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Can I bring lice and nits Dichlorvos

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Let's try to figure out whether there is a health risk when breeding lice and nits using Dichlorvos and how effective this tool is in this case.

It may seem strange, but many infected people think about the use of Dichlorvos for removing lice and nits. Usually in such situations Dichlorvos is used only in three cases:

  1. When a person does not even suspect that the tool can be dangerous to use when applied directly to the hair and skin.
  2. And also when a person does not trust other means with more modern names and action directed specifically against lice, or is already disappointed in their use.
  3. And, as practice shows, when Dichlorvos banally refers to any insect repellent that requires spraying. Including special pediculicidal sprays.

In the old manner, many call Dichlorvos any aerosol parasiticides and sprays.

In fact, the very same Dichlorvos, which poisoned cockroaches and bedbugs in the midst of Khrushchev's thaw, is not on sale today: Named for the organophosphate active ingredient, this drug was less effective and more toxic than the pyrethroids launched later in production. As a result, true Dichlorvos was discontinued for a very long time, and the current drugs with the same name contain completely different insecticides.

In modern dichlorvos, instead of organophosphate insecticides, safer pyrethroids are used.

On a note

If the word “Dichlorvos”, which has already become a common noun, is understood simply as a sprayed preparation with an insecticidal filling, especially a special spray for lice such as Nyuda or Paranit, then it is this “Dichlorvos” for lice that can and should be used. We will not dwell on the description of these tools - they are described in detail in the relevant articles on our website (see the section “How to get rid of lice”). Further, we will talk about drugs that have the actual inscription "Dichlorvos" on the package.

Spray for removing lice and nits Paranit

To use Dichlorvos for lice is a great adventure. Although this drug does not have pronounced toxic properties for humans, it can cause serious side effects if it comes in contact with the skin or into the body (especially into the respiratory tract).

Getting on the skin and in the respiratory tract, Dichlorvos can cause even greater damage to human health than the lice themselves.

That is why even the treatment of premises with Dichlorvos should be carried out in personal protective equipment (respirator, rubber gloves).

Putting it on the body is strictly prohibited., and if the user violates this instruction, he takes full responsibility for the consequences only on himself.


“I picked up the lice in the village. Summer, two months of rest, disco, spending the night is not clear where and it is not clear with whom. In general, a week before departure, as I saw this muck, I already sat down. They also itch wildly. There is one pharmacy for the whole village, and it’s embarrassing to say that I picked up lice. Bought at the hardware store Dichlofos, said that the type of cockroaches. I did not know whether it was possible to poison the lice with Dichlorvos, but I thought that if he takes other parasites, it means that he will bring them out. I went into the shower with him, sprayed and began to wait. I do not know how lice, but I immediately sprinkled from him and sneezed more then wildly. The skin reddened, began to burn. Although he does not stink Dichlorvos, because the new one. I quickly washed it off, lice really became less. For a couple of days, everything was very thick, then it passed, but a rash appeared on my stomach. The result - Dichlorvos from lice helps, but it is very unpleasant for them to withdraw. On the head just can not pour it.

Ilya, Saratov


Different Dichlorvos - different compositions

Old Dichlorvos, smelly and demanding several days to air the apartment, has long been a thing of the past. The current dichlorvos smell almost do not have.

Some modern dichlorvos have almost no smell

The reason for this is the different active ingredients of these drugs:

  • Classical Dichlorvos contained as the active ingredient precisely dichlorvos — an organophosphate compound capable of penetrating the insect's chitinous cover into the body and affecting its nervous system. The same compound caused allergies, severe poisoning and nervous disorders in people who inhale large quantities of the drug.
  • Eco Dichlorvos contains cypermethrin and natural pyrethrins, substances extracted from Dalmatian chamomile flowers. Together with them, the preparation includes lavender flavoring, which provides a pleasant smell of the product itself.The composition of Dichlorvos Eco - cypermethrin and pleasant flavors
  • Modern Dichlorvos Neo also retained from its predecessor only the famous name that does not require advertising. It contains piperonyl butoxide, permethrin and cypermethrin - three effective insecticides that affect the insect's nervous system, but are relatively safe for humans and do not have a persistent unpleasant odor.The composition of Dichlorvos Neo immediately three insecticide, while the tool does not have a strong smell

Insecticides in the composition of modern Dichlorvos are quite effective against adult lice and larvae.

