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How to get rid of lice underwear

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Linen louse - one of three varieties of human lice

Linen lice - this is, to put it simply, a special kind of head lice, the very ones that almost every child at least once in their life brought on their heads from school or kindergarten. At the same time, the laundry lice (scientists call them still worn) do not live on the head, but are adapted to constant life on a person’s clothes. Therefore, in order to get rid of underwear lice, it is necessary to use slightly different methods, rather than when dealing with head lice.

It is interesting

Linen louse is a product of human civilization. Despite the fact that body lice interbreed with the head and are simply a form of the same species, they are rapidly evolving into a new species, and the reason for this evolution is just man. Even the adaptation of these parasites to individual types of tissue is evolutionarily determined by human behavior - for example,Louses do not settle on woolen clothes, because people do not wear such clothes directly on their bodies.

In the photo below - a clothes louse in an adult form:

Photo of adult clothes lice close-up

Larvae of lice lice look almost the same as adults, but are smaller.

Linen lice, and especially their larvae, are quite small in size.

Linen lice are human parasites; they feed exclusively on human blood and cannot parasitize other animals. At the same time, the linen louse cannot do without food for a long time — longer than several days — and therefore she always lives in close proximity to her master's body. Therefore, one of the effective ways of getting rid of lice underwear is based on the hunger strike of the parasites: if you do not wear clothes infected with lice for about 7 days, then the laundry lice in it will die of starvation.

Several underwear lice with larvae and nits

Those people who have an extensive wardrobe and rarely wear the same underwear are protected reliably from underwear lice. Even if the parasite gets on the clothes in this case, it dies of hunger until the owner puts the clothes on again.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear why laundry lice are almost always found on vagabonds, vagrants, prisoners, and simply declassed elements who usually wear the same clothes without removing them for several months.Lice infestation usually occurs from them and the items they use.

Linen lice are most often found in those who wear the same clothes for a long time without removing them.

In this dependence of the parasites on the proximity of the human body is just one of the ways how to get rid of laundry lice.

It is interesting

Lice avoid settling on silk clothes, smooth and creaking. Optimal substrates for them - flax and cotton. In the photo below - lice on ordinary cotton fabric.

Linen lice on fabric


Measures to combat linen lice

Effective and fast control of linen lice is almost always based on poisoning them. However, even before getting rid of underwear lice, you must remove all your clothes and thoroughly wash your body with special shampoos - for example, Medifox, NOC, Bubil, Lauri, Veda-2. This will be the initial guarantee that the body of living insects will not remain.


“In 2012, I worked as a volunteer at a citizens’ heating station in Odessa. I admit: 90% of the public at these points are typical bums and drug addicts. Only sometimes local retirees or employees of nearby collection sites came to visit us. On the second day, we sounded the alarm: a shower was installed on the point, and when the whole guard went to wash in turns ... In general, it’s impossible to look at their things with nervous eyes.The head of the station contacted the sanitary epidemiological station, and from there the next day brought several blocks of soap from the lice and NOC funds. After that, I bought myself one package of NOK, since it is a very powerful agent for laundry lice, so that if something happens at home, I can process myself and quickly remove the laundry lice. But it carried by, did not get infected, and the guests themselves had to literally select the clothes in order to boil them with this soap! ”

Oksana, Nikolaev

After bathing, you can proceed to the treatment of lice clothes:

  • It is enough to boil all the things in any dish for 15-20 minutes. For reliability, you can add Malathion or insecticidal insect repellent containing Permethrin.
  • If only one item of the toilet is infected or there is only a concern about infection, you can safely hang clothes in the open air, preferably in the sun, and not take them off for a week. During this time, the lice die of hunger, and then the laundry will simply suffice to wash.
  • In especially neglected cases, clothing is treated in steam-formalin chambers to eliminate any lice.Typically, these cameras are used by second-hand wholesale dealers, and for ordinary users it is easier (and cheaper) to turn to dry cleaning.

Below the photo shows a few tools to get rid of underwear lice:

In the case of detection of underwear lice, you can wash clothes with the addition of insecticidal insect repellent Medilis Ziper

Benzyl benzoate is used against both lice and scabies mites.

In general, it is easier to deal with laundry lice than with other types of parasites. At least in this case it is not necessary to get rid of parasites on the scalp. But in some cases, and body lice cause a sea of ​​inconvenience.


