 5% and 10%.

In this case, the instructions for use of the product are the same for different concentrations of the active ingredient.


Instructions for use of benzyl benzoate against lice

Applying Benzyl Benzoate ointment to combat head lice, it is applied to the hair and lightly rubbed into the scalp. Then they put a cotton scarf on their heads and wait some time (at least 30 minutes). Then rinse the head with warm water mixed with a small amount of 3-5% vinegar, and then washed with shampoo.

For the destruction of lice ointment or cream, benzyl benzoate must be applied to the head,evenly distribute through hair and skin and withstand at least 30 minutes

After applying Benzyl Benzoate on the head, it is necessary to gently rub the product into the hair

In accordance with the instructionsemulsion against lice Benzyl benzoate is thoroughly agitated before use, it is soaked with a cotton swab and the head is treated with the same method as with ointment.

After this, it is necessary to carefully comb the hair with a comb (comb) with frequent teeth, thereby removing dead adults and lice larvae. Unfortunately, the drug does not have an oocycidal effect (it does not kill lice eggs - nits), which means that it may be necessary to re-process. Today, the most reliable way to remove nits is still their mechanical removal.

Frequent comb still remains the most reliable means of getting rid of lice eggs - nits


Benzyl benzoate is a wonderful inexpensive medicine. It can be found in any pharmacy, there may be a cream or suspension. The cream is more convenient to apply. Abstract simple and understandable. But the nits have to be removed manually. It will take several days, it is better to once again carry out the treatment. And all the clothes and clothes iron a hot iron.

Violetta, Nizhny Novgorod

I have tested a lot of products on children, including Par +, Pediculen, chemist water, etc., and cured Benzyl Benzoate. The lice just fell on their own, and the nits disappeared. It smells strong, but the hair did not have to be cut.

Natalia, Ryazan


Benzyl benzoate for lice: contraindications and warnings.

The drug is strictly contraindicated in infants, especially premature, as it can cause shortness of breath. Because of the toxicity, benzyl benzoate is not prescribed for lice treatment for young children (up to three years), pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding babies (or breastfeeding should be stopped for the period of treatment). Modern doctors generally try not to prescribe Benzyl Benzoate for lice or insist on treatment under medical supervision.

Manual for Benzyl Benzoate does not recommend using it for small children and pregnant women.

When using the drug on its own, care must be taken to ensure that it does not get on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, and eyes. If this does happen, you should rinse them with a large amount of water or 2% soda solution. If the drug gets into the stomach, it is obligatory to wash it with the same composition or with an aqueous suspension of crushed activated carbon.


All medications like vapor plus, etc. they do not help, they do not kill to the end, and the lice multiply again. But benzyl benzoate in the emulsion (20% for adults and 10% for children) turns out to be very effective.The instructions describe everything in order, how and what to do, feel free to try.

Maria, St. Petersburg

And, of course, after using against head lice ointment or benzyl benzoate emulsion, you should wash your hands very thoroughly, wash and iron all things that were in contact.


Benzyl Benzoate storage and distribution conditions in pharmacies

Ointment and emulsion Benzyl benzoate is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. But when using the drug, it is necessary to remember about the expiration date (it is indicated on the package), which should not exceed 2 years. After this period, benzyl benzoate can not be used for lice.

Benzyl benzoate in cream form

Benzyl benzoate in the form of an emulsion

The drug should be stored at a temperature of 18-25 degrees in places inaccessible to children.


My daughter had lice. My husband and I also checked right away - thank God, no. They removed them with benzyl benzoate, immediately everything went away. And there were no lice for 5 years.

Lelia, Tambov


Advantages and disadvantages

So, to the obvious advantages of the drug Benzylbenzoate, in addition to its high efficacy against lice, can be attributed to its low cost and, as a result, the availability of low-income population. Another plus is pharmacy leave without a doctor's prescription.

But a significant drawback is the toxicity of the drug, age contraindications, inability to use during periods of pregnancy and lactation.

Benzyl benzoate is quite toxic and should not be used during pregnancy.

In addition, Benzyl Benzoate acts only against lice and their larvae, but is ineffective against nits.


I believe that benzyl benzoate is simply a godsend for many parents whose children bring lice from kindergartens, schools and camps. When my daughter picked up this infection, I was shocked! The doctor advised benzyl benzoate. To be honest, I did not believe that would help. But I was wrong - after the first treatment, the child's lice disappeared, which we were very happy about!

Olga, Moscow

In conclusion, we note that lice do not appear out of nowhere. They always crawl from an infected person to a healthy one. They can be brought using other people's personal hygiene products, hats, hairpins, etc.

Like other bloodsucking parasites, lice multiply rapidly and can not only cause concern, but also cause more significant harm to health, if you treat lightly the treatment of head lice.

But how to treat this disease and how much to pay for it is up to you.

Be healthy!


How to properly remove lice with a comb: detailed instructions

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  1. Hope:

    They tried, smeared my head, now I am waiting for the result. I have been going for an hour, very baking my head. I hope that I will get rid of these parasites, only one writes that the nits will disappear, and others - that it is necessary to comb it out myself.

  2. Tina:

    A friend came to me, who communicates well with me, and said that she had lice.She took benzyl benzoate with her, and although he helped me with lice and nits, it’s not necessary to say so that he only helps with scabies. This is not so, I already use it from the 6th grade, and I am now at 8, so make your choice. If the head is running, then try Pair Plus ... ATP.

  3. Helena:

    And helps this drug from the whitefly on plants?

    • Dimitri:

      Of course, it helps, and from the Colorado potato beetle, too, damn it ...

  4. Timofey Stepanovich:

    It helps from everything! From cockroaches, rats, mice, flies, moths, ants, medvedki! Good drug. 100 grams per bucket of water. And in front of the garden!

  5. Ryskul:

    Hello. You can find out, I need your help. I am 23 years old, I had, roughly speaking, sex, and from this began ... Itches there. How to get rid of it? Please, help. I bought a cream (benzyl benzoate), but it does not help.

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