However, even Dichlorvos Neo and Dichlorvos Eco require great care in handling. When using them indoors, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment, and in case of contact with the body - thoroughly flush them (and, if necessary, consult a doctor). Therefore, before removing lice Dichlorvos, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons.


Efficacy of Lice Dichlorvos

Against lice, Dichlorvos sold today are really effective. All modern versions of the drug contain in their basis substances that in one way or another affect the nervous system of insects and cause their complete paralysis. And it all happens in a matter of minutes.

New insecticides cause rapid paralysis and death of insects

Moreover, any Dichlorvos is produced primarily as a treatment for premises, and therefore the concentration of insecticides in it is significantly higher than in pediculicidal shampoos and sprays. Accordingly, when treating the body, Dichlorvos, generally speaking, helps against lice faster and more effectively than special means, which to some extent contributes to its fame as a non-standard lice products. However, it should always be aware of the potential danger of high concentrations of insecticides for the person himself.


“We came to the mother for the children, and they both have heads, like shaved heads, like balls. Began to learn, it turned out, picked up from someone from the village lice. Awful, of course, but my mother in the old fashioned way tried to poison them with Dichlorvos. Sasha has nothing, while Tema has such a rash all over her neck and back. I ask, they say, lice even got out? It turned out not. Well, in order not to be fooled, daddy both of them with a machine and sheathed ”.

Maria, Volgodonsk

But from the nits Dichlofos does not help at all. All components of modern versions of the tools do not have a toxic effect on them and cannot penetrate through the protective shell of the nits.

But against nits Dichlofos will be powerless

Like many specialized pediculicides, Dichlorvos affects only adult insects and their larvae.


Why not use Dichlorvos against lice?

Despite the fact that Dichlofos really can bring lice, it can not be used for these purposes for security reasons.

As active ingredients Dichlorvos contains sufficiently strong insecticides in concentrations that allow it to be effective even against fleas in open spaces. When released into the respiratory tract or the human digestive tract, these substances can cause poisoning, rashes, dizziness and vomiting.

A rash on the body is only one of the consequences that threaten when trying to remove lice with Dichlorvos

In some cases, when applied to particularly sensitive skin, insecticides lead to severe allergic reactions, itching and prolonged irritations. Perhaps even the development of generalized allergy with an increase in lymph nodes, fever and fever.


“As I saw a louse at the daughter, I went straight to the pharmacy, they showed me several funds of 250-300 rubles each. I was taken aback, and the pharmacist told me that, they say, you can poison them with Dichlorvos. I remembered how we travanil a couple of years ago with my husband, when we took out bedbugs Dichlorvos, so I immediately bought a special shampoo for 260 rubles and did not risk it. ”

Lily, St. Petersburg

In this case, the same substances that are included in Dichlorvos composition, only in lower concentrations, contained in many special means of lice, highly effective, but safe and designed for both adults and children.


Alternatives to Dichlorvos: safe and effective means for the same money

The main advantage of Dichlorvos compared with other lice products is its low price. About 60 rubles per cylinder, which, if desired, and due to adventurism, can handle a whole family - it is very inexpensive.

For example, Nittifor lotion based on permethrinum costs about 250 rubles per 115 ml bottle. But at the same time, the concentration of permethrin itself in it is lower than in the same Dichlorvos Eco, and therefore, with proper treatment of the head, Nittifor in most cases does not cause side effects.

Nittifor is a much safer alternative to Dichlorvos.

But close to the powerful Dichlorvos Neo para-Plus aerosol (it consists of permethrin, piperonyl butoxide and malathion) costs about 400 rubles for a 115 ml bottle. This remedy is quite effective against lice and nits and, at the same time, is much safer than Dichlorvos: Para-Plus aerosol can be used even for children with minimal risk of complications.

ParaPlus Spray - kills lice and nits

In any case, if possible, Dichlorvos should be discarded and a special lice medicine should be preferred. And even if there is no choice, it’s better not to use Dichlorv's from lice, but simply to shave off the hair or take out the parasites with any of the popular recipes.