“We had trouble with lice in the theater. For one performance, a local huckster was invited, who, like two drops of water, looked like Newton. Like and washed him, they took him out of the bout for a few days, and after he had once dressed the costume of the Renaissance, everyone started to itch. It turned out that it was lice. They refused to take dry props, we had to take them home, wash them with Karbofos (there is such material that they cannot cook), and the artists do hygiene at home with special lice shampoos. ”

Olga Vasilievna, Pyatigorsk


Means for processing bed and clothes for lice

The most famous and reliable folk remedy for lice, including underwear, used to be kerosene - you can soak the laundry in it, you can boil it, and the lice will die. However, then getting rid of the smell of kerosene on clothes will not be easy. Therefore, today they more often resort to a simpler and more modern method - before simple washing, clothes are treated with anti-pediculosis preparations.

Lice are usually treated with the following products:

  • Medfox is a fairly well-known and popular lice medicine based on permethrin, a strong insecticide that is relatively safe for humans.
  • NOC - Medifox analogue, contains the same toxic substance.
  • Bubil - shampoo to get rid of head lice, works well with body lice.
  • Pedilin, in efficiency somewhat inferior to Medifox, but also less expensive.

Permethrin in the composition of Medifox allows you to effectively kill lice

Pedilin shampoo is used to treat both the head and clothing for lice


We once poisoned lice with Medifox when the fellow brought them from the kindergarten. Another time I picked it up at school, but we haven’t found Medifox. Bought Pedilin, he was at times weaker. I had to wash for two or three times, until all the lice are gone.

Alexander, Tver

Underwear lice can also be removed using Karbofos or Mikrofos - known insecticidal drugs.Processing of linen by them may seem expensive, but will almost always be effective - both drugs are highly targeted nerve agents with insecticides.

A strong insecticide in the composition of karbofos works well with lice

Vinegar, turpentine, thick decoctions of tansy and tar soap are also often used in folk lice control. Cranberry juice is very effective against nits.


Know the enemy in the face: how not to confuse lice with other parasites?

It is also very important not to confuse lice with other parasites, which can sometimes be found on clothes. Linen louses differ from other competitors for our blood in some characteristic features:

  • Lice differ from bugs in small size and light body. At the same time, the small larvae of bedbugs resemble lice, but are rarely found on clothes and underwear - they are more often found under mattresses and beds (see photo):

The clothes lice is lighter and smaller than the bedbug.

Bed bug bedworm on skin

  • Fleas, unlike lice, jump very fast and far. In addition, fleas bite mainly on the open areas of the body, and lice - just under the clothes.
  • With small ticks, lice can be confused only when their legs are not counted. Ticks have paws 8, and lice have only 6. In the photo below is a typical ixodic tick.

In ticks, unlike lice, 8 legs

And here is a photo of a linen louse:

Close-up photo: linen louse

Sometimes lice are confused with scabies.However, the itch mite is indistinguishable with the naked eye and does not leave bites on the body - it lives under the skin.

Itch mite can only be seen under a microscope, and it lives under the skin.

The lice bites themselves are very similar to those of bedbugs and fleas, but they almost never line up in the “chains” characteristic of the last parasites. Treatment of lice bites consists of treating them with antiseptic preparations and the use of antihistamines for the prevention of allergies.

In any case, it is always easier and safer to avoid lice infection initially than to think about how to get rid of them. To prevent infection, it is necessary to avoid asocial public, places where marginal elements accumulate, and rooms with unsanitary conditions. Hand-worn clothing should always be washed at the highest possible temperature. With such preventive measures, the risk of lice infestation will be minimal.


Useful video: pubic lice infestation and how to protect yourself from it


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    Goosebumps! Brrr ...

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    What kind of crap it was, bites me and the child. What is it - I do not know. Gnaws only legs, no strength to endure. How to deal with them? Help.

  3. Anonymous:

    And we do not live in Russia, we rent an apartment. Husband on a business trip. At the head of the bed on the snow-white sheets are sooo sooo small bugs. 3-4 pieces I sleep across the bed. The headboard is covered with a cloth. You can not throw out, enough new housing and furniture. Under the contract must pass in this form. During the week, processed steam from the iron. But the effect is not much. Today I bought some spray. Filled. It stinks. I’ve read it, itch all ... I sincerely wish everyone who faced this problem to solve it as soon as possible.

  4. Zina:

    This is a complete tin of these lice ...

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    I live in a dormitory, something bites me at night, all my hands are bruised and legs. Nowhere else they bite, it itches and swells a lot. I thought the bugs, looked at all the mattresses and bedding, but found nothing. What is it - I do not know, but every day there is a new bite.

  6. What problems:

    Move out of the apartment for a month, buy two sets of new clothes, take with you a passport, a laptop and a couple of necessary things - until you are gone, the whole gadyushnik will die, because they live no more than a week without blood, as it is written in this article.