Ways of infection with lice and means of getting rid of them


Useful video: how to safely remove lice and nits using AntiV comb


To write "Can I bring lice and nits Dichlorvos" 22 comments
  1. Victoria:

    Daughter from the kindergarten brought lice, I suffer for two weeks, I can not get it out, only I picked it up. I tried and Couple Plus, and Paranit, and folk remedies, and combed with a comb, everything is useless. One hope for Dichlorvos remained!

    • Nastasia:

      Tried dichlorvos? Brought out?

    • Anonymous:

      Well, you still brought out dichlorvos?

    • Meronova Victoria:

      And helped?

    • Anonymous:

      My child had the same problem. Tried a lot of shampoos and emulsions from yours. Nothing helped. Dichlorvos Neo helped with two times, the interval is 3 days. Allergies were not. But all the body is different.

  2. Anonymous:

    Yes, we also dragged these creatures from the camp, now I do not know how to get rid of them. Here, too, I think about Dichlorvos. Daughters are 3.5 years old, she has atopic dermatitis, and I don’t know how to be. Dichlorvos apply or not?

  3. Svetlana:

    What an abomination, these lice!

  4. Anonymous:

    Never use dichlorvos on children! I am 24 years old, I have already tried almost everything, from pharmacies to hydrogen peroxide. Vinegar 9%, kerosene pure - all these means burns leave, that then the skin slashes. And I shaved everything under the machine, I still can not get rid of it! Lice caught in the sauna, although pubic. Year already almost can not withdraw. Experiencing dichlorvos today! Already I can say, this is a terrible tool, everything burns that I can not even sleep.

  5. Anonymous:

    Today I tried Dichlorvos Neo, everything is fine, nothing burns.

  6. Margot:

    Yes, dichlorvos is a horror, somehow I don’t want to go bald! ))

  7. Yuliya:

    Almost 2 years ago, neo dichlorfied lice were poisoned, and her daughter's hair was thick. Immediately everything disappeared on the same day, you just need to close the skin so that there is no irritation.

    • Alyona:

      Splashed on the hair or in the package? And then immediately dressed and held for 15-30 minutes?

  8. X:

    Do not listen, dichlorvos helps.

  9. Anya:

    Dichlorvos or liquid soap with kerosene 50/50. And be sure to wrap your head. It helps 100%. Even all the nits are dead.

  10. Anna:

    Infected by her sister, and she - on the robot. Tried by different means, did not help. Dichlorvos decided to try, sprayed, everything is fine, it does not burn, lice die, the skin is fine.

  11. Anna:

    Modern dichlorvos does not help. Lice, of course, kills, but the nits remain healthy and lively. I tried lavender-flavored dichlorvos, then unscented dichlorvos, then rubbed vodka into my hair, and then later with helical water. A nits after repeated processing is still alive and healthy. And in Soviet times, the lice with the Soviet dichlorvos were disposed of at once, and the nits after it were all dead.

  12. Helena:

    I used drugs from the pharmacy, shampoos, different sprays, a week every day. Peroxide 3%, then diluted with vinegar, kept an hour, cut one by one and crushed the nits. She washed the bed, clothes, then still found living lice on the head, but there were also dead ones. I sprayed dichlorvos and kept it under the bag for 40 minutes, my head burned. Then, washing away, terribly smelly, again found one living. I'm terrified, how can an insect from dichlorvos survive? Now at night she sprayed her hair with a triple cologne, under the bag. I will sprinkle every night with vinegar or cologne, you can still alcohol. One pleases - they are already less.

  13. Oksana:

    When I was 12 years old, I brought back from the village, in the 90s, you will not run far. My mother sprayed dichlorvos into the water (she splashed about three times) and washed my head with it. It helped me the first time, but I think that it’s not worth trying on very young children.

  14. Medina:

    Dichlorvos helps! I cleaned my niece's head myself. Only you need to use it carefully, it helped us the first time.

  15. Yuliya:

    Dichlorvos helps. Eggs are killing. Just need to take a regular spray, and not without smell or with lavender.Normal must be taken with the smell of dichlorvos. Helped the first time.

  16. Victoria:

    Daughter's hair below priests. It's a pity to cut off. What just did not try! Dichlorvos is a thing! All nits on the spot. Even without the smell, from the first time ... And before that, they extinguished, like in that fairy tale of Korney Chukovsky - “pies and dried pancakes”. One ad, but little help.

  17. Anonymous:

    And just did not try to pull out one nits? That you yourself can not, but the other - easy.

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