  7. Anonymous:

    I found the same in my head, it seems, I wash, it is always clean at home, but I don’t even know where I came from.

  8. Sevsever:

    I do not know how, but this problem also came to me, I would even say, a problem. In general, tin, I come home, it was in the winter, on the street 25-30 degrees.Fully undressed and brought all the clothes to the balcony for about three hours, he went to the bathroom, washed himself with the usual means. Then he threw the clothes from the balcony into the washer, washed it with ordinary powder. Well, everything, as if nothing had happened, quite seriously.

  9. Anonymous:

    The child found today, his wife combed 2 hours and specials. Shampoo showered, I hope these creatures and nits will no longer be.

  10. Oleg:

    I somehow picked up a clothes louse on the train. I put the clothes in the microwave for 3 minutes and there was no lice.

  11. Anonymous:

    I encountered such a problem when changing water. Sister can not change the water even in the area, not to mention the city. We live in different cities, and she uses pet shampoo once when changing water. Wildly but effectively. The funds did not help. You can wash things.

  12. Anonymous:

    It was impossible to wash clothes in the camp, so I put them in a bag. Two months later, I found him - he, it turns out, lay open over the hanged things; things in the package did not have contact with other things. I washed them, and now, I think, could they crawl over to me or not? Tell me please.

  13. Igor:

    Found bites on the neck and abdomen! It was some kind of itch, then he looked at things and found some eggs in the seams on his sweater. And only one night did not sleep at home! And now they live in my bed too? And how to find out? But I did not sleep in her sweater. What to do?

  14. Lyudmila:

    We were seized with louses. How to wash your head and body? They were washing with Paranit and Para plus, they did the disinfection of the apartment 4 times, they still get out. Horror and tears, what to do?

    • Sasha:

      I have the same problem - paid louse. The insect extermination company only takes money, and the result is zero ((In the summer I leave with my grandmother for a month in the garage to live, in quarantine, and the apartment will need to be quenched after leaving. Four cans will be spent. Fear…

  15. Anonymous:

    And I have a problem: there are cats in the house, fleas have been poisoned, but some kind of muck is small and dark and jumps. But it is alarming that jumping far enough like a flea. With lice had a problem in grade 3, and that’s it, and the guy is generally bald. Can you tell me what the crap is and how to get rid of it?

  16. Lyudmila:

    Help, we don’t know what to do - we wash, we wash laundry, we iron. You can go crazy. It's a shame that the SES can not help. Dismantled the laminate, things in bags. Where to turn?

  17. Someone:

    I gave the car to repair people from the former "fraternal" republics. Bottom line: picked up this stuff. I can not imagine how it was possible so much to leave them in the cabin. I caught 5 pieces on clothes, put them in a jar. 3 died after 4 days, one - on the fifth, and the smallest - on the seventh. Clothes boiled in the grandmother's pelvis (here he even covered himself with a copper basin). In an Internet lie - how much they do not die of hunger, boil, freeze, steam, shoboly anyway have to.

    Tip: do not chase for cheap.

  18. Dima:

    That's all, Kick some, some kind of crap at night in bed under head hair bites. And they are not visible, just the next morning sores from bites. What could it be?

  19. Valentine:

    My husband found lice on underwear, and the larvae - like grains of semolina. How can I get rid of them? And if they can live in the hair on the lower parts of the body of men, if you change the clothes?

    • Anonymous:

      This disgusting belly on things, but on the body, too, can be found.

  20. Denis:

    And how to deal with this in the army? This is Kick - how many bakers did not float, but they still exist.And the authorities do not care - like, you are dated, as you like, and fight. As they say, the problems of the Sheriff's Indians do not concern. What to do?

  21. Irshat:

    And if you wash in boiling water, do not they die? And then stroke!

  22. Sasha:

    Lice seized - I bought the vehicle Avicin, I will spray it myself.

    Called disinfection section disinfection company - did not help. All living insects died, but the eggs hatched - and a new brood. We swim and fry clothes every day, but it does not help. Mother 80 years old, without legs. Nowhere to go for a month of quarantine is not possible. With it we will poison with avicin, we will try (((Horror, bugs, fleas, moths, cockroaches and ticks - nonsense compared to clothes louse ((God give us patience to fight ((

    Head lice were also there, the old mum and I shaved our heads and etched our head several times with cemeric water according to the instructions, and got rid of them. And the linen has multiplied - horror, and there is no salvation. And they eat a little cat, too. I sprayed it with a cat's collar and put a special collar on it (from fleas). But it helps badly, the cat itches. Although doctors said that animal lice do not bite. Horror in general.